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i'm like bitch who is ur mans, cant keep my dick in my pants

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Kacchan gripped tighter on my wrist as he lead me back to my dorm. "Let's go, you damn nerd." He said once I slowed my pace a bit.

"K-Kacchan, wait!" He yanked me along with him as we rounded the corner.

"Shut up," he said without looking back. "I'm gonna go down on your ass later, Deku."

"Kacchan-! I didn't even-I didn't do anything!" I tried to tell him, but he didn't listen to me.

I gulped as we arrived in front of my door. He let go of my wrist and looked away as he crossed his arms. I knew he was waiting for me to unlock the door. I rubbed my sore wrist.

"Hurry up," he said impatiently.

I shakily took my key out my pocket, hastily putting it in the lock and giving it a turn. Once it was unlocked, Kacchan snatched the key out of my hand and took ahold of my wrist again as he burst through the door.


And now here I was, moaning and gasping his name as he removed my clothes and placed his marks on me. I gripped his hair, his arms, his shoulders, anything I could as he drove me crazy. He groaned my name every so often in his raspy voice, making my crotch rise from how sexy it sounded.

He still had his pants on, but discarded his shirt almost instantly when mine was removed. I felt his teeth and soft lips on my neck and chest, his sucking so rough, the marks on me purple. I would stoke his jaw or run my fingers through his hair as he abused my chest with his teeth, lips and tongue.

"Deku..." Was the only thing I heard coming out of his mouth when I rubbed his clothed erection with my knee, gripping the waistline of his pants.

He bit his lip at times, and I knew he was holding back on letting himself go fully erect. I smirked and leaned towards his ear, kissing the outline of it.

"Don't hold back, Kacchan." I whispered to him.

I pushed my knee against him once more, and this time a submissive whimper slid its way from between his lips. I smiled again, happy that he obeyed me. I praised him as I slowly lowered myself, kissing down his chest and sucking his pink nipples.

He gripped my hair in return, biting his lip and clenching his teeth as my knee was replaced with my hand and fingers. I traced his thigh, cupping the tent in his jeans. I could feel its heat as I came closer and closer to it, undoing his belt.

After successfully removing it, I was suddenly flipped over, and Kacchan positioned me in his lap. His mouth went to one of my own nipples, sucking it roughly.

A strained moan left my throat, but it was difficult to keep my voice down. After toying with my chest for about a minute, Kacchan lay me down on my back, glaring at me with his ruby red eyes.

I felt intimidated and embarrassed, looking so vulnerable and weak to every touch he left on my body. I shut my eyes and pursed my lips, moving my head to the side as he towered over me.

"Deku," he lowly said. "look at me."

I slowly opened my eyes again, looking into his. He said and did nothing as he stared at me. I was about to say something as he finally opened his mouth.

"Watch me as I do this," he commanded. I swallowed a bit of fear, watching him gently kiss his way down to where the waistband of my gym shorts were.

He hooked his fingers in it, pulling the cloth over my thighs and down to my knees. I removed them from my legs completely, letting them drop to the floor next to my bed. Again, Kacchan said nothing as he gently spread my legs and caressed my thighs and hips, his head dipping down to my hipbone.

He sucked on it gently, making me jolt slightly with the unfamiliar suckle since he only ever gave me hickeys on the upper part of my body. His thumb circled my side, pressing gently on my flesh. I whimpered slightly, shuddering when I felt him move down from my hipbone to my thigh, dragging his lips down my flesh.

He was going painfully slow, so slow that even I was frustrated because I was so used to his fast, rough pace. Though it was nice and it made me feel more relaxed than ever. I kept my eyes on him as he shut his, knowing my body so well as if it were his own.

He made his way down to my erection, inhaling deeply, making me blush and cover my face with my hands. He groaned sexily as he ran his tongue over the front of my boxer briefs, letting his saliva run loose and down his tongue.

His tongue trailed up my shaft, and he locked eyes with me. I knew my face was red, and nothing he did caused it to go away. I bit my lip, waiting for him to continue. He looked down, removing his tongue from my underwear and began pulling them down and off my legs.

He spread my legs just like before and this time, licked his finger and ran it up and down my length. I moaned softly, my gaze never leaving his actions or his face.  He teased the tip of my cock with the tip of his finger, smirking as it made me jolt again with pleasure.

