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The Freaky Friday sitch!

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Bakugou wakes up, and he’s surrounded by softness and perfume. Internal alarm bells start ringing.

He jerks up in his bed, hits his head on a lamp that he most decidedly didn’t put there, and rolls straight out of his bed onto the floor. The floor is fluffy against the side of his face. He squints his eyes open to the sight of a pink rug.

Yeah, this isn’t his room.

His first thought is I’ve been kidnapped again, which makes him feel a brief instant of nauseous panic that he’ll deny until the day he dies, but he quickly suppresses that to assess the situation. All Might can’t save him this time, so he has to keep his shit together.

He stands up, and his center of balance, his something feels… strange.

He looks at the bed. Sees one million stuffed animals and plush looking blankets and pillows. Looks at the desk to his side. Sees more makeup than he knows what to do with, and unfamiliar textbooks. Looks down at himself.

He sees the body of a beautiful woman in a baggy purple shirt that goes to the knees.

Bakugou starts swearing.


Some miles away, Camie’s having a pretty similar problem. She wakes up and thinks, huh, I must be sick because she feels strange and off balance from the get go. Something’s just off.

Her sheets feel too rough against her skin. Her nose must be stuffed, even if it doesn’t feel like it, because she can’t smell any of her perfumes or lotions or candles.

She sits up slowly, remembering to avoid her lamp, and squints her eyes open. And then she opens them wide, and looks around the room she’s in-- not her room --in shock.

She’s in the room of someone who’s seriously into grunge.

“Ummmm,” she says, and oh wow, her voice sounds strange! Kinda deep, kinda gruff. She must be really sick.

She jumps a little as a tinny voice starts roaring and cursing, backed up by wild drumming and guitars. She looks to her side to see a phone buzzing on a night table. She picks it up because why not?

MS ILLUSION IS CALLING, the screen tells her.

This seems like some kind of clue to whatever’s going on here.

“Yo?” she greets whoever’s on the other end, because it can’t be her no matter what the phone’s telling her, that’s for sure.

“Camie!” her own voice barks at her, and oh she guesses she was wrong. Somehow, she’s talking to herself on the phone. “That’s you, right?”

“... Yes?” she answers uncertainly.

“Okay, good, then at least this isn’t a daisy chain situation.”

A daisy chain…? Wait, Ms Illusion, grunge, screamy music… “Bakugou?”

“Yeah, it’s me,” Camie’s voice tells her. “You’re in my body too, right?”

“Whoa,” she says. “Mind blown!”


Bakugou insists on Camie staying where she is and having him come to her, and she agrees easily enough. He’s confident that he’ll be able to get over to her faster than she would be able to get to him.

Or at least, that would be the case if he hadn’t had to spend such a long time staring with dissatisfaction at her wardrobe, trying to find an acceptable outfit. The closest thing to flats she has are a set of kitten heels. The closest to pants, leggings. The closest to a shirt, a singlet. The closest to a hoodie, a jean jacket that cuts off mid-back.

He puts on the clothes (and a bra, which, the less said about that tedious ordeal the better), and picks at them with annoyance. It’s all much tighter than he’s used to, preferring baggy clothes over stuff that’s actually in his size.

And then he spends a while frowning at himself in the mirror. It had taken him an embarrassing long few moments to realize that he was in Camie’s body just because he’s never seen her without makeup on before. He could go outside without putting any on, but… she probably……. wouldn’t……... like that. Ugh.

There’s no way he’ll be able to do it as well as she does, but he does his best. Lipgloss, easy enough to figure out. Combing his hair, painful but not rocket science. The fake eyelashes look inscrutable so he instead just spends five minutes trying to put mascara on his real eyelashes without poking himself in the damn eye or something. Eyeliner, now that he knows how to do well.

Fifteen minutes later, the face in the mirror looks much closer to Camie’s usual appearance, if not quite right. Camie if she was a little under the weather, perhaps. Camie if she was having a lazy Saturday at home, maybe.

His patience fully run out, he throws up his hands, says fuck it, and finally leaves.

