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The Great Escape

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Not all days were bad days. Some days were relatively decent days that he could look back on and think, “oh, it could have been worse”. And then there were days that were just godawful. Days where he wanted nothing more than to curl up in his bed and never crawl back out, hoping that people would just suddenly forget that he even existed.

Today was one of those days.

When Jimin finally came home an hour and a half later than usual, his entire body was aching and there was a soft throb behind his eyes from the amount of crying he was pissed at himself for doing.

For the most part, he tolerated his job at the diner on a daily basis. It was the only job in town he was qualified for and because he had worked it so long, he had good reputation with most of the customers. Even if his boss paid him shit, the customers always tipped him pretty well. But it was still a shitty job and some days he just wished he could never go back.

Harper, Montana was a small town two hours south of the Canadian border. It snowed ten months out of twelve and the other two months were cold but bearable. The town limits were spread out over a wide twenty-mile area but the official population only read three-hundred and twelve. Most of the land was nothing but rolling hills and ranch land. The center of town was a small street with a couple of buildings that once thrived back in the day and now were mostly only relics.

There was Argie’s Diner, where Jimin worked, smack dab in the middle of main street and the most popular stop in the whole town. Across the street was a small motel, nothing too fancy, but something for people to take a breath at when passing through on their way to or from Canada. Then there was a hardware store, a local grocery store, a still working classic movie theater and a mechanics shop. Those shops made up the whole of Harper and even Jimin wasn’t sure how much longer they would last.

Harper was one of the lucky towns. Most of the coal mining in Montana had been abandoned due to health and safety issues. When all that blew up, many small towns lost their only source of work and then there was nothing but abandoned buildings and broken down factories. Harper had been struck just like every other small town but were lucky enough to find their niche in salt mining. It was a bit cleaner than coal and those who mined the coal could now mine the salt. It was just as hard work but it was safer and for generations of miners, it was a relief.

Jimin Park was born and raised in Harper, to a loving mother and father. His father was a miner, like his father before him and his mother a loving free spirit who blew in by chance from California and never left. The only Asian family in a city of strikingly white people had always been a bit of a challenge for Jimin growing up. It was still a challenge for him, even as an adult, but racism ran deep in the hills of Montana and there was little he could do about it. He kept his head high, a soft smile on his face and that usually helped him get by.

Jimin was barely eighteen when the fire took his parents. It was a tragic event that shook the entire town. His father was a well-respected miner, his mother a well-loved kind woman. The entire town showed up for the funeral while all Jimin could do was stare at their caskets and wish his life had turned out differently. Their deaths sparked a spiral downfall of Jimin’s life, something he felt trapped him in that small town and would never escape. His parents did their best to give him a good life, to leave him with the opportunity to make something out of himself. But the accident had happened so quickly, so soon to such young parents, and all Jimin was left with were a few charred memories and a small bank account for college.

Heartbroken and alone, Jimin couldn’t leave Harper. There were people there who cared about him, people who were kind enough to find him a new small home that he bought with the small amount of money his parents left him and kind enough to check up on him on occasion to make sure he was okay. Leaving behind the only place he knew was terrifying to the young boy and leaving behind his parents was even worse.

Seven years later, at the age of twenty-five, Jimin regretted ever buying this damn house and never leaving Harper when he had the fucking chance.

Today had been absolute shit for him. He grumbled under his breath as he kicked the door to his home shut and locked it up behind him out of habit. It was already dark, something that made him uncomfortable to begin with and he hated coming home when it was dark. The house was quiet, dark and empty and he hated coming home to such a thing. He kicked off his muddy boots and shoved off his coat, his eyes narrow and his head starting to throb more. He had been rather happy that morning to wake up to warmer weather and melting snow but that mood quickly shifted after arriving to work.

Argie was an asshole of a man.

Jimin started working at the diner when he was just sixteen years old because he wanted a job and it was the only place willing to take him. Jimin had been grateful for the opportunity at the time but all he was now was bitter. Bitter about his job, his home, his life. Bitter about many things and perhaps a little bit jaded as well.

Jimin was used to the old man yelling at him for things Jimin had no control over but today had been a bad day. Argie was in a mood, one that left Jimin gritting his teeth until his jaw was sore just to keep his mouth shut. It was well known throughout the town that Jimin preferred the company of men because his mother taught him to never be ashamed of who he was. But along with racism in the small town, came homophobia. Most of the older generation had known him since he was a baby, had loved and respected his parents so they never said a word. It was the people he was supposed to call peers that always fucked with him, even to this day.

Jack Arin was a sneering asshole of a man Jimin’s age that Jimin wanted to clock on more than one occasion. The man only ever came after him while he was a work, preventing Jimin from doing anything about his offensive language unless he wanted to lose his damn job. The only job in town he was capable of having and needed in order to live.

Today, Jack showed up with his buddies for lunch and Jimin knew in that moment he was going to have a shit day. Argie had already been hollering at him in the back about a fucked up order of potatoes, like that was somehow Jimin’s fault and then Jack and his disgusting group of assholes had to show up for their lunch shift from the mines. They smelled of sweat, beer and smoke and Jimin had crinkled his nose in disgust the moment they walked through the door.

Long story short, Jack called Jimin a fag, as he was prone to do, Jimin ‘accidently’ spilled hot coffee in his lap and Argie made him stay after late to clean the entire kitchen as punishment.

A shit day indeed.

Jimin flicked on the lights in his living room, giving the warm area a bit more life to it and then he hurried toward the hallway to flick that light on as well. There was something about darkness that he just couldn’t stand. It reminded him of how alone he was and if the house was all lit up, he felt less alone.

His entire body felt like collapsing, his thighs trembling and his biceps aching with every movement. If Argie ever made Jimin get on his hands and knees again to scrub under the fryer, he was going to smack the man upside the head with a hot oil basket. He was never fucking doing that again. The worst part of all was how he had to be up at six the next morning for another shift at the diner and wasn’t that just grand?

Jimin groaned to himself as he fiddled about in the kitchen, making something quick to eat. He couldn’t help but think about his parents as he stood there at the counter, shoving bites of sandwich into his mouth and staring out the small window above the sink. The sky was dark, no sign of a star or the moon because of the clouds and there was nothing but rolling hills behind Jimin’s house. He loved the sight of them first thing in the morning, the sunlight glistening over the snow or the grass but right now, at nearly eleven at night, Jimin felt nothing but a sense of emptiness gazing over them. There was nothing out there. Nothing in those hills, nothing in this house and nothing in that town for him and yet there he was.

Jimin’s chest squeezed in loneliness as he swallowed down the rest of his sandwich and placed the plate in the sink to worry about later. He didn’t bother turning off the lights in the living room as he disappeared down the hallway to his bedroom. It was a small house, the perfect size just for him, and yet the darkness always felt too large, too consuming.

His bedroom was a bit of a sanctuary, the only place in town that felt truly his and the only place he was comfortable. Just stepping into the room helped ease the tension in his shoulders and it didn’t take him long to strip out of his work uniform. Standing stark ass naked in his own bedroom, light golden skin on display as he rummaged through one of his drawers, Jimin decided a hot shower was in order. They always made him feel a little bit better and it was sure to ease the ache in his muscles.

Thoughts of his parents drifted back to him as he settled under the stream of steaming water, his forehead pressed against the cool tile as he relaxed. His mother had been such a loving free spirit. Someone Jimin greatly took after in many departments. He looked just like her and he bore the same spirit. A native from the reservation a few miles away once told Jimin he had the spirit of a roaming animal and yet he was so trapped. He nearly cried in the diner that day because no one had been able to see right through him like that before.

No one but… Him.

And of course, on one of Jimin’s more shitty days, his mind thought it a good idea to bring him back into his thoughts. Jimin took in a deep breath, his chest squeezing more and his eyes prickling with new tears. He shoved those thoughts away the best he could and went about his shower, cleaning his skin from the grime of the day and washing his bleached blond hair so it felt soft and bouncy.

By the time Jimin was crawling naked into bed, the thoughts were lingering just at the edge of his mind. He could feel them there, a reminder of something much better that always felt him feeling bittersweet. Jimin tried not to think about him. He tried while he tucked the warm covers around himself, leaving on a small light that sat on his nightstand and buried his head into his pillow comfortably. The room was quiet, the only sound that of the wind blowing softly outside his window. His body sank immediately into his comfortable mattress, tiredness washing over him like a tidal wave. His eyes were too heavy to keep open and so he let them shut, hoping he would drift off into sleep.

But no.

Once his eyes were closed and he was comfortable, a familiar face popped up without permission and Jimin groaned, rolling over onto his stomach to bury his head further into the pillow. There was no fighting it now. He had one of the shittiest days and like always, when he had days like that, a certain person always came back to haunt him.

Yoongi Min. Jimin’s heart fluttered at the mere thought of the man’s name and then he could see his face, remembering every tiny detail about that gorgeous face until his heart was thumping hard in his chest from how much he desperately wanted to see him again.

Six months ago, Yoongi rolled into town in the most gorgeous car Jimin had ever seen, a 1968 Chevelle Yoongi eventually told him, in a slick jet black that almost sparkled against the snow. Jimin had been busy pouring coffee for a customer when the roar of the engine pulled up outside the diner and he could remember the exact moment he looked up, spotting the car instantly and thinking how pretty it looked. Then both doors popped open and Jimin quickly found the driver of the car was even prettier.

Shaggy jet black hair, curled ever so slightly at the edges so that when it fell over his brow, it didn’t get into his eyes. His face was round, wide cheeks, soft chin, sharp jaw, cute round button nose. His lips were the softest pink color and naturally plump, curled into an almost perfect cupid’s bow. Wearing ripped jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket the man had looked like he stepped right out of some 60’s Hollywood movie but he was very real and very much coming into the diner with his rather cute and large companion.

The day Yoongi Min stepped into Argie’s diner was the day Jimin’s life changed. From a glance, Yoongi looked a little mean, maybe unapproachable. He had a natural scowl to his face and he held himself in a way that screamed he could fuck you up. But things like that didn’t deter Jimin. He greeted them as he would any other customer and he was almost surprised to see the way the pretty man’s dark eyes widened when they landed on him. It was instant, almost, the way they naturally flirted with one another. Jimin learned his name, Yoongi, and his companion’s who happened to be his brother, Jungkook. They were traveling journalists, according to Jungkook, in town for a few days to work on a story about the salt mining industry which sounded boring to Jimin but what did he know, really.

The following week was a whirlwind for Jimin. Yoongi was pretty, oh so very pretty , with a slick mouth and a slicker tongue and the moment Jimin flirted back, it was on. Yoongi wasn’t the first stray traveler Jimin picked up at work but he was certainly the most memorable.

Jimin’s heart squeezed tightly just thinking about the man. Yoongi had rough edges, a sharp wit and a sharper mouth but he was soft, sweet even when he wanted to be. He kissed Jimin like he was something precious to hold, his calloused hands holding him so gingerly like he was afraid he would brake. Jimin was anything but fragile yet he enjoyed the way Yoongi held him, kissed him, touched him.

Jimin could still remember the way those soft lips felt against his skin, making his heart thump and his skin flush with warmth. Yoongi’s hands were a little rough but the way they rubbed over Jimin’s skin were oh so soft. He read Jimin’s body like an expert, taking his time to map out and memorize every dip, every curve, every gasp and moan with his plump mouth until Jimin was a writhing mess in the sheets. In these very same sheets, Jimin's mind supplied him and he let out a soft whine.

Yoongi was the most pretty thing Jimin had ever seen and when the man shoved him against the counter of his kitchen for the first time, trapping their lips together, Jimin had never felt so much relief and pleasure in his entire life. Yoongi was a breath of fresh air in a stale old town and Jimin stole his time for the following week.

Jimin knew everything he could possibly know about Yoongi’s body. He knew the way his spine dipped in his lower back, the way his ribs pressed against the skin of his chest, the way scars scattered over creamy pale skin, the way his stomach bulged slightly with a bit of fat and jumped every time Jimin pressed his lips to it. He knew the way Yoongi’s small sharp dark eyes screwed shut in pleasure, the way his slick pink mouth gasped when Jimin kissed him just right . He knew the way his pale skin flushed such a pretty pink color and the way his thick cock flushed the same color. He knew Yoongi’s cock like the back of his hand, his lips memorizing every dip, every vein, every curve. He knew the way Yoongi’s thin torso heaved with every breath when Jimin fucked him just right and he knew the way those hips could slam into him when Yoongi was fucking him just right .

But there were plenty of things Jimin didn’t get to learn about Yoongi. He knew his name, his age; twenty-eight and how he preferred to drink his coffee black. He knew that Yoongi loved greasy food over healthy food and that the man was a master at claw machines. He knew Yoongi traveled across the country with his brother, going from town to town to catch the next story but he didn’t know what they wrote, or where it was posted, only that they followed trends on strange occurrences. He didn’t know if they worked for themselves or for someone else. He didn’t know where Yoongi came from or where he was going next. All Jimin did know, was that no matter what, Yoongi was going to leave.

It was something he had fought to keep out of his mind during their time together. Yoongi was sweet to him, holding his hands and giving him soft kisses when he dropped him off for work. He had no problems pulling Jimin in by the waist for a deep kiss when he picked him up from work, rubbing it in Argie’s face because even Yoongi knew the guy was a prick. Jimin had tried so hard not to give a piece of himself to Yoongi because he always knew the man would leave and yet, he did anyway.

Was it possible to fall in love over the course of a week? Before he met Yoongi, Jimin would have scoffed at the idea but now he wasn’t so sure. Maybe it was possible. Maybe it happened to him. Maybe he did fall in love with the gorgeous sweet smiled man who kissed his hair and called him loving nicknames. Maybe he did fall in love with the way Yoongi held him close, held him tight, and kissed him deeply whenever they had sex. Maybe he fell in love with the way those pink plump lips pulled up over his gums, showing off all his tiny teeth when he was really happy. Maybe he did fall in love but none of that really mattered.

Yoongi was gone, had been for six months, and he was never coming back. Jimin didn’t hate him. He thought maybe it would be easier if he did but he couldn't. Jimin knew what he was getting himself into the moment he dragged Yoongi into the backseat of his pretty car. He knew when he pressed their mouths together that Yoongi was going to leave him, just like everyone else but he had been too wrapped up in the heat between them to care.

Yoongi had smiled so sadly at him the day they left. He had pulled Jimin in by the waist, as he always did and pressed his lips to his brow in the most tender way. Jimin’s heart broke in that moment, was still aching to this day but Jimin never faulted Yoongi for it. He had a life to live, places to go and stories to write while Jimin was left behind, stuck and trapped in Harper. It wasn’t Yoongi’s fault, nor his responsibility.

But Yoongi looked so sad to leave him, holding him tightly as if he didn’t want to let go. It gave Jimin hope that maybe he left as much of an impression on Yoongi as Yoongi did on him. It made him hope that some nights, Yoongi was thinking of him as Jimin thought of him. It was a nice feeling, something that made the corners of his lips twitch up into a smile.

Yoongi Min was the freedom Jimin never got to have after his parents died. Yoongi tasted of everything he couldn’t have and maybe that was why he was so desperate to suck it all out of him. Jimin wasn't sure and would probably never find out. Maybe they could have been something, maybe Yoongi could have been his special something but he would never know.

And that was okay, Jimin thought. Yoongi was a pleasant memory, something that made his skin prickly, heat pool in the pit of his stomach and heart flutter like butterfly wings. Jimin could think of Yoongi on his worst of days and bring a smile to his face because even if Yoongi left, the time they did spend together had been magical.  

Thinking of Yoongi right now made Jimin’s heart squeeze a little painfully but it also made warmth spread of his body and a smile come to his lips. He thought of the way they curled together on Jimin’s couch one night, after Yoongi had been out all day with Jungkook researching for their project. He thought of the way his fingers trailed over Yoongi’s chest, feeling his warm skin beneath the thin fabric of his white t-shirt and the way Yoongi’s soft gaze watched him. He remembered the way Yoongi cupped his cheek, both completely forgetting the movie on the television they were supposed to be watching, and brought Jimin’s face closer. He remembered the way those lips pressed into him, so soft but so firm, a deep kiss that left him a little breathless. He remembered the way Yoongi pulled him into his lap, the way his thighs straddled Yoongi’s lap and his hands dug into that silky black hair. He thought of Yoongi’s warm breath against his skin, his rough hands rubbing the smooth skin of his back beneath his sweater, following the dips and curves of his muscles, mapping, memorizing. He thought of the way Yoongi’s cute pink tongue flicked out against his plump bottom lip and how, oh so easily, his mouth willingly opened for him. He thought of how his entire body trembled from the way Yoongi licked into his mouth, the way Yoongi’s hands tightened over his back to pull him closer. He thought of how Yoongi undressed him extra slow that night, savoring every inch of skin he was able to gain access to with wet open mouthed kisses.

Jimin thought of how Yoongi carried him to the bedroom, being a lot stronger than he looked, and laid him out across the sheets, savoring his body in a way Jimin had never felt before. He thought of how Yoongi fucked into him slow, careful, gentle. How Yoongi’s lips lingered over the puff of his cheek as he fucked into him, how his warm breath made Jimin’s entire body flush with warmth. He thought of how his thighs clenched around Yoongi’s bony hips, how he urged Yoongi to fuck him harder, faster, the way he was used to and instead Yoongi did the opposite. Instead, Yoongi kissed him sweetly, let their lips linger together and fucked into him oh so deeply and slowly until Jimin was choking on tears from how utterly amazing it felt. He remembered Yoongi kissing his tears away, calling him ‘Angel’ and promising to take care of him. He remembered the way his heart fluttered with hope, and perhaps a bit of love. He remembered Yoongi whispering softly to him how good he was, how beautiful, how he was that sparkling jewel in a dusty town, how lucky he was to find him. Jimin remembered falling a bit in love that night.

Jimin didn’t realize the effect his thoughts were having on him until a burst of pleasure abruptly washed over his spine. He gasped into the pillow, blinking his eyes open for a moment before he turned his head to smush his cheek against the fabric. The air was suddenly warm in the room, the pile of blankets too much for his flushed skin but he didn’t want to stop. He was hard between his legs, his cock trapped against the mattress and he didn’t want to stop thinking about Yoongi. He had a shit day and thinking about Yoongi was a better way to end it instead of crying himself to sleep.

He let out a soft whimper as he spread his palms out over the sheets, bending his elbows until he could lift himself up slightly. His fingers curled against his pillow, taking tight fistfuls as he used that leverage to start rubbing himself against the soft sheets. He was going to make a mess, he knew he would but he didn’t currently care. The bed was large enough that he could roll over and sleep in a spot that wasn’t messy when he was done. He just didn’t want to stop. He wanted to think about the way Yoongi’s hands felt against his skin, the way those dark eyes twinkled when they looked at him, the way Yoongi smiles so sweetly at him, kissing him nearly breathless each and every time.

Heat curled and pooled in the pit of Jimin’s stomach and his cock was much too sensitive against the soft sheets. He thought of the way Yoongi’s pretty pink mouth stretched over the flushed head of his cock, the way Yoongi’s thick hair fell over his brow when he glanced up at him, his pale cheeks flushed and his eyes a little glazed with heated lust. He thought of the intense heat of Yoongi’s wet mouth, the way his tongue curled just right over the tip, teasing into his wet slit until Jimin couldn’t take it anymore.

His entire body shivered with the force of his climax, his hands gripping tight into his pillow and loud moan muffled against the fabric. His hips rolled until it became too much, until he became too sensitive and he had to stop to catch his breath. Warmth spread over his tired muscles and he practically melted against the mattress, laying in his own mess but he couldn’t care less. He felt warm, soft, and a little less lonely.

When he finally came down from his pleasurable high, Jimin rolled over to the other side of the bed, the side Yoongi claimed, and buried his head into the pillow. He curled up into a small ball, hugging a bundle of blankets to his chest. His heart felt a little tight, a little sore, but he felt relatively good after getting out a bit of his frustration. His eyes were too tired to keep open now and Jimin sighed out happily.

Harper wasn’t for him. Jimin knew that. And maybe, one day soon, he would finally take all the money he had been saving and find a new place to call home. But for now, for now, he nuzzled into his pillow and drifted off into a deep sleep filled with warm gummy smiles and twinkling dark eyes.

A month later was one of those days Jimin would consider decent. He woke up with enough time to take a quick shower before heading off to work for the breakfast shift. The diner was always busy for breakfast through the week, miners stopping in for a quick bite before heading off to work and Jimin always made the best money working mornings. Because he worked at Argie’s so long, he had earned his rightful spot as Breakfast waiter. The work was tough, the pace fast, but he always wore a bright smile that seemed to brighten most people’s day. The only hiccup that morning was Jack and his band of assholes but they were too tired to fuck with Jimin too much. It was a lot of work for one person to handle but he was experienced and no one was left unsatisfied with his service.

