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The First Time

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“Let’s have sex?”

You were hella surprised when Seto brought up the suggestion. Seto Kaiba, the most incredibly awkward bean pole to ever exist when it comes to any kind of intimacy, wants to do one of the most physically intimate activities in a relationship. The man has never had a girlfriend before, let alone ever had sex!

You looked up at him from where he stood and straightened yourself from your position on his bed, where you were messing with your cellphone before he returned home to his mansion from work. You rose an eyebrow at him and placed your phone on your nightstand.

“What made you bring this up all of a sudden?”

Seto frowned.

“Do I need to have a reason for wanting to try having sex?”

You pursed your lip out at him.

“Well, no. It’s just that you have never in the three years that we’ve been dating and the one year we’ve lived together expressed that you ever wanted to get intimate. It took you almost a year for you to let me hold your hand, so pardon me for being a little suspicious.”

Seto rolled his eyes as he removed his suit jacket, walking to your shared walk-in closet as he did so.

“There’s nothing to be suspicious about. It’s been on my mind for a while, and I’m sure it’s been on yours as well. Is that so wrong?”

Even though he couldn’t see it, you let out a sigh and stared guiltily into your lap.

“No, it’s not wrong. I apologize for being suspicious, it’s just surprising is all.”

The room was quiet as you waited for Seto to finish with his nightly routine. He seemed to be taking forever, and you were starting to feel a nervous flush creep up your face. You have had sex before, but you knew Kaiba has had zero experience. You’ve never taken someone’s virginity before, so you were sure that this was going to be an incredibly awkward experience.

“Do you even know how sex works Seto?”

You heard your boyfriend spit, though whether it was his reaction to your question or if he was finished brushing his teeth you couldn’t tell, but you could have sworn you heard him try to smother some coughs.

“Yes, I know how sex works.” He sounded indignant and it almost made you laugh.

You leaned back against the pillows and folded your arms over your chest. You were completely alright with having sex with Kaiba, but was he going to be alright?

“Are you really sure that you’re okay with this?” you asked one more time as Seto came out of the bathroom, changed into his sleeping attire rather than his work clothes.

He gave you a rather hard look.

“You’re the one who’s been asking the questions, are you okay with this?”

“Touché,” you replied, watching as Seto walked around the bed. He kneeled in front of you and took your hand into one of his larger ones, and you let out a relenting sigh as you shifted on the bed so that your legs hung off the side. “Alright, let’s give it a shot.”

Seto nodded and straightened up.

“Hang on, let me go grab a few things,” he completely deadpanned, his face was unreadable and he quickly turned away from you and walked once again towards the closet.

Nervousness began to flood your belly almost as fast as the thoughts that rushed through your head. What could the ‘few things’ be? Did he want to try something? Does he have kinks? Does he even know what those are?? Could he be into BDSM?? WOULD IT REALLY SURPRISE YOU IF HE WAS???

You were jolted out of your thoughts by Seto coughing to get your attention. Glancing up at him you saw that he carried several boxes of various lubes and condoms in his arms, each one being a different type and company.

“I didn’t know which kind to get, so I got them all.”

You could not help the burst of laughter that flew out of your mouth, because of course Seto “Extra” Kaiba would buy a convenient store’s worth of different condoms and lubes for this. He blinked at your reaction, his blue eyes full of confusion before looking shyly down at the floor. While his face remained pale, you could see a pink tint color his ears. Once you calmed down enough, you got on your knees on the bed, making you a little taller than him. You reached forward and gently touched his cheek, though amusement still flickered in your eyes once they met with Seto’s.

“Seto, I’m happy that you went through all this trouble for little old me.”

He held your gaze for a moment longer before he unceremoniously dumped all the boxes onto the bed.

“Yeah, well I wish that I had asked you to pick out some stuff since you’re the one who knows what you’re doing,” he walked around and sat on his respective side of the bed, focusing on the boxes at the foot of the bed.

The two of you sat in a tense and awkward silence for a moment longer.

“Sooooo, how do you wanna do this?” you asked, moving to lay on your back with your head turned toward him.

Seto hesitated for a moment before he adjusted himself so that he was laying down on his side and facing you, resting his elbow on the pillows and propping his head up in that same hand.

“Look, I’m a genius, and I hate it when I don’t understand how to do something. But I’ll admit that I have no idea how this whole...thing is supposed to work.”

“You’ve never watched porn before?” you asked with a slight laugh.

Color reached his entire face and he turned to you with an accusatory look.

“No!!! ...have you?”

You simply shrug.

“I’ve seen some stuff on tumblr, but I’m not into it.”

Seto pressed his lips together.

“This isn’t easy for me to admit, but...” he looked away from you, his face grew into a color of red that almost made him look like a completely different person. You patiently waited for him to finish his sentence. Finally, when he looked back at you, you could see determination in his eyes. “I’ll need you to teach me how to...”

“How to fuck?” You offered.

Seto looked away quickly, though why he hid his blush when you already saw how red his face was you didn’t know.

“There’s no need to be so blunt about it...” he mumbled.

You decided to troll him a little bit.

“How to bone? Make love? Bang each other like a pinkie toe against the corner of a table?”

Seto rolled his eyes and let out an annoyed huff, but you saw an amused smirk on his face.

“Alright, we get it.”

You chuckled quietly.

“Ummm, okay...” You began to glance around the room, then looked back at Seto. You made a face and shrugged. “I guess we should start with...taking our clothes off?”

Seto nodded stiffly and quickly got off the bed, you followed suit on your own side. The two of you had seen each other nearly naked before, but this was a whole new experience for either of you as you each shed off your layers of clothing. Once you were as bare as the day you were born, you took a moment to examine his body. For a man who barely remembered that he needed to eat and sleep in order to function, you were surprised to see that he had an incredibly lean and toned body- with pecs and abs and everything!

“I call hacks!”

Seto have you an incredulous look as he began to slide his pants off.

“Come again?”

You pointed at his body, as if you were from those Ace Attorney games.

“You are waayyy too busy to be this physically fit! Seriously, how the hell do you remember to go to a gym but not eat. This is ludicrous, Seto. LUDICROUS.”

Your voice grew higher in pitch and humorously screechy towards the end of your rant. Seto only rolled his eyes as he tugged down his pants and boxers. Your eyes eagerly traced the V-line of his hips that lead down to his crotch- you couldn’t help the impressed whistle that escaped your lips when your eyes landed on his above-average length.

“Not bad,” you said mostly to yourself.

This made Seto even more flustered and he almost covered himself up. You giggled, hopped on the bed and repositioned yourself so that you were laying down in the center of the bed.

“You’re so cute!”

He let out a huff and looked away, but when he looked at you again he shyly began to gaze at your own body. You laughed as you extended your arms and made a grabby-hands motion at him when his attention was once again on your face. Hesitantly, Seto climbed up on the bed, watching you to cue him for what you wanted him to do. You moved your legs apart a little more and continued to hold out your arms for him to indicate that you wanted to hold him. He sat on his knees for a moment, taking in the sight of your spread legs before his sapphire gaze was once again back at you, although now his pupils were much more dilated. He almost sensually crawled up to you and settled himself between your legs before laying on you; you only say almost sensually simply due to the fact that this was probably unintentional on his part. Once your bodies were pressed together you smiled up at him, your noses barely touching.

“Hi!” you said cheerily.


You lightly tapped at his nose with your forefinger.


You giggled at the way he crinkled his nose and the offended look he gave you.


You continued to smile up at him like a dumbass.

“Because you’re cute.”

He huffed.

“Because I’m inexperienced?”

“Yup!” You exclaimed, reaching up and booping his nose again.

Seto glared down at you, his patience was clearly starting to run thin.

“Do you actually want to do this or not?”

You were taken aback, surprised by how snippy Seto was suddenly getting. You always wanted to try and be goofy and silly during sex, but Seto was clearly far too nervous for any of that. You brushed your lips up against his cheek.

“I’m sorry, I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.”

Seto only grunted in response.

“I would prefer that you take this a little more seriously.”

You inwardly smirked, but outwardly your face became blank and serious.

“Alright Mr. Kaiba. How shall we proceed?” Your voice deepened a bit as you spoke.

Seto rolled his eyes, shifting his weight to one arm and reaching up with his other arm to flick your forehead.

“I didn’t mean for you to take it that seriously.”

You grinned.

“Hmmm, yes,” you began to speak in a goofy and pompous voice. “How would you like to proceed with the act of coitus? Shall we take your penis and insert it into my vagina now?” you intentionally mispronounced the words ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’. “What’s on the schedule?”

You heard Seto chuckle before he kissed you on the cheek.

“Now you’re just being absurd.”

“No, what would be absurd is if we actually followed through with this like it was a business meeting. With an actual schedule and business suits and everything. I think I have a bowtie and a fancy pair of glasses somewhere.”

This time he let out a small laugh. He seemed to be calmer now, good.

“You’re such a dork. Why am I dating you again?” He sounded annoyed, but you heard the smile in his voice.

“Because I’m funny?” you offered. Seto let out another grunt, and you laughed again.

“So what now?”

You hummed thoughtfully, your eyes rolling up to the headboard as you brainstormed.

“Well, how about we start with some smooching and see where that leads?”

He let a puff of air out through his nose before he leaned down and kissed you, pressing his warm and firm body against your softer one, and you relished the feeling. Your hands roamed over the expanse of each other’s bodies. You lightly traced your nails along his toned back, causing him to shiver and let out a pleased hum. You decided to grow bolder. You opened your mouth slightly and took his lower lip in between your teeth, giving him a playful nip before pulling back.

Seto’s eyes opened with intrigue. He leaned forward to once again capture your lips, but you leaned away slightly, just to tease him a bit. When he drew back, the look on his face was nearly enough to make you come undone; his heavy-lidded eyes were incredibly dilated, making his royal blue eyes look even darker, his lips were pink and slightly swollen due to your previous ministrations. He was glaring at you, although you could see a hint of amusement in his eyes. Suddenly he lurched forward to kiss you once again, meaning to kiss you before you could move away again. It ended up with him accidentally slamming his forehead into yours, your noses hit and the collision caused you to bite your lip.

“Oww!” You whined, but laughter poured out of your now swollen lips as you rubbed at your forehead and crinkled your nose.

Seto almost immediately rolled off of you as soon as his head hit yours and turned away from you, nursing his head and his wounded pride. You looked over at him, scooching up to him so that you were pressed up against his back and placed a chaste kiss on the side of his neck.

“No need to be so pouty. But how about you let me take the lead, since I know what I’m doing?”

You lightly ran your fingers along his side as you waited for the pouty baby that was your boyfriend to respond. You moved up and pressed the side of your face into his, smushing your cheeks almost painfully together.

“Ugh, fine.”

Seto pushed you away and rolled onto his back, looking at you expectantly. You were pleased as well as delightfully surprised that Seto was capable of relinquishing control to anyone else. You smiled at him and climbed into his lap, he allowed you to man-handle him into sitting up with his back leaning against the headboard. You felt a surge of pride when you felt how hard he was when you settled yourself into his lap, hearing him take a sharp breath at the feeling of how warm and wet you were against him. You cupped his chin into your hands and pulled his face in for an innocent kiss.

“Do you know what French-kissing is?” you asked after you broke the kiss.

You felt his cock twitch under you in excitement.

“I’ve heard of it.”

You perked up a little.

“Shall we give it a whirl?” you asked, you laughed as an afterthought at your unintended pun.

Seto gave you an odd look before answering.


Satisfied with his answer you tilted his face up to yours and pressed your lips together. The kiss was awkward at first, he was frustratingly unresponsive, but he eventually started kissing you back as you gently raked your hands up and down his sides. You felt his chest rumble from a quiet moan that came from him when you wrapped your arms around his neck, tangled your fingers into his soft hair, and pressed your body closer against his. His hands once again began to roam your body, tracing over your sides, rear, and thighs before he settled one on the small of your back and buried the other in your hair. This time, he was the one who bit at your lip, and a coy smile tugged at your lips before you could stop it when he pulled away.

“You’re certainly learning quickly.”

Seto smirked.

“I’m a fast learner,” his breath was warm against your lips and his voice was deeper with a husky edge of lust.

His voice made you moan and you felt a sudden surge rush between your legs, causing you to roll your hips against his. It was Seto’s turn to moan before you once again kissed him, this time you slipped your tongue into his mouth. He made a surprised hiccupping noise, which was so foreign to your ears that it made you draw back.

“What was that noise you made?” You asked with a giggle.

Seto glared at you, annoyed that you stopped kissing him.

“Shut up.”

He then rolled the two of you over so that he was now on top, but it caused you to hit the top of your head against the headboard.

“Oww, goddamnit Seto!” You said jokingly as he settled himself between your legs once again.

He mumbled an apology, tugging you away from the headboard and pressing a kiss against the crown of your head. You laughed a little at Seto’s caring gesture.

“I thought we agreed that I would be taking charge?”

Seto moved down a little and pressed your noses together.

“You can still give me instructions."

You rolled your eyes at him.

"What would you like me to do now?”

His voice was just barely above a whisper as he leaned toward your ear and pressed a kiss on the area below it. You moaned softly.

“Well, you can keep kissing my neck like that.”

“Like this?” As soon as the question left his lips Seto placed a rather fervent kiss at the base of your neck, causing you to arch your back slightly and gasp quietly.

“Yeah,” you replied, your voice was breathy and hoarse, “like that.”

Seto really seemed to be getting the hang of it, you hated to admit; while things were awkward earlier, you expected it to continue to be awkward the whole time- hell you wanted it to be awkward the whole time, just so you can have something to hold over Seto’s head to remind him that he isn’t the best at everything. But you felt something wet dribble up your neck, causing you to shudder violently and push Seto back slightly.

“Ew-Seto, the hell did you do?”

The man drew back so that he was sitting on his knees and you sat up, lifting your hand to touch your neck.

“Jesus, you slobbered all over me,” you nearly laughed as you cleaned off your neck with one of the sheets.

Seto frowned, folded his arms over his chest and looked down.

“I thought I was being sexy...” he grumbled.

“You get points for trying,” you reached up and pulled his chin up so he was looking at you. “But you get, like, negative sexy points for drooling all over my neck.”

Negative sexy points?” Seto practically pounced back onto you, making you laugh as your back hit the bed. “This is my first time, I need some help here.”

You smirked up at him and moved a hand down the front of his body.

“Oh? But I thought the great Seto Kaiba didn’t need directions.”

He seemed to have taken notice of where your hand was going and looked at you, almost challenging you to continue to go lower.

“Normally I don’t, but I think I’m willing to make this an exception.”

God damn his voice! He kissed you again, allowing you to once again guide him to lay on his back. As you settled into his lap you took one of his hands that rested on your hip and pressed it against your breast, grinding yourself against him as a breathy sigh escaped your lips. Seto stiffened at your actions, but he seemed to relax and grow more sure of himself judging by the way he began to toy with your breast. You jumped and recoiled slightly when he squeezed a little too hard, and he took notice.

“Sorry,” he murmured before dipping his head down to your chest and began to kiss where he squeezed.

It wasn’t until now that he discovered the sensitive nubs in the center of your breast, when his mouth accidentally grazed against it. You gasped a little and your hips reflexively rolled forward, creating friction that sent delicious jolts down your body. Seto looked up at you curiously before repeating his action, watching your reactions very carefully. You took another sharp breath in once he made contact, but let out a sigh when he kissed the bud.

“Do that again,” your words were a breathy sigh, “use your mouth.”

You felt his chest rumble before he ensnared your nipple with his mouth. You moaned and grinded yourself against him, causing him to moan in turn. You dug one hand into his hair and used the other to guide the one hand holding you by the small of your back up to your other breast. He seemed to get the idea and immediately began to massage it, lightly pinching the nub between his fingers. Seto’s mouth strayed away from its current position, choosing instead to travel and kiss along between the valley of your chest to the opposite breast. You felt something akin to electricity surge through you once his mouth made contact and pulled him closer.


He very suddenly stopped and moved his head away, making you whine a little in protest. You felt the space between your legs basically turn into a waterfall from the mere look in his eyes and the seductively cocky smirk that curled at the corner of his lips. He pulled your face close to his, tucking some loose hair behind your ear before he leaned into it.

“Say it again."

You drew back and gave him a sly grin.

“You’d have to make me.”

At your words he immediately moved forward and was at your neck again with his lips and teeth and only a bit of tongue as his hands passionately traces over your body as you rolled against him.

“Seto,” you said with a moan as he nipped at the juncture along your neck and shoulder.

His moan was more akin to a growl. He grabbed your chin rather roughly and kissed you heatedly. You then moved up so that you were off his cock and sitting on his lower belly, reaching behind you and taking him into your hand. He inhaled through his nose once you ran your thumb over the head that started to ooze with pre-cum.

“Should I be doing something to you?” his voice was raspy sounding and his eyelids fluttered slightly.

God this man is beautiful. You thought for a moment.

“Have you ever heard of the term ‘oral sex’?”

Seto paused briefly.

“Well, oral implies using your voice or mouth, so sex with your mouth? How is that any different from French Kissing?”

You drew back, hesitating before covering your face with both of your hands in an attempt to smother your laughter. Seto, however, gave you an odd look.

“Did I say something funny?”

You threw your head back and burst into roaring laughter.

“Oh Seto, my sweet summer child.”

Seto frowned.

“...what is oral sex?”

You flopped your hands into your lap and looked down at him with a grin, silently debating whether you should tell him. You pat his chest.

“Maybe someday I’ll tell you.”

Seto frowned at you, but you saw him grit his teeth and his right eye twitched when you held his cock again and smeared the pre-cum all over the tip.

“You still didn’t tell me what to do to you.”

You rose an eyebrow at him, and he matched your expression. You looked him in the eye and held his gaze as you took one of his hands, guiding it down your body until it finally touched your slick heat. The absolutely fascinated expression on his face made you giggle as soon as he touched you.

“It’s just like using a touchpad on a keyboard,” you directed with a breathy sigh as his long fingers began to trace over your slit. “Only it’s supposed to be wet.”

“Ah, I see.”

You gave yourself a mental pat on the back for making a comparison that the computer nerd laying beneath you could understand.

“You’re certainly very wet,” Seto teased as he continued to stroke you. “Am I making you do this?”

You rolled your eyes.

“No, it’s definitely not because of you. Can’t you tell how incredibly turned off I am because of you?”

You sharply jolted at the discomfort when Seto grazed over your sensitive clit, and he gave you a concerned look.

“What happened?”

You pushed his hand away from the bundle of nerves and pat his hand reassuringly.

“Nothing, you just touched my clit when your fingers were dry and it hurt a little. That’s all.”

Seto rose an eyebrow.

“Suppose I should touch it when it isn’t as dry, shouldn’t I?”

You absolutely hated how quick he was picking this whole sex thing up. His deft fingers danced along your opening to collect some of the moisture before trailing them back up to your clit, this time touching it gently. You whimpered at the contact while you gripped his cock and slid your fist down his shaft.

“Hang on.”

Seto glowered at you as you flopped yourself back on the bed, giving him a rather full view of yourself as you reached over your head to grab one of the bottles of lube that lay at the foot of the mattress.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

You were certain that he meant to say that mostly to himself, but you couldn’t help how your heart swelled from the compliment. You said nothing in return and grabbed a random bottle of basic lubricant. You sat back up, smiling rather innocently when you opened the cap and squeezed a generous amount of it into your palm. Seto looked at you suspiciously.

“What exactly are you planning on using that for?”

Oh come on, you thought. He can’t possibly be THAT naïve.

"Have you ever masturbated before?”

The look of utter confusion that was on his face was probably the sweetest and most innocent thing you had seen, because of course he hasn't.

“Nevermind, you’ll see.”

You carefully watched his face as you took him into your now lubricated hand, which now easily slid along his shaft. You snorted when you saw his eyelids flutter slightly, but a strong surge of arousal shot through you when you saw how his eyebrows began to knit together and how he tugged his lower lip in between his teeth. His back arched slightly and a rather strangled sounding moan left his lips. You made a similar noise when you felt his fingers apply a little more pressure onto you before they slipped in.

“Fuck, Seto.”

For the third time you felt him flip the two of you over so that you were on your back, but this time there weren’t any mishaps. Seto busied himself with kissing you, though he slowly took his fingers out and slowly pushed them back into you. You occupied yourself by pumping your hand up and down as much of his length as you could reach, which wasn’t a whole lot considering the position you were in and how you were straining your arm slightly just to reach him. You smirked into the kiss as he rolled his tongue over yours and felt him shudder, you even felt his hips move only slightly in time with your fist. His own hand, however, continued to stroke at an excruciatingly slow pace. You let out a frustrated whine and gave him a firm squeeze, making him jump a little and gasp.


His nose was touching yours and his lips were millimeters away from you. He was panting slightly and his breath caused the hair in your face to flutter. You frowned at his smirk, strongly resisting the urge to smack that stupid grin off of his stupid face.

“Oh I’m sorry, what did you say?”

He was messing with you, and there was no way in hell that he didn’t know how frustrated you were getting. You ran your hand through your hair in an attempt to control your irritation.

“Seto. For the love of fuck, please move your hand faster.”

You began to slow your other hand down to see if you could tease him back, but it didn’t have nearly as much of an effect on him as he had over you.

“Like this?”

He began to move his hand in a rhythm that was much faster than before, but you still weren’t quite satisfied.


He obliged, finally putting an end to his teasing in favor of watching you writhe and tremble underneath him in pleasure- the fucking sadist. You desperately reached out for his shaft, trying to do to him what he was doing to you, but you found it difficult to concentrate when you felt his fingers curl inside of you.

“You’re getting too good at this,” you barely managed to whisper in between moans and pants, reaching a hand up to grasp at the pillows and the headboard for purchase.

“Like I said before,” you didn’t need to look at him to know that the self-satisfied smile was back on his face, “I’m a fast learner.”

You cried out when his thumb pressed against your clit and you quickly released. Seto was curious about your reaction and patiently waited for you to come down from your high so that you could explain. You laughed breathlessly and ran a hand through your hair, satisfaction rippled through your body as you looked up at him through half-lidded eyes.

“Shit, I didn’t expect you to make me orgasm our first time. Kudos to you my man.”

He gave you a puzzled look and tilted his head to the side a little, looking like a confused puppy.

“Does that not happen normally?”

You shifted yourself so that you were more comfortable, the sheets underneath you were getting overbearingly warm.

“Normally when it’s a man and woman’s first time ever having sex, the woman doesn’t really orgasm on their first try. Because neither of them know what they're doing." You grinned, "I guess this just means I'm a good teacher.”

A comfortable silence passed over the two of you, and you gave yourself a moment to bask in it before you spoke again.

“You can go ahead and put a condom on, if you still want to do this.”

“Which one?”

Oh right, you forgot that Seto had bought a thousand different kinds of condoms. You sat up and scooched yourself down to the foot of the bed, taking a moment to appreciate how nice his ass looked before sitting in front of Condom Mountain.

“Jesus, how much sex do you think I’ve had for you to buy every kind of condom that was made on earth?”

Seto clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"I don’t know. I didn’t really think about that when I sent Isono out to buy them, I just told him to get as many as he could.”

The sudden image of Seto’s bodyguard, dressed up in a suit and sunglasses and everything, walking up to a gas station cashier with his arms full of the various boxes of lubes and condoms sent you into another giggling fit.

“You’re laughing an awful lot today,” Seto noticed.

You looked at him when you calmed down enough, though you were still giggling.

“I like to laugh, you make me laugh.”

Seto took a moment to observe you before he shuffled back against the pillows.

“Whatever. Just pick a condom already, dork.”

You stuck your tongue and pointed your middle finger at him, though he only rolled his eyes at your childish antics. You looked over the condoms before you picked out the brand that you liked best and used the most often, practically tearing open the box and pulling out a couple of small colorful squares. Deciding that you were still in a goofy mood, you tore one of the wrappers open and unrolled that condom, then held the opening over your nose before turning back to Seto.

“Lookie, I’m an elephant!”

You made a small elephant noise as you lifted the condom like a trunk and laughed to yourself. The stare you received from Seto made you laugh so hard you nearly fell off the bed; but you immediately stopped laughing when you heard the firm way he said your name, and looking at him you saw an icy look in his eyes. The silence was tense enough to cut before he finally spoke.

“You should know by now that intimacy of any form is not my specialty. I don’t know what I’m doing, and by allowing you to show me how to do this I am placing my upmost trust in you. With the way that you’ve been acting, it seems that you’ve been taking this whole ordeal as a joke. Don’t waste my time, you can go and act like a child somewhere else if you want.”

You were both touched and hurt by his words, but you continued to hold his gaze for another moment. You tossed the condom you had unrolled aside and grabbed the second one you pulled out as you crawled up to him.

“Seto,” you spoke quietly, settling yourself into his lap before placing a hand on his cheek. “I’m sorry. Really, I am. I thought that being funny and goofy would help make you relax. Being silly is pretty much one of the only things I know how to do.” His sapphire-blue eyes flickered back up to you as you talked, you smiled and pressed your foreheads together. “I know that this is your first time, and I’m glad that I’m going to be the one you experience this with,” you drew back a little and gave him a small but hopeful smile, brushing away some of the bangs that fell into his face. “Do you accept my apology?”

Seto looked away for a moment to once again look at your body, and you briefly wondered if he felt as exposed and vulnerable as you did in that moment. He finally sighed.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn cute.”

A smile tugged at your lips, then you slipped off his lap and pretended to observe the condom in your hand.

“How exactly do you want to do this?”

“You tell me,” Seto replied with a shrug.

You pursed your lips in thought before you ripped the condom package open.

“I’ll be on top then. Wait, hold up,” you slipped a finger down to your core to make sure that you were still wet enough and gave a nod. “I should be okay. How about you, do you think you’re ready?”

Seto looked down at his shaft, which stood up almost unwaveringly.

“I think I’m good to go.”

You nodded.

“Do you want me to put the condom on, or...” you hesitated, “ you know how to-“

Seto rolled his eyes before he snatched the wrapper from your hand, now focusing his attention on unrolling the piece of lubed-up latex down his shaft.

“I know how to put a condom on. As much as I hated it, I did take a sex-education class that at least taught us how to put condoms on bananas.”

“Shit, they made you do that?” you said with a slight chuckle, to which he gave a confirming grunt. “And now you’re putting it on your banana!”

He glared at you, but once he completely rolled the condom onto his shaft, pinching the tip of it to leave some room for his ejaculation, he made a rather pathetic jazz-hands motion.


The monotone way he spoke and the unenthusiastic jazz-hands he did made you laugh once more, though he didn’t seem to mind it nearly as much this time. He allowed you to crawl back onto his lap, lifting yourself a little so that you were just above his cock.

“You ready?” you asked gently.

He responded with a heated kiss and roaming hands.

“That wasn’t a yes or no~,” you teased.

He grunted impatiently.


“Yes what?” you whispered, teasing him as much now as he was earlier, poking at his chest and face teasingly. “What do you want?”

This time Seto groaned.

“Damnit, I want you and I want you now.”

“That's all I needed to hear,” you whispered.

You slowly eased yourself down onto him before he could retort, his hands practically flew to your hips and his fingers began to dig into the flesh as you took him in.

“Feels that good already, huh?”

Seto glared at you.

“...shut up.”

You moaned as you felt him go deeper into you, gripping at his shoulders the further down you moved. Once you hit his pelvis you wound your arms around his neck, letting out a breathy moan directly next to his ear to see if you could spur him on. He responded with a quiet hum and pressed your body closer to his.

“How are you doing? You okay?” Your voice was a little breathy, considering he was inside you finally. He could only respond with a nod, and you smiled. “Good, good. I’m gonna keep going, is that alright?”

Seto once again nodded and you couldn’t tear your eyes away from his face. His eyes were closed and you could see them rolling from beneath his eyelids, his breathing was beginning to hitch, and he clenched his jaw. You pressed kisses along his jawline and down his neck as you began to rock your hips, but he took your chin gently in one hand and brought it down so you could meet his lips with your own. You smiled when you heard his moans, proud that you could take one of the most ruthless man in the world and reduce him to a moaning mess beneath you.

Unfortunately for you, Seto’s grip tightened on you and he stiffened before releasing a relaxed sigh. It ended way too soon, you couldn’t even begin to enjoy yourself. You pouted a bit as you slipped off of him, but all feelings of bitterness vanished when he pulled you against his chest, tucking his chin on top of your head and wrapping his arms around you. Who knew that the great Seto Kaiba was such an after-sex cuddler? He hardly ever cuddled with you, not even when he was sleeping!

“Do you wanna take that condom off?” you asked quietly.

“In a bit,” Seto’s voice was quiet and he sounded surprisingly content.

You looked up at him and smiled. He opened one eye and looked down at you before closing it again.

“You’re smiling like a love-sick idiot.”

You snuggled closer into his chest.

“Maybe that’s because I am.”

Seto chuckled and kissed the top of your head before settling back into the comfortable post-sex silence.

“We should do this more often,” you suggested.

Seto opened his eyes and looked down at you. One of his rare sincere smiles stretched across his face.