“Camie!” a gratingly familiar voice calls out as he makes his way down the hallway. “You’ve overslept again!”

He feels his face start to twist into a scowl at the sight of Shitshikura approaching, catches it, and forces it into a smile that feels downright painful instead. Camie, he’s Camie, he doesn’t want to involve this asshole in whatever’s going on right now.

He halts in his steps and gives Bakugou a slightly deer-in-headlights look as he forces himself to smile, so he’s probably not pulling it off super well.

“It’s, like, Saturday,” he grits out in a tone of voice that tries to sound ditzily cheery but just comes out sounding mildly maniacal instead.

“There’s… group meals…”

Bakugou walks past him.

“... Camie, wait! Where are you going!?” There’s a hand on his shoulder and Bakugou wants to do a fucking Judo throw.

On instinct, he flexes his hands and Quirk to make little crackle pop explosions dance along his palms to show just how unamused he’s feeling right now, but there’s instead just the pop of knuckles and smoke streaming out of his mouth like a dragon preparing to blow fire, the smoke making the air in front of his shimmer like a desert mirage.

Right, different Quirk. Kind of weird, kind of unsettling… kind of interesting as well, though.

Shishikura gives him a wide eyed look, his hand slipping off of his shoulder. About time.

“It’s rude to get handsy, Meat-kun,” he grits out as chirpily as he can, and then leaves the idiot frozen in shock behind him.

Whatever, he’s sure Camie won’t mind.


She’s so hungry. Stay put, she’s so supposed to stay put until Bakugou comes and the two of them can figure this weirdness out together… but oh my god she was supposed to have had breakfast hours ago.

Maybe she can just pop out real quick for a little snack. A life saving snack. Bakugou wouldn’t want for her to starve to death, he’s a hero!

She tosses on some clothes that… look pretty much almost exactly like how everything else in his closet looks. Baggy pants and a t shirt with a skull on it. Sure, he’s kinda rocking the look, but she still pouts at her reflection in the mirror, and then giggles at seeing Bakugou’s face pout, and then is briefly sidetracked by a giggling fit at the hilarity of seeing Bakugou’s body giggle. It’s a vicious cycle that her rumbling stomach eventually interrupts for her own good.

She almost leaves, but then she’s an eyeliner pencil and practically dives for it. Thank god. She was feeling massively uncomfortable with the idea of going out into a public space without any makeup on her face.

She gives herself wings, gives herself a few sultry looks in the mirror, gives herself a few silly looks in the mirror, and is then thankfully reminded of her snack quest by her (well, not hers) body before she does something inadvisable like post a picture of Bakugou duckfacing on her Instagram. He would freak.

She finally leaves the room, sneaking on her tiptoes and looking stealthily from side to side. Without even thinking about it, she reaches for her quirk to start breathing out smoke to cover and hide her presence like a chameleon. It’s second nature for her, like flinching to cover her face when something lunges for it.

Instead there’s a bang from very close by that makes her scream in surprise, her heart leaping into her throat.

Before she’s even had the chance to compose herself, two doors in the hallway bang open, and a couple of panicked looking boys tumble out.

“Bakugou!” a boy she knows is called Kirishima from Bakugou tagging him in pictures exclaims, eyes wide. “What’s wrong!?”

“Are you well?” Another boy that Bakugou’s literally never mentioned in any way asks. He’s got, like, six arms and they’re all ripped as hell. Normally she’d spare a moment to look a little, maybe flirt a little, but he’s looking pretty concerned and also she’s in another person’s body, so. That’s weird.

“Yes,” she says, mind still reeling from what just happened--quirk, right, that was Bakugou’s quirk she just used. So much for being stealthy, ha. “Everything’s totes fine, guys.”

“... Totes?” Six-arms guy asks. Oops.

“What, but there was an explosion and you screamed--” Kirishima stops short, blinking at Camie’s face. “... Are those wings?”

“I’m trying out something new,” she says, forcefully reminding herself not to reach for her illusions. Belatedly, she remembers to try and add a distinctly Bakugou-ish twist to her phrasing. “... Fucker.”

Nailed it.

Six arms guys seems to relax a little at that, but Kirishima blinks at him some more. “... Seriously, are you good, dude?”

“Yes now--” I gotta bounce, she almost says-- “get out of my way.”

Consciously being rude is weirdly hard, but it’s what seems to put people at ease when she’s wearing Bakugou’s face, so that’s what she’s doing for now, she supposes.

Kirishima stills looks kind of doubtful, but it then occurs to Camie that she’s Bakugou right now, and there’s a very convenient and typical way he’d behave in this exact situation.

Making sure to wear her best I-don’t-give-a-single-fuck expression, she casually and presumptuously shoulders her way past them and heads for the stairs without waiting for a response. As the door swings shut behind her she hears one of them start to say, “--that was really weird though, right?”

The door closes and she lets loose a whoosh of breath, straightening up out of the poor posture she’d consciously fallen into. It had been way too hard not to put a hand on her hip.

Okay, so, that definitely could’ve gone better, but honestly? She’s gonna count it as a success. She’s still on her way to the kitchen, after all.


Bakugou is multitasking. He’s more of a ‘hyper focus on just one thing and give it a 110%’ kind of guy, but he’s versatile. Right now, he’s experimenting with Camie’s Quirk, getting as used to it as he possibly can in a short time frame. And he’s making his way through town to UA. And he’s dealing with catcallers.

Some of these tasks have been consolidated, in the name of efficiency and fun.

A guy with an awful haircut makes a comment about how painted on his pants look, and Bakugou makes a spirited attempt at engulfing him in flames. Some would say he was overreacting, but those people would be idiots. They’re not real flames, after all.

The flames do honestly not look natural in the slightest, but the moron still screams and stumbles away, so Bakugou takes it. And then he does a tentative jog on his kitten heels away from the scene of the crime, guiltily realizing that getting his friend arrested for irresponsible Quirk usage on civilians would be kind of a major shit thing to do. Even if the guy deserved to actually be set on fire.

Having resolved to be more responsible with Camie’s Quirk until they’re both back in their right bodies, he then promptly makes a sword stick out of the torso of a guy who tells him to meet him in his hotel room pronto. Goddamnit, illusions and incredible feminine looks are maybe not a super great combo for him.

He makes his escape.

“Fuck, fuck, shit, fuck, keep it together, keep it together…”

“Hey baby, what are you--”

Bakugou strikes an overwhelming blow for impulse control and moral decency by instead striking an overwhelming blow into the guy’s shitty face with his fist. Hey, no illusions!

Shaking out his stinging fist, he looks down at the guy he’s laid out flat on the ground, and then at the witnesses gaping at him. He shoots a piercing glare at a girl who was slowly raising her iPhone towards him. She meekly puts it back down. Good, no video, no evidence. Besides all of these potential testimonies and the guy with the black eye…

Oh, fuck it, if Camie gets in trouble he’ll clear everything up later. For now, he has to get to UA already without assaulting anyone else; it’s much easier not to do so when he’s in his normal body. He blames sexism.

Bakugou decides to start jogging and not to slow down his pace no matter what.


Camie jogs straight down the stairs and crashes into a beautiful chest. She looks up to see a square jaw, neatly parted hair, and a pair of glasses covering piercing red eyes.

Why aren’t the boys at her school this hot!?

“Bakugou!” he snaps, sounding absolutely scandalized. She thinks she can vaguely remember Bakugou complaining about someone fitting this guy’s description. He’d just called him four-eyes. Really? What about brick-jaw, or godly-pecs? She’s going to have a serious discussion with Bakugou about nicknames when this is all over, and then promptly rename every single last hottie in his class. “Running down stairs is extremely irresponsible, dangerous, and unbefitting of a hero!”

“Like,” she says, distracted by his jawline, “aren’t heroes all about danger?”

“Heroes are about de-escalating and eliminating danger!”

She blinks rapidly, forcing herself to stop ogling him before he notices. “Well, that doesn’t sound as exciting as sexy explosions and backflips…”

He adjusts his glasses seriously. “Explosions and backflips can of course be incorporated into de-escalating and eliminating danger if you are careful and responsible…”

“Oh, that’s chill then! Good talk, brick-jaw!”

He gives her a slightly puzzled but warm smile. “It was a good talk, wasn’t it? Constructive. I feel like we’re really starting to get along better, Bakugou-kun.”

She gives him a cheery smile before remembering that Bakugou doesn’t smile that easily, and then decides to abort while she still can.

“Ciao!” she says, and then does a flip past him onto the next flight of stairs.

Brick-jaw squawks at her acrobatics, but she’s long gone before he can start lecturing her again.


Two pro-heroes start pursuing him. He swears underneath his breath, but doesn’t slow down. He’s sick of being sidetracked.

“Young-- lady!” Kamui Woods pants, keeping pace with him to his left. “You happen-- to match the description-- of someone attacking-- men throughout the town!”

“Coincidence!” Bakugou snaps. He’s ninety nine percent sure no one managed to get a picture of him in the act. Where’s your proof, huh?

“Look, I get it!” Mt. Lady wheezes, keeping pace on his right. “Sometimes-- I just want to-- squash men underneath my heel too-- when I’m in super size. Some of them are real jerks!”

“Oh god, please slow down,” Kamui Woods begs him.

He’s never held back in his life, no matter how much the people around him has wanted for him to.

“Oh fu--fudge, I’m getting stitches,” Mt. Lady says raggedly. “Look, I’m pretty sure it’s not legal for you to run away when we’re trying to interrogate you, or something!”

“I have to get to my friend!” he snaps.

They both look more serious at that, and push themselves where before they had been starting to lag behind him.

“Is your friend in trouble?” Kamui Woods asks seriously.

“I’m not sure,” he replies. “But I should be with her right now.”

“Well, just point me in the right direction, then,” Mt. Lady says, and then she’s growing, towering over them, over everything, and she’s reaching down a gigantic hand and Kamui Woods hops up into her palm. He turns around and reaches out a hand to Bakugou.

“Want a lift?” he asks.

The idea of accepting help, as always, grates. Especially the idea of accepting it from a couple of strangers. But, well. He absolutely can make it to Camie on his own. It’d just be faster if he hitch hiked with these two.

He ignores Kamui Woods outstretched hand and vaults onto Mt. Lady’s palm on his own. He needs to get to Camie as fast as possible. After all, who knows what she might to say to whom while in his body?


After that, Camie almost backflips feet first into a green-haired kid’s face. Wide eyed, her hands shoot out to grab at the wall and banister at her sides to halt her momentum. She comes to a stop less than half an inch from him, close enough to see his pores.

He lets out a very weak, strangled squeak, reminding her of a rabbit with a heart attack.

Internally, she groans. Is she ever going to get to the kitchen? According to the signs she’s on the second flight, she’s so close.

Externally, she sneers at him, preparing to shove him to the side to continue on her snack quest, even if he is kind of cute looking. She’s really starting to get the hang of mimicking Bakugou!

“You,” the kid croaks. “Y-you’re not Kacchan.”

She blinks, caught entirely off guard by his statement. What the hell is a Kacchan?

“He doesn’t backflip like that,” he goes on. “And you’re sneering wrong, your left eyebrow’s off by two millimeters--”

“Hang on,” she cuts off what’s starting to sound like a ramble. “Is Kacchan Bakugou’s nickname?”

Which, 1. HOLY SHIT YES WHAT A NICKNAME, SO CUTE! And 2. Oh crap she just blew her cover, didn’t she. FML.

The kid looks up at him intently, his fearful expression quickly being overtaken by a calculating one, and she suddenly feels like she’s underneath a microscope, plain as day to read.

“But you’re not Toga, either,” he says, voice thoughtful. “Your mannerisms aren’t right for that…”

She’s almost tempted to see if he’ll actually be able to figure out who she is on his own, but. There’s literally no way to do that, even she doesn’t know why or how she’s in Bakugou’s body. She smiles at him in her usual carefree way, and it feels like a weight off her shoulders not to have to force that scowl any longer. She’s already lost! She’s surprised by how much of a relief it is to give up the act. She was never a good liar anyways.

“Ah, it’s deffo not my Quirk’s that’s done this,” she says.

“Ah,” the kid says. “Kacchan. Smiling at me.”

And then he turns around and does a weird thing with his arms, trying to hide his face. Interested, she tries to get a peek at it, fingers laced behind her back as she bends to get a look. She gets a brief one, and it’s very red. He yelps and turns away from her again.

“Max adorbs,” she coos.

“I-i-i-if it’s not your Quirk then it’s someone else’s then? Doing ‘this’? What’s this?”

“The Freaky Friday sitch!” she explains.

His stiff, flustered posture relaxes as they get back to the matter at hand, and he actually looks at her over his shoulder, face a fading pink now rather than a strong red. He looks a little flabbergasted, which she’s used to. “Freaky Friday sitch…?”

“Y’know,” she elaborates. “Him in my body and me in his, although I don’t think either of us read aloud from a Fortune cookie from a tricksy Chinese witch…”

The American film reference, familiar to her, flies straight over his head of course. His eyes are wide with realization anyways, though. “You switched bodies! Of course, that makes perfect sense! Who are you, though? Your personality isn’t like any of my classmates, but you know Bakugou’s name, but you don’t know him well enough to know his nickname…”

Wounded, she cuts him off before he mutters himself too far into the curious rabbit hole of trying to figure it out instead of just, like, waiting for her to answer. “Hey, it’s not my fault I don’t know his cute nickname! As if he’d ever tell me it, that’s the kind of stuff you find out from his friends trying to embarrass him.”

She pouts. Man, she wishes Bakugou was more into outings than just texting. That way, she could’ve made friends with his friends by now! She would’ve known about Kacchan, and all of the boys here seem so pretty too… Seriously, does UA choose based on looks? Man, she should’ve tried to get in here, after all! She would’ve gotten in easy.

“Please stop doing that with his face,” the kid pleads.

“I’m Camie,” she says, still pouting, mostly just to be obnoxious now.

And the kid blanches. “THE SCARY NAKED LADY!?”

“Excuse me!?”


“I’m an alumni from this school!”

“Sorry,” the guard at the gate says, not sounding all that sorry at all. “But with recent security breaches in mind, we can’t let just anyone onto campus without permission from faculty.”

“Then call some of the faculty over here and I’ll get permission,” Mt. Lady snaps, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently. She’d initially tried to flirt her way in, but the guard was apparently gay, and thus impervious. She’d tried to bully Kamui Woods into flirting instead for a while, but he had ultimately bravely managed to stand by his refusal.

“I think principal Nedzu is available…” the guard says, reaching for his walkie talkie.

Mt. Lady blanches. “Not the principal!”

“Okay, I believe you used to be a student at this school now,” the guard says. “A really troublesome student, too. But why do you want onto campus so badly?”

“This young lady’s friend is in trouble,” Kamui Woods says.

“What young lady,” the guard says.

They look at where a young lady should be standing. They see empty space.

They’d been taking too long.


It’s embarrassingly easy for Bakugou to sneak in, because 1. He’s a student from this school, and 2. He’s got illusion powers that he’s grown proficient enough with since this morning to at least pull that chameleon bullshit frog-girl does. Sure, there’s some pressure plates and lasers and stuff on his way over the wall, but he’s one of the top heroes in his class, and he’s gonna be the number one hero of all of Japan-- no, the world-- when he grows up, so. Easy peasy.

He has to ditch the jacket because it gets set on fire, and there’s some tears in the tights from spikes, but he’s sure Camie won’t mind. There were a lot of clothes in her closet, after all, and she loves any excuse to get new ones.

Wheezing, singed, sweaty, and covered in scratches and bruises he finally jumps down onto the other side of the wall. See? Too easy.

He limps off in the direction of his dorm building.

“Ah, young lady!” a gratingly familiar voice calls out, and every line of his body abruptly pulls taught with bone deep annoyance. He grits his teeth in preparation as he forces himself to turn and confirm.


Yeah, he’d been right.

“I can’t say I recognize you,” he says with a gallant smile, approaching.

“What? You think you can recognize literally everyone in your school?” he asks, incredulously furious. He’s too angry for it to occur to him that he’d just been spotted jumping down from the wall. “Aren’t you being a bit full of yourself?”

“No, but certainly everyone in my age range! And someone so beautiful with,” his smile goes creepy-wide and smoke creeps out past his teeth, “such a wonderful Quirk.”

Bakugou just straight up punches him in the face.


“Woah,” Camie says. “A villain replaced me? Like, why didn’t anyone tell me!”

“That is pretty messed up,” Deku agrees. Introductions have been exchanged at this point, as well as explanations, and then some snacks. She happily munches on the sandwich Deku had given her as her eyes rake over his room, taking in all of the All Might merch. Nerrrrd.

“So Kacchan’s making his way over here?” he confirms.

She nods.

“... Could we try calling him to check on his progress?” he asks.

She thinks about it for a moment, chewing, shrugs, and then nods. “His phone’s in his room, though.”

“Well, let’s go then.”

And then they leave Deku’s room for Bakugou’s. Unlike the last time, people don’t keep stopping her to talk to her or tell her how weird she’s behaving. Instead, the people they pass first look at her, relaxed and eating a sandwich, and then Deku walking closely next to her, muttering to himself and occasionally to her, on the way to Bakugou’s room, and they just stand there and gape for a long enough time that they manage to pass them entirely without making any sort of conversation. It’s all very strange and a little bit interesting, but whatevs.

She dials her own number into Bakugou’s phone, puts it on speakerphone at Deku’s request, and they both listen to it ring for a very long time.

“Maybe he forgot to take your phone with him?” he suggests.

She’s opening her mouth to reply to that when Bakugou answers. There’s screaming and loud banging noises on the other end. “I’M BUSY,” he roars into the phone. Camie’s never heard her own voice roar before, it’s very cool.

“Yeah, that’s Kacchan all right,” Deku quietly mutters to himself. And then he gives Camie a significant look, like ‘get on with it please’.

“Like, how close are you, do you think? No rush or anything--”

“I’M ON CAMPUS.” A cry of agony from no one that she recognizes rings out from the other end of the line.

“What?” Deku squeaks. “Then who the hell are you fighting!?”


“I think between the two of us,” she says, “it’s pretty clear who’s fucked up harder here.”


“The pro heroes!?” Deku asks, looking extremely stressed.

And then Camie sees movement out of the corner of her eye, turns her head to see a very familiar figure outside of the window in the distance. “Oh. My. Gosh.” It’s her hero. “IT’S MT. LADY!”

Deku and Camie both decide to make top speed towards the fight, although perhaps not for the exact same reasons.


“Stop it this instant-- ow, don’t pull my hair, you brat!” Mt. Lady snaps at one of the students that she’d picked up and mistakenly held within arms reach of her hair.

Down below her, it’s the familiar disorienting chaos of more than a dozen people with a dozen different Quirks trying to do something at once in a small space, with the fun added confusion of someone spewing smoke everywhere. There’s a lot of shouting. She’s glad she decided not to go the teacher route with her career.

“I’ve got her!” Kamui Woods calls out, and then he’s rising out of the smoke and the rabble on a rising, twisting pillar of wood, with the strange, shouty girl in his arms. She’s covered in blood and trying to bite his arm off.

“See, he’s got her, so stop fighting!” she shouts at the students.

“Is that why we’re fighting?” a student asks.

“I was just fighting because everyone else was fighting.”

“Yeah, everyone seemed really mad.”

“She punched someone!”

“One of our classmates!”

“That bitch!”

“It was Monoma!”

“... Wait, really?”

“I got my nose broken over Monoma?”

“Everyone wants to punch Monoma!”

“Ah fuck this, I’m leaving.”

There’s a murmur of agreement, and then the unruly students disperse. Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods look on in shock as they leave as easy as that.

“Teenagers…” Mt. Lady says with slow realization, “are the worst.”

“I think angry mobs might be the worst,” Kamui Woods says.

“You’re the worst,” the girl says. “Let go of me!”

“Are you going to run off again, conveniently not answering your increasing acts of assault?”

“It’s a time sensitive matter! It’s been a stressful morning! LET THE FUCK GO OF ME!” She finally manages to squirm her way out of Kamui Woods’ arms, and almost falls all the way to the ground before Mt. Lady frantically manages to catch her out of the air.

“Kacchan!” someone cries out, running up to them.

“This day just keeps getting better!” the girl sarcastically cries out, and then gets started on trying to squirm her way out of Mt. Lady’s hold as well.

“Ow, stop biting me!” she snaps at her.

“Mt. Lady!” a blond boy calls out. “Can I get your autograph?”

She always makes sure to appreciate her fans, but her hands are kind of--literally--full at the moment. “In a moment!”

“No one ever asks for my autograph,” Kamui Woods says underneath his breath.

Finally, the girl gets her wish and is dropped onto the ground.

“Wow,” the blond boy says. “You really put my body through the wringer, huh?”

The girl almost looks embarrassed as she stands up. “Well-- you spent time with Deku, so it balances out. A lot of this isn’t my blood anyways.”

“Uh huh,” the blond boy says. “What was that Kamui Woods said about acts of assault?”

The girl flushes, and looks furiously guilty. “I’ll clear it up as soon as this is taken care of.”

“Well,” the boy goes on in a more consoling sort of voice. “I ate a sandwich and a bag of chips, so I guess I haven’t been perfect either.”

“I’m on a strict diet,” the girl says, sounding peeved but still a little guilty.

“I know,” the boy says. “You were, like, so hungry.”

Mt. Lady then realizes that the boy is the angry, scared one that she’d tried to help save some time ago. She blinks, not understanding anything at all.

“I’m sure a teacher’s on their way over here even now,” the green haired kid that she vaguely remembers from the sports tournament says. The weird one who broke his arms. “So we’ve got to clear this up with them and the pro heroes too, and then we can finally get started on trying to fix this! It might take a long while, and a lot of hard work.”

“No asked for your opinion, Deku,” the girl says.

“Obviously this has been an equally tough day for us both,” the boy says. “Now stop being so salty and get over here!”

The boy embraces the girl who looks like she reluctantly accepts it, and then there’s a flash of light like a flash bomb that makes her have to squeeze her eyes shut tight, blinded.


Here’s what happened:

Bakugou, young and still not attending UA, casually bullies some kid, scaring the living hell out of him with some explosions and making all of his classmates laugh at him.

Camie, only a few days ago, rejects a boy that’s had a crush on her for years now. Dating’s against her school’s rules, and to be perfectly honest, he’s just not her type.

The boy has a Quirk: he can make any two people that he fervently hates swap bodies once, and they’ll be trapped that way until they touch each other. This is usually more of a drawn out inconvenience for people, since they tend not to know each other. This time however, he unwittingly chose two people who did know each other.

What happens to the boy: the clear and obviously hostile connection he has to the two victims, and the fact that this is the third time he’s done this and the police have started observing him at this point, is enough to get him arrested. So, not a great choice on his part.

What happens to Camie: she gets Mt. Lady’s autograph, a visit from UA’s very own famed healer, and is absolved of all charges. Shishikura and certain catcallers are a bit more wary of her now.

What happens to Bakugou: he’s excused for all violent acts due to the ‘confusion and stress of the situation’, but Aizawa personally finds an excuse to give him detention for the rest of the week. Camie starts calling him Kacchan when she teases him, and it makes him glare 10% more often at Deku.

Also: Camie manages to leverage his guilt to talk Bakugou into going on outings with her more often.

“Just so I can punch those dumbass catcallers in the face,” he snarls at her.

“Ooh, cool!” she says. “I just use pepper spray.”

They have a fun time together, and somehow manage to avoid getting arrested.