Now, it was getting closer to lunch time and the diner was experiencing a small lull between customers. There were currently two people in the diner, an old trucker sitting at the long glistening metal and marble bar, and an older woman tucked away in the booth all the way at the end of the diner. It was a good break between busy times for Jimin and he was currently refilling salt and pepper shakers just for his hands to have something to do. He didn’t like lulls very much. Sure they gave him a bit of a break but he liked being busy so he always found something to do. It was a part of his work ethic that kept him around because Argie was a homophobic ass but he knew a good worker when he saw one and he knew losing Jimin would be a bad thing for his diner.

“Jimmie, dear.” The old lady in the booth called softly, lifting her hand in a wave to catch his attention. A smile came to his face immediately and he quickly cleaned his hands off on the towel tucked into his red apron so he could pick up a fresh filled coffee pot and head over to her. He topped off the trucker as he passed, earning a grateful nod before he shuffled around the bar to enter the main part of the diner to head toward her.

Maggie Galson was a sweet old lady who Jimin greatly enjoyed. She stopped by the diner once a week, always on the same day at the same time and she liked to chat with Jimin if he had the time. He knew her children and grandchildren had all moved away from Harper and he knew she got lonely at times. She lived in a house much too large for such a small old lady way out in the rolling hills and she had known Jimin since he was just a little baby. She was a bit eccentric in her large robes, twinkling jewelry and pretty makeup but she always had a smile on her wrinkled face and Jimin just adored her.

“How you doing, Ms. Maggie?” Jimin asked softly as he came to a stop at her table, filling up her empty coffee cup without being asked.

She smiled kindly at him, dabbing at the corner of her red painted lips with the napkin. Her lipstick never came off and Jimin always meant to ask what she used because it was so bright, so shiny, and yet never left her mouth. “Just wonderful dear.” Her voice was soft from old age but she had a kick to her that Jimin had seen a few times. “Lunch here is always lovely.”

He smiled warmly at her as he took her empty plate. “Would you like anything else?”

“I was thinking about a slice of pie but my belly.” She rubbed at her stomach through the layers and layers of robes she wore. “It’s much too full.”

Jimin laughed softly and nodded his head in understanding. “Maybe next time, hm?”

“Yes, dear.” Her smile was so bright, so warm, and reminded Jimin of one the reasons he put up with the shit in Harper. For people like her.

“Alright Ms. Maggie. I’ll be right back with your check.” He gave her another smile and then he shifted away, sweeping over the floor expertly to get behind the bar again. He placed the coffee pot down, dipped back into the kitchen to drop off her plate to the dishwasher who was too busy jamming out to music in his earbuds to even notice Jimin and then he was back out in the main part of the diner. He punched Maggie’s order in the small register at the end of the bar and waited for the damned thing to print out her check. Once that was done, he returned to her table to place it down for her and earned another smile from her.

“How are you doing, dear?” She asked him, not bothering to look at the check because she ordered the same thing every time and she already knew the price. She had her large purple purse beside her, digging through it for her wallet as she looked up at him expectantly.

“I’m alright. It’s been a busy day but I like busy days. The work goes by faster and then I can go home sooner.” His smile was a little playful as he shifted to sit down in the booth across from her, knowing Argie would bitch at him for it but completely uncaring. “How have you been?”

“Oh, I’ve been just fine dear.” Her curls of dark hair shifted around her as she finally found her wallet and started digging through it to pay her bill. “How are you liking the warmer weather? It’s nice, hm? You’re not staying out late though, are you dear?” Her dark gaze was always so soft but there was a curiousness in her eyes as she laid down a few bills for the check and Jimin’s tip.

Jimin laughed softly and shook his head. “No, Ms. Maggie. I’m always home before dark, just like I promise.”

“That’s a good boy.” She hummed, tucking her wallet away before digging around in her purse for something more. “It’s always so dangerous out there this time of year in the dark. I heard the Kim’s in the town over are having a bit of trouble with cow snatching.”

Jimin’s eyes widened in alarm. “Really? What do they think, wolves?”

She gave a soft shrug before making a noise of victory, finding what she was looking for. “No one really knows, dear. But I know you’ll stay safe and give an old lady a bit of relief.” Her red lips curled up into a fond smile and then she placed something else on top of the money.

Curious, Jimin’s gaze dropped to the item and he was surprised to see what appeared to be a white crystal. He blinked and reached out to take the items, stuffing the check and money away into his apron before picking up the rock between his fingers to inspect it.

“Bit of aura spirit quartz, dear.” She explained as Jimin shifted the rock around in his fingers. It was long and thin, the size of his thumb almost and attached to a strip of soft leather so it could be worn like a necklace or attached to something. “It’s a lovely healing stone. Brings happiness and good luck. It should also bring protection.”

Jimin’s throat went a little tight and he clutched the quartz in his hand, glancing up at her through his lashes. “Ms. Maggie, this is too kind.”

She shook her head quickly and reached across the table to pat his hand. “Nonsense, dear. Wear it and give an old lady some peace, will you?”

Jimin always knew she believed in things like healing stones and magic and the stone was rather pretty. When he tilted it in the sunlight streaming in from the windows, parts of it glistened with shades of pink and blue. He smiled kindly at her and grabbed the leather strips so he could tie the the stone around his neck. It rested just at his clavicle and he tucked it away under his shirt so Argie didn’t start asking stupid questions.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Jimin bowed his head in thanks and her smile grew all the more, showing off perfectly flat dentures.

“Oh, you do an old lady so well.” She reached out again to pat his hand, her wrinkled hand cool against his warm skin. “Keep it close to your heart and something magical might happen.”

Jimin giggled softly, shifting out of the booth to stand up. “Magical, hm? I could use a bit of magic.” He offered her another smile. “Have a good day, Ms. Maggie. Same time next week?”

“Of course, darling.” She nodded her head and shifted around in her booth to start gathering her things. “Take care.”

“You too.” One more smile and then he was shuffling back around the bar so he could close out her bill. He was always surprised to see her $30 tip but he never complained about it. She had a lot of money left to her from her husband and if she wanted to treat Jimin once a week, he wasn’t going to complain. She was sweet and he liked keeping her company for a little while.

Once Maggie was gone, the diner started to pick up again for lunch. Miners pulled into the parking lot with their big rumbling trucks and Jimin set about focusing on his job once more. The miners were a bit more rowdy now that it was lunch time and he hoped that didn’t cause problems. Luckily, lunch hour swam by without incident. The miners kept to themselves, too busy stuffing their faces and even Jack kept his distance seeing as the last time Jimin saw him before that day, he ‘accidently’ smacked him with a coffee pot. Jimin was just such a klutz around the man, he couldn’t seem to help it.

By the time lunch hour faded away, Jimin was starting to feel the weight of the day on his feet but he still had so long before his shift ended. Jimin liked working through breakfast and lunch because he made decent money doing it. Already, he counted about $250 in tips just from those two meals and he still had six more hours of work. A twelve hour shift was always hard on his body but the money was well worth it. He was saving up more and more and he couldn’t wait to do something with that money. He already had plans after working up the courage and no one in town knew what he was about to do in the upcoming weeks. He just needed to save up a little bit more and Argie didn’t question Jimin asking for more twelve hour shifts. In fact, the man was much too pleased to give a damn about why Jimin was suddenly asking for more hours.

With lunch hour fading into almost two in the afternoon, the diner grew more quiet and Jimin had a handful of customers who were still lingering about including two ranchers who had come in a few minutes before for a late lunch that Jimin was happy to serve them.

Today was a good day, he thought to himself. He still had many hours on his feet but he made a decent chunk of cash. He had a scented bath waiting for him at home and he would probably crash afterwards. It was going to be an early night for him but he didn’t mind. He had a light shift tomorrow and then the next day off to rest up for another twelve hour shift. He planned on doing lots of things around the house that day and Jimin liked having it planned. It made him feel less useless and unsure. He had a goal at the end of his hard work and it was starting to look brighter and brighter. He was so excited.

Argie was mumbling back in the kitchen about how fucking busy they had been all day and Jimin was grateful to be out in the diner so he didn’t have to deal with the old man’s sour mood. The man made delicious food but he really was a cranky asshole.

While all his customers were busy with their food, Jimin moved around the bar so he could start wrapping silverware again. It was a mindless task that kept his hands busy and gave him something to do so Argie couldn’t bitch at him for being lazy. Not that Jimin was ever lazy but the man always seemed to find something to bitch at him about. He was just that kind of man.

Humming softly to himself along with the old country music playing lightly through the diner’s speakers, Jimin lost himself in a daze of wrapping silverware. He would stop if he noticed a customer in need of something but otherwise, he stayed behind the counter working away.

The loud rumble of a car snapped him from his daze because it almost sounded familiar. He blinked a few times, glancing around the diner to see people chatting away quietly and enjoying their food but the miner at the end of the bar looked in need of coffee. Jimin dropped what he was doing and picked up the pot of fresh coffee to top the man off. He earned a twitch of a mustache for his effort, a smile Jimin was sure, before he went back to what he was doing. The rumbling caught his attention again and he lifted his head to peer out the windows to see where it was coming from.

His heart about dropped to the floor when his eyes landed on the source.

Pulling slowly off the main road and into the parking lot of the diner was a beautiful baby of a car. Slick jet black with sparkling chrome details, low to the ground but tires large enough to handle to rolling Montana mountains and snow. Jimin recognized that car, knew it instantly and his breath caught in his throat so tightly he didn’t even realize he had stopped breathing.

It couldn’t be .

The 1968 Chevelle pulled up into a parking spot just off to the left where it was out of the way from a handful of other large trucks. It was sparkling in the sunlight, looking so clean and so beautiful compared to all the beaten work trucks in the lot. Jimin couldn’t see who was in the car from where he was standing, the windows too tinted but he had a good hunch about it.

It was seven months ago all over again. The first moment he saw that same car and his breath hitched because what a beauty . Jimin didn’t know shit about cars but he knew a pretty thing when he saw it and the owner of said car was even more pretty.

It couldn’t be Yoongi, it just couldn’t be.

His breath came in a gasp, his chest much too tightly and he watched with wide eyes and parted lips as the car engine cut off and the passenger door popped open. Long legs in dark jeans and then the figure stood up, making Jimin damn near drop the pile of silverware in his hand.

Jungkook, that was Jungkook. Jimin would recognize the boy anywhere with his round face, full nose, pouted mouth and round dark eyes. His hair was just as black as the car, looking soft and wavy, parted down the middle. He was dressed in dark jeans and a darker coat but there was a soft smile on his face as he turned back to the car and pulled the seat forward. Jimin watched in surprise, and a bit confusion, as a new person appeared, crawling out of the back seat effortlessly and wrapping their arms around Jungkook’s shoulders, a large grin on their face.

It was a guy, Jimin was certain, but not a guy he had ever seen before. He had shaggy light brown hair, beautifully tanned skin, sharp features, a slick mouth and the widest grin Jimin had ever seen. He kissed Jungkook on the cheek, making the boy flush before he pulled away and started stretching his arms above his head, glancing around the lot and speaking, though Jimin couldn’t hear what was being said.

Movement on the other side of the car caught his attention and Jimin’s entire world shifted off kilter.

It was him.

Fluffy black hair, pale skin, narrowed sharp eyes, button nose, pouty pink plump lips. Jimin’s heart stuttered in his chest and heat washed over him like a tidal wave. His legs ached to run out that door, to toss himself into those long thin arms but he was pinned to the spot.

Yoongi Min was back in town and Jimin was losing his fucking mind.

“Jim?” The call was cautious and when he snapped his eyes to the side, he saw the two ranchers looking at him in concern. “Ya alright? You’re turning real red over there.” Jimin gasped in a deep breath and quickly nodded his head. The ranchers didn’t look to believe him but they nodded. “We’re ready for the check.”

“Right.” He squeaked out and quickly swallowed, trying to gain control over his emotions once more. Yoongi was right outside the diner and Jimin just couldn’t believe it. He felt a little lost, a little confused but most of all, he wanted to run into the man’s arms and that was a little scary. “I’m coming.” He flashed the ranchers a smile and hurried over to the register, punching in their order so he could print out their check.

After handing them the check, Jimin gathered up their dirty plates and then disappeared into the kitchen just so he could take a deep breath. He dumped off the dishes in the sink and then paused at the door, burying his face in his hands and rubbing over his flushed skin. Was this really happening? Was Yoongi Min actually outside that door after so many months of Jimin expecting never to see him again? Was the man of his dreams returning to town? And was Jimin really going to throw himself at the man again?

Probably. The answer to all those questions was probably yes.

Jimin took a few minutes to calm down his breathing so he didn’t look like an absolute fool in front of Yoongi. He couldn’t let the man see how much he had missed him, how utterly thrilled he was to see him again. He didn’t ever want Yoongi to feel guilty for leaving him. He could be happy to see Yoongi again but completely losing himself was out of the question. He could do this. He could walk up to Yoongi with a flirty smile and pretend like the man hadn't walked out of his life all those months ago.

Feeling a bit more secure, Jimin stepped out through the swinging kitchen door and found himself pinned to the spot again. Standing at the door was Yoongi, Jungkook and the new companion.

“Oh! This place is so cute.” The new guy exclaimed, clasping his hands against chest. His eyes were sparkling as he looked the place over and when he spotted the empty booth in the corner he quickly grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and tugged him toward it. “Oh, they have cute little red booths! You were right Jungkookie, I love it.”

That was when Jimin felt the heated gaze. He shifted his eyes from Jungkook and his friend to find Yoongi still standing at the door, looking at him with slightly wide eyes as if he didn’t expect to see Jimin standing there. Well, what did he expect? Jimin to have moved on out of this shit town after seven months? Well, no. Jimin was right where Yoongi left him and that was a bit of a sour thought.

Yoongi looked so good standing there with his hands in his leather jacket. He looked just like he did the first time Jimin saw him and the flush of attraction that shot through him left a lingering burn. Those dark eyes gave him a good once over, from head to toe, before the softest expression crossed Yoongi’s usually firm face. Plump pink lips twitched up into a soft shy smile and Yoongi bowed his head in greeting.

Jimin’s lips lifted on their own, showing off a dazzling smile that had Yoongi’s round cheeks flushing softly. The man left to join his brother in the booth and Jimin took another moment to collect himself. Yoongi looked just as happy to see him as Jimin felt and that eased his nerves a little bit. They had history, yes, but they left on good terms. Jimin didn’t hold anything against Yoongi and he was too happy to see the man to worry about any of that. He was also curious. What was Yoongi doing back in town when he was certain he would never see him again?

Jimin wanted to check over his appearance to make sure he looked good but Yoongi had already seen him so it probably didn’t matter. He probably looked a right mess but so did he the first time they met and that didn’t stop Yoongi. He ran his fingers through his blond hair anyway, ruffling the strands to look less flat and he brushed crumbs off his black polo uniform shirt. The whole uniform was black aside from the red apron tied around his waist, a stark contrast to his usual choice of clothing but that didn't matter right now.

He took a deep breath to calm his thundering heart and then he slipped around the bar to approach his new batch of customers. The polite smile came natural to his face, spreading over his teeth and making his eyes crinkle in the corner. Yoongi noticed him immediately coming their way and it only took a few steps to reach them, seeing as the booth they picked was right at the open end of the bar.

“Good afternoon, boys.” Jimin greeted, gaining the attention of the new comer and Jungkook. Jungkook’s eyes widened slightly when they landed on him before quickly shifting to Yoongi, who was a little too busy staring at Jimin to notice.

“Oh.” The brunette gasped softly, his eyes going large as he looked up at Jimin. “Oh, Aren’t you a pretty ray of sunshine in a dirty old town.”

Jimin’s cheeks flushed from the compliment, something very similar to the first thing Yoongi ever said to him. “Well, thank you doll. You’re rather pretty yourself.”

His lips twitched up into a bigger smile and he clutched at Jungkook’s arm, beaming at the young man. “Did you hear that, Jungkookie? He said I’m pretty.”

Jungkook’s face softened and smiled at the man, glancing at Jimin with a fond look. “I heard. Hi, Jimin. How are you?”

“I’m decent.” Jimin gave a one armed shrug and shifted to rest his weight on one foot. “Who’s your new friend?”

“Boyfriend.” The man quickly corrected, offering Jimin another large smile. “And I’m Taehyung! You guys know each other?”

“We stopped in a few months back.” Yoongi’s deep rumble of a voice made heat prickle up the back of Jimin’s neck and he shifted his gaze to the man. “Hey, angel.”

Oh, Jimin could melt right then and there. Instead, his smile brightened and he reached out to cup a hand over Yoongi’s shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze, hand tingling from the contact. “Hey, Yoongi. It’s good to see you.”

Taehyung glanced between them, easily picking up on the something between them but he didn’t ask about it. Instead, he leaned into Jungkook’s side and twisted to whisper something in his ear that the young boy nodded along to. Jimin was too focused in getting lost in Yoongi’s warm eyes to really notice the exchange. Yoongi lifted a pale hand to cover Jimin’s on his shoulder, giving his fingers a soft squeeze that made his heart putter. Oh, he felt so good right now. He felt like floating all because Yoongi was here, smiling at him so softly like that.

Oh, how he missed him. He didn’t realize how badly he missed him until this very moment.

“How about I start you all with some drinks?” Jimin slipped his hand free from Yoongi’s reluctantly in order to reach into his apron and grab his notebook. “I’m sure you boys must be starving.”

“I really am.” Taehyung agreed with a nod, grabbing for the menu Jungkook offered him from the small stack in the metal rack on the table.

“Can I have a Coke?” Jungkook asked softly, leaning his elbows on the table to peer around Taehyung. Jimin nodded and wrote it down just so he wouldn’t forget and then looked at Taehyung who was busy reading the menu and making soft noises at all the delicious options.

“Me too. And water.” Taehyung finally answered.

“Alright.” Jimin scribbled it down before turning to Yoongi with a soft smile. “Let me guess, babe. Coffee?”

Yoongi’s pretty lips twitched into a smile. “Sounds right to me.”

Jimin let their eye contact linger for another moment before finally stepping away. “Kay, be right back with that.”

He could feel Yoongi’s gaze on him as he shuffled around the back of the bar to prepare their drinks. When he glanced over, the man was doing his best to look like he hadn’t been staring, with Taehyung leaning over the table and whispering something to him quickly. Whatever he was saying had Yoongi’s cheeks flushing and Jimin loved that color him quite a bit.

Boyfriend. Jungkook had a boyfriend. Jimin hummed to himself as he poured the soda for the two of them. Jimin didn’t spend nearly as much time with Jungkook as he did Yoongi, for obvious reasons, but what time he did spend with the boy had been pleasant. He was two years younger than Jimin, making him five years younger than Yoongi, and the older was quite protective of him. Jungkook was bright smiles and bright laughter, sometimes a little shy but still very sweet. The brothers seemed to get along well but Jimin didn’t expect the boy to swing his way. He knew Yoongi did, of course, but they never talked about Jungkook in that sense. He was happy for him, though. He was happy to see how Jungkook smiled so brightly his eyes sparkled when Taehyung leaned into his side and tilted his head on his shoulder. They looked good together, both being rather tall, taller than Jimin and Yoongi who were about the same height. They looked at one another with a bubbling type of love that made Jimin slightly envious. But he was happy for them. Jungkook was nice boy and deserved love that like.

Drinks settled on a round tray in one hand, Jimin returned to their table after checking on a few other customers to make sure they were doing well. Taehyung was still skimming over the menu when Jimin stepped up, placing their drinks down carefully so he didn’t spill anything. He tucked the tray under his armpit as he tugged his notepad free and prepared to jot down their orders.

“Alright boys, what will you have?” He asked softly, his eyes lingering on Yoongi for a moment before jumping back to Jungkook and Taehyung.

Taehyung perked up first, his eyes wide and sparkling when he glanced at Jimin. “This sunshine burger thing. It sounds amazing.” He licked at his lips and sat up straighter in excitement. “I’ll have that.”

Jimin nodded and started to jot down the order. “How do you like your meat?”

A sly little smirk crossed Taehyung’s features and Jimin knew what was coming without having to hear it. “Thick and wet.” Jungkook made a soft noise beside him, his cheeks flushing darkly as he ducked his head. Taehyung giggled into his fist and gave Jimin a slightly apologetic smile. “As rare as you’ll give it me.”