I wanted so desperately for him to put his hot mouth over my aching hard on, and I knew that all he was gonna do was tease me until I begged for it. I clenched my teeth, pinching my nipples and jerking my hips upwards.

I thought it would've taken forever for him to put any part of his mouth on my dick, but apparently I was wrong; he teased the head of it with his finger, and then abruptly replaced it with his tongue.

I sighed heavily, letting my moan slip out with it. Kacchan lolled his tongue around the tip of dick, breathing out his mouth. My own breath hitched, and I felt myself almost cum by feeling the tip of his tongue circle the head of my dick and hearing his deep groans as he did it.


He suddenly moved his head down to take in my whole cock, sucking on it and bobbing his head. I arched my back and moaned, shutting my eyes and covering my mouth.

I felt his hand trail up my chest, and his fingers prodding at my mouth. I greedily licked his fingers, letting the spit from my mouth drop messily onto my chest, neck and chin. He lifted my leg and positioned his fingers to my entrance. He pushed inside deeply, curling his fingers and pumping them at a steady pace.

I felt my senses become hazy and cloudy, the only thing on my mind was how good Kacchan made me feel at this very moment. He added a third finger into my hole, scissoring his fingers within me. I cried out, gripping the explosive boy's blonde hair.

"Y-you're so good with your mouth, Kacch-Kacchan~..." I managed to stutter out, overwhelmed by his skilled hands and mouth.

He moaned around my dick in response, locking eyes with me again. He gave me a look that basically said, 'you want more, don't you?', his eyebrow cocked.

"Please, Kacchan, don't stop~!" I pleaded.

He didn't say anything and just continued his movements, giving me what I craved. I enjoyed the pleasure while it lasted, holding myself back because I didn't want to cum so soon.

I felt his fingers slither their way out of my ass, and my cock leave his mouth. I gasped and sputtered for words, only to be met with a rough and passionate kiss from him.

It was sloppy and our tongues had no sense of where they were touching. I felt him shuffle a bit, then i realised he was removing his pants and underwear. I held his neck gently in my hands, awaiting his approval for me to spread my legs again.

After about a minute, I felt his hands in the pits my knees and spreading them apart, placing them on his shoulders as his cock aligned with my hole. My lips detatched from his, and I looked to see what he was doing.

He was staring at me, dazed and dreamily, very unlike him. I smiled back and carressed his jaw, giving him a sweet peck on his lips as he slowly penetrated my hole with his dick.

My eyes widened a bit, then slowly fluttered closed as he started thrusting. I skewed my eyebrows, moving my hips in time with his thrusts. His mouth was open and lust was clouded his eyes as he watched me moan and writhe from his actions.

I threw my head back, moaning his name. He intertwined my hand with his, the other bruising my hip with his tight grip. I rocked my body against him, looking at him and shutting my eyes as the pleasure escalated.

He moaned lowly, sighing contently. "D-Deku..." I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Deku, I-"

"Yo dudes, what the hell's going on?" I heard a voice question in amusement and shock.

Gasping, I turned my head to look at the person in the doorway, my face instantly becoming red again. There Kirishima stood, holding the book I lent him a few days ago.  a huge blush and a cocky smile was plastered on his face.

He whistled. "So this is what you two are always up to, huh Bakugou?" He smirked.

I looked over to Kacchan and froze; his expression was completely different from the one two minutes ago, his face done in that scowl he usually gives Kirishima daily.

Suddenly, I felt a jolt of pleasure again, making me let out a gasp/moan. I looked to Kirishima and then to Kacchan, seeing he was now smirking and looking at Kirishima. He thrusted his hips again harder, making me moan out unexpectedly.

Soon after that, Kacchan kept ramming into me as if Kirishima wasnt there, but in reality he didnt move a muscle. He stood there, watching Kacchan fuck me. I looked into his eyes as I moaned, silently beckoning him to come and join us.

Kacchan's deep voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "You sick motherfucker," I looked to him and saw him smirking at Kirishima. He looked so sexy with the sweat running down his forehead, the way his words seemed breathy, the rising and falling of his chest, and the audible moans that escaped his lips as he kept thrusting his hips slowly.

