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Drunken giggles filled the air as a group of students stumbled out the bar, some completely wasted and others a bit tipsy. In this group of friends, was a young man with brown hair cut down to his neck, brown eyes, wearing a bright yellow sweat jacket and some cargo shorts, despite the low temperature of Tokyo, and had a nice light, blush on his face that clearly meant he was intoxicated. As it turns out, this young man was one of the few who's tipsy - meaning he still had enough awareness to know how to get home.

"See you tomorrow Nagachika!" One of the other boys in the group called out as they were walking in the opposite direction. Hide just smiled and waved before turning around and began his stumbling all the way home.

Of course he was aware of the danger of walking the streets of Tokyo alone; aside from the casual robberies and muggings, there's also the fact that the city was crawling with cannibals called Ghouls. It was typically recommended for everyone to stay inside the moment the sun started to set, and Hide knew this. However, as a college student, he's been busting his ass during exams week, cranking up the studies, and often ignoring some of his friends just so he could get a few extra hours learning. This had been the one time Hide decided to cut loose, and hang out with his friends, and he had made sure that if he were going to drink, he'll stop as soon as he started to feel lightheaded.

Which turns out to be the best and the worst course of action, when he realized how dark it'd gotten, and he was still blocks away from home.

Stumbling, Hide continued to trying to make way, making out shapes and colors through his slightly blur vision, when a sudden noise from behind was heard. He paused, suddenly going into high alert, and before he could turn around to see what it was, something had jumped out in front of him. He'd barely had a chance to scream, or make any noise, before something covered his mouth and nose, and then the human was breathing in a scent that he knew all too well - having to seen this in the movies.

He struggled weakly, even when his body started to slump over, arms feeling weak and heavy, eyes drooping.

"Sssshh," A deep voice, male, whispered into his hear. "Just make this easier for me. I promise you won't suffer. Much."

That was the last thing he heard before losing conscious completely.