Jimin nodded in understanding, his smile genuine as he shifted his eyes to Jungkook. “Um, yeah, same thing. But less rare?” He still looked a little embarrassed by Taehyung’s words seeing as his gaze wouldn’t meet Jimin’s eyes very steadily but he was smiling, his hand curled around Taehyung’s beneath the table. They were so cute Jimin wanted to coo at them.

“Okay, doll.” Jimin nodded in understanding, scribbling down the order before turning to Yoongi with a perked brow. “What about you, baby?” There was a soft purr to his voice, filled with unspoken offers and promises that he knew Yoongi would pick up on. Judging by the way Yoongi’s flush spread over his nose and he dropped his eyes, the man heard him loud and clear.

“You know, angel.” His voice was soft, something that made Taehyung perk his head up but Jimin’s smile spread, twisting into a coy little smirk. Oh, how he loved that nickname and hearing it again in that deep rough of a voice made tingles spread over his skin pleasurably.

“I know, baby.” Jimin scribbled down an order he knew Yoongi would like and the man busied himself with sipping his black coffee because he seemed a little shy to meet Jimin’s gaze at the moment. “I’ll put that in for you,” he said as he tucked his notepad back away in his apron, “and I’ll be back soon.” He gave Yoongi another smile that the man returned softly before twisting away to put their order in.

As much as Jimin would love to sit down with the three of them and catch up, he didn’t really have the time. He had tables to tend to, customers to take care of and he didn’t have the time to mingle with them. He had so many questions. How long were they in town or were they just passing through? Where did Taehyung come from? Did Yoongi think about Jimin as much as Jimin thought about him? Did Yoongi miss him as much as Jimin was starting to realize he missed him?

He passed by the table multiple times to tend to customers and each time he did, his eyes caught Yoongi’s and he always saw that familiar soft heat. It gave him a little hope. Yoongi looked at him the last time they were together, with the soft curiosity and want. Jimin hoped Yoongi would read that he wanted to spend time with him too. Jimin wanted to ask him how he was and how long they were staying but he didn’t have the time. If they had come earlier or later it would have been better and Jimin prayed they were staying for a few days because then Yoongi was bound to stick around just to talk to him a little bit.

Even if they only talked, even if they only sat in a booth together and caught up, Jimin would be happy.

Their food came up about fifteen minutes later and Jimin was already back in the kitchen for it. Argie hissed at him about looking too happy and humming under his breath but Jimin was in too good of a mood to give a flying fuck. He tucked all their food onto a large tray which he then balanced on his shoulder and left the grumbling old man to his grill.

Taehyung made a very excitement noise when he saw Jimin exit with their food and Jimin smiled at him. He placed the tray down on the booth beside them and then started handing out food, saving Yoongi’s for last.

“Sunrise Burger, dripping red for the pretty one.” Jimin placed down Taehyung’s burger and the man giggled at him, batting his eyelashes. “Sunrise Burger, little pink for the cute one.” He gave Jungkook a wink that the boy grinned at when he placed his food down in front of him. Then he grabbed Yoongi’s food and placed it down in front of him with a coy smirk. “And the bacon double grilled cheese burger for you, baby. Medium rare, no onions. Fries extra crispy.”

Yoongi’s eyes lit up and his lips curled up into a sweeter smile. “Just right, angel.”

Jimin made a soft pleased noise and grabbed the tray to tuck against his side again. “Anything else, boys?” He reached forward to grab Taehyung’s empty soda glass. “Refill?”

“Get him some water, too.” Taehyung jabbed a finger at Jungkook who looked slightly offended. “Please.”

“No problem.” Jimin flashed them another smile and scampered away to refill their drinks. He grabbed the coffee pot on his way and refilled the cups of a few stragglers sitting at the bar. With a refill for Taehyung, a glass of water for Jungkook and coffee pot in hand, Jimin returned. He refilled Yoongi’s coffee cup without being asked and took a second to pause at their table, soaking up the time he could spend near Yoongi as much as possible. “Everything good?”

Taehyung made a pleased noise as he practically devoured his burger, a pit of pink blood in the corner of his mouth that Jungkook wiped away with his finger. He was too busy chewing to answer but Jungkook smiled at him and told him the food was good, as always. Yoongi only had two bites out of his burger, seeing as the man ate a little slower than most but he smiled warmly at Jimin and said the same thing. Pleased, Jimin left them to their meal so he could get back to work. He had customers to handle but he was also still in the process of wrapping silverware and Argie was keeping an eye on him through the swinging kitchen door because apparently being happy with a bright smile on his face was suspicious. So because Argie was watching him with narrowed eyes, Jimin couldn’t linger by Yoongi’s table just to pick up small conversation because he would get bitched at. Instead he had to roll silverware when he would much rather be over there at their booth, sliding down beside Yoongi and feeling the warmth radiating from his body while that deep voice rumbled into his ear.

Before Yoongi and his company finished their lunch, a new group of people popped through the door for a late lunch and early dinner. Jimin was used to the clutter of older people showing up around that time because they liked to have an early dinner before going to bed before the sun was even down. The new people made him a little bit busier and that made it more complicated for him to linger at Yoongi’s table. By the time they were done eating and Jimin had cleared away their plates and left the check, he was certain they wouldn’t have another chance to speak before leaving.

Jimin wasn’t okay with that. He made sure to spare a little extra time so he could approach the table while they were getting ready to leave. He flashed them a smile and carefully tucked away their money and check into his apron without glancing at it.

“Thanks for coming by.” He spoke, nodding his head at Taehyung as the man grinned at him. Jungkook was helping him back into his coat and they were just too cute they were earning weird looks from the older crowd on the other side of the diner. Neither seemed to mind though and that made Jimin smile.

“It was amazing.” Taehyung said, shrugging on the coat over his shoulders. “This place is real cute, but you’re what makes it so cute. How’s a sweet little jewel like you in a dump like this, hm?”

Jimin flushed up the back of his neck and the smile that curled to his lips was rather shy, his fingers tugging at the dangling earrings in his ears out of habit. “Sorry, doll, that line doesn’t work on me anymore.”

Taehyung’s eyes flashed and his grin grew. “Oooo, I like him, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook chuckled and settled his arm over Taehyung’s shoulders, tucking the man in close to his side. “Jimin’s pretty cool.”

Jimin giggled softly at him before shifting his eyes to Yoongi. There was something there on his face, something he wanted to say but before the man could open his mouth, a harsh call came from the kitchen.

“Jim! Get back in here!” Argie called at him from the kitchen and Jimin cursed under his breath, making Jungkook snicker.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” He grumbled, lifting a hand to run through his blond hair. “I’ll see you boys around, hm?”


“Jim! Now!” Argie cut off Yoongi before he could finish speaking and Jimin hissed through his clenched teeth.

“Gotta run. You boys take care.” It took way too much effort for Jimin to pull himself away from them, offering Yoongi a sad smile that the man returned before slipping away back in the kitchen.

Argie snapped at him about taking too much time and chatting with the customers. There was food up and ready which Jimin took without a word. He was currently boiling a little too much to acknowledge what Argie was shouting at him. This asshole might have just cost him his last chance to see Yoongi and he was going to bash this plate over his fucking head if he didn’t shut up. But Jimin was too nice for that. He took a deep breath, leveled Argie with a blank stare and left the room with the food in his hands.

Yoongi’s booth was empty when Jimin returned and he tried not to feel too disappointed. Maybe they were in town for a few days. Maybe Jimin would see them again. He had to hope or he would fall down a spiral of painful thoughts he wasn’t ready to deal with. He hurried to give an older couple their food and then he twisted back around to give a miner his food as well at the bar. Once they were settled, Jimin hurried around behind the bar so he could punch Yoongi’s bill into the register.


Jimin’s body went tense at the word and when he glanced up, eyes wide and lips parted, Yoongi was standing on the other side of the bar, hands stuffed into his pockets and shoulders hunched up around his shoulders. He looked awkward standing there and Jimin’s heart melted at the sight.

“Hey baby.” Jimin spoke softly, shifting away from the register but when he glanced at the kitchen door, Argie was giving them both the stink eye. He hissed and went back to the register, continuing to do his job so he didn’t get bitched at even more. It was too good of a day for this kind of shit.

“Hey.” Yoongi swallowed hard and glanced around the diner, acting like he really wanted to say something but he was unsure how.

Jimin knew that look. That was Yoongi questioning himself, his wants and his needs. He wanted to ask Jmin something but he wasn't sure if he could. So, Jimin did it for him.

“Six o’clock, baby.” Jimin told him with a soft smile, glancing at him over the register. “I get off at six.”

Yoongi’s face brightened slightly, his eyes fluttering and his cute nose turning pink. He nodded, lapping at his top lip with his tongue. “Okay, six.”

“Six.” Jimin agreed, nodding his head with his lips straining from the force of his smile.

Yoongi made another noise to himself, nodding and then shifted back toward the door. He bit into his lower lip, letting his eyes linger on Jimin before the blond tinkled his fingers at him in a soft wave. Yoongi’s pretty lips twitched into a smile before he ducked his head shyly and slipped back out the door, leaving to join his brother and Taehyung waiting by the car.

Jimin’s heart was thumping in his chest, bubbling with so much hope. Yoongi waited for him. Yoongi wanted to see him again and Jimin couldn’t be more thrilled. He was so excited to get off work even if he still had three or so hours left. Argie’s sour mood could no longer affect Jimin. He was far too happy, far too excited, to let the man’s words get to him. Yoongi was going to pick him up after work the way he used to and Jimin couldn’t wait. His smile was too straining across his mouth and even the old couple he was serving smiled at him because his happiness was contagious. Jimin was in a good mood, a really good mood, and there was nothing that was going to ruin it.

By the time dinner hour rolled around and the next waitress, a pretty teenage girl by the name Sami, showed up, Jimin was absolutely buzzing with excitement. The diner was never that busy for dinner, seeing as most people in the town stayed home for it but there were always the few lonely stragglers who had nowhere else to go for food. Sami would make good money tonight considering she was just a teenage girl and didn’t have bills to pay. As soon as she was clocked in and gave Jimin a smile that said, get out of here, Jimin was clocking out. Sami could handle the rest of the night, he had no doubt. She had done it countless nights before and Jimin was much too excited to get the hell out of that diner and meet up with Yoongi. He still couldn’t believe it was happening.

Instead of running out into the parking lot as soon as he was clocked out, Jimin hurried into the bathroom instead. Yoongi would understand him being a couple minutes late. There wasn’t anything Jimin could do about his slightly messy uniform but at least he could take a few minutes to comb out his hair and wash his face. His eyes looked a little brighter after the refreshing cold water splash to his skin and though his blond hair was a little messy, it still looked good. Yoongi had already seen him a total mess from work but he still wanted to make a good impression. It had been months since they last saw each other. This was rather important.

Satisfied that he didn’t look a total mess this time, Jimin left the bathroom behind and picked up his coat from the small break room. Usually he would change into snow boots before leaving but the ground was bare and the air was a bit warmer. Jimin was enjoying the warmer weather and for a guy who lived in below freezing all his life, forty degrees was nice and warm. Still cold enough for a coat but he didn’t have to worry about snow boots seeing as the snow had finally melted.

Before Jimin even went to the door, he spotted Yoongi. He hadn’t heard the car pull up, perhaps because he was in the bathroom, but he spotted that shiny black almost instantly as he came around the bar counter to head outside. What a beautiful car but what an even more beautiful man. Yoongi was leaning against the passenger side door with his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket, looking as casual as could be. There was a content look on his face, his features soft but guarded as he glanced around the parking lot. He had parked directly in front of the windows, where everyone could see him and Jimin’s heart skipped because he knew exactly why Yoongi had done so. Jimin once told him how he wanted nothing more than to rub his sexuality in Argie’s face and Yoongi had smirked at him, dangerous and pretty, and when Yoongi next dropped Jimin off for work, he parked in that same spot, grabbed him by the waist and pulled him in for a deep kiss that left Jimin breathless and the customers inside the diner gaping. Thinking about that kiss made Jimin’s skin prickle and he hurried out the door because he couldn’t wait to see Yoongi again.

The air was a bit cold, smacking against his flushed warm skin but Jimin paid it no mind as he tucked his coat a little tighter around himself. Yoongi glanced up as soon as the glass door slammed shut and his eyes went a little wide when they landed on Jimin. Then Yoongi’s expression softened, his eyes crinkling in the corners and his lips curling into one of those pretty smiles that showed off his teeth. Jimin ached to run into his arms and never let go. But he restrained himself and stepped up to Yoongi as casually as he could muster, the smile tugging at his lips too great to hold back.

“Hey.” Jimin spoke softly, stopping only a step or two away from Yoongi.

“Hey angel.” Yoongi’s voice was so soft, so fond, it made Jimin’s heart ache.

As much as Jimin would love to stand there and stare at Yoongi for the next hour or so, he had questions he needed answers to and Jimin had never held back with Yoongi, so he was sure the man was just waiting for them.

“How long are you in town?”

“Couple days.” Yoongi admitted softly, glancing over to the motel across the street where he was no doubt staying with Jungkook and Taehyung. “Depends how this story goes really. Jungkook’s expecting two to three days.”

Jimin hummed in understanding, even if his heart throbbed with pain. “What in Harper could possibly be interesting enough for you to come back, hm?”

Yoongi’s lips twitched up into a smile. “You, to start off with.”

Jimin’s cheeks flushed and he rolled his eyes, lifting a hand to start playing with the star dangling from his ear. “Don’t flatter me, baby.”

Pleased that he had made Jimin smile, Yoongi continued. “There’s some weird cow thing happening a town over. Taehyung’s really interested in it.”

“Taehyung, hm? Where on earth did he come from?” Jimin perked a brow a Yoongi and the man shrugged, glancing off over the front of the diner.

“Long story short, Jungkook fell in love.”

Jimin giggled softly behind his hand and nodded in understanding. “They’re real cute together.” He admitted, glancing from the ground to Yoongi’s face, taking another shy step forward. His heart was bubbling in his chest, begging him to close that small distance and press his lips to Yoongi’s plump mouth. “I missed you, Yoongi.” He whispered because Jimin had never been anything but honest with Yoongi right from the start.

Yoongi’s face fell slightly, his eyes glancing to the ground before he nodded, his black hair bouncing slightly from the force. He bit into his lower lip, seemingly thinking about something before he pressed off the car to close that small distance between them. He reached out for Jimin’s hand and took it gingerly, wrapping his fingers around his so he could brush his thumb over his knuckles. When his gaze met Jimin’s again, it was much more intense and Jimin could see the swirls of emotion in the dark depths of his eyes.

“I missed you too, Jimin.” His words were whispered softly, his lips barely moving to produce them and yet they had the biggest impact on Jimin yet. His heart fluttered into his throat, his stomach swirled with butterflies and he felt so utter happy that his lips spread into a smile so bright that he could barely see through his bunched up cheeks. His soft thumb brushing over Jimin’s knuckles was sending pulses of warmth all through his body and Jimin wanted the man to kiss him right then and there. Yoongi was looking at him so damn fondly and Jimin couldn’t take it.

“I know you didn’t come back for me.” Jimin’s heart skipped at the way Yoongi’s brow furrowed. “But I’m happy you came to see me.”

“Wouldn’t drive through Harper and not see you, angel.” Yoongi assured him, giving his fingers a squeeze. “Thought never crossed my mind.”

It was such a great feeling knowing that Yoongi missed Jimin. He wasn’t alone in his feelings and that made a bubble of happiness surround his heart. It really was a good day and he couldn’t wait to spend more time with Yoongi. The man didn’t seem like he had anywhere to go anytime soon and that meant Jimin was going to have him for the rest of the night.

“I needed to see how you were doing.”

Jimin didn’t really have much to tell him. Nothing had changed since Yoongi left him months ago and he was more interested in hearing about all the places Yoongi visited and all the stories he had written.

“Drive me home and I’ll tell you all about it, baby.”

Yoongi’s lips lifted into another soft smile and he nodded. He gave Jimin’s hand a soft tug as he reached around to pop open the passenger door. He motioned for Jimin to slid right in and he did as asked, coming around to pause in the open door. Yoongi was right there, one hand curled over the door, the other still curled around Jimin’s and they were so close Jimin could feel the heat between them.

Jimin didn’t hesitate. He pressed forward, the hard leather of the door digging into his front as his fingers curled against Yoongi’s cheek. It was a soft touch but the warmth of Yoongi’s skin shot through him like a bolt and the way Yoongi’s eyes softened urged him forward. Softly, ever so softly, Jimin pressed a kiss to the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. It was a promise of more to come later and when Jimin pulled away, the man’s eyes were practically sparkling, the apples of his cheeks a lovely shade of pink. Jimin bit into his lower lip to hide his smile and then he slipped into the seat, finally letting go of Yoongi’s hand so the man could shut the door.

Jimin settled down in the seat comfortably, snapping on his seatbelt as Yoongi came around to the other side of the car. Jimin loved this car. This was the car where they shared their first kiss, their first date and their first fuck; not entirely in that order. The car held a lot of importance to him and he loved it dearly. Jimin could smell leather and something floral and mint, a scent that always followed Yoongi around no matter where he went. It was familiar and wrapped around Jimin like a warm blanket on a bitter cold winter night. He savored it, breathing it in deeply as he shoved his hands between his thighs to keep them warm. Once Yoongi was settled in the driver’s seat, he started up the car, the engine roaring loudly to life and Jimin giggled from it, happiness too much to keep trapped inside.

Heat poured from the vents and Jimin breathed in relief, wiggling to get more comfortable as Yoongi let the car warm up for a moment. The silence in the car was not unwelcome and Jimin loved how easily the two of them settled in together. Jimin hated awkward silences with people but he never shared that with Yoongi. The silence was comforting and even though there was a decent amount of tension between them, none of it was bad.

“Have you eaten?” Yoongi asked casually, his long pale fingers curling over the steering wheel and then the gear shift, rather close to one of Jimin’s knees.   

“Not yet.” Jimin admitted. He had been planning on getting something to eat at home but then Yoongi came around and food was the last thing on his mind.

Yoongi hummed, his heavy brow furrowing for a moment before he twisted around in his seat. He started digging around on the floor behind Jimin’s seat, making the younger twist to see what he was doing but all he could focus on was Yoongi’s face. He really was so pretty. His memories did the man no justice, truly. Seeing Yoongi again in real life, living, breathing, pulsing with blood, was so much better than Jimin’s memories. He still couldn’t believe it.

Yoongi made a noise when he found what he was looking for and pulled back to sit properly in his seat, dropping a brown bag in Jimin’s lap. Jimin stared at the bag in confusion for a moment, seeing no logo on the brown paper and he wondered what it could be. He didn’t bother to ask and just uncurled the paper to peer inside. He saw flashes of colorful paper and his breath hitched, his heart squeezing in his chest as he looked at Yoongi with wide eyes.

“Did you get me Taco Bell, baby?”

Yoongi looked like he was trying to hide his smile. “I thought you might be hungry. Eat up, you’re looking thin.”

Jimin laughed so brightly it made Yoongi’s lips twitch into a smile and then he was digging into the bag, pulling out one of the tacos. “You remembered. Aw, baby, this is one of the sweetest things.”

Yoongi smiled fondly to himself as he finally shifted gears and started to back out of the parking lot. Jimin was buzzing with happiness from the thoughtful gesture as he unwrapped the taco and found it wasn’t just any taco, it was his favorite taco.

“Oh.” He purred in happiness, lifting the food to his nose so he could smell it. It was still a bit warm, which was a miracle considering how far Yoongi had to drive to get it, but it smelled so good and Jimin’s stomach rumbled from a hunger he didn’t realize he was feeling. “You got me my Cheesy Gordita Crunch, baby, you’re the best.”

Yoongi chuckled softly, a sweet sound that made Jimin’s spine tingle. “You’re welcome, angel.”

See, the thing about Taco Bell was a bit deeper than just a bit of delicious food. In Harper, there was no such thing as fast food because the town was too small and no one bothered to build such a thing. Argie’s Diner was the only restaurant for miles and so if Jimin wanted something quick to eat, he had to microwave something at home. The last time Yoongi was in town, Jimin had offhandedly mentioned how Taco Bell was a gift from the gods but the damn place was an hour and half away from Harper and Jimin rarely made the trip just for the food. That night when Yoongi picked him up from work, there was Taco Bell waiting in the seat for him and Jimin kissed the man so hard he almost bruised him.

It might have been just Taco Bell, but it was the thoughtfulness behind it. The fact that Yoongi drove almost three hours just to buy some food for him and see him smile. It made Jimin feel all warm and gooey inside.

