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The Best

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“Your parents must be so proud of you,” his elderly neighbor, Vanhessa Greabunt, gushed at him.

Who cares? Cedric wanted to respond. Instead of saying any such thing, he smiled at the ugly old woman, returned her smelly ugly crup to her, collected the reward she had promised on the notices she had sent out to her neighbors, and returned home.

“You make it look so effortless,” Jack pouted when Cedric caught the snitch for the third time in a row as they wasted time together during their summer holiday.

Good, he thought, even as he put a consolatory hand on the other boy’s shoulder and promised to help him practice before quidditch tryouts in the fall.

“You’re such a good boy,” his mother told him, kissing his forehead when he offered to help her clean the kitchen after dinner.

The best, he silently agreed.

Cedric wasn’t surprised when upon entering Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin.