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Gudao sighed, falling back into his bed. Chaldea was becoming further crowded by the day, all sorts of Servant roaming about as they were summoned to aid humanity’s future. It sounded good in principle, but some Servants were more… spirited. Stheno was always egotistical, the Alters being generally frightening, and with people like Gilgamesh and Emiya butting head, it left him more exhausted than anything.

Though some of them were much kinder than their appearances. Medusa, with her detached demeanor, was oddly kind, and Medea was similar in her bearing, as well. Though most seemed intent on doing their best to aid him as their Master. Some more than others. Nero, Tamamo and her split, Kiyohime, just to name a few, who just couldn’t help but follow about, bidding for attention. There was one that trumped them all, who went to inordinate, yet logical, lengths to aid him.

Artoria, specifically the mature lancer who bore the lanc Rhon, went to distances that he would have previously called ‘invasion of privacy’. He could tell what she had in her mind once more as she came walking into his room. Gudao wasn’t particularly surprised, to be honest; she seemed to be doing this more often.

“Master, you seem to be stressed again,” she stated with sweet inflection. “Can I be of help to you?”

“I could swear you were almost doing this for your benefit,” he murmured as she bent over his face. Gudao blushed as her heavy chest hung just inches away.

She chuckled, brushing back her blonde locks as she kneeled on the bed. “Perhaps, but aiding my Master is my purpose. It’s only right that a Servant do all they can…”

Artoria could say that, but most all Servants wouldn’t say that while also reaching a hand down their Master’s pants. None would whisper sweet words while wrapping their fingers around his flaccid manhood, groping and squeezing until his body began to follow instinct. Nor would they plant a forceful kiss of their Master's lips as the gently jerked them to full mast. This older Artoria would, though; she'd even follow it up, pulling back his pants to reveal the stiff boner her Master was sporting.

The mature woman nestled up against her summoner, bosom pressing into his shoulder as she took him under arm. Her occupied hand continued to pump, coaxing out beads of precum from his head, letting it run across her firm fingers and trail down to his stomach. Artoria cooed, holding him as tight as could be as his composure slowly melted away from the warm, tender touches. She knew just what to do to get him all loose, that was the sort of bond Masters and Servants had.

Or, at least some of them did.

“Master, weren’t you just about to scold me?” She teased, gently twisting her palm about his sensitive cockhead. “Look at you now, how unbecoming.~”

“H-hey…, I wasn’t the one who stuffed their hand down my pants…” It wasn’t much of a rebuttal, but he had his pride.

“If you say so, Master.”

He could feel the sly smile, he needn’t even turn to see it. Gudao wasn’t in much place to speak on it more as his Servant’s pace began to quicken. Soft, squishy sounds came from his cock as his fluids began to lubricate his skin and roll between hers. It was almost hypnotic, rhythmic to his core. Artoria had him under her wing, chest pushing tighter against his body still. She had full control, though for someone as maternal-like as her, that wasn’t hard.

“I must say, you really enjoy this don’t you?”

Gudao chuckled. “Maybe, what makes you say that?”

“Oh, I can’t put my finger on it… perhaps it’s this stiff, twitching cock of yours? Or does it just have a mind of its own? I do hope it shows its appreciation…”

Her motions become rougher, shorter. She was pumping his cock as if it was a mission to see out, a crystal-clear goal in mind that she had to fulfill. Whatever it was to hee, she had a passion for it; Artoria was huffing softly, humming as she jerked his manhood. It was oddly arousing, the sound almost seemed to reverberate through her chest. Gudao found it overwhelming when combined with everything else. He couldn't hope to hold on much longer.


He was cut off before he could say anything else.

“Don't fret, just relax and let it out. They say a mage’s seed is rich in mana, so just think about giving me a nice, thick mana transfer.~”

Artoria, even in this situation, would remain prideful. This was begging for her: a gentle, firm request. Gudao couldn't hold out, regardless. She was too precise, too persistent. He simply clutched at the sheets as she stroked the cum right out of him. His hips lifted slighted as it came, pleasure filling his head as it came jetting from his tip without any warning beyond his small movements. Thick, white, sperm began to coat his abdomen as she watched in awe.

“Oh my, Master…, look how virile you are!~” She cooed happily as each subsequent motion brought another rope of spunk. “Let it all out for me, now, a Servant needs mana, you know.”

Gudao groaned in response. He couldn't manage any witty words as she milked his cock dry, going until his flow stopped and dribbled out slowly. Lost for any real thought, he watched as she began to pick her fingers clean, tongue flicking out at the sticky, creamy seed. She seemed content with the taste, moaning quietly as she lost herself in the moment. Artoria, hand clean, leaned down and shuffled to his legs in search of more.

Her chest slid up to his crotch, smothering his manhood in soft goodness as her mouth went to work. Each and every drop was hers for the taking, sucking it up with pursed lips and an agile tongue. Artoria kissed his skin, humming happily, getting all the ‘mana’ she could off his stomach. Gudao watched as she cleaned him off, in a sort of awe as every speck was eaten. He was left with only the memory that it had been there, no evidence remained but his Servant licking her lips in satisfaction.

“A good transfer, Master, but I know from our previous sessions that you’ve got more in this,” she said with a smile. Her hand slid up between her Master’s legs, firmly grasping his jewels. “What say we do one more?”

“S-sure, Lancer,” Gudao mumbled as his shaft began to grow stiff once more under her ministrations. No matter what he said, he knew she had him where she wanted.

Artoria huffed, sitting herself up on top of him. The Servant’s groin was inches from his cock and the latter twitched as if it could sense it. Her thick thighs were planted against his sides, her endowed chest hovering above him as she leaned down for a quick kiss. In a way, it was odd seeing her so… informal, and it was still odd to see her undress.

He watched as she pulled at her top, unleashing her heaving breasts from the cloth that had barely held them at bay. They hung perfectly from her chest, full in the best of ways. She pushed them into him as she reached back and worked her underwear off. Gudao stifled a gasp, an incredible urge to grab them filling his mind. Artoria would only let him take a grab once she had exposed the rest of what she needed, which would be a small, though agonizing, wait.

Her nethers were free of their clothing, her slit rubbing against his shaft incessantly. It dripped with juices, coating his length in fluids in preparation. As she leaned up, the King of Britain smiling down at him, he could finally fully gaze upon her lower body. Her mound was decorated with kempt hair, soft in appearance and a strong sign of her maturity. It was arousing to see the soft, pinkish curves around her waist and legs, going down in a lovely ‘V’ to her privates. Soon, though, his growing erection blocked his view; Artoria gently pushed it about with a single finger as she watched her Master’s reactions.

“I can see how eager you are, Master.~” Artoria smiled at him tauntingly. “Come to think, we’ve never gone this far have we? It’s exciting to think about! I do wonder if any other of your Servants have gotten this lucky…”

Regardless of if he wanted to answer that musing or not, she began. Leaning back, lifting her hips high, she came back down on top of her Master’s manhood. Gudao trembled in pleasure as her soft, warm insides enveloped him. Artoria truly was a top Servant, inside and out. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, it was like he was melting, the sensation amplifying with every inch she took. Before more than a few moments had passed, she hilted with a solid smack.

Her body rippled and bounced as her hips met his, a chill running up her spine as his head nudged a deep, sensitive spot. Artoria was enjoying this as much as he was and began to bounce atop her new, albeit temporary, throne. The King of Britain let hushed moans escape her lips as she leaned back and rode her Master, the angle accentuating her soft, perfect stomach, bosom seeming as if it were precariously balanced upon her chest.

Gudao watched as his cock slid in and out of her royal pussy, an amazing sight even were he not the lucky man. He felt her slick walls rub against his length, every bend grinding against him. His self control slowly faded as she went and he too was moaning as his body grew warm and wet with sweat. Artoria’s hypnotic hips had him in a trance, the rotation capturing his eyes.

“You like watching, Master?” She asked between heavy huffs. “To think, my master lusts for his Servant… but, I jest. Let us embrace, I’m eager for our ‘transfer, Master.~”

Artoria shifted her position, leaning forward rather than back. Her height was much more apparent as her head hovered above Gudao’s, chest threatening to smother him. She snaked an arm around him, pulling herself tight to him. This pushed him face first into her bosom, not something he’d dare object to. Her soft, glowing skin covered his entire face, bouncing and curving slightly to match. His thoughts on grabbing them vanished, as he found this to be even better! Yet, that wasn’t the sole reason the holy king had laid atop him, this was also the position she needed to go as hard as she wanted.

Without so much as a warning, she began to use him as a fulcrum. Her weight was balanced on his upper body, letting her work her equally curvaceous rear. Gudao was taken by surprise as she began to hammer into him, her whole lower body smacking down against his, ass rippling with every heavy slap. All he could do was lay back, breath heavy, hot gasps into her chest, and enjoy the ride.

His Servant moaned constantly, working her body in ways she hadn’t ever thought to train for. It was exhausting but wildly thrilling. She could feel him gliding so deep, pressing on every side she needed. Her mind was filled with bliss and thoughts of joy. There was no greater blessing than bonding with one’s Master; the link between Servant and the one who summoned them was closer than any would expect.

“Oh, Master…! It’s nice, isn’t it? You’re so big, I never would have guessed this to feel so good!” Artoira moaned, running a hand through his hair. “I hope you don’t feel too ashamed that your Servant took control from you. Just give me a nice, big mana transfer, and I’ll be sure to let you free.~”

To be honest, he didn’t mind being this close, but he also couldn’t last much longer. Not with all this soft, almost maternal domming on top of the already amazing experience. Gudao simply waited, knowing that it would come sooner than later. Of course, it was the former. Within the next minute, teh tension inside his body proved to be too much. His hips bucked against Artoria, as if his body thought he could get any deeper than he already was. She was pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly pleased, as his climax came.

She felt the hot, mana-rich sperm shoot into her womb. It was heavenly; it coated every available inch of space before rushing out from the direction it came. Artoira felt it filling her canal, sticky seed overflowing within her. Before long, it was leaking out, barely managing to squeeze between the cock that was filling her so perfectly. The King herself felt a climax of her own coming, her body gently shaking as the pleasure overwhelmed her senses. Time seemed to lose meaning, and the next thing she knew was the cold air was brushing against her slightly gaped opening; her Master’s cock had softened and fallen free, and a good helping of seed had gone with it.

Artoria was happy, to say the least, but suddenly realized just where her Master was. She lifted in a fast jolt, hoping he was okay. Gudao, though being completely smothered for an unknown length of time, was fine and had merely passed out. The knight sighed in relief; she didn’t want to be the only servant to have smothered their Master to death with their breasts. No one in the Throne of Heroes would have let her live that down.

Exhaustion soon came. She knew this is what had taken her Master into slumber, and with a good helping of ‘mana’ inside her, she was feeling tired too. Laying back atop Gudao, making sure he could breath, Artoria snuggled in close. If she was lucky and caught him waking up, she could maybe get another quick transfer. Her cheeks grew warm just thinking about it.