“So how have you been?” Yoongi asked as he steered them onto the main road. They had a good thirty minute drive before they reached Jimin’s house so the younger settled into his seat and munched happily on his delicious taco.

“Nothing new, really.” He admitted, glancing out the window to see the rolling hills as the town disappeared behind them. “What about you? What exciting towns did you visit, hm?”

“So many I can hardly remember.” Yoongi mused with one corner of his mouth lifted into a smile. “Nothing stuck out to me like Harper though.”

Jimin giggled softly, savoring another bite of his taco. “Just admit it baby, I left an impression.”

“You sure did.” Yoongi glanced at him with a smile before shifting his gaze back on the road.

Jimin’s flushed with happiness and he leaned over in his seat, offering a bite of his food to Yoongi. The man shook his head at first but Jimin held it out even more and Yoongi rolled his head, his lips twitching with a smile as he leaned over to take a quick bite. Jimin made a noise of satisfaction and returned to his seat, taking another bite.

“Good, isn’t it?”

Yoongi hummed around his mouthful. “Pretty good.”

“Not greasy enough for you though, hm?” Jimin teased, eyeing him with a sly smirk. “Honestly, baby, tell me your secret to eating like that and staying so thin. I need your secrets.”

Yoongi huffed and rolled his eyes. “You’re thin enough as it is.”

Jimin huffed in return. “I am not. Have you seen these thighs?” He reached down with his free hand to give a thick thigh a good squeeze and Yoongi’s eyes dropped to watch the motion rather hungrily.

“Yes I have and they are gifts, Jimin, don’t you ever get rid of them.” He grumbled under his breath, his cheeks flushed such a pretty color and Jimin really loved teasing him.

“Okay baby, but only because you love them so much.” He conceded with a soft sigh, lips curled into a smile. “Tell me about Taehyung and Jungkook. Where did you find him?”

Yoongi hummed and shifted in his seat, leaning one elbow up on the window. “Little town in Arizona. We drove in for a story about weird storms and Taehyung was lingering around because the kid believes everything is aliens.” He laughed fondly and Jimin really loved the sound. “He attached to Jungkook pretty quick and you know Kook. He’s not used to the attention. He turns into a flustered mess when a waitress simply smiles at him. But it was easier with Tae for some reason. They clicked almost instantly and the next thing I know, Tae’s throwing his bags in the back of my car and saying he’s coming with us.” He sighed softly, running fingers through the bangs over his forehead. “Jungkook was just so happy, I couldn’t say no. Besides, Taehyung’s been a lot of help with our stories. He really thinks every strange occurrence is aliens but he’s a good researcher.”

Jimin hummed, finishing off the last bite of his taco. “You sound fond of him.”

“Do I?” Yoongi blinked at him in surprise. “I mean, they’re both a fucking mess together. Drive me insane but… Yeah.” He shrugged one shoulder. “That was months ago. He’s family now.”

Jimin’s heart throbbed with an ache. Taehyung managed to join Yoongi and Jungkook so effortlessly and yet Jimin had struggled to do so. He had wanted so badly for Yoongi to take him with him but he never gained the courage to ask and Yoongi had never brought it up. It seemed Taehyung shoved his way into Yoongi’s car but still, it made Jimin wonder if he had done the same thing, would his life be very different right now. Probably, seeing as Yoongi always had a hard time telling him no.

Hating the bittersweet feeling swirling around his chest, Jimin shoved those lingering thoughts away and tried to remain positive. Yoongi was back. He was in Yoongi’s car, with the beautiful man beside him and he had a few days with him to figure out exactly what he wanted from him. Maybe this time around, Jimin would be brave enough to ask Yoongi to take him with them. He was almost certain Yoongi would say yes.

“That sounds real sweet, Yoongi.” Jimin said as he curled up the paper bag to keep it closed, planning to save the other tacos for later. They were just as good reheated up in his microwave and he wanted to savor them. Besides, he didn’t feel all that hungry anymore. “Kookie’s a sweet boy. He deserves love like that. And Taehyung seems nice.”

“They’re alright.” Yoongi agreed, making Jimin giggle softly behind his hand. “You didn’t tell me how you’ve been.”

Jimin went a little stiff at the subject change and he let out a soft sigh, glancing away from the sharp look Yoongi was giving him from the corner of his eyes. “I told you, nothing’s new. Nothing’s changed. Still working for a homophobic asshole, still dealing with homophobic asshole customers. It’s not all bad but nothing’s changed since you were last here.”

“Are you still dancing?” Yoongi asked, trying to sound casual but Jimin could tell he was truly curious.

Jimin made a soft noise, something a little bitter and he shrugged, shifting around in his seat to rest his elbow against the window and press his fist into the side of his neck. “I’ve taken up extra shifts at work so no, I don’t have the time. Besides, I only danced for you baby.” When he glanced at Yoongi, he thought maybe the man would flush from his subtle flirting but instead he was looking at the road with slightly narrowed eyes. Jimin sighed softly and shifted his gaze back out the window. “I haven’t been to the studio in months. Haven’t the time.”

Yoongi didn’t seem to pleased with his answer but Jimin wasn’t going to lie to him. Jimin had danced most of his life before his parents passed away. He had planned to going to school for it and then his world crumbled to pieces. When he shared that small information with Yoongi one night, feeling a little vulnerable curled against the man’s chest, Yoongi had insisted he start up again, thinking it would bring him a bit of happiness. He danced for Yoongi, loving the way the man’s dark eyes followed his every movement and Jimin remembered the thrill he got from dancing that night. He went to a small dance studio a few towns over a couple of times but Jimin didn’t have the time to waste like that and so that dream faded back into darkness again.

“I don’t know what you were expecting.” Jimin mumbled, closing his eyes because he was about to say something that might not be good for either of them. “Did you think my life would be better after you left? Cause I don’t see how that would be possible. I can’t say it’s worse, but it’s not any better. It just is Yoongi. I know you wanted better things for me but this is what I’m left with. You left me with it.” The words left a bitter taste in his mouth as soon as they were out and he hated it. He didn’t want to bring the mood down. He wanted things to be good between them, as they always had been. “I missed you, Yoongi but I had a life to live. It may be a shit life but it’s mine .”

“I’m sorry, Jimin.” Yoongi’s words were mumbled but there was so much sincerity in them that Jimin had to open his eyes and glance at the man. Yoongi’s eyes were still locked on the road but he looked to almost be in pain, his lips curled into a frown. “I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy with you around.” Jimin shifted in his seat to lean a little closer toward Yoongi, reaching out to take his free hand without really thinking about it. Yoongi’s fingers were long and pale, a little cool in Jimin’s small warm hand. The palms were a bit rough but Jimin loved running his fingers over the skin and loved the way Yoongi trembled from the touch.  

“I’m not always around.” There was so much emotion in Yoongi’s voice it made Jimin’s heart stutter.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Jimin whispered through numb lips, dropping his eyes to the way Yoongi’s hand fit between both of his. “I accept that, Yoongi. I came to terms with that.” He could feel the prickle of tears in the corners of his eyes and he hated it. He hated that he was ruining the mood between them but he knew this was something he needed to get out as well. Something he needed to say to make things better between them. “I missed you but we left on good terms and I accepted that I would never see you again. But here you are, bashing back through my life and flipping me all upside down.”

Yoongi’s hand squeezed one of his, long fingers twisting around until they could slide between the slots of his fingers. “I’m sorry, angel.”

“I should be mad at you. Maybe I should hate you a little bit.” Jimin’s breath hitched through the words and all he could do was stare at their hands because he couldn’t bring himself to meet Yoongi’s gaze. “But I can’t. I’m just so happy to see you again. I want to savor this and keep you close until you have to leave me again, is that too much to ask? I know you want me to be happy even when you’re not here but I can’t promise something like that. My life is what it is, Yoongi.” He squeezed their hands together tightly. “ Please .”

“Okay, okay, angel.” Yoongi lifted their hands and brought Jimin’s to his mouth, pressing a few soft kisses to his knuckles that left Jimin trembling slightly in the seat beside him. “Let’s enjoy our time together.”

“T-Thank you.” He took a deep breath to calm himself down and Yoongi kept their hands curled into his lap, giving Jimin as much time as he needed to calm himself down. It was such a rush of feelings all of a sudden that nearly made him burst into tears and he didn’t know what to do about it. He knew it was his heart trying to protect him, trying to warn him about the pain he was going to go through when Yoongi left him again but Jimin didn’t honestly give a fuck. He wanted Yoongi to love him the same way he had all those months ago and he didn’t care about the consequences. Yoongi would leave, as Jimin expected, and he was okay with that. Maybe this time he would gain the courage to ask to go with him or maybe he wouldn’t. Jimin didn’t know. All he knew was for now, he wanted Yoongi to kiss him until all he could feel was how warm the older man was against his body.

The silence between them was still a little bit tense but Jimin didn’t mind it so much. He let it drag on until it finally became comfortable again and the worries in his head melted away. Yoongi’s hand was warm and firm in his own, a reminder that for now Yoongi wasn't going anywhere and they had plenty of time to lose themselves in each other again.

When they finally pulled into the driveway of Jimin’s home, a soft smile curled to his lips. “You remember where I live.”

“Did you think I’d forget?” Yoongi mused, the smile on his face soft and tender as he rolled the car to a stop at the end of the driveway where Jimin’s truck was usually parked. Said truck was left back at the diner but it would be safe until he needed to pick it up again.

“I hoped you never would forget.” Jimin gave him the hint of a sly smirk before he pulled his hand free from Yoongi’s so he could unclip his seatbelt. Yoongi shifted the car into park but he didn’t turn the engine off and that made Jimin pause, glancing at him expectantly. “Do you… want to come in?”

Yoongi’s gaze was a bit heavy when he met Jimin’s. “Yes.”

Jimin glanced at the key in the ignition. “Okay?”

Yoongi swallowed so hard Jimin could see his small Adam’s apple bob. “Is it such a good idea?”

Jimin widened his eyes in confusion. “Why wouldn’t it be? Just come in for a little while. I’ll make us coffee, hm? We can catch up some more.” That was all Jimin wanted really and if he got more out of it then that, he’d be pretty happy too. But Yoongi seemed a little unsure and Jimin couldn’t fathom why. “I thought we were trying this thing were we pretend you didn't leave for seven months.”

“Are we?” Yoongi questioned, perking a brow at him. “Is that what you want?”

Jimin sighed and leaned over the gear shift so he could cup one of Yoongi’s cheeks in his hand. The man instantly leaned into the touch, leaning a bit closer to meet him. Yoongi’s eyes fluttered shut at the touch, his cute button nose flushing such a pretty color as Jimin leaned in closer. “I want you, Yoongi. I want us to be together like before and I don’t want to worry about any of the bad things. Don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll be fine.”

When Yoongi’s eye fluttered open, he didn’t seem to believe him but he nodded in understanding. “I’d like that, Jimin.”

His lips curled into a warm smile and he closed the distance between them to pout his lips against Yoongi’s ever so softly. The kiss was gentle, a little chaste, and when Jimin pulled away, Yoongi’s dark eyes were sparkling with a twinkle of happiness. This was what Jimin wanted. This soft, warm love Yoongi could wrap him up in until he couldn’t feel an ounce of sadness curled deep in his bones. They could talk about the bad shit later, when Yoongi was supposed to leave. Maybe Yoongi would finally ask him to come, maybe Jimin would ask to come, but those were thoughts that could wait. Thoughts both Jimin and Yoongi could wait on.

For now, Jimin just wanted to be happy.

“Come inside.” There was no questioning in Jimin’s tone, a demand that made Yoongi twist the key in the ignition and kill the engine. Pleased, Jimin pulled away to open the door and stepped out into the cold air, clutching his brown bag of food in his hand. Yoongi followed him without question, locking up the car once their doors were shut even when he had nothing to worry about.

They came together on Yoongi’s side of the car and Jimin found his hand again, curling their fingers together to tug him up the steps to the front door. He fiddled with his keys for a moment, crushing the bag of food in his elbow, before getting the door open and pulling Yoongi into the warmth his home had to offer.

“You got those extra locks.” Yoongi mused as he shut the door behind them, locking out the cold and twisting up the locks.

“You made me paranoid.” Jimin admitted, flicking on the living room light before shrugging off his coat.

“Good. I’ve seen some weird shit.” Yoongi mumbled through pursed lips, pausing beside Jimin to shrug off his leather jacket as well. Jimin took it from him to hang up along with his own and then they were both stepping out of their shoes because Yoongi knew how Jimin was about keeping his house clean.

Not that they were inside Jimin’s home, the warmth seeping into their skin, Jimin was highly aware of how he smelled a bit like sweat, grease and syrup. He needed a shower before he did anything with Yoongi. Not that he was expecting anything. Maybe some more soft kisses and they could cuddle on the couch for the rest of the night for all he cared. He just wanted Yoongi to hold him for a while.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Jimin gave Yoongi’s wrist a squeeze before he shuffled into the main area of the home. The living room was a decent size, along with the kitchen and dining area which were all open. There was only one hallway to the right by the living room that led back into Jimin’s bedroom and bathroom and that was all his house consisted of. It was all he needed really and with Yoongi around, it felt a bit more comfortable. “Stuff this in the fridge?” He passed Yoongi his bag of tacos, lips curled into a hopeful smile. “I’m going to take a quick shower, okay?”

“Sure.” Yoongi nodded, shuffling into the living to take the bag from Jimin’s nimble fingers.

“Okay.” Jimin nodded to himself and shuffled toward the hallway before coming to a stop and glancing at Yoongi who was peering at the few pictures of his family Jimin had hanging on the wall by the television. “You can start the coffee, you know where everything is.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” Yoongi shifted into the kitchen, puttering about like he lived in the space, looking soft and comfortable in that black shirt that was a bit too large for his thin frame. He remembered where the filters were, where Jimin kept the coffee and the mugs, making Jimin’s lips twitched into a smile.


The man hummed, twisting around to look at him with two empty mugs still in his hands. He even had the black marble one that Jimin never used because it had become Yoongi’s during his stay and Jimin couldn’t bring himself to use it. His heart fluttered and his smile grew into something sweet.

“I’ll be right back.”

Yoongi nodded, his eyes softening. “I’ll be here.” It was a soft promise that eased the thundering of Jimin’s heart.

Jimin hurried down the hallway with a giddy feeling in his chest. Yoongi was in his home again. Yoongi was making them coffee with that soft content look on his face that always made Jimin want to kiss him a little bit. It was as if the man never left and Jimin savored that feeling, tucking it into the pit of his heart to bubble and simmer. He could hear Yoongi puttering about in the kitchen while he slipped into his bedroom, stopping in the hallway to turn the heat up just a little bit because he knew how cold Yoongi could get. He didn’t bother closing the door as he started to strip, tossing his dirty clothes in the basket to wash on his next day off.

Jimin paused after kicking off his underwear, fingers catching on the dangling crystal still hanging from his neck. The crystal almost glistened in his fingers and he smiled fondly, squeezing it and finding it felt rather warm to the touch. Maggie told him the stone was for good luck and maybe, in some way, it had helped him. He didn’t believe the stone brought Yoongi all the way back to him but it was a nice thought. Either way, he was having a good day and he pressed his plump lips to the stone in a soft grateful kiss. He tugged it off his head and placed it in the small bowl on his dresser so it didn’t get wet in the shower along with the rest of his jewelry, like his earrings. Jimin had a large collection of rings in the bowl that he never got to wear because of work but he loved them a great deal. If he could convince Yoongi to take him out on another date, he would have the perfect reason to wear them.   

Finally completely naked, Jimin shuffled into his bathroom and shut the door to keep the heat in the small room. He was rather fond of his bathroom, rather fond of his whole house honestly if only it didn’t feel so lonely all the time. Truthfully, until Yoongi came along, Jimin didn’t realize how lonely he actually was. It was a feeling that lingered at the back of his throat all the time but right now that feeling was replaced with something more tender and gentle.

Jimin took the quickest shower he could manage while making sure he was all nice and clean, even in places he didn’t always scrub extra nicely. He wanted to be prepared for anything so he took extra time to make sure he was nice and clean in his most intimate of places. He wasn’t expecting anything out of Yoongi but he was hoping. He was hoping Yoongi would crawl on top of him and finally take what Jimin’s skin had been buzzing for since the moment the man walked through the diner door. But if he didn’t feel up to it, Jimin wouldn’t be too upset over it.

Not seeing much of a point in getting dressed in anything fancy, Jimin dug around in his dresser still dripping from his shower with a towel around his waist. He tugged out his most comfortable pair of grey sweat pants and a loose white t-shirt that would nearly hang off one shoulder. He dried himself off, taking time to ruffle the towel through his blond hair until the strands were damp and fluffy. He didn’t bother with underwear before getting dressed in what were essentially pajamas. Though, Jimin didn’t sleep in clothing. He preferred to sleep naked. He was feeling extra comfortable with Yoongi lingering about in the main area of the house and he didn’t have to impress the man in any way so wearing his comfy clothing was his best option aside from walking around the house naked, which he had done a couple times in the man’s presence anyway.

Before leaving his room, Jimin went over to his dresser to pull on the crystal over his head again tucking the stone beneath his shirt though the black leather strap could still be seen. He popped a sparkling stud into each ear because he felt like it and then he deemed himself presentable enough. When he returned to the living room, two steaming cups of coffee were sitting on the coffee table, both very different colors, and Yoongi was standing at the shelf on the wall that held all of Jimin’s important trinkets. Seashells from that time his parents took him to California, his mother’s necklace, his father’s wedding ring, his high school diploma, his parent’s wedding picture, his first baby picture and then the small yellow plush currently being hugged between Yoongi’s large hands.

Yoongi noticed when Jimin stepped up beside him and the soft smile on his lips only grew as he gave the plush a squeeze. “You still have him.”

Jimin hummed and leaned in close, letting his chest rest against Yoongi’s arm while he propped his chin on the man’s shoulder, eyeing up the soft yellow and black plush. “He was sleeping with me but he kept falling off and I was afraid he’d disappear under my bed and I’d never see him again. So, my special shelf it was.”

Yoongi’s looked so happy with that, giving the Pikachu plush one more squeeze before he placed it back on the shelf where it belonged. “I earned a spot on your special shelf, did I?”

“Course you did.” Jimin scoffed, running his fingers down the cool skin of Yoongi’s exposed arm before curling their fingers together. “It was the first gift you gave me on our first date. He’s a very special Pikachu.” Yoongi’s lips spread up into one of those gummy smiles that made his eyes disappear and Jimin’s heart fluttered. The plush was special to him for many reasons because Yoongi won the thing on his first try of a claw game on their first date and Jimin treasured it ever since. “Sit with me.” He gave Yoongi’s hand a squeeze and a tug and the man came without question.

Yoongi plopped down in the middle of the couch and lifted his arm without question so Jimin could fit in against his side, legs curled up and coffee cradled between his hands. Yoongi had his fingers curled through the handle of his own black marble mug, balancing it on his knee while Jimin wiggled to get comfortable. They fit together like puzzle pieces, so perfectly, and Jimin let out a happy sigh. Yoongi was so warm against his side, the coffee was made perfectly to his liking and he felt so good he couldn’t keep himself from smiling. Then Yoongi started playing with the soft curls of hair at the nape of his neck, sending tingles of warm pleasure through his body and Jimin melted into his side, wanting nothing more than to stay like this for the rest of the night.

“Tell me about the places you’ve been to.” Jimin requested, sipping at his coffee and letting the taste linger on his tongue for a little while.

Yoongi’s hand in his hair stilled for a second before he nodded. Jimin wanted to hear about his adventures but most of all, he wanted to hear Yoongi’s soothing deep voice ramble on and on and until it coated over his entire soul. So Yoongi told him about the few trips that stood out the most to him, trips he thought would make Jimin laugh or smile. He told Jimin about the strange thing in Bear, Delaware that Jungkook was pretty convinced was a ghost, messing with the family by wearing their clothing and walking around like an invisible person. And he told him about the crop circles in Kansas that convinced Taehyung to spend the entire night camped out in hope that the aliens would return only to get kicked out by the farmer, screaming about damn kids messing with his crops, which made Jimin giggle brightly into his coffee.

Yoongi told him all kinds of stories, making Jimin feel comfortable and safe tucked into his side. The sun set over the course of an hour or so and both of them finished off their coffee. Jimin told Yoongi about some of the strange customers that had wandered into the diner on occasion, bringing smiles and laughter from the older man that made Jimin’s heart pulse with happiness.

“I missed this.” Yoongi murmured after a few lingering moments of silence where Jimin was savoring the feeling of Yoongi’s arm around his shoulders.

“Me too.” Jimin murmured back, tilting his head slightly just so he could nuzzle his nose against the round of Yoongi’s cheek. It felt nice to be so close to the man after so long. He didn’t realize he had been staring at the way Yoongi’s dark lashes curled over his cheeks until those sparkling eyes were on him and a flush spread over the older’s cheeks. Jimin smiled softly, popping his lips before leaning closer to press them gently against the flushed skin. Yoongi made a soft noise in the back of his throat and leaned into the kiss, savoring it by shutting his eyes.

Yoongi tilted his head into Jimin’s mouth and then turned even more into him when Jimin’s lips traveled down the curve of his cheek and pressed into the corner of his mouth. Their eyes met for a moment, a question easily answered before Jimin pressed forward and slotted their mouths together. This kiss was more solid than the few others they shared that day and the way Yoongi’s hand curled into the back of his hair, urging him closer made heat burst through Jimin’s chest.

It was like a door slamming open and Jimin ran right through without a care in the world. He pressed insistently into Yoongi’s mouth, planting plump kisses over and over again until they were both a little breathless. But it wasn’t enough. Jimin’s hands found both of Yoongi’s cheeks, cupping his face and hooking his thumbs over his jaw so he could tilt his head the proper way and deepen the kiss their their liking. Yoongi’s lips were so soft, so warm and fit so nicely against his own. Yoongi pouted his mouth to catch each kiss, making Jimin’s stomach flutter until he was pressing closer, silently begging for more.

Oh, how he missed this.

He missed how their lips fit together, how Yoongi made soft sounds into his mouth each time their lips parted, how his heart fluttered with each kiss. How Yoongi’s fingers felt gripping his hair, how Yoongi wanted him just as much as Jimin wanted him. It was a reminder he desperately needed and before he could think too much about it, Jimin shoved Yoongi into the back of the couch and climbed into his lap, settling over his thighs with his legs bent on either side. Yoongi made a soft noise of protest but Jimin swallowed it with his mouth, licking between the seam of those pretty lips until Yoongi was gasping and letting him inside. Jimin’s head went a little light and fuzzy and all he could hear, taste, feel was Yoongi . He was getting drunk on the taste of Yoongi’s mouth, on the way one hand was squeezing his hair and the other was rubbing the soft muscles of his back under the fabric of his shirt. Yoongi was everywhere and he never wanted the man to leave.

“Jimin.” Yoongi breathed into his mouth, sounding a little awestruck as Jimin kissed over the slope of his cheek and the sharp of his jaw. He felt the man swallow against his lips and he thought pink really was such a good color on Yoongi’s skin. “Are you,” he swallowed again, licking at his lips and looking a little dazed as Jimin leaned back to gaze down at him, hands curling into the fabric at his shoulders, “Are you seeing anyone?”

Jimin snorted, fisting his hands against Yoongi’s shoulders. “Are you seriously asking me that right now?”

“Are you?” Yoongi asked again, the daze in his eyes starting to clear now that Jimin’s mouth wasn’t on him. Jimin could tell this was important to Yoongi so he settled back on the man’s thighs and smoothed his palms over his broad shoulders.

“No, I’m not. Wouldn’t be in your lap if I were.” He pointed out, quirking one corner of his mouth into a smirk that made Yoongi flush a little darker and his eyes to grow heated. “What about you, huh? Find any other cute sunshine boys in small towns to take home with you?” It was meant to be a tease but judging by the way Yoongi’s eyes narrowed, he didn’t see it as such.

“No. It’s not a habit of mine.” His hands curled over Jimin’s hips and gripped a little tightly to make sure his point went home. Heat flushed up the back of Jimin’s neck, curling over his cheeks and he ducked his head in understanding.  

“Well, I didn’t take any pretty strangers home either, if it makes you feel better.” Jimin couldn’t say it wasn’t a habit of his because it had been until Yoongi came along. The man changed a lot of things about his life in the small span of just a week and Jimin was still dealing with what he left behind. “Oh.” He perked up, slipping his hands around Yoongi’s neck to link them together behind his head. “I did date a guy a few times.”

Yoongi blinked to clear his head and glanced up at Jimin expectantly, hands rubbing down his thighs soothingly, smoothing out the rumpled fabric of his sweatpants. “Yeah?”

“Namjoon.” Jimin told him, letting his eyes drop to the slope of collarbone revealed by Yoongi’s black shirt. “He’s a very nice rancher in the town over. He came into the diner once on his way to North Dakota for a feed trip and we just hit it off I guess. He’s a nice guy.” He shrugged one shoulder and brought one hand down so he could thumb over Yoongi’s collarbone, making the man’s breath hitch. “He took me out a few times. Real gentleman, held the door for me, pulled out my seat, that kind of stuff. We got along well.”

“What happened?”

“Hmm.” Jimin hummed, drawing soft patterns in the pale skin that was starting to flush that pretty color. “Joonie’s still a bit in love with some chef from New York and I’m a little hung up on this traveling writer, you see.” When his eyes jumped to Yoongi, the man’s eyes were wide in understanding. “Wouldn’t have worked out that way but we’re still friends. He stops by the diner and we catch up. Sometimes I give him a call to check in. He’s still pinning for that man in New York and I wish him luck.”

“What about that writer of yours?” Yoongi question, his voice tilted with a bit of hope.

“Oh, he’s so handsome.” Jimin gushed, curling both hands on either side of Yoongi’s neck. “Prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. And he’s so sweet. Knows just what to do to cheer me up. And his kisses, wow .” He breathed out in a gasp that made Yoongi’s lips twitch into a soft smile. “Take my breath away every time.”

“He’s real lucky to have you.” Yoongi’s thumbs rubbed over the inside of his thighs, making tingles of pleasure spike over his skin and his eyes were sparkling with so much love Jimin could feel it in his very core.

“Seeing as I wait months just to see him blow back into town, yes, very lucky indeed.” Jimin teased, leaning down to brush their lips together in another kiss.

“I don’t deserve you.” Yoongi breathed into his mouth and Jimin made a soft whining sound.

“Shush, you deserve the world baby. I’m just a consolation prize.” He murmured against his lips, hooking his thumbs under Yoongi’s jaw to tilt his head back for better access to his mouth.

“Don’t sell yourself so short, angel.”

“I won’t if you won’t.” There was a noise of agreement between them and then Jimin was slotting their mouths together again, kissing him more deeply with purpose. Judging by the way Yoongi’s fingers squeezed into the thick of his thighs, he got the message.

When Jimin’s tongue flicked out against his bottom lip, Yoongi’s mouth fell open willingly and then Jimin was pressing closer, shoving their stomachs and chests together into order to devour Yoongi’s mouth more properly. He tasted of coffee and something a little sweet and Jimin soaked it up like a dry sponge. He ran his tongue over Yoongi’s, groaning when that pink muscle curled with his and then he pulled back to lather his mouth with more insistent kisses that Yoongi eagerly returned.

Jimin didn’t know when Yoongi’s hands had shifted from squeezing his thighs to squeezing his ass but he certainly wasn’t complaining. Those long fingers fit over the plump globes of his ass so perfectly and when they squeezed he was moaning hotly into Yoongi’s mouth. His pelvis was pressed into Yoongi’s stomach from how he was leaning into the older man and he couldn’t get enough of the heat flowing through his body. There was no questioning where this night was going to go now and Jimin couldn’t wait.

Letting out a soft moan, Jimin finally pulled their lips apart and let his mouth rest against the soft skin of Yoongi’s warm cheek. He took a moment to catch his breath, smoothing his hands over Yoongi’s shoulders, down his chest and then back up to cup his neck. He pulled back to meet those heated eyes, his lips twisting up into a sinful smirk.

“Take me to bed, baby. I missed you.”

Jimin felt the full body shiver that coursed through Yoongi’s body beneath him, making his lips widen and heat to curl into the pit of his stomach, leaving a pleasant bubbling pool of arousal. There was no hesitation in Yoongi’s movement. His hands gave Jimin’s ass another squeeze before sliding over his thighs and slipping beneath them. There was a moment where Jimin wasn't sure the man was going to be able to lift both of them but then Yoongi surprised him, just like the first time he did this, and shoved off the couch until he was on his feet with Jimin’s legs hooked around his waist. For such a small guy, he sure was a lot stronger than he looked at a first glance and Jimin knew that was because beneath those layers of clothing, Yoongi had some nice muscles of his own.

Jimin’s breath came out as giggles in Yoongi’s ear as he hugged him tightly, trying to be as still as possible so not to hinder Yoongi carrying him down the hallway and into the bedroom. Yoongi’s fingers dug tightly into the muscles of his thighs and Jimin couldn’t wait to feel those hands elsewhere on his body. He was throbbing with excitement, knowing it wouldn’t take much for him to get aroused as long as Yoongi’s hands were on him. After nights dreaming and touching himself to thoughts of Yoongi, he was more than ready for the man to finally put his hands on him properly.

It was more gentle than the first time they were together. The first time was teeth, claws, grabbing and pulling. The first time, Yoongi pinned Jimin against the counter in his kitchen and sucked his brains out until he couldn’t even remember his own damn name. The first time Yoongi had pinned him down in his own bed and fucked into him so hard, Jimin had bruises the next day. Oh, but how he loved that. He loved it so much but Yoongi had gentled over time. His touches were no longer desperate. They were experienced, soft and gentle, knowing exactly where and how to touch Jimin to drive him the most insane.

Yoongi was careful as he sat Jimin down on the edge of the bed and once he was settled, Jimin released Yoongi’s shoulders so the man could stand up straight. Instead of sliding back on the bed so Yoongi could crawl between his legs, like the man was expecting him to do, Jimin grabbed Yoongi by his thin hips and pulled him to stand between his spread legs. Yoongi’s eyes twinkled with interest but he said nothing, willing to let Jimin do whatever he wanted. There was a level of trust between them they had somehow built up over the course of a week and stuck over seven months.

Jimin glanced up at Yoongi seductively, knowing how to purse his lips and flutter his eyes just right to look appealing and Yoongi’s breath caught in his throat. Pleased by this reaction, Jimin hooked his fingers into the belt loops of Yoongi’s jeans and leaned forward to press a few dry kisses to the man’s stomach, the fabric of his shirt soft against his mouth. Yoongi’s stomach jumped beneath his kisses and Jimin knew he was sensitive there, loving tummy kisses more than anyone Jimin had ever slept with. In fact, Yoongi loved kisses in general and maybe that was why they got along so well since Jimin loved giving as many kisses as possible.

His hands trailed over Yoongi’s thin waist, plucking at the hem of his shirt before he could finally lift the black material, getting it out of the way to press his mouth to soft pale skin. Yoongi’s stomach sucked in at the touch but Jimin pressed forward, pursing his mouth against the skin just below his belly button and Yoongi hissed through his teeth, a hand coming up to slid through Jimin’s hair gently. Yoongi’s stomach was so soft to the touch, with a hint of pudge to it that creased from where his pants were digging into the skin and Jimin loved it. He kissed there softly before trailing his lips back up, leaving a wet trail that made Yoongi shiver.

Glancing up, Jimin noticed Yoongi watching him with lidded eyes, darkness sparkling and he grinned against his skin, knowing the man was enjoying himself. Yoongi’s skin was so soft against his lips and palms but Jimin knew it wasn’t unscarred. He trailed his fingers over the man’s sides, catching on the small scars he could find, lingering over them for a few seconds before trailing his hands further upwards, finding the one scar that was a bit bigger than the rest. Yoongi never explained why there were so many scars hidden beneath his clothes but he was absolutely covered in them. Jimin had spent one night kissing each and every one until Yoongi was whimpered and leaking in his palm and he was tempted to do that again but the blazing heat in his stomach didn’t have the patience. Maybe another time.

His fingertips easily found the jagged edge of the scar just below the curve of a pec. It was long, curled around Yoongi’s body for about five inches but Yoongi never explained to him what it was from. An accident, presumably and Yoongi’s breath came out in a pleasured sigh as Jimin’s fingers traced the scarred skin. As much as Jimin would like to lay Yoongi out on the bed and re-familiarize himself with Yoongi’s body, his cock had other things in mind and the lack of patience was almost frustrating. He had to remind himself they had time to discover each other all over again later. Right now, he just wanted Yoongi on him.

When Jimin tugged at the shirt, lifting it upwards, Yoongi caught the hint and grabbed the edge to pull it over his head, dropping the fabric to the floor with a soft sound. Jimin groaned at all the pale skin available to him and he leaned back so he could tug off his own shirt, tossing it to the side without care. He was about to grab for Yoongi’s hips once again but the man suddenly grabbed the necklace around his neck, fingers brushing tenderly over the quartz.

“Where did you find this?” Yoongi’s voice was a little rough but his eyes were sparkling and he seemed truly curious.

“Old lady from work. She’s real sweet.” Jimin brought his hand up to curl around Yoongi’s wrist. “She said it was good luck and would bring me happiness. Said it was magic.” Yoongi’s brow perked and Jimin laughed softly. “Maybe not magic but I sure feel lucky today.”

The smile that came to Yoongi’s lips was real sweet and when he bent down, Jimin met him halfway to capture his mouth. When he pulled away from the lingering kiss, he scooted up the length of the bed and he was pleased to see Yoongi following him, getting on his knees and wobbling toward him.

Setting back in the small pile of pillows, Jimin opened his thighs willingly and grabbed at Yoongi’s hips to pull the man between them. Their lips met effortlessly and Jimin sighed happily into the other man’s mouth, heat curled over his body like a familiar friend. Yoongi licked into his mouth, sending tickles of pleasure all through his body and Jimin pulled him closer until their bodies were flush against one another. The rough fabric of Yoongi’s jeans didn’t hide the face that he was already a bit hard, pressed up against Jimin’s thigh and his sweatpants left nothing to the imagination, already tenting with a bulge against Yoongi’s stomach.

Jimin let out a gasp of a moan when Yoongi’s lips pulled away to trail down the curve of his neck. He slumped down in the pillows, tilting his head back to give Yoongi better access and the man didn’t disappoint. His lips latched onto that special place on Jimin’s neck, the one just below his ear that drove him absolutely insane and gave a good long suck that left Jimin panting and clawing at Yoongi’s hair for some type of purchase. Yoongi’s smirk felt nice against his skin and he was sure the man left a mark that would be rather hard to hide. Jimin didn’t care however and he encouraged the man to leave a little more by tugging on soft strands of black. Yoongi trailed his wet plump lips down the curve of Jimin’s neck, pausing to leave a few more kiss marks against his skin. He lapped at Jimin’s collarbone, making him arch his back slightly in pleasure and then he trailed down the slope of his chest, pressing kisses into his skin until that pretty mouth found a nipple and suckled on it. Jimin’s entire body flushed with liquid hot pleasure and he gasped, eyes going wide as he watched what Yoongi was doing to his body. Both hands found their way into dark strands, curling and tugging slightly as Yoongi’s pretty pink lips wrapped around the perked nub and gave it a good little suck.

Jimin moaned from how good that felt, pleasure prickling along his skin. His nipples were never a part of his body he felt like messing with sexually but Yoongi had a thing for them and the first time the man wrapped his lips around one, Jimin had almost came in his pants. So, he was sensitive. Yoongi didn’t linger on one nipple, knowing exactly how sensitive Jimin could be and shifted to the other one, giving it a few soft kisses until it was just as hard and perky as the other one.

Jimin loved the attention. He loved the way Yoongi always lavished his body with attention no matter what they were doing. He craved it so much and Yoongi was always so willing to give. His lips trailed down Jimin’s stomach, a faint sound coming from Yoongi’s throat that was almost a moan when he buried his face into the muscles there. At one point in time, Jimin had sculpted abs but those had melted away into a firm but flat stomach that Yoongi liked to lick at. It was a pleasant feeling but the man didn’t linger there long, having a mission in mind that was making Jimin wiggle with excitement.

Pleasure wrapped around Jimin’s throat and squeezed so tightly he couldn’t breathe when Yoongi’s face suddenly nuzzled into his crotch. Not wanting to miss a single thing, Jimin leaned on up his elbows and watched with wide heated eyes as Yoongi mouthed at the fabric of his sweatpants, easily finding the bulge of his cock. Hot breath pressed against his length and Jimin bit into his lower lip, pleasure pounding through him from the way Yoongi’s dark eyes glanced up at him almost innocently.

Jimin wanted to feel that mouth on him without the fabric in the way but he couldn’t move, too focused on how pretty and lewd Yoongi looked like that, laying between his spread thighs, cheeks flushed, eyes glazed with a bit of lust and kiss swollen red lips mouthing over the bulge in Jimin’s sweatpants. It was enough to make heat slam against his stomach and Jimin had to clamp down, fingers curling against the sheets, so he didn’t come right then and there.

“Tease.” Jimin breathed out, gritting his teeth at the way Yoongi’s lips pulled into a smirk against the length of his cock. “Don’t tease me with that pretty mouth baby or I’ll flip you over and shove my cock between those pretty lips.” Yoongi groaned deeply at his words, his eyes fluttering shut as he pressed harder into Jimin’s length. He could feel the way Yoongi shivered with pleasure between his legs and Jimin brought a hand up to brush dark hair out of Yoongi’s eyes.

Catching on that Jimin wasn’t in the mood to drag this out, Yoongi pulled his mouth away and shifted to sit up on his knees. His face was flushed that pretty pink color and would remain so for the rest of the night, Jimin assumed. His eyes were swirling with a mixture of heat and fondness and Jimin wanted to kiss him again but Yoongi was too busy grabbing at the band of his sweatpants and tugging them down his hips. Jimin plopped back down on the mattress, wiggling down so he was a bit more flat and then lifted his hips so Yoongi could pull the pants free. Cool air hit his hardening cock instantly and he hissed, feeling the length twitch and then plop back against the curve of his hip.

He didn’t have any time to think before that hot pretty mouth was on his cock and Jimin choked on a moan, lifting his head to see Yoongi mouthing at the length of his cock again, this time without fabric in the way. His eyes were a little glazed, like he was getting just as much pleasure as Jimin by mouthing at his cock and his head fell back into the pillow because he couldn’t handle how arousing that was.

Long fingers wrapped around the girth of his thighs and Jimin spread them wider willingly, letting Yoongi settle his body between them. He could feel Yoongi shifting around below him but all he could focus on was the way those lips were spreading heated pleasure over the length of his cock. That pretty pink tongue flicked out against his tip, dipping into the slit and Jimin moaned loudly, clawing at the sheets from how fucking good that felt.

Jimin could tell from how quickly Yoongi’s kisses and licking were picking up that the man was growing as impatient as him. Jimin wiggled his hips slightly, an invitation for Yoongi to move faster and the man obliged, dropping his mouth over the bundle of his testicals and kissing them as well. It was a bit too much, Jimin’s cock twitching against his stomach but he wasn't at all prepared for the way Yoongi’s mouth dropped even lower. His eyes snapped open at the ceiling and he could only gasp out as Yoongi’s hands grabbed the globes of his ass, spread them part and his mouth pressed between them.

Jimin had cleaned up because he had been hoping Yoongi would fuck him tonight but this was a whole other level. Yoongi’s mouth was hot and wet against his puckered rim and Jimin lifted both of his legs, stretching them wide so Yoongi had better access for what he was trying to do. Yoongi gave his rim a few wet hard licks, sending pleasured tingles all through Jimin’s body and he grasped his own thighs for purchase. There was too much all at once and if Yoongi shoved his tongue inside of him, Jimin was going to come, he just knew it. There wasn't enough air in the room for him to breath and everything felt too hot and tight.

He could easily come from Yoongi’s mouth on him but that wasn’t what he wanted tonight. He took a few deep breaths, tried to calm down the rushing river of pleasure coursing through his body and finally managed to speak.  

“Y-Yoongi.” He breathed out, arching his back with a moan when that pointed tongue pressed into his puckered rim. “ F-Fuck . Fuck me, oh shit .”

Yoongi gave another long lap over his twitching rim before getting back up, rubbing the back of his hand against his mouth and that vision was so damn attractive Jimin had to swallow from the thump of arousal over his body. Yoongi’s eyes were dark, dangerous and sinful and Jimin wanted Yoongi inside him now.

“Lube?” Yoongi questioned like he didn’t already fucking know.

Jimin let out a frustrated sign and flicked his hand at the bedside table. “You know where it is, don’t fucking tease me.”

Yoongi’s lips twitched up into a smirk and he licked at the corner of his mouth. “Needy, aren’t you?”

“Shut up.” Heat curled over Jimin’s cheeks and he let his legs drop back to the mattress, chest heaving with breaths.

“I like you needy.” Yoongi mused, crawling to the edge of the bed so he could toss his legs to the floor and grab at the drawer.

Jimin had a good look at Yoongi’s broad back from this position and a coy smirk curled to his lips. He shifted to sit up and reached over to run his nails down the man’s back in a hard scratching motion. Yoongi went stiff, his breath hitching and Jimin giggled at the way Yoongi’s flesh instantly turned red from where he scratched. He dragged his nails all the way to the hem of Yoongi’s jeans, just above the soft swell of his ass and what an ass that was. Jimin loved Yoongi’s ass a bit more than he probably should.

It didn’t take long for Yoongi to find what he was looking for and then he was pinning Jimin back down on the mattress, hands grabbing his wrists and lips slotting together. Jimin moaned and arched into the other man, wrapping his thighs around his waist and pulling him in even closer as their tongues met. The rough fabric of Yoongi’s jeans against the soft sensitive skin of his cock made Jimin tremble but he was too trapped to tug at those pants. He wanted them off, he wanted skin on skin but Yoongi was too busy licking into his mouth to care.

When Yoongi finally pulled back, Jimin was a little dazed and his lips felt wet and swollen. He licked at his bottom lip to taste Yoongi and curled his lips into a pleased smile as the other man leaned back onto his knees, fiddling with the bottle of lube in his hand. There was a pack of condoms next to his knee and the promise of getting fucked made Jimin breath out happily and sink into the mattress. Yoongi wasn’t going to disappoint and Jimin couldn’t wait.

Yoongi slicked up two of his fingers with the half used bottle of lube, something left over from the last time they were together and then grabbed the back of one of Jimin’s thighs, spreading his legs and lifting them up. Jimin hooked his hand around the other thigh and pulled his leg up, offering up his entrance. Yoongi’s gaze darkened at the sight and Jimin felt the need to blush, biting into his lower lip. There was nothing to be shy about really. He had sat on Yoongi’s face once until the man made him come from his tongue in his ass but still, it was such an intimate thing and Jimin didn’t want to share it with anyone else.

The first press of slick fingers against his entrance made Jimin sigh in relief and his body to prickle with pleasure. Yoongi’s eyes were locked on what he was doing and it gave Jimin a good chance to stare unabashedly at the man’s pretty face. He really was a gorgeous human being and Jimin didn’t know how he got so lucky by catching his attention. His eyes and lips were his best feature, in Jimin’s opinion, but there was so much more to him than that.

Yoongi was gentle as one finger breached Jimin’s entrance and his eyes bounced up to gauge Jimin’s face for a reaction. One finger was nothing to him really, considering how often he had two or three fingers in himself but Yoongi was always sure to do this part right and Jimin didn’t see a need to complain, even when he was desperate to have the man’s cock in him. After thrusting one finger in a few times, Yoongi added a second and Jimin’s eyes fluttered from the stretch.

Long fingers wrapped around the base of his cock and gave him a comforting squeeze that made Jimin gasp out softly. His entire body was buzzing with pleasure and it all boiled down to the pale rough hands on him. Yoongi took a bit of extra time to trust two fingers inside of Jimin, scissoring them and stretching him until he was gasping into his own arm, thrown over his face because he couldn’t handle how fucking good it felt. The third finger had him tensing for a moment but then Yoongi was rubbing over his length and Jimin didn’t mind so much anymore.

When the combined blunt of those fingers stabbed into his bundle of pleasure, Jimin called out Yoongi’s name and slammed both hands into the mattress. His entire body went tight with pleasure, a whine bubbling up the back of his throat from the way Yoongi was deliberately rubbing his fingers against the bundle. Yoongi gave him a bit of relief after a few seconds, pulling his fingers away and rubbing the extra slick of lube around his rim.

Jimin sat up quickly, grabbing for Yoongi’s face and pulled him into a deep kiss that took the man’s breath away. He ran his hands through Yoongi’s hair, slotted their lips together in repeated fast hard kisses and hooked his thighs over his bent knees, keeping him close because he never wanted to let go. Emotion washed over Jimin like a tidal wave and there was nothing he could do about it but float in the wave, letting it slosh him from side to side.

His fingers were shaking when they found the button on Yoongi’s jeans and popped it open. Yoongi’s hands were brushing over the skin of his sides, leaving it prickling from his touch while Jimin was busy shoving open the flaps of his jeans and fumbling for his hard cock. Oh, Jimin loved Yoongi’s cock as much as his ass. It was smaller than Jimin’s, uncut, a little shorter and not as thick but it fit inside of him so fucking perfectly and Jimin craved it. He craved to shove it in his watering mouth and suck until Yoongi’s hands were clawing at his hair from the pleasure. But most of all, he wanted it inside him.

“Fuck me, Yoongi.” He breathed the words against Yoongi’s mouth, cradling his hard cock between one small hand and giving it a good squeeze that made the man choke on a groan. “I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me until you’re the only thing I can feel.”

Yoongi moaned into his mouth, his nails digging into Jimin’s ribs as he kissed him again. Jimin let the kiss linger as he shoved the jeans and underwear down, freeing Yoongi’s ass and most of his thighs. It took a little effort for them to pull away so Yoongi could get out of his clothes but once he was free, Jimin grabbed him and pulled him close, laying back down on the bed with Yoongi between his spread legs. They shared a few more kisses, a little softer than earlier before Jimin released him so Yoongi could sit up again and grab one of the condoms. He ripped it open quickly and rolled the slick latex over his throbbing cock, his lips pursing at the feeling before crawling closer to Jimin.

Their bodies moved together easily, Jimin hooking both his thighs up around Yoongi’s waist while the older lined himself up with a hand at the base of his cock. The blunt press had Jimin whining into the air, begging for more and Yoongi didn’t disappoint. He rolled his hips forward and Jimin opened up for him willingly, sucking his cock inside all the more and making the both of them moan loudly into the room.

With one slick roll of his hips, Yoongi was buried deep in Jimin’s ass and that was all Jimin could feel. He grabbed at Yoongi’s shoulders, pulled the man down against him and wrapped both legs around his back, stretching himself a bit farther so the slide was easier for Yoongi. His lips pressed against the slope of Yoongi’s neck while the man tried to find leverage by shoving his hands against the mattress on either side of Jimin’s ribs. Once he found the perfect spot, Yoongi snapped his hips forward and Jimin saw stars.

Pleasure crashed over him and Jimin didn’t bother to hold back the sounds that poured from his lips. They were muffled into Yoongi’s neck but the older could feel the vibrations and they urged him on.

The pace started evenly, Yoongi snapping his hips forward hard but slowly, letting his cock linger against Jimin’s walls and driving the younger absolutely insane. He loved the way Yoongi fucked him and he couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He mouthed at Yoongi’s throat, feeling the muscles strain against his lips and he left a few marks of his own, wanting Yoongi to remember him long after they were done.

Once his arms started to strain from the effort of keeping himself up, Jimin released his tight hold on Yoongi’s shoulders and dropped back into the mattress, hair a mess and lips plump and slick. His heart swelled at the heat in Yoongi’s eyes and he couldn't look away from them, finding himself pinned by the intense dark stare. Sounds bubbled from his mouth, gasps and soft moans with each shove of Yoongi’s cock against his prostate but he couldn’t look away.

Finally, after a moment or two, Yoongi broke the gaze by closing his eyes and shaking with a pleasured shiver. He dropped his head down to Jimin’s cheek, pressing his lips there and Jimin closed to his eyes to savor the feeling.  

“Fucking beautiful, angel.” Yoongi groaned into his skin, his voice rough, deep and husky and Jimin did that to him.

Jimin let out a whine of pleasure and grabbed at Yoongi’s shoulders to pull him closer. After a few more thrusts, Yoongi finally dropped his body like Jimin wanted him too. The weight was welcomed and Jimin’s nails dug into the clenching muscles of his back, clawing from the pleasure throbbing through his body. His leaking cock was trapped between their stomachs and Yoongi’s face buried in the curve of his neck, kissing sloppily at the skin. Yoongi’s hands curled over the balls of his shoulders, using that as leverage before he started to thrust again, shoving hard into Jimin and rocking his entire body and part of the bed.

The angle was better this time, the thrust hard and perfect and Jimin moaned out Yoongi’s name into his hair. His entire body shook with each thrust and even when he tried to shove his hips down to meet him, he was too trapped to do so. Yoongi’s entire body was over him, pinning him into the mattress and fucking him hard and deep, just like Jimin wanted. He had dreamed about this for months, cried himself to sleep thinking about this because he was certain he would never get it again and yet he was. Yoongi was mumbling sweet things into his neck, telling him how pretty he was, how perfect, how wonderful and Jimin didn’t notice when tears started to prickle at the corners of his tightly closed eyes. He only noticed when one slipped free and he couldn't tell if it was from the pleasure or the emotion crashing through him but it wasn’t the first time he cried during sex with Yoongi and so he didn’t worry about it.

Yoongi’s pace picked up after a few moments, rocking hard into Jimin and the younger could only hold on for the ride and moan into his hair. It felt so fucking good and he couldn’t even focus anymore. The noises he made would have been embarrassing if he actually gave a fuck and all he wanted was to feel Yoongi more and more.

“Good, so good to me baby.” Jimin breathed out into Yoongi’s hair, clawing over the muscles of his back and tightening his thighs on his side. Yoongi’s knees were under his thighs, lifting him up at the perfect angle to fuck into him and Jimin felt like his entire body and heart were currently in Yoongi’s hands and he was almost certain the man wasn't going to drop him. Yoongi’s grip was firm, steady and Jimin trusted him to not let him fall. “Little more, oh fuck , I’m almost…” His words trailed off into a whimpered moan when Yoongi slammed into him just right.

His cock was trapped between them, rubbing against warm skin and that was too much for Jimin to take. All it took was another expert roll of Yoongi’s hips, cock slamming against his prostate and Jimin’s pleasure snapped like a broken rubber band. It crashed over him like a ten foot wave, sending him rolling and spinning until he didn’t know which way was up and which way was down. He clamped down hard around Yoongi, nails digging so hard into his skin they broke through and thighs hugging so tight that it was difficult for Yoongi to keep thrusting. But the man didn’t give up. He slowed his pace slightly to milk Jimin for all he was worth, leaving him panting, breathless and whining into the air from how fucking good it felt.

Jimin finally fluttered his dazed eyes open after a moment of Yoongi thrusting into him languidly and when he did he found Yoongi leaned up, gazing into his face with the most lovingly awed expression he had ever seen. Feeling so good, and a little overstimulated, Jimin gave Yoongi the brightest smile he could muster, cupped his face with shaking hands and brought him in for a firm kiss. That was all it took for Yoongi. He rolled his hips once, twice, three times more and then he shoved in deep, stilling and trembling from the pleasure that crashed through his body. Jimin clenched around him to milk him, brushing through his hair and kissing over his face, whispering softly to him how fucking gorgeous he was when he came inside him.

For a moment, they just laid there together like that, Yoongi’s hips stilled and their breath mingling against each other’s mouths. Then Jimin smiled, the force so much it made his cheeks strain and Yoongi laughed softly against his mouth. It took a few tries for Yoongi to get up on his shaking arms but once he did, he sat back on his knees and was careful as he pulled his softening cock out of Jimin. Jimin let out a faint sound at being so empty all of a sudden so Yoongi rubbed over his thigh soothingly.

His entire body felt like it was floating and moving wasn’t something Jimin was keen on doing at the moment so he watched with heavy lidded eyes as Yoongi rolled off the condom, tied the end and tossed it in the small trash can beside Jimin’s dresser. Then he was carefully sliding off the bed, getting to his wobbly legs and for a moment, Jimin panicked, thinking the man was going to leave only to breath a sigh of relief when he waddled into the bathroom.

Yoongi returned less than a moment later with a wet cloth in his hand which he was using to clean the mess from his stomach that Jimin made. Then he knelt on the edge of the bed to clean Jimin’s skin as well with a soft smile. His expression looked so tender and Jimin’s heart fluttered from it. He couldn’t seem to stop smiling and once he was all clean, he grabbed at Yoongi’s wrist to tug him closer. Yoongi tossed the rag on the floor without a care and happily curled up against Jimin’s side, pressing their lips together in a soft kiss. They laid there like that for another few minutes, Yoongi curled around Jimin’s side with his face in his neck while Jimin trailed his fingers over the man’s arm and any other skin he could reach. He felt too good to let any negative thoughts drift into his mind and that was such a nice feeling.

Yoongi shivered slightly at the cold that started to seep into the room now that they weren't focused on each other and the heat boiling between them. They were naked to the air, blankets trapped beneath them and Jimin didn’t feel like moving to get beneath them. So he curled onto his side, tucked Yoongi closer and wrapped both arms and a leg around him. Yoongi chuckled against his jaw and gripped onto his hip tightly, feeling the soft warm skin beneath his palm.

“I didn’t forget how cold Montana was but fuck .” Yoongi groaned, cuddling up a bit closer to Jimin and pressed his lips to the edge of his jaw.

“I’ll warm you up baby, don’t you worry.” He spoke fondly, running his hands over the claw marks he made on Yoongi’s back to sooth them just slightly.

“I’d rather get under the covers.” Yoongi mumbled through pouty lips, glancing up at Jimin through his lashes.

A sinful smirk curled to Jimin’s lips and he pulled back enough to bump their noses together. “Oh, baby, I’m not done with you. We’ve only just started.”

Something like heat flashed through Yoongi’s eyes and he nodded in understanding. Jimin let out a happy hum and hugged Yoongi to his chest again, pressing kisses into his hair. They needed a few more moments of rest but arousal was still bubbling in the pit of Jimin’s stomach and he wasn’t going to sleep that night without first getting a fresh taste of Yoongi’s small but plump ass. He smiled to himself at the thought and buried it into Yoongi’s soft dark hair, smelling mint and a hint of sweat that made his toes curl.

There wasn’t anything in particular that woke Jimin up that morning. He just woke up, slipping free from the dreams of his slumber to rejoin the waking world. He was tempted to fall right back asleep but there was a warmth pressed against the full length of his body and he blinked his eyes open in curiosity. Pale skin and black hair greeted him and his heart fluttered. Right, Yoongi . Warmth bubbled up the back of his spine and Jimin nuzzled a little closer to the man he was currently spooning. Yoongi had one of Jimin’s hands trapped between both of his, curled loosely against his chest in a hug and if that wasn’t the cutest fucking thing. Jimin hummed happily and pressed his face back into the nape of Yoongi’s neck, feeling warm skin and smelling a hint of sex and mint. Yoongi was still sleeping peacefully and Jimin could feel himself drift between the planes. His entire front was curved along Yoongi’s back, legs curled together, pelvis into Yoongi’s ass, chest to his back. It was a nice feeling and though parts of his body were still aching from their adventures, Jimin had never felt so good in his life since the last time Yoongi was in town.

The abrupt sound of a blaring song made both of them flinch and Jimin lifted his head in confusion. Yoongi groaned and mumbled, cursing under his breath as he shifted around and before Jimin could figure out where the heavy hip-hop song was coming from, Yoongi had released the hold on Jimin’s hand and was slipping out of bed.

Yoongi continued to grumble, rubbing at the small of his back just above his ass complaining about aches that Jimin had left him with. Jimin giggled to himself and pressed his smile into the pillow, watching as Yoongi shuffled around the room to find his pants. He picked them up, dug around in the pocket and finally pulled free a small smartphone that was vastly different from the flip phone Jimin last saw the man with. His glaring face was rather amusing to look at as he brushed across the touch screen and brought the phone to his ear.

“The fuck do you want?” His voice was so rough from sleep and moaning into the pillow the night before that it made Jimin shiver. Yoongi listened to whoever was on the other line as he rubbed a fist into one of his eyes. He was standing stark ass naked there in the middle of Jimin’s bedroom and he didn’t give a fuck about it. Jimin took in the nice view, letting his eyes linger over the curve of his ass. “Yeah? What’s Tae thinking?”

Tae? Taehyung? Jimin hummed and assumed he was talking to Jungkook, probably about work. He wiggled on the sheets to get more comfortable and the sound gained Yoongi’s attention. His gaze softened when it landed on Jimin and they shared a sweet smile that left Jimin’s heart buzzing in his chest.

“Yeah, alright.” Yoongi’s attention was back on the conversation and he twisted away from Jimin to nudge at his pants with his bare toes. “Give me an hour or something. I’ll meet up with you.” He suddenly snapped his head up, glancing over at Jimin shyly and whatever Jungkook was saying had the man flushing that pretty color. “Uh, yeah. Later, Kook.” He ended the call before his brother could, probably, tease him some more. Yoongi let his phone drop on the pile that was his pants without a care and then he moved back toward Jimin, settling on the edge of the bed to reach out and card through his hair. Jimin hummed into the touch and let his eyes closed to savor it.

“Got work to do?” Jimin mumbled, his mouth feeling dry and his lips a little sticky. At the mention of work, Jimin remembered he had his own work to do and he shot up with a gasp, startling Yoongi. “Work! Oh fuck.” He nearly fell of the bed in his hurry to find his phone, which was settled on his dresser by his bowl of jewelry. He quickly snatched it up, brushing across the screen to find an assortment of angry messages from Argie. It was nearly eight in the morning and Jimin was two hours late. He was never late. Not once in his entire life had he been late to work. Before Jimin could panic too much, he found another assortment of messages from Sami, telling him she was covering him until he could come in. She gave him a series of winking and eye emojis which made his cheeks blush but at least she understood what was going on and was kind enough to cover for him. She probably needed the money too and so Jimin didn’t feel to guilty.

“How late are you?” Yoongi asked softly, coming up behind him to wrap his arms around his waist. “Are you in trouble?”

“Argie needs me.” Jimin said with a sigh, placing his phone back down after telling Sami he would be in within the next hour. “He’ll bitch and moan for a while but I’ve never been late so he’ll get over it.”

“Sorry about that.” Yoongi sounded truly sorry and so Jimin twisted around in his arms, cupping his face and pressing their mouths together. It was a soft simple kiss, considering morning breath was a thing but it helped Yoongi relax against him.

“Don’t you fret, baby. You’re worth it.”

Yoongi smiled into his mouth. “I’ll take you to work. I need to meet up with Jungkook and Taehyung. Something about a lead on the cows, or something. Again, aliens.”

Jimin giggled against those sweet lips. “Could be aliens. You never know.”

Yoongi snorted. “The day it turns out to be aliens I’ll sell my left kidney.”

Jimin giggled happily into Yoongi’s lips and gave him another kiss before pulling back. “Shower with me, hm? We smell like sex.”

“What a horrible thing that is.” Yoongi rolled his eyes sarcastically but let Jimin take his hand and lead him into the bathroom. “You know what I have to deal with? Sex. Kook and Tae having sex. All the time.” His brow furrowed and he settled down on the toilet while Jimin went about turning on the shower and waiting for the hot water. “In our hotel rooms, in the backseat of my fucking car. Can you believe that? My car. The only ass she saw before was yours and now they’ve tainted her.” Yoongi sounded so offended that Jimin couldn’t help but laugh. He was so cute when he did that. He was always so grumpy first thing in the morning but he was never grumpy with Jimin. “We always get two beds, right? Cause I’m a nice big brother and I don’t care if they sleep together but do they really gotta fuck on my bed too? Like, really?”

Jimin giggled, biting into his lower lip as he twisted the knobs for extra hot water, like Yoongi enjoyed. “We should fuck on their bed, for revenge.”

Yoongi snorted, crossing his arms over his bare chest. “You just wanna fuck.”

“Well duh.” Jimin stuck his tongue out at him. “But if we’re gonna fuck, we might as well have a little revenge.”

“Maybe.” Yoongi hummed, pursing his lips like he was thinking about it. “If I get back to the hotel and find they fucked on my bed, you’re fucking me in their bed and I hope they hear it.”

Jimin giggled and grabbed at Yoongi’s hands to pull him into the tub, closing the shower curtain behind them as they moved under the stream of steaming water. “Whatever you want, baby.” He promised, planting a kiss to his hair.

Yoongi quieted down after that, letting Jimin wash his body for him. They didn’t have the time to play around in the shower even if Jimin wanted to but they would have time later, he was sure. He let Yoongi wash his hair and then he washed Yoongi’s hair before their shower was finally over. Smelling fresh and clean, they stepped out and Jimin wrapped Yoongi up in one of his large blue towels that nearly swallowed the thinner man. There was a blue toothbrush still in the cup with Jimin’s yellow one which Yoongi used to brush his teeth with quickly while Jimin dried off. By the time Jimin came over to start brushing his teeth, Yoongi shivered from the cold and hurried back into the bedroom where it was a little warmer. Jimin giggled at the man’s antics and finished up his brushing before wrapping a towel around his waist. Yoongi was picking up his clothes from the floor when Jimin came back into the bedroom, blond hair dripping around his shoulders.

