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And it's not me || Sterek

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The sun was setting now, it's pastel glow looming over the town - many of the people in Beacon Hills enjoyed the sunsets. Who wouldn't? They were extensively beautiful & even better - you could walk holding hands with the person you love or just enjoy the view. Some people didn't enjoy the sunsets as much though - deciding rather to stay indoors & read or watch TV or do whatever they do.
Beacon Hills town center was busy, full with groups of teenagers, joyful families & business-people bustling about, minding their own business. The stores were still open: cafés filled with the quiet, libraries filled with the imaginative, stores filled with, well - people. Beacon Hills town center was an interesting place filled with diverse people - it was one of the most accepting places in the world & that was saying something. There were little children splashing in the fountain, their screams of joy filling the air. It was what a town should be - happy & kind & accepting.
Apart from the supernatural - that wasn't really something most people know about. They shouldn't know.
On another side of Beacon Hills, far away from the happy town center, there was Stiles. The eighteen year old boy with pale, milky skin & moles that dotted his neck and face. The boy who knew far more then anybody else did. The sun was nearly fully down now - darkness enveloping Beacon Hills like a blanket.
In the midnight darkness, Stiles stumbled down the street - panic flowing through his entire body & his heartbeat begun to thud & pound. Unconsciously, he started to pull and tug at his sleeves as he continued down the street. He needed to find his house.
As panic engulfed him, he staggered into the cold alleyway, crashing against the wall and letting his emotions overwhelm him. He wanted it to stop - hated the feeling that his throat was closing and that he wanted to scream away his feelings. He wanted all of it to stop.
By the time his panic passed, he was too exhausted to stand - his limbs feeling practically nonexistent - he could barely comprehend the cold against his skin & the massive weight on his chest. He slowly drifted into sleep.