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Holding On To You

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Chapter One

Kol sighed as he drove westward heading towards Denver as his asshole of a brother wanted him to scope out baby Gilbert much to his dismay. He glanced up at the signs flying by and noticed the name New Orleans flash like a beacon in the night and he could feel his fangs burning for a dip into an unsuspecting beings neck and he could use a time out of the blasted car he was driving. Also, he was curious to what the city was looking like since he hadn't seen it due to brothers daggering him and wondered what had driven them out of their home that they had built from the ground up. 'There were so many things that he had missed and had many unanswered questions,' he thought bitterly himself.

Deciding that Denver could wait a few more days, he maneuvered the car to the correct lane as he took tot he exit he needed to get to his out of the blue destination. He leaned forward pressing the button that allowed the ragtop of the car to lower and the cool night air hit his nostrils. After an hour or more driving, a smirk graced his lips as the New Orleans skyline entered his sight for the first in a century.

After finding a place to park the car, Kol walked until he entered the French Quarter taking in the sights before him. It was early evening and the streets of New Orleans were bustling and the jazz was flowing freely in the air. He made is way through the crowded street as many appealing dinner possibilities passed him by with flirty and appreciative looks, but nothing really stood out to him as he wanted to have a little fun and a drink first before things got...bloody.

There were people dancing in the street to the music and some of it made his stomach crawl as he did not understand the need for such things nor did he want to. Not wanting to see anymore what looked like cows humping rhinos he opened the door to where he saw a lot of people coming and going and was happy that it appeared to be a bar. He walked over to the first empty seat he saw sitting down and he did not have wait long before someone came up to him with a warm welcoming smile on her face.

"What can I get you?" She asked placing a coaster in front of him.

"Can I have some of your nicest bourbon please?"

"Let's see," She drawled as she turned around. "I have Woodford, Eagle Rare, Knob," She looked through the bottles naming a few more.

"Knob would be good Love."

She nodded setting a frosty glass in front of him before pouring it for him. "Shall I leave the bottle?"

"That would be wonderful," He nodded before knocking the glass back downing it in a single gulp as she turned to tend to another customer. Feeling his pocket vibrate as he pulled the thing out people called cell phones noticing his brother Klaus' name flashing on the screen before hitting the declining the call not feeling the need to talk and poured him another glass. He ran his eyes along the rest of the bar coming to land on the same bartender who had served him before. She was talking to someone in front of her and laughing. He turned his attention back to drink when the movement of the bartender grabbed his attention once again moving away from her customer allowing Kol's eyes to land on them and he suddenly found himself having trouble with swallowing his drink. It was a girl with long brown flowing locks of hair and he watched as she continued talking as a soft smile graced her face as her eyes lit up as she threw her head back laughing merrily. She was she was exquisite.

For the life of him, he could not tear his eyes away from the sudden beauty. She was young as well and he tensed up as her eyes moved and locked with his. Her very blue eyes from what he could tell and struggled with another sip. He tipped his glass towards her, before tearing his eyes when he was struck with the feeling as if he was being watched from behind. Grabbing his wallet, he slapped a two bills on the to the surface enough for his tab and a little something more because he liked the service that he had received tonight before getting out of his chair exiting the bar. He turned left suddenly as the feeling never left him. Kol was hoping to get through this visit without anyone recognizing him and possibly making his location known to his siblings when he was supposed to be elsewhere.

Kol swiftly walked out to the crowded street hoping to lose whoever had the nerve to follow him. He grabbed a girl who was dancing making her squeal out in surprise and he looked closely into her eyes.

"Dance with me," He said while compelling her and she moved closer to him and he buried his face in to her neck trying to blend in the crowd, but all the while the smell of her blood running through her veins made it teeth ache for him to sink in and enjoy the feast, but not until the threat was gone. He danced with her, twirling her around and finally the feeling sank away as well as his tension. He took the young girl's hand pulling her along with him until they got into a quiet alley. She was giggling all the while from all the moves that he had pulled and her cheeks were flushed and her eye were slightly dilated telling him that she had been drinking. She looked up at him with a sexy grin on her face and he pressed her back up against the wall as her hand slid up his arms.

"You are so hot," She slurred.

"I know," Kol said smirking while wiggling his eyes brows.
"And cocky."

"I know that too,"He chuckled as he could feel his veins in his face begging to be let free as his bloodlust took over and he looked into her eyes. "Shhh." He whispered silkily as he bent towards her neck placing small kisses here and there as she let out a soft moan. He rubbed his nose along her flesh as his fangs came sinking into her neck as the prize hit his lips. He drank for a few minute before pulling away not wanting to leave her dry as he didn't want to attract any attention to himself before biting into his wrist forcing it to her mouth for her to take his blood. Once he was satisfied he looked into her eyes once more.

"I want you to go back to your hotel room. Take a nice bath and go to bed and do not leave your room until the sunset tomorrow." He said backing up making sure to wipe away any evidence of blood on her before letting her leave. He quickly cleaned his own face before making his way down the alleyway when heard the sounds of a scuffle and a yelp of pain rang out into the air.

"Let me go." said the feminine voice with fear icing every inch of it.
Kol turned the corner to see two figures in almost the same position as he was moments before, but something about this stirred the wrong way.

"No," said the guy as he forced the girls arms above her head leaving her defenseless. Kol could tell right of way that this guy was also a vampire as his heartbeat was slow only a vampire's could be. "You need to die as it would be perfect payback what that asshole did to me."

"So?" the girl said as he could not see his face as the male figure lunged forward causing the girl to cry out and Kol flashed forward pulling the figure off lunging him in the air causing him to fly hitting the wall knocking him unconscious. Knowing that it would not keep him down long, he moved to grab the girl but found himself falling to his knees as agonizing pain filled his head.

"Stop," He ground out knowing that this was the work of a witch as New Orleans was filled to the brim with them. " I'm not going to hurt you."

"Please," She said. "You are probably with him."

"I promise you that I am not Darling," He said as his eyes began to water. "I don't know who that was."

"I didn't need your help," She spat.

"Really?" Kol asked. "Because it looked as if he was going to tear your throat out. Please stop." Kol felt the pain in his receded quickly to nothing but a dull ache as a leftover from the attack and he knew from experience that it would go way in time as he slowly got to his feet.

He turned to the girl who had her hand clapped over her neck trying to stop the blood flow. She was breathing somewhat heavily as he moved towards her. As she looked up at making him stop in his tracks as he realized that he was staring at the girl bar the same one that made him almost spit out his drink and her blue eyes had a deadly aim on him prepared to fight if she needed too. His throat suddenly felt parched as it did before once more and not from the lack of blood either.