“You know, I have some clothes of yours.” Jimin pointed out, moving over to the dresser and dropping down in a squat. He opened the bottom drawer which held a pair of Yoongi’s jeans and three of his t-shirts he had managed to leave at Jimin’s the last time he was there. Jimin didn’t mention how he had slept with those shirts for the first month or so until Yoongi’s scent faded away. Then he washed them and tucked them into his dresser, not having the heart to get rid of them or wear them.

Yoongi made a noise of surprise and stepped up beside him, towel still wrapped around his shoulders as he peered down. His eyes widened and he let out a surprised laugh. “I was wondering where those went.”

“You want them back?”

“Nah.” Yoongi shook his head and stepped back toward his pile of clothes on the unmade bed. “Save them for later, I might need them.”

Jimin’s heart thumped and he nodded, closing the drawer and standing up straight. He grabbed a pair of underwear from the dresser before he shifted to his closet where his work polos were hung up and tugged open the doors. He dressed in his usual uniform, black jeans and black polo and knew his apron was stuffed into the pocket of his jacket which also held all the money he made the day before. Not the smartest idea but money had been the last thing on Jimin’s mind last night. He grabbed his wallet and phone from the dresser and paused there to pop out the studs in his ears and replace them with his favorite dangling star earrings. The quartz crystal was laying in the bowl as well, where he had placed it sometime in the night after finding it slapped Yoongi in the face when he was fucking into him. He tugged the leather around his head and brushed his fingers over the smooth surface before tucking it under his shirt. Once he was ready, he found Yoongi fully dressed in his clothes from the night before and he was attempting to make the bed. Jimin smiled and rushed over to help him until the blankets were nice and flat.

Dressed and ready to go, they shuffled out into the living room together. They didn’t say much to each other, not seeing much of a need to as Yoongi tugged on his boots and Jimin fiddled with his apron to find all the money he made the day before and stuffed it into his wallet, which he then shoved into the front pocket of his jeans. Then he tied the apron around his waist securely before tugging on his boots and his coat. Yoongi hovered by the door with his leather coat already on, zipped up to bare the bitter cold of the morning. He was frowning and Jimin was used to that, seeing as that was just how Yoongi’s face was but when he dipped in for a kiss, that frown curled into a soft smile and Jimin’s heart fluttered.


“Mhm, let’s go.” Yoongi gave him one more kiss, pouting their lips together and tasting of toothpaste before finally pulling away. He snapped open all the locks and opened the door, mumbling about the bitter cold that slapped into their faces before hurrying out the door. Yoongi didn’t wait for him as Jimin as locked up his home and he couldn’t help but laugh at the way Yoongi threw himself into his car and started the engine to warm it up.

The air was cold enough for Jimin to see his breath and he wondered if it was going to snow or if it was going to warm up as the day went on. He sure hoped so. This was supposed to be their warmer season after all and he had enough of snow. He hurried down the steps carefully and slipped into Yoongi’s car, careful not the slam the door because Yoongi didn’t like his baby being abused in such a way.

“I don’t miss the snow. Tell me it’s not going to snow.” Yoongi grumbled, his lips pursed as he twisted the knobs on the dash to get the heat flowing a little better.

“Don’t wear a leather coat and you’ll be fine.” Jimin teased, giggling at the way Yoongi cut his eyes at him. “It should warm up. This is our warm season.”

“Warm season?” Yoongi scoffed. “Is forty really that warm?”

“When you usually get below twenty, yes.” Jimin reached out to gather Yoongi’s cold hands in his own and rubbed them, getting them nice and warm. “You could use a pair of gloves and a thicker coat.”

“I have some in the trunk.” When Jimin eyed him up, Yoongi shrugged and gave him a quirk of one corner of his mouth. “Too lazy.”

“I swear.” Jimin laughed fondly and gave Yoongi’s knuckles a few kisses before the car was warm enough to Yoongi’s liking. They snapped on their seatbelts and settled down for the thirty minute ride.

The silence in the car was welcomed and Jimin slunk in his seat to stare out the window as Yoongi backed out of his driveway and steered them onto the empty main road. There was a tingling feeling at the back of his neck, something that begged his attention but Jimin ignored it. He was in a good mood. Yesterday was a good day and this morning was better and Jimin wasn't going to let any negative thoughts penetrate his good mood.

Yoongi reached for his hand once they were rolling down the road at a good pace and Jimin curled their fingers together without much thought. His skin was still cold to Jimin’s touch and he ran his fingers over the bumps of his knuckles to warm his skin a bit more. There was a pleasant air between them that Jimin enjoyed, letting it wrap around him like a warm blanket.

The parking lot of Argie’s Diner wasn’t even that busy and Jimin rolled his eyes, knowing Argie had been exaggerating when he sent that message about them being the busiest they’d ever been. Yoongi parked his car in the same spot he always did, right in front of the diner for everyone to see. Jimin clicked off his seatbelt and let it slide back in place before turning to Yoongi.

“I get off at two. I’m not staying later than that no matter what Argie says.”

Yoongi smiled fondly at him and leaned over the gearshift to give him a soft kiss. “Hm, I was thinking. You wanna go to Madison?”

Jimin perked up and his heart fluttered. “ A date?”


Heat curled of his cheeks and he smiled, nodding before pressing another kiss to Yoongi’s waiting mouth. “Pick me up at home. Four sound good?”

“I’ll be there, angel.”

Jimin was buzzing with happiness as he popped open the door and gave Yoongi one last kiss before stepping out. He twisted back around to duck down and flash Yoongi a bright smile that the man returned with a gummy one. “See you later, baby.”

“Have a good day.” Yoongi gave him a small wave.

“You too.” He returned the wave before standing up straight and shutting the door. Yoongi didn’t pull out of the parking lot until Jimin was safe and sound in the warm diner.

Sami was standing behind the bar with her phone in her hands, uncaring of Argie’s rules. She brightened up as soon as Jimin stepped through the door and her knowing smile and eyeing of his marked neck made him blush. There were only two customers in the diner so he told her she could finish up with them before going home. She thanked him, stating she made a good amount of money for breakfast that morning while he stepped back into the break room to shrug off his coat and tuck his phone away safely.

“Jimin Park!” The snap of his name made Jimin sigh but he stepped back into the kitchen because he would have to face Argie at some point. Before the door could even swing shut behind him the man was yelling at him, saying words that barely even registered to Jimin. He spotted the dishwasher leaning against the sink, rolling his eyes and adjusting the music in his ears to get louder. He gave Jimin a sympathetic smile and really, the people Jimin worked with made his job much more bearable. Just Argie was an asshole.

“First of all,” Jimin’s sharp voice cut through Argie’s yelling and the man froze, his face so red from his anger he looked like a boiled frog, “I’ve never been late in all the years I’ve worked here.” His tone was hard, solid, and his narrowed eyes made Argie flinch and the dishwasher to snicker into his hands. “Second of all, No, I can’t be replaced so easily because I’m the reason people still come back to this shitty joint. You think they come for the food?” He scoffed and rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. “I may be a fag ,” he spit the words back in Argie’s face, making the man’s jaw drop in a bit of horror because the last time Jimin snapped at him had been after a night with Yoongi and he had enough of the man’s shit, “but the people of this town enjoy my company because I’m not a fucking asshole. So shut your trap, cook your damn food and let me do my fucking job, huh?” He spun around on his heel, gave the snickering dishwasher a wink and pushed back through the door into the diner.

All eyes were on him when he came back through the door but no one looked offended, just surprised and then they returned back to their food. Sami was watching him with the biggest grin on her face and he nudged her when he passed by to clock in. She giggled into her hands before going back to work.

Jimin didn’t have the time or patience to deal with Argie that morning. Yoongi tended to have that effect on him. The man reminded him that he deserved better and Jimin was starting to act like it. The last time he snapped at Argie, the same week Yoongi had been there, the asshole left Jimin alone for a month. People seemed to forget how terrifying Jimin could be when he was angry and it was nice to remind them from time to time.

With that settled and Argie keeping quiet in the kitchen, Jimin set about his work for the day, giving Sami a hug when she left. People wandered in from time to time but the diner was pretty dead until lunch hour rolled around. Jimin found himself decently busy with the lunch crowd, waiting on miners with a bright smile that left a few of them a little stunned. Jack and his goons even came in to eat but the man found his words stuck in his throat when he eyed up Jimin’s marked neck. Jimin was not ashamed of the marks Yoongi left him and he leveled the man with a glare, begging him to say something about it and instead, Jack dropped his head and pretended he saw nothing. It was a good feeling, something powerful and he hoped it stuck around for a little while.  

Jimin’s good mood lasted all the way to the time he was supposed to clock out. Cherrie, a slightly older lady in her late forties showed up for her shift to take after him and Jimin only had one table left by then. She greeted him with a soft smile and a pat on his head before clocking in, relieving him for the day. Argie didn’t say a word when Jimin clocked out after his last table was closed out and so he didn’t bother to check on the man. Jimin knew he still had a job, would always have a job there as long as he wasn’t a total ass to Argie all the time. He gathered his things from the break room and slipped on his coat, checking to make sure he had everything before leaving the diner.

Jimin’s truck was a 2011 Ford pick-up that did well in the snow and ice. He was rather fond of the damned thing, even if the white paint was chipping in some areas and she took forever to heat up. He definitely preferred Yoongi’s car, seeing as it was slick and gorgeous and black, but Jimin’s truck was more practical for the area he lived in with rolling hills and mountains.

His good mood followed him all the way home and he was so excited for his date. The last time Yoongi took him to Madison was their first official date and it had been one of the best times Jimin ever had with another human being. Madison was a bustling town in North Dakota, a good hour and a half drive from where Jimin lived but it as where all the fun places were. It was where the Taco Bell was, along with a plethora of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops. Jimin liked it there, enjoyed it quite a bit when he explored it with Yoongi and he was looking forward to having another good time with the man that didn’t involve clothes coming off. Jimin loved his naked time with Yoongi but he really enjoyed getting to spend time with Yoongi that was more child friendly. It was when he got to see the best parts of Yoongi, his smile, his laughter, his humor and his wit and Jimin was excited for it. He was excited that Yoongi wanted to take him on another date.

His house didn’t feel so lonely this time when he stepped inside but he still flicked on most of the lights, even when it was daylight outside. After taking his coat and shoes off, Jimin wandered into the kitchen to reheat one of his tacos, just so he wouldn’t be starving by the time they got to Madison. While he ate, he thumbed through the cash he made that day and the day before, separating out what he needed to save, what was for bills and what was left to spend. He was off the next day which meant laundry, paying bills and maybe a little grocery shopping. Or, if he were lucky, an entire day wrapped up in bed with Yoongi. Oh, he could only hope.

After tucking away his cash for saving in his secret spot and then tucking the other part away in the basket on the counter for bills, Jimin tucked the rest into his wallet. It was plenty for a night of fun with Yoongi, probably even too much considering the man would insist on paying for everything. Still, Jimin wanted cash in the event that he could convince Yoongi to let him pay for something .

Food and money taken care of, Jimin moved into his bedroom where the faint scent of mint still lingered. He hummed to himself, inhaling deeply and the smile that curled to his lips was unavoidable. He felt so full, like a balloon ready burst from so much water but it wasn’t a bad feeling in the least. He was just so fucking happy that Yoongi was back around but the thought that the man was going to leave again left a bitter taste in the back of his throat. He tried not to think about it, tried to not let it get to him but as he stripped out of his work clothes and tossed them into his washing basket, the thoughts plagued him.

What would become of Jimin when Yoongi left this time? Jimin wanted to ask to go with him. If Taehyung was welcomed, surely Jimin would be as well. Wouldn’t he? But small thoughts, small dark consuming thoughts haunted him. What if Yoongi didn’t want him to come? It was a horrible thought, something most likely not even true but sometimes thoughts like that haunted him and there was little he could do about it.

But Jimin knew, this time around, he wouldn’t handle Yoongi leaving him behind as well as he did the first time. It might break him this time, a thought that made a frown curl to his lips as he started up the shower, waiting for the water to get nice and hot. There was no one to blame but himself for how attached he was to Yoongi. He knew Yoongi was going to leave last time and he still let himself fall for sweet smiles and soft touches. Jimin was weak to the man and he was proving that all the more by letting it happen all over again.

Jimin let out a heavy sigh and brought both hands up to slap against his cheeks. No, he thought. This time would be different. This time he would ask Yoongi to take him with him and he was certain the man would agree. What reason did he have to say no? He didn’t have feelings for Jimin? That was utter bullshit and they both knew it. Jimin had nothing for him in Harper keeping him and thus there was nothing Yoongi could use against him. He had little friends, no family, and no attachments.

Hell, before Yoongi tumbled back into his life, Jimin was planning on leaving anyway. He had bags in his closet packed full of clothes and there was a suitcase under his bed he fully planned on packing full of the stuff on his special shelf. Jimin had it all planned out. He was going to work at Argie’s for two more weeks, working double shifts to save up even more money and then get the fuck out of Harper. He had no destination in mind, truthfully. He was just going to drive until he couldn’t drive anymore, maybe travel until he found a town that felt like it suited him. He could wait tables anywhere and so it didn’t matter all that much. He had enough money saved up to keep him stable for a couple months and he figured he would find a new home in that amount of time.

That was the plan anyway and then Yoongi showed up again. The plan was now put back on the shelf until he could figure out what he was going to do with Yoongi. Asking the man to take Jimin with him was a rather big deal after all and the thought of even asking brought up bubbles of anxiety Jimin hadn’t felt since he was teenager. He knew, deep down, that Yoongi wouldn’t say no but the slim chance that he would and break Jimin’s heart terrified him. It was something he needed to work up to and he still had a few days. Yoongi was taking him on a date and Jimin would horde the man’s time as much as he could until it was time to leave.

Feeling a bit more confident, Jimin slipped into the steaming shower and spent extra time cleaning himself up. He washed away the dirt and sweat of the day, even when it hadn’t been a long one. He wanted to be fresh and clean for his date with Yoongi and the thought of spending more time with the man made excitement spark across his glistening golden skin.

It was a special night, Jimin decided. Just like their first date, this was an important night for their relationship and Jimin was going to make the best out of it. He was going to look his best, drive Yoongi a little bit insane and drag him back home with him to mold their bodies together until they were too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

After scrubbing himself clean extra well and washing his hair, Jimin stepped out of the shower and dried off before wrapping the towel around his waist. The bathroom was a little warm from the steam of the shower and he stepped up to his small sink, sliding his hand over the mirror to clean away the fog. His reflection looked a little brighter than normal and that made his lips twitch into a smile while he fiddled with his toothbrush and toothpaste. He stared at his reflection as he brushed his teeth, cocking one hip against the edge of the sink. His hair was still damp, sticking to his neck and forehead but once it was air dried it would be soft and bouncy to the touch. There was a small hint of his dark roots starting to grow back in but Jimin didn’t worry much about it. He would need to stop back in at Suzi’s salon before he left town to take care of that. He liked the blond and the way it looked against his skin tone. It made him look softer, a little bit more angelic like Yoongi thought he was. He had just went blond when the man first showed up and after realizing how much Yoongi enjoyed his blond hair, Jimin decided to keep it. His hair had been all kinds of colors, brown, red, pink and even blue once but the blond was a bit more natural and looked best on him. Though Jimin still liked the pink and might go back to it some point in his life when he didn’t have to deal with homophobic assholes fucking with him because of it.

Teeth nice and clean, Jimin went about shaving his face to take away the few lingering plucks of hair around his upper lip and jaw line. Once that was done, he moisturized his face to give his skin a soft dewy glow and then ran a comb through his hair, not worried about styling it until it was finally dry. He could blow dry it but that usually made his hair frizzy from the elevation so air drying was the best.

Towel still wrapped around his slim hips, Jimin stepped back into the bedroom to figure out what the hell he was going to wear. He had all kinds of nice clothes he never got to wear because he never had anywhere to go. Jimin liked clothes. He liked looking good and making a statement but living in such a small town never gave him the opportunity to do so. But a date with Yoongi was the perfect excuse to drag one of his suitcases out from the closet, toss it on his bed and start digging through his nicer sets of clothes.

No matter what, Yoongi was still a casual guy. He didn’t do fancy restaurants or fancy clothes. Jimin had never seen the man in anything but ripped jeans, vintage band shirts and his leather jacket. It was a nice look for him, honestly and Jimin had the clothes to match it. He had an hour or so before Yoongi was supposed to pick him up so he took his time in digging through his best clothes to put an outfit together. He had all kinds of clothes, some more fancy than others and he really needed to size down his collection of comfortable fashionable sweaters. But he loved them too much to do so. Ripped jeans were a must and so he picked out the tightest pair of black ripped jeans he owned with tears in the knees and distressed holes in the thighs. They always made his ass look rather divine and he knew Yoongi would appreciate it.

It was as Jimin was digging through a second suitcase full of accessories and other small pieces he never got to wear but absolutely loved that he found the most perfect thing in the world. He smirked at the black material, rubbing the strings through his fingers before deciding it was perfect. He tossed the two pieces of clothing on the bed with his pants and then started looking for a shirt he could wear with them. Something that showed off a lot of skin for sure. He was intending to drive Yoongi a little nuts over the course of the night and so he picked out a tight shirt that would be perfect. Considering it was rather cold outside he needed a hoodie or sweater of some sort to wear over his shirt and under his coat and he picked out a thin red sweater to bring a pop of color to his otherwise black outfit.

Pleased with his choices, Jimin tugged the towel from his waist and dropped it in the washing basket before moving to his dresser to pick out a pair of underwear and some socks. He reached for a normal pair of black briefs but then he paused, his eyes lingering on the few special items he had tucked away in his drawer and after a second thought, he grabbed the black lace along with equally black socks that would keep his toes warm in his boots.

Having everything he planned to wear laid out on his bed, Jimin started to get dressed. He pulled on the black lace panties first, cupping his groin in his hand to adjust it properly in the small fabric before letting go so the lace could snap against his skin and hug him tightly. He twisted around to check out his own ass in the full length mirror on the bathroom door and he smiled, liking the way the lace hugged the globes of his ass. Next he picked up the black fishnet tights and pulled them up over his legs. He loved the way the black crisscross of strings looked against his golden skin and he knew Yoongi would appreciate it as well. Then he tugged on his jeans, struggling into them for a moment because of how tight they were but he managed and buttoned them up against the skin below his belly button. They rested rather low on his hips, making the fishnets stick out from the top and also showing the dark trail of hair that led downwards. A rather attractive thing Jimin thought and he tugged at the rips in his jeans to make sure the fishnets could be seen through the holes before tugging on his ankle socks.

Next, Jimin shifted over to his dresser to rub some deodorant under his arms before snatching up the long sleeved fishnet shirt and tugged it on over his torso. It hugged him like a second skin and he fiddled with the sleeves until he could fit his thumbs through the proper holes, keeping the edge of the sleeves over the back of his hands and in the middle of his palms. The shirt did nothing to hide his body and he knew that would make Yoongi drool just a little bit but add a black crop top on top of that and he really was going to make Yoongi lose his mind. That was the plan anyway. With the top on, coming to a stop just below his ribs, his stomach was on display, showing off a part of his body he was rather fond of.

Finally came the sweater which he tugged on over is head. The sleeves had holes at the end as well and he slipped his thumbs through them, keeping the sleeves over his hands and he adjusted the length to fall over his thighs. The sweater was thin but soft, hanging off his body to hide most of his shape but the way it fell over his thighs and the curve of his ass was appealing. The red looked good against his skin tone as well and he fiddled with the patterned slits on either side, that come up his hip and showed off a hint of the fishnet thighs above the hem of his jeans.

Jimin checked himself over in the full length mirror, turning from side to side, checking out his own ass and his thighs. He looked rather hot in his opinion and he could imagine Yoongi thinking the same thing. He smiled softly to himself and shifted back into the bathroom so he could mess with his hair and put on a bit of makeup.

Jimin usually didn’t bother to style his hair but he was going all out tonight so he might as well. He used a little bit of product to make the blond strands look a little bit more full and bouncy, styling his hair to fall over his brow and curl around his ears. He also didn’t wear makeup much unless it was a special occasion but this sexy outfit called for eyeliner and a light swipe of smoky eye-shadow. The dark lines brought out the honey-brown of his eyes all the more and he really loved the way it made him look. He pursed his lips to slick on a bit of lip balm to make them shiny and appealing and stuffed the balm into his pocket to use later as well.

