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A Pink Camellia For You, A Red Camellia For Two

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Monoma was having the worst day ever.


First things first, he’s fallen victim to the horrible teenage curse of the crush. Although a horrible thing, it could have been not that bad if it was just that. But, oh no , he just had to land a crush on the biggest prick of class 1-A.


He’s not suggesting that nobody in 1-A is not a prick, but his crush just so happens to be the worst of the bad bunch - Bakugou fucking Katsuki.


The blonde boy is still asking himself what single piece of appeal is in Bakugou, but he cannot seem to find an answer.



It could have been the worst thing on the planet to just have feelings for the worst person possible, but it just had to get so much worse.


Somehow, he felt a sudden need to throw up when he realised it. It felt like a tickling sensation in his throat and he ran to the nearest cubical to throw up the contents.

Again, not the worst thing in the world, but the throwing up itself felt… weird. He looked down into the toilet bowl and almost tried to smash it down.


There were flower petals.


Red and pink camellia petals.


Monoma’s favourite flowers are - well, used to be - camellia flowers. He never really understood what they meant, or that flowers actually had meanings, until he used trusty old faithful Google to find out.


“Red and Pink – Combining red and pink camellias expresses romantic love.”


He slowly shuts the computer lid as he tries not to throw it across the room.



Now, this was horrible. But what he found out the next morning was even shittier.


As Monoma arrives in his class the next day and sits down, Kendou greets him with that mothering tone, as per usual.


“Monoma! Did you complete the assignment that Blood King set us?”


He had indeed remember to finish it and showed her the paper, smirking. For once, she didn’t yell at him, instead praising him for actually doing what he’s supposed to for once.


She picks up the paper and leaves it on Blood King’s desk.


“If your paper is on his desk first, he’ll most likely give you a better grade. You don’t want to fall behind again, do you?”


He doesn’t really hear her though, he’s shut off his concentration to her. To be honest, he just wants to go back to his dorm and throw up more, so he’s trying to concentrate on not showing that he has weakass hanahaki.


It becomes obvious during the day that Monoma isn’t quite himself. He’s got less insults in him and more silence. Normally, it would be a praisable thing, but not today. Kendou tries to come up to him to ask him how he’s doing by touching his shoulder, but he just copies her quirk and slaps her away with his big yaoi hands. It was intended to scare her off, but she begins to laugh and Monoma can feel what little patience he had thinning by the second.


“Got something to hide?”


He ignores her in favour of eavesdropping on a conversation happening not far from him.


“Are you having a laugh?” Tetsu x4 and Tsuburaba were pissing themselves laughing at the side of the classroom. Shiozaki was in front of them, seemingly confused, and continued to tell a story he’d missed the start of.


“Not at all. I swear, I saw him at the local flower shop. I always stop by there, but he must have just started his job. He told me to… ‘f off’... and called me a vegan tentacle. I’m not even vegan.”


“There’s no way Bakugou is a florist shop employee.” Tetsutetsu says, before putting his hand on the other boy’s shoulder and leaning his weight on it, trying not to fall to the ground in laughter.


“I’m telling the truth! He was even grumbling about the meanings of flowers under his breath.”


Monoma’s face begins to pale. His crush and his cause of hanahaki is a florist . If he found out about his hanahaki, there would be no doubt that he’d find out what the flowers meant.


“You have hanahaki? Oh gosh, I’m so sorry Monoma.” It was that motherly voice again, but in a whisper. He must have accidentally spoke out loud.


“Don’t you dare use it against me or tell anyone else.”


“Well, apart from Blood King, I won’t tell anyone!”


Monoma grumbles. He hates his life.



Monoma finds himself back in the toilet in his bedroom, throwing up more contents of flower petals. He’s been getting worse within the past week and it’s affecting his fighting skills to the point where his whole class have noticed something is up with him. Kendou continues to bring him notes from class, whilst Awase has been sending him memes in an attempt to cheer him up. The weirdest thing that has been given to him is some shoujo manga from Fukidashi, but it somewhat helps in relieving some of his feelings of loneliness. He doesn’t like the fact that everyone in 1-B has managed to pick up on his illness, but for once, everyone isn’t yelling at him.


The hanahaki is getting worse and Monoma is going to have to consider medical treatment soon, but for now, he needs to take his mind off his pining.


No pun intended.



Unknown to Monoma, some of the 1-A class members have realised that he has hanahaki. Kirishima accidentally found out from his clone bro, Ashido found out because she found him throwing up in the halls and comforted him, but the person he didn’t want knowing has somehow found out.


Bakugou isn’t an idiot. He knows when someone is sick with hanahaki. Whilst he hasn’t personally experienced it (thank god), he had to deal with a pining Soy Sauce Face for months before the boy realised that his love was actually requited and Bootleg Pikachu asked him out. He remembers the trails of red rose petals in the bathroom and the gross slimy saliva surrounding it, so when he sees the same slimy saliva outside the boys toilets, he instantly recognises it as someone having hanahaki. He grumbled as he worried that he would have to comfort another member of class 1-A (what a pain it was to comfort Soy Sauce) but he didn’t expect to see who it was.


Out the corner of his eye, he saw the massive prick from 1-B who he could totally remember the name of right now. He wasn’t sure whether to confront him or laugh at him, but he decided to not deal with it and ignore it. It’s not his problem. He shrugs to himself. He had to go to work anyways and deal with the vine hair bitch again.


He gets to his work slightly early, so he has time to put on his apron properly and cleans the place a little because it looks a mess with everyone’s muddy shoes on the floor. He places down a new placemat that the company had ordered because he kept complaining about the floor, and it makes the place look a little homely. The mat says “Warning: Flowers Ahead” which humours him. At least they got a humorous mat. Bakugou finishes tidying the shop and opens it up just as his boss arrives.


“You actually cleaned the place for once.” his boss says with happy surprise.


“Of course I did. Place was filthy. New mat came today.”


“Nice one. Now get to work.”



The vine hair girl does come in, as he predicted, but she has a weird request for him.


“Hello, Bakugou.”


“What do you want?” he grumbles.


“I came to ask you something.”


Bakugou stops organising the flowers so he can pay attention to the girl. “I’m listening.”


She seems unsure of how to word the sentence and speaks slowly, “So… someone I know is suffering from Hanahaki-”


“Copycat. I know.” Bakugou interrupts. The girl seems to panic a little, maybe she didn’t want him to know the name. Weird.


“I- uh… anyways, we’re trying to figure out what the flowers mean, and I was wondering if you knew anything about flower language?”


“‘Course I do. I don’t work here for nothing.” he states. “What’s the flowers you’re talking about?”


“I don’t actually know. I’m hoping you can do detective work for us.”


“Why should I? It’s not my problem. ” Bakugou shrugs, about to walk off.


“Bakugou, please.


He looks at the girl. He knows he’s not going to do this shit for free, he’s not that nice, “What are you offering?”


“Well…” she begins.



Bakugou finds himself waiting 20 minutes in the guy’s toilets the next day, trying to wait for Monoma to stop throwing up and go away. He does go away though, which leaves him enough time to quickly check the toilet’s contents.


The toilet has been flushed, but just as he was about to give up hope, he finds a couple of petals, some red, some pink. He snaps a photo of them before quickly escaping the toilets. He’ll need this for when he searches up the name of them later.


It takes him a good half an hour to find online the exact match of the petals, but he instantly recognises the meaning of them once he finds the name of the flower. He makes his way to work to meet with the vine girl and tell her the news.

“Did you find out?” she asks.


“Yup. Pay me first, and then I’ll tell you.”


The vine girl shakes her head, “Won’t you take the money and run then?”


“I can’t leave my work, I’ll get fired. Also, I had to sit for ages in that god damn toilet to the point where my ass went numb.”


“Fair enough…” She hands over the payment.


Bakugou clears his throat, “So… It’s a flower called Camellia. I found both red and pink petals.”


“What does that mean?”


“Well, red camellias mean passion, whilst pink camellias mean longing, but together, they mean romantic love. That fucker is pining.”


“Ah, thank you, Bakugou.”


Before she leaves, she says something to Bakugou that fucks him up for the whole day.


“By the way, ‘that fucker’ is pining for you. ” she smiles and exits promptly.


It takes him a second for it to hit him, but when it does, he nearly drops the vase he was moving and his brain short-circuits.



Monoma wakes up and realises it’s his first appointment at the Hanahaki clinic at the hospital later today. He’s dreading having to seriously think about surgery.


He panics even more when he seems to throw up a huge batch of petals, including two stems of red and pink camellias. It takes him a while to breathe normally again, but he notices that the tickling sensation of the petals was no longer there. He sits, confused, before he hears some strong ass knocking on the door. He opens up the door, still tired, and rubs his eyes.


“What the fuck did you wake me up for-”


He realises his goddamn crush is standing in front of his door with a bouquet of red and pink camellias and his face is flushed with red, not in anger, but in a romantic way. Bakugou shoves the bouquet in Monoma’s chest, before inviting himself in and shutting the door. Monoma doesn’t know how to react.


“You better not be fucking with me.”


“Why would I buy flowers for someone I was tryin’ to fuck with? Keep up, asshole.”


Monoma can’t stop himself in time as he runs up to Bakugou and hugs him, causing Bakugou to drop the flowers.


“Yeah, yeah. I get it, you’re happy. Let me sit down on the bed and make out with you, for fucks sake.”


Monoma happily obliges and he quickly learns something:


Damn, Bakugou is good at kissing.



About three weeks later, Monoma is sitting on Bakugou’s lap, cuddled up in a blanket and letting Bakugou pet his hair. He didn’t have to go to the hospital after all. Thinking about the experience of suffering with hanahaki, he decides to ask Bakugou about something he had been curious of.


“Katsuki, can I ask you a quick question?”




“How did you know what the flowers meant?”


Bakugou deadpans, “I work at a flower shop, dumbass.” as if it was obvious.




Monoma looks up at Bakugou, with the puppy-eyed look, non-verbally asking for a kiss.


“God damnit, Neito, you’re insatiable.” he mutters.


Bakugou however does comply and gives Monoma a quick peck to the lips. Monoma smiles and cuddles further into Bakugou’s chest, earning him a blushing boyfriend.