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The Demon, The Idiot, and The Trashbag

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Asriel we need to fight back!

NO! I won’t kill anyone!

HP: 1856/9000

They are going to kill us Az we can’t afford to show mercy!

No, they, they didn’t do anything wrong! Let’s just go!

HP: 1387/9000

What about the plan?

Forget the plan Chara this was a bad idea let’s go home.

But the souls! We need to take six more souls Asriel to set our parents free our people free!

You didn’t tell me we had to kill anyone!

HP: 1095/9000

They’re human scum Az, it doesn’t matter they wouldn’t hesitate to kill us even if they didn’t have an entire race to save!

NO! I won’t do it!

Then I will just give me control it will all be over soon.

HP: 721/9000

No. No. I won’t let you do it either we are going home.

We won’t make it home! Just give me control!

HP: 374/9000

No Chara we are going home, the surface can wait more humans will fall.

Do you really want to wait centuries? Centuries before we can all be free for this, this scum!

If that’s how long it will take that is how long we will wait! There will be no blood on OUR hands Chara not this time not EVER!

HP: 253/9000

Your such a cry baby you really going to let morals allow these humans to kill us?

And killing them is better?

They don’t matter their lives don’t matter! How much time do I have to tell you this Asriel they are killers, scum, and the low of the low!?!

HP: 148/9000

It matters to me Chara we are better than this you are better than this, come on let's go home!

Fine let’s go crybaby but next time Az…

There won’t be the next time.

We’ll see.

HP: 1/9000

Here up Chara, we are almost there!

To your prison

To our HOME.

Asriel…I feel so tired we lost too much Hp, we hesitated too long.

HP: .7/9000

No! We can make it come on Chara we got to the garden don’t give up now!

I’m tired Asriel surely you feel it too let’s just rest awhile these flowers are so soft and beautiful dad always made the best garden beds.

HP: .01/9000

Stay with me Chara we have to stay determined! Home is right there!

Shhhh…Asriel…just lay down…with me… aren’t these flowers….beautiful? They almost look like the ones on the…surface…don’t they?

HP: .0001/9000

I think so I didn’t really notice.

Asriel…you’re a big dummy…you know that?


HP: .0000001/9000

Yeah, I do.

Don’t cry…it’s very unbecoming…we just went to…war…warriors don’t cry.

I-I I'm not crying!

Sure…hey Asriel?

Yes, Chara?

Next time stick to the plan…you idiot.

HP: 0/9000