He was hot. Checking out his own reflection, Jimin decided he would definitely fuck himself and that was what he had been going for. He didn’t look too out of place but held an extra bit of confidence to himself that he found sexy. He looked damn fucking good and he was going to make Yoongi drool. He giggled at the thought and left the bathroom behind, moving into his bedroom to clean up the mess of clothes he made. After stuffing anything back into his closet, Jimin moved to his dresser to pick out what jewelry he was going to wear. He pulled on the quartz crystal because he was rather fond of the thing and tucked it under his sweater before picking up one of his black silk chokers and clipped it on around his neck. It made his neck look a little thinner and longer and brought attention to the few fading marks Yoongi had left him with. Next he picked out which rings he wanted to wear. Simple was best considering the whole of his outfit was the statement piece so he pulled on a simple silver band over his thumb and then a thick metal ring with vines etched into the surface over his middle finger on the same hand. Another thick metal band went on the ring finger of his other hand and he figured that was enough. Next came the earrings and he shuffled between a few pairs before picking out the small silver hoops that had thin silver chains dangling from them. He put one in his left ear and then a simple silver hoop in the other, making a contrast he was fond of.

Jimin checked over his reflection one more time before deeming himself fuckable with a pleased grin. He shoved his phone in one front pocket and then his wallet in the other because the back pockets were too tight against his ass to hold anything really. He snatched up his favorite pair of lace boots and left his bedroom to plop down on the couch and tug the boots on. He laced them up properly until they were snug against his ankles and then he sat back against the couch, glancing around the room to find the clock.

Five minutes to four and Jimin didn’t know what to do with himself now. He could maybe start a load of laundry before Yoongi showed up but he would probably forget they were in the washer and then they’d get that weird smell. His room was already clean and he couldn’t think of anything to do to pass the time while he waited for Yoongi. He had a thought and quickly got to his feet, shuffling back into the bathroom to find his cologne and spurt a few sprays on himself. He liked the smell, a little floral and musky and mixed well with his natural scent.

The sound of a car door slamming shut caught his attention and he hurried out of the bathroom, his heart thumping in his throat. He spotted Yoongi’s pretty Chevelle through the front windows in the living room and he grinned to himself, shuffling into the kitchen to grab his keys. The soft knock at his door made his heart flutter and he hurried over, grabbing his coat from the rack and tugging open the door.

Yoongi’s eyes jumped from the ground to meet Jimin’s as soon as the door swung open and there was a moment where they just stared at each other. Yoongi’s black hair was a little more fluffy, falling over his brow and ears cutely. He was wearing dark blue jeans that, for once, weren’t ripped and the same heavy combat boots he always wore. Instead of a vintage t-shirt, he had on a long sleeved black and white striped shirt that hugged his body shape well and curled over his hands with the same black leather jacket resting over his shoulders. He looked beautiful standing there, his pretty eyes widening as they took Jimin in from head to toe, lingering on the flash of fishnet through the holes in his pants and Jimin couldn’t help but grin at the way the apples of Yoongi’s cheeks flushed.

“Hey, baby.” Jimin purred his words softly, his heart fluttering at the way Yoongi’s eyes snapped up to his face. They caressed the curves of his face, lingering on his glistening lips and sharp eyes and Jimin watched how hard Yoongi swallowed.  

“H-Hey angel.” He reached out a hand toward him and Jimin met him halfway, linking their fingers together to give a squeeze. Yoongi’s lips twitched up into a soft smile and his eyes were sparkling when they met Jimin’s. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Jimin hugged his coat to his chest with one hand as he stepped out onto the small porch and closed the door behind himself after releasing Yoongi’s hand. He started to lock up the door while Yoongi waited patiently behind him.

“I actually have a favor to ask.” Yoongi’s voice was soft as he hunched in to protect himself from the cold.

“Mhm. What is it?” Jimin turned to him after locking up the house and then shifted to tug on his coat.

“You mentioned knowing a Namjoon, right?” When Jimin perked his eyebrows, Yoongi continued, glancing away to look over the fields around Jimin’s home. “Well, Kook figured out that the area of these missing cows happens around one ranch and said ranch belongs to a Namjoon Kim. I figured, Namjoon’s a pretty rare name around here so he might be the same guy.”

Jimin blinked and tilted his head to the side, making his earring twinkle against his neck. “Crystal Snow Ranch?”

Yoongi snapped his eyes to him and nodded. “Yeah. That one.” There was a twinkle of interest in Yoongi’s eyes, something that Jimin only saw when the man was talking about his work and Jimin smiled fondly.

“Yeah, that’s the same Namjoon. What do you need?”

“Uh, well, to speak with him? Taehyung figured we could just roll up on him and ask some questions but I thought if it was the same guy you know, maybe we could use you as a buffer. People don’t always appreciate being surprised by company asking questions.”

“You want me to call him for you?” Jimin offered.

Yoongi lit up, standing up a little straighter. “That’d be real great if you could.”

Jimin hummed and dug around in his pants for his phone. “Namjoon’s a busy guy but he usually answers my calls. I could set something up for you. I’m sure he won’t mind. I didn't know his cows were going missing.” His lips curled into a frown as he swiped over his phone screen to pull up Namjoon’s contact number. He vaguely recalled Maggie mentioning something about the Kim’s cows but he never put the pieces together that they were Namjoon’s cows she was talking about. “He loves those things. They’re like his babies. He raised most of them from babies. How long has this been going on?”

“That’s what we want to ask him. Among other things.”

“Taehyung still thinking aliens?” Jimin asked, amused as he pressed the call button and brought the phone to his ear.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and shifted on the porch. “Cows disappearing in a field? Gotta be aliens.” He muttered.

Jimin giggled softly and stepped closer to Yoongi, wrapping his free arm around him to pull him close to his side and share body warmth. They could do this in the car but Yoongi didn’t seem in a hurry to leave and Jimin didn’t mind the cold as much as Yoongi.

The line rang for three times and for a moment Jimin thought Namjoon wouldn’t pick up but then the line clicked and a deep voice greeted him.

Jimmie? Hey, it’s been a while.

“Hey, Joonie.” Jimin greeted with a smile. “How you doing?”

Been a bit busy. Things are a little crazy around here.

“I heard about your cows.” His voice dropped into something sympathetic. “I’m sorry about that.”

“Oh.” Namjoon let out a soft breath that sounded like an awkward laugh. “Yeah, that’s a thing going on. We’re trying to figure things out around here.

Jimin hummed. “How busy are you?”

Not too busy for you, Jimmie. Do you need anything?

“A favor, actually. If you don’t mind.”

What do ya need? ” He asked without a hint of hesitation.

Jimin glanced at Yoongi, finding the man was staring out over the rolling fields. “I have a friend. A writer. He writes about weird stuff like what you’re going through and he’d like to ask you some questions, if that’s alright. I understand if it’s not a good time.”

Namjoon hummed on the other side of the line and there was the sound of shuffling. Jimin could hear a dog barking in the background and he assumed that was Gashima, Namjoon’s favorite black and white border collie. “ I was actually about to head back to homestead. Not sure I got much information for your friend but I’ll do my best.

Jimin perked up and Yoongi glanced at him in question. “Really, Joonie? That’d be great. We could head over now.”

You home? ” He continued when Jimin made a noise of confirmation. “ Yeah, you head out now, I should be home by the time you get here. We’re just out checking for more corpses. It’s real strange, Jimin. If your friend has some answers, that’d be pretty great cause I’m sick of hearing aliens come from Jackson’s mouth.

Jimin snorted softly and hugged Yoongi closer to his side. “I’m not sure if he’ll have answers but we’ll see. See you in an hour?”

Sounds good, Jimmie. Be safe.

“You too, bye Joonie.”

Bye, Jimmie.

Jimin ended the call and slipped his phone into his coat pocket before flashing Yoongi a smile. “We can head over now.”

Yoongi biinked up at him in surprise before a smile curled over his pink lips. “That was easier than I expected. You don’t mind our date waiting?”

“Nah.” Jimin leaned over to give his flushed cheek a kiss before grabbing his hand and pulling him down the stairs. “I’m happy I can help you with your work. We never talk about your actual work, so this is exciting.” Instead of moving toward Yoongi’s car, parked beside his trunk, he pulled Yoongi toward the truck. “And we’re taking my truck because getting to Namjoon’s ranch is nothing but steep hills and your car is nice but she might die.”

Yoongi crinkled his nose. “She can handle anything.”

Jimin hummed. “Dirt roads, baby. You’re the only pretty thing around here I wanna get dirty. We’ll come back and take your car to Madison afterwards, fair enough?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi agreed, his cheeks flushed, and gave Jimin’s hand a squeeze before he rounded the truck to pop open the passenger door and climbed inside.

Jimin climbed into his truck easily enough and settled down on the bench seat, slamming the door shut with a heavy bang. He started up the truck while Yoongi settled down, clipping on his seatbelt and fiddling with the heating vents so they were blowing on him. Jimin turned up the heat a little bit so Yoongi didn’t freeze and then he clicked on his seatbelt, waiting a moment for the truck to warm up.

“Thanks for this, Jimin.” Yoongi spoke after a moment of silence, glancing around the interior of the truck before his eyes landed on Jimin shyly. This was the first time they were in Jimin’s truck together and the first time Jimin was driving them somewhere instead of Yoongi. “It’s a big help.”

Jimin shrugged one shoulder as he curled a hand over the steering wheel and the other over the gear shift. “I’m happy to help. Namjoon’s a good guy so he’ll help as much as he can. I’m curious about what’s going on as well.” He shifted gears as he spoke and backed out of the driveway, pulling them onto the main road. “I mean, sure aliens are out there but why would they take our cows? You think they like milk?”

Yoongi chuckled as he pulled his phone from the pocket of his jacket and unlocked it, probably texting Jungkook and Taehyung to let them know what he was doing. “I guess they could but seems pretty strange to me.”

Jimin giggled softly as he pulled the truck onto the road, shifted gears and pushed forward. Namjoon’s ranch was a good forty minute ride down the main road and then another twenty or so minutes down a dirt road before his home came into view and Jimin had been there once or twice while they had been dating. It was a nice place and Jimin had enjoyed seeing all the animals. Ranching wasn’t really his kind of thing but he could see how much Namjoon enjoyed it and he could imagine the man was feeling rather distressed at his animals disappearing.

“What do you really think it is?” Jimin asked to keep the conversation going while Yoongi was tapping away at his phone. “Bears don’t usually come this far from the mountains and I guess it could be wolves but don’t they usually leave traces?”

Yoongi hummed in the back of his throat. “I don’t know much about what’s going on, only what we read in the paper. According to that, both cows and horses have gone missing. No bodies, no nothing. There was a theory that they were being stolen but we don’t think so. There’s something else going on.”

“Like that ghost?”

“I doubt a ghost wants cows.” Yoongi chuckled softly, finally tucking his phone back in his pocket so Jimin had all of his attention.

“You never really told me what you write exactly.” Jimin pointed out. “I’ve gathered you write stories about strange things but, for what? A newspaper or magazine?”

Yoongi was stiff for a moment before pursing his lips and glanced out the window. “It’s a blog, actually. Sometimes the stories end up in magazines. We hunt down strange occurrences, figure out the story and write it. It’s a lot more fact based than you’d think. Mainly just ghost stories because those keep people interested.”

Jimin hummed and glanced at Yoongi with a sly smirk. “Yoongi Min, are you telling me you’re a ghost hunter?”

Yoongi snorted into his hand. “If you ask Taehyung, he’ll say we’re alien hunters.”

“That’s so cute.” Jimin’s chest bubbled with affection. “Why do I find that so cute?”

“You’re weird, that’s why.” Yoongi reached over to take his free hand, curling their fingers together on his lap and Jimin’s lips spread into a smile. “I like that though.”

Jimin’s heart fluttered in his chest and when he glanced over, Yoongi was flushed all the way to the tips of his ears, his head ducked down to stare at their intertwined hands. He looked so cute sitting there and Jimin just wanted to smother him with kisses. Seeing as he was driving, he couldn’t. But as soon as they stopped, he was going to do it.

“I like your weirdness too, Yoongi.” Jimin said fondly, giving his hand a squeeze.

Yoongi’s lips twitched up into a smile. “How was work?”

And so Jimin told Yoongi about his interaction with Argie, earning a bundle of laughter from the man and about the support he received from his fellow coworkers. Yoongi told Jimin how he was pretty certain Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t fuck in his bed but he couldn’t be sure. They looked awfully sneaky when he came back but his bed looked perfectly made like they didn’t touch it. With a crinkled nose, Yoongi pointed out that they probably fucked on the small table in the corner of the room and he planned to avoid that part of the hotel room for the rest of their stay. Hearing Yoongi mumble about his brother being a sex freak with his boyfriend was rather entertaining and Jimin listened to his stories with a smile as they drove.  

Eventually they fell into a warm silence that Jimin rather enjoyed. He could have turned the radio on but the only stations around were country and Yoongi always crinkled his nose at it. Jimin didn’t mind the genre of music so much, seeing as he was forced to listen to it every day at work but Yoongi wasn’t a fan. He preferred heavier beats or soft piano. His music taste could vary, as Jimin learned by riding often in the man’s car and Yoongi always surprised him with whatever song played next. The silence was fine for the time being and Jimin let Yoongi play with his fingers while they rolled down the road.

Almost forty minutes later, Jimin slowed down the truck and pulled off onto the dirt road with the large red metal arch above it. There was a metal sign attached to the top of the arch reading “Crystal Snow Ranch” and Jimin knew he was in the right place. Yoongi eyed up the arch in wonder as they passed through it and the truck waddled from side to side from the dirt road. Jimin had to take his time down the road so he didn’t pop something out of his poor truck but the road was extra worse than usual because of all the melting snow recently creating holes in the dirt.

The dirt road curled through a few rolling hills and over a rather large one before falling back down. Once they crossed that large hill, Namjoon’s homestead could be seen in the distance and Jimin knew they wouldn’t be much longer. There wasn’t another ranch for miles seeing as Namjoon’s spanned over such a large area. The ranch home was settled right at the end of the road, with a small opened gate that wrapped around the property. There were a few barns scattered over the large area, along with other buildings that housed the ranch workers and equipment. It was a nice looking place and as Jimin pulled up around to the main ranch home, Yoongi was looking around with wide interested eyes.

Jimin spotted Namjoon as soon as he pulled his truck to a stop. There was a four wheeler parked around the side of the home and at the sound of his rumbling truck, Gashima came around the home barking and wagging her tail in excitement. She was quickly followed by Namjoon who was wearing his jean overalls and a heavy winter coat. He looked just as handsome the last time Jimin saw him, his dark hair tucked up under the beanie on his head.

“That’s Gashima.” Jimin explained, flicking a hand at the dog running toward them while he cut the engine and unbuckled himself. “She’s a real sweetie.”

Yoongi hummed as he unhooked his seatbelt and waited until Jimin opened his door to pop open his own. The air was colder out here in the hills and Jimin shivered, tugging at his coat to wrap it around himself as he met Yoongi in front of the truck. The poor man was already shivering, pressing close to his side for warmth while Jimin lifted a hand to wave at Namjoon.

Gashima reached them first, barking and wagging her tail. She immediately went to Jimin, shoving her nose into his crotch and making him squeak, cheeks flushing darkly. “Oh! Hey girl.” He giggled and squatted down to rub his hands over her soft fur, making her wag her tail more and press her cold wet nose into his cheek. “Still as pretty as ever, aren’t you?” He ruffled the fur around her muzzle and she let out a happy bark, bouncing on her feet before quickly turning to Yoongi to get attention from him. Jimin watched in amusement as Yoongi dropped down just like he did to pet her, mumbling to her how pretty she was.

“Hey, Jimmie.” Namjoon greeted, his voice deep in the quiet air.

“Hey, Joonie!” Jimin greeted happily, bouncing on his feet as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his coat. “It’s good to see you.”

“You too.” His thick lips curled up into a warm smile and his eyes drifted to Yoongi who was still absorbed in the dog. “Think she likes you.”

Yoongi glanced up at Namjoon, realizing the man was speaking to him and flushed to the tips of his ears, quickly standing back up and rubbing his hands on his pants. Before he could introduce himself, Jimin did it for him.

“Joonie, this is Yoongi. Yoongi, Namjoon, owner and head rancher of Crystal Snow.” He wrapped an arm around Yoongi’s waist to pull him closer while Gashima stuck around the man’s feet, waiting for more head rubs.

Namjoon eyed up the way Jimin was holding onto Yoongi and one corner of his mouth quirked up into a knowing smile. “Nice to meet you, Yoongi.” He reached out his hand and Yoongi carefully grabbed onto it, giving him a firm handshake.

“Nice to meet you too. Thanks for doing this.”

“It’s no problem really. Not sure how much help I’ll be but I’ll give it a shot.” His smile was warm, reaching his eyes and making the corner’s crinkle. “Why don’t you two come inside? I’ll make coffee.”

“Sounds great, Joonie.” Jimin flashed him a smile and then they were turning up toward the wrap around porch of the large home. He kept his hand around Yoongi’s waist out of habit and the man followed along willingly, smiling down at the dog who kept close to him, following after them in excitement.

Namjoon’s home was rather beautiful in Jimin’s opinion. It was much too large for one man, which was why a few of his workers lived inside with him but it seemed they were still out on the ranch because the place was empty when they entered it. The inside was very warm, which made Yoongi breathe a sigh of relief and they removed their coats and shoes by the door with Namjoon. Gashima immediately ran through the home, disappearing somewhere out of view.

“Go ahead and take a seat in the living room. I’ll be in a minute.” Namjoon gave them both another soft smile before slipping away into the kitchen.

Jimin led Yoongi into the main area of the house which was a large open living room, kitchen and dining room. There was a staircase nearby which opened up into a railed hallway and the inside was so homely it made Jimin smile fondly. He settled down on one of the comfortable couches and Yoongi joined him, sitting so close their thighs pressed together. Gashima appeared out of nowhere with a toy in her mouth that she dropped in Yoongi’s lap.

“I think she likes you.” Jimin mused, curling his arm around Yoongi’s back once again.

Yoongi’s cheeks bunched from his smile as he grabbed the toy and threw it across the room for her. She barked and ran after it eagerly, scooping it up in her mouth before bringing it back over to Yoongi so he could do it again.

“Shima.” Namjoon called with a laugh as he walked into the living room, a small tray of drinks in his hands “Leave the poor guy alone, he didn’t come to see you.”

“Speak for yourself.” Jimin giggled, reaching out to pet her head. “I definitely came to see her.”

Yoongi smiled happily at Namjoon and shook his head. “I don’t mind.”

Namjoon laughed as he placed the tray on the coffee table in front of them and motioned for Yoongi to toss him the toy. Yoongi did as asked and Gashima followed the toy with eager wide eyes. Namjoon tossed it down the hallway and she disappeared after it, barking and wagging her tail.

With the dog out of the way, Namjoon sat down on the loveseat across from them and offered drinks to them. They softly thanked him and took their drinks in hand. Jimin added a decent amount of sugar and cream into his while Yoongi curled his hands around his mug and sipped the black coffee contently.

“Alright.” Namjoon started softly, settling back in his seat with his legs crossed and his mug in hand. “What can I do for you?”

Yoongi sat up a little straighter and Jimin saw the change on his face almost instantly. His eyes glistened and his mouth went into a firm line. This was serious Yoongi. This was working Yoongi and Jimin was slightly in awe from it.

“Start by telling me what’s been going on around here, please.” Yoongi settled his mug down on the coffee table and then folded his hand into his lap, his attention focused solely on Namjoon.

“It started about a month ago.” Namjoon started softly, furrowing his brow in thought as he took a sip of his coffee. “I keep track of all my animals. Our cattle are free range but there’s an electric fence around my entire properly. They’re not going to wander free but sometimes we lose track of one or two at times. They like to stay in small groups, but it happens. I have four ranch hands who keep track of the cattle and their movements. So we tend to know where they are at all times but about a month ago, one of my girls Jenny started to notice the small herd she followed was getting smaller and then one day, they were just gone. We searched the entire land and found nothing. I asked my neighbors if they saw any stray cattle but they said a few of theirs had gone missing as well. We checked the fences to make sure they couldn’t have escaped and everything was in place. Since then, I’ve lost seventeen cattle total and I’m really not sure what to do. The police don’t know what to make of it.”

Yoongi hummed, his brow furrowed and a frown on his pretty mouth. “And it couldn’t be a bear? Jimin said they don’t usually come this far south.”

Namjoon pursed his lips and clicked his tongue. “In all my twenty-six years of ranching, I’ve never seen a bear this far from the mountains.”

“And wolves? Are there wolves around here?”

“Occasionally but the fences are electