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[Remix/Rewrite] Female Bullet

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Link to the doujinshi “Female Bullet” by Hachi Fujiko


Tsuna: "Today is Sunday! I can take it easy!

Reborn: “A new weapon is arriving today.”

Tsuna: {my Sunday is over}

Hayato: “It seems a new weapon is arriving today!”

Tsuna: {news travels fast!}

Tsuna: “It’s not going to be another wierdo like last time, right?”

Reborn: “Don’t worry. It’s someone you know.”

Hayato: “New weapons are fun!”

Tsuna: “Some how I doubt that …”

Reborn: “It looks like he’s here.”


Dino: “Sorry to intrude.”

Tsuna: “Dino-san?!”

Tsuna: {Thank goodness it’s not a weird guy!}

Dino: “I have what we talked about.”

Reborn: “Sorry to have troubled you.”

Reborn: “Okay, I’m opening it now.”

{opens box, shows rounds to Tsuna & Hayato}

Hayato: “…what? They’re just bullets.”

Reborn: “These aren’t normal bullets.”

Reborn: “For now, let me shoot you guys.”

Tsuna: “Eh?!”

Hayato: “Me, too?!”

{Reborn fires rounds at Hayato and Tsuna}

Tsuna: “Reborn! Huh?”

Hayato: “But I felt it strike.”

Tsuna: “There’s nothing.”

Hayato: “Yeah.”

Reborn: “Take a good look below.”

T&Hayato: “Eh?!”

{The boys realise they’re curently fem!bodied. Cue screams.}

Tsuna: {pulling short skirt down a bit} “Wh-what is this?!”

Hayato: {blushing} “T-tenth! You look excellent, as expected of you!”

Tsuna: “Don’t say weird things!”

Reborn: “These are female bullets.”

Dino: “Wow. This is my first time seeing them.”

Reborn: “Sometimes female outfits are needed to confuse the enemy.”


Dino: “Anyway, Tsuna has giant tits when he’s turned into a woman.”

Tsuna: {blushes} “Dino-san, would you please stop saying wierd things!”

Dino: “And Gokudera, on the other hand doesn’t seem to have changed at all.”

Reborn: “…you’re right. Why don’t you examine him, Dino?”

Dino: “Sure.”

Hayato: “Eh?!”

Hayato: “Y-you don’t think mine was effective?!”

Dino: “It’s okay. I’ll check it out, so relax.”

Hayato: “Don’t come near me! Just stay away from me!”

Dino: “You’re a guy, so it’s not an embarrassing thing, right?”

Hayato: “Shut up. Embarrassing things are embarrassing.”

Dino: {tugs Hayato’s shirt open} “It’s just your attitude that has become female.”

{surprise from the others as they see Hayato’s small breasts}

{Tsuna gets a nosebleed}

{Hayato covers himself up}

Dino: {shit. I fucked up}

Dino: “Sorry.”

Reborn: “Should I call the doctor …?”

Dino: {leaves the room}

Dino: {slams door}

Dino: {blushing} {What was that …?}

Hayato: “Hey! Wait!”

Dino: “Why did you …?”

Hayato: “Because you suddenly left …”

Dino: {pins half dressed Hayato to the wall and pulls the door shut} “That’s because I didn’t know what I might end up doing …”

{kissing, groping, fingering}

Dino: “Did you chase after me because you were so wet down here?”

Hayato: “That’s not -”

Hayato: {moans}

Dino: “They certainly are a little soft.”

Dino: “Which feels better? This, or when you’re male?”

{Dino sucks on one of Hayato’s nipples}

Hayato: “Wait! This is the tenth’s hallway!”

Dino: “Yeah. I told you I didn’t know what might happen.”

{Dino pulls Hayato down to the floor and performs oral sex on him}

Hayato: “It feels so … good …!”

{Dino goes to penetrate Hayato’s new slit with his tongue; Hayato protests}

Dino: “But the usual place is fine, right? Even though this spot is leaking so much, you love my cock in your ass too much.”

Dino: “Lift your hips up properly.”

Dino: “Here goes.”

{Hayato is well fucked anally, and moans thoroughly enjoying himself.}

Hayato: “My front. Do my front too!”

Dino: “From the back isn’t enough? You can touch yourself, remember.”

{Hayato tried to finger himself, but is too gentle about it.}

Dino: “Don’t just tease it.”

{Dino entwines their fingers, and shows Hayato how to do it.}

Dino: “Here. It’s good, right?”

Dino: You’re clamping down so tightly, Hayato! Shall we do it so you can see it better?"

{Dino shifts their position so they’re upright, and pushing two of Hayato’s fingers into his slit.}

Hayato: “Dino…! No more! I’m cumming!”

Dino: “Already?”

{Dino thrusts harder, and Hayato cums, quickly followed by Dino; they’re both left panting and Hayato reverts to male form almost instanteoneously.}

Dino: “If you come, you turn back?!”

Hayato: “… that’s absurd.”

{front door clicks. Shamal pushes it open}

Shamal: “Yo! I heard that a cutie-chan is in trouble?”

{Shamal sees Dino and Hayato still in a post-coital state}

Shamal: {shudders} “I saw something scary.”

Hayato: “The Tenth!!”

Shamal: “So? Is my troubled cutie-chan upstairs?”

{Hayato pictures Tsuna being molested by Shamal and has a predictable reaction.}

Hayato: {still naked and leaking Dino’s fluids} “Wa-wait! You can’t …”

Shamal: “Gyah! Don’t come near me when you’re like that! It’s too disturbing!”

{Dino watches Hayato and Shamal scuffling}

Dino: “Next time we should try it out properly, Hayato.”

Hayato: “Keep quiet you pervert-Horse!”

Shamal: “And that makes you what? A broodmare?!”