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Danganronpa Tabletop Drabbles

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When a person requests one to come to a cafe, the invitee expects to set up a 'table for two.'

At a glance, the circumstances of this 'date' was no different -- the boy, who took the role of the 'invitee', had appeared at the cafe of the invited's choosing a few minutes early, examining every detail to ensure that the place was absolutely, positively, perfect. As for the invited, she had come to the place a few moments after, inquiring the waiter for the table that had been reserved for her, and her alone.

Naturally, the waiter had not counted the 'friends' that she had bought along with her. And so, the once 'two person date' had turned into....well, more like a small group whom had stumbled upon the place out of pure boredom.

The first question to arise was, "Why did you have to bring these...?" This had came from the boy, Ito. It was rhetorical, and had not expected a response, but...

"If you're going to bring my here lady on a date," A voice chimed, "I'm going to need to chaperone."

This was the voice of Amon, the first of the two 'friends' that the girl, Kana, had. The next lines of words, however, were muffled out by the presence of the other, Ambriel, who had then piped up with a small, "t-that's enough, don't you think..? Let's just watch and see what happens..."

Ito, for once, had to agree with Kana's little friend; it would be best for them to just watch. Not talking. At all. The commotion that they were making already must of puzzled the people at the nearby table..

And, the reason? Well, the friends that Ito had grown to loathe were two, decidedly creepy, dolls, in which Kana had grown accustomed to speaking through. How the waiter had missed them when letting the girl in was beyond his comprehension.

", no, Kana s-should get the cheesecake..!"

"Are you mad? The devil's food cake suits her taste..~"

...were the dolls really fighting over what FOOD this girl was going to have? He'd seen it all. "...Kana, you really can't be resorting to bickering with yourself just to figure what you're having."

"My girl Kana needs only the finest!" Came the voice of Amon, as the doll (along with the hand in which was holding him), was found inches away from Ito's face. "Treat my girl right~!"

Lectured by a doll. Great, just great. "Look, just pick something YOU like...." Ito pushed the doll aside, unamused, "not gramps over here."

A muffled "I'm not gramps!" came from the doll, just as the waiter had come to take their order. To save himself from further embarrassment, Ito had chosen the dish for Kana, and, to make things simple, ordered each a glass of water as well....

"Ito, you're h-hurting him..!"

"...Kana, you can't really think this doll is suffering." Really, all he was doing was covering the doll's face with his hand. There was no cause for alarm!

"Uhm, it's Ambriel..." Oh, sorry. Of course it was the other doll speaking. Of course. But the point remained the same. What was with her and the treatment of these dolls?

"So, tell me." Ito allowed Amon to escape his grasp, resting his arms on the table. "Do you have any plans about how you're going to eat?"

"A gentleman handles the troubles of silverware!" Amon, whom had recovered from his near death by suffocation, swiftly took hold of a fork, danging it from his mouth. Classy.

"...don't go crying to me when your dolls are caked up." She really couldn't of been serious. Right? However, Ito's fear had shone through when the waiter had returned with their food; while the boy had carefully cut a piece with his fork and plopped it in his mouth, Kana had used Amon to feed her a bit of her cake...

"K-Kana, please..!" Ito huffed, placing the fork delicately aside his plate. "This foolishness needs to end." This was not what he wanted. He just wanted a nice, simple outing with the girl, alone......

Getting up from the table, Ito had lunged out to grab a hold of the dolls, and end this, once and for all. If he wasn't so short, the boy would of succeeded, too. But alas! The girl had stood up, and held them up so high, waving them about as the boy hopelessly reached upward with his tiny arms. "This isn't the game, Kana, stop this at once...!"

"Don't you think you're a little close to my darling?" Amon's voice ringed in the boy's ears. Her was right, he WAS a bit close for comfort. But he had to silence that doll. If he was gong to silence one, it had to be that good-for-nothing Amon-...

Oof. Now he really shattered Amon's 'spacing rule.' Ito, despite his cherry red cheeks, played it out like it was simply nothing, brushing himself off as he got up, and took the troublesome doll out of her hand. Kana, on the other hand, was a bit dazed from the action, and had taken a full minute to stumble back onto her feet, sliding into her chair soon after.

Was the rest of the people in the cafe staring? Yes. But, at the very least, they could eat in silence-

"...unhand me, you crook!"

Ah, of course. While Amon was in Ito's hands, he had not considered the fact that, as long as the doll was still here, there was no way he was going to escape his prattle. Or, maybe he had just overlooked another option.

He leaned forward from his seat, picking up his fork as he did.

"This treatment is unfit! Put me down!"

He quietly tore a piece from the cake, pressing the fork in.

"Holding a poor, innocent man, and now stuffing yourself with cake? This is cruelty! You're a cruel, cruel b-"

And, into the girl's hatch it went.

".......better? Now, take this..." He calmly dropped the doll on the table, and used his now free hand to place her's onto the fork. "....and worry  about eating, ok..?"

Kana only could only nod at that. It was a success for Ito; he had finally shut the girl's dolls up, and the girl was finally eating the cake. but, unknown to Ito, whom had hastily taken Kana's fork upon realizing that he had handed his to her....

...Kana had succeeded in her own way.