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(I can't believe I'm getting paid for this!)

If there's one good thing about being a journalist, it's that it takes you places. Like a top-of-the-line cruise ship cutting through a beautiful tropical sea.

“Earth to Emma. Don't you have an article to write ? Or are you doing to spend all day staring off into the water ?” says Neal.

(Ugh. We have so many cool photographers working at the San Francisco office. Why'd they have to import this jerk from the Australian branch?)

“Says the guy who's had his camera off since we stepped onboard. We don't have a header if you don't actually take any pictures.” I say.

Neal and I had only worked together a few days before we set sail, but it was long enough for me to form my opinion of him.

(Hotshot photographers are the worst. Even when trey're cute. Especially when they're cute.)

“I'll take pictures when something interesting happens.” He says.
“I'd like to see what you find interesting.”
“Hey, I just have high standards.”

He shoots me a surprisingly rakish grin before his face sets back into a superior expression.

“You haven't even picked who to interview yet.” He says.
“I did pick. You disagreed with me.”

(Which was annoying, but he certainly keeps things interesting.)

“Captain Jones knows more about this ship than anyone.” I say.

“All you're going to get out of that guy is 'Back in my day, blah blah'. It's boring, no flash at all. We should at least talk to the engineer. What's his name? Booth.”

“You don't want boring, but you want to talk to the engineer? What if we go talk to Mr. Humbert since this whole thing is his brainchild? Maybe he'd actually tell us what this trip is about.”

“Oh sure, the reclusive millionaire who's notoriously secretive about everything. I'm sure he'll just open right up! You think you can just go bat your eleashes at him?”

I roll my eyes and Neal huffs, sweeping up his camera and walking right past me to leave the deck.

(How did someone my age get so jaded? It's not like we're doing this for free. But he might be right about Mr. Humbert. I'll go find the captain first.)