"you're really enjoying this? I'm fucking one of your classmates and youre standing there, watching him moan out my name? You're fucking sick, you pervert." Kacchan's words were so menacingly true, but Kirishima did nothing but stare speechless.

"Why don't you come closer, enjoy the show in a better view?" Kacchan suggested with a smirk. I looked at him as if he were crazy, but the look in his eyes proved his words to be sincere.

I looked back over to Kirishima, seeing him walk forward to my bed, removing his shirt and letting my book drop to the floor. My eyes widened as I suddenly noticed the large bulge in his sweatpants, and the thought of Kirishima joining us made my imagination run wild.

Kirishima seemed to be in a trance, dreamily staring and Kacchan and I. My hand moved to the front of his clothed erection, rubbing it and grasping his length.

His face was flushed as he looked down at me, eyes widened in shock, filled with love and lust. Kacchan grabbed his arm and made him climb up onto the free space on my bed.

Kirishima sat on his knees, watching in awe as I moaned and writhed from how Kacchan made me feel. It was embarrassing, but I had a feeling I'd be moaning his name later.

Kacchan kept going, leaning forward every so often as he kissed my neck or moaned in my ear. I looked over to Kirishima again and saw that he had a hand down his boxers, pants long ago discarded.

"C'mere," Kacchan breathed as he grabbed Kirishima's jaw, parting his lips and slipping his tongue in Eijirou's mouth.

Kirishima moaned, kissing him back and mixing their tongues together. Kacchan didn't stop his hips from thrusting into me, and I saw Kirishima's hand wander aimlessly around Kacchan's torso.

He rubbed the skin near his v-line, going further until he reached my thighs. His finger trailed to my hipbone where Kacchan's purple hickey rested, and up to my cock.

He grasped it, jerking it opposite Kacchan's thrusting. I moaned his name, throwing my head back and gasping. Kirishima broke away from their kiss, looking at me and smirking sexily.

"Kirishima...t-touch me, please.." He licked his lips and moved away from Kacchan, going down to my chest and fingering my hair. His sharp teeth bit down softly on my nipple, licking and sucking it.

"D-Deku...I'm gonna...cum!" I heard Katsuki growl out.

His thrusts became sloppy and more erratic making me gasp and moan louder. I clenched his shoulders and tightened around him, looking into his eyes.

"Cum inside me, Kacchan," I said.

With a submissive bite to his lip and high pitched moan, he shut his eyes and once more thrusted deep inside me. I felt him fill me up, and I clenched my jaw as I felt it shoot up inside. He panted, loosening his grip on my waist.

"Damn, that moan was hot." Kirishima's voice rang in my ears.

I removed my legs from his shoulders and wove my hand in Kirishima's hair, watching Kacchan's expression. He scowled in embarrassment, crossing his arms.

I giggled, feeling Kirishima leave my chest, smirking at Kacchan and I. Kacchan leaned forward to Kirishima and whispered in his ear, making him smile deviously. I had a bad feeling.

"W-what'd you guys talk about, Kacchan?" I asked nervously.

Kirishima pressed his finger to my lips gently, shushing me. I pursed my lips and looked at him hesitantly. He sweetly pecked my lips and grabbed my waisandan sat me down on his lap, fiddling with my still hard dick.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, throwing my head back and sighing lovingly. He kissed my neck and bit it softly, and the sensation felt like how Kacchan bites me, but had a softer feel to it that made goosebumps form on my arms.

Kirishima grabbed my waist, removing his hand from my crotch and grinded me down onto his. I gasped, as it hit me by surprise, earning a small chuckle from the red haired male.

He slowly started moving his hips, looking at me as I got used to it. I moved my hips opposite his, going down when he went up. When I got the hang of it, he nodded and buried his head in my chest.

The friction felt so good, and I heard Eijirou panting and letting out small groans every now and then. I tangled my hands in his hair, gripping it semi tightly.

His hands cupped my ass, helping my hips hit his sweet spots. My vision became hazy, and my thoughts were clouded with lust. Kirishima's hips didn't slow down, instead became faster and rocking more harder into mine.

I let out a strained moan, panting a bit. And as I was about to cum, I was suddenly torn off of Eijirou's lap. I gasped, but then I realised it was Kacchan's arms that I was in. "K-Kacchan!"

He had that devilish smirk on his face, and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I immediately melted into it, holding his neck softly.

"Hey Bakagou, thats not fair!" A voice barked.

My head was being held by Kacchan, and I knew he'd get upset if I tore away from his kiss. I opened my eyes and looked at Kirishima, seeing him with an amused smirk. My eyes fixated on Kacchan, seeing that he was staring daggers at the other male.

Kacchan turned me around so we were chest to chest, and I was thankful for the less neck straining position. I felt him pick me up and spread my legs, both of our members touching. I moaned into the kiss, moving my hips a bit to get friction.

I then felt him move forward, but thought nothing of it. That is until, I felt the cold, wet tip of Kirishima's cock aligned with the  ring of muscle between my ass cheeks. Gasping, I broke free from Kacchan's kiss, panic written all over my face.

"W-wait! K-Kacchan, are you okay with.."

Kirishima kissed my shoulder up to my neck softly. He nibbled on my earlobe and rubbed my chest soothingly. "It'll be alright, Izuku."

The way my name rolled off his tongue sent shivers up my spine, and I relaxed a bit. I looked at Kacchan, seeing a soft look on his face. He carressed my cheek, his eyes telling me it was okay.

I nodded once, shutting my eyes as I was slowly lowered onto Eijirou's cock. He was longer and had more girth than Kacchan and stretched me out a bit. I instantly moaned and bit my lip, getting used to it quickly.

"D-damn, Izuku you must be really experienced?" He sounded as enthusiastic as ever.

I gave a small whimper in response. Kirishima chuckled lowly, getting cut off by his own moan when I began bouncing my body up and down on his cock. I moaned too, feeling trapped in this endless feeling of pleasure by the two boys I've always admired once I met them.

Kacchan pumped his dick to the pace of my body bouncing on Kirishima, watching us intently. It made me shiver that Kacchan was sharing me and actually enjoying it: usually he was very possessive and often punished me for checking out other people.

"Fuck..." I heard Kacchan mutter in awe as he watched us.

I moaned out, feeling Eijirou find my g-spot. "A-ah! E-Eijirou~! Right there, right-!"

"Here?" He smirked as he hit that spot over again. "I'm gonna fuck you so good you're gonna be begging to cum." He whispered to me and licked his lips, his tongue touching the shell of my ear.

My mouth opened and spilled out pants, moans and profanities. Kirishima wrapped his arms around my torso and held me tighter, going deeper and harder as he fucked me.

I hugged his arms, gripping tightly on them as I clenched around his dick. He openly moaned, whispering my name and curses. My eyes were shut, my mouth was open, drool was running down my neck and chin, and I was close, so so close.

"Eijirou, I-I'm gonna cum~!" I yelled out, wrapping my right hand around my dick and jerking it at a fast pace.

"Cum for me, Izuku, I wanna see you cum." He said.

I jerked my dick faster, the nerves in my ass and dick getting more and more sensitive by the second as I was nearing my release. With a loud moan and shudder all around my body, I finally came, throwing my head back on Kirishima's shoulder and shutting my eyes as cum spurted all over my chest and thighs.

Kirishima came shortly after me, tightening his arms around me and moaning my name. When he was finished riding out his orgasm, he turned me around and hugged me, embracing my sore body tightly but gently.

I hugged him back, messing with his hair that now hung down to his shoulders. I pulled away slightly and kissed his lips passionately, getting nervous butterflies in my stomach as he kissed me back.

As we were kissing, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist gently and pull me towards them. I complied, letting them pull my legs down for my feet to touch the floor.

"You ready to go again, babe?" I heard Kacchan's low voice speak.

Still not pulling away from Kirishima, I hummed a yes against his lips, making him smile and make a laughing breath out his nose. I smiled too and pulled away, giggling.

I turned back to look at Kacchan, ready to penetrate me. He was smiling at me softly and held my waist firmly. I knew me and Eijirou were at half mast, ready to go for a round three.


"Yeah, you like that?" Kacchan whispered against my back sexily.

I only moaned against Eijirou's cock, making him jolt and shiver with pleasure. He grinned widely, eyes half lidded and bottom lip between his sharp teeth. His legs were spread wide, one hand in my hair, the other planted on the bed, gripping the sheets, and two of my fingers in his ass.

I curled my fingers as I sucked the head of his dick, moving forward to Kacchan's thrusts. I got a loud moan out of Eijirou and a small one out of Katsuki. Kacchan was near my g-spot and had a short timespan to find it.

He suddenly moved to an angle that allowed me to take him deeper, and thats when he hit it. I moaned on Kirishima's dick, and my free hand reached down to stroke my own. Multitasking with sucking, fingering and masturbating, it was difficult to focus on all three but I was mainly focused on making Kirishima cum again.

As Kacchan pounded me, I felt myself reach that familiar feeling in my dick. I knew I was gonna cum soon, and I wanted all three of us to do it together. I steadily pumped my fingers in and out of Kirishima, hearing him moan louder as I sucked his cock and fingered him at the same time.

I bobbed my head, taking him deep in my throat everytime I went down. Kacchan left hickeys and kisses on my back along my  spine, making me shiver. Kirishima bucked his hips at certain points when I would go down and take him in my throat, and did it again when my fingers went knuckle deep inside of him.




I removed my mouth from Kirishima and looked between the two boys. "Are you...aah, are you guys close?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

Kacchan nodded with his eyes shut, ramming harder and faster as he bit his lip. Kirishima had his head thrown back and his arm over his eyes, drool running down his chin as he nodded.

"I-I'm almost there...K-Kacchan go h-harder-!" I immediately put my mouth back on Kirishima's cock as he obeyed me, making me unable to form words.

I sucked on the head, jerking my dick and adding a third finger to his ass. I noticed Kacchan didn't have his hands on my waist anymore, but on the bed. His knuckles were white as he clenched my sheets, tendons on his hands showing as he moved.

"God damnit, Izuku, I'm so close, so so fucking close.." He muttered to me as his hips went faster and harder.

His thighs were slapping against my ass, and the squelching of my fingers going in and out of Kirishima added on to it. I slurped and sucked on his dick as if it were the best thing to ever pass my lips, and Kirishima was moaning my name and gasping.

I took my fingers out of Kirishima and removed my mouth, replacing it with my hand. I sighed and moaned again, looking to the side to capture Kacchan's gaze.

"K-Kacchan! I'm cumming, I'm gonna c-cum!"

"Just wait, just wait, I'm almost there, aah, fuck!"

"Mmh, m-me too! Ohh fuck, fuuck.."

And suddenly, with a loud satisfactory moan, Kacchan came. I came shortly after, and Eijirou was the last. When Katsuki pulled out of me, I got off of Kirishima.

I plopped down on my bed, laughing a bit. Kacchan lay next to me, wrapping his arms around me and bringing my head down to meet his lips.

Eijirou was on my other side, smiling and chuckling as well. We all panted for air, sweaty and messy. I stroked Kacchan's hair, and turned to look at Eijirou.

He had his eyes focused on the ceiling, and arms crossed behind his head. He didn't notice me and Kacchan staring, but when he did, he blushed and looked away.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nothing, its overwhelming to take in. Even if we just..y'know, did it, its still hard to process." He nervously chuckled.

I nodded. "I know what you mean. The first time Kacchan and I did this, I was still wondering what happened for weeks."

He nodded. As I was about to speak, Kacchan spoke for me. "This isn't the last time we're gonna do this, Deku and I."

Kirishima raised an eyebrow, wondering how that statement involved him.

"What he means is if you wanted to join us again or something, Kirishima." I smiled and blushed.

"Oh really? Yeah dude, totally." he turned to look back up at the ceiling. "Man, its so manly to know my first threesome was with my best friend and his boyfriend."

He froze for a second. "W-wait..can I...?"

I nodded and smiled at him. "Wait, what did he mean Deku." Kacchan asked.

"To be with us." I simply replied, giving him a smile I knew he couldnt refuse.

"Fine. Just this once." He said and looked away.

I kissed his cheek and giggled. I turned back to look at Eijirou, seeing him with a happy grin on his face. I reached my hand out so he could join Kacchan and I once more, and he gladly accepted.

Kacchan moved his arms to my waist and Kirishima wrapped his around my torso. I smiled and sighed, happy that I was here with the two boys I've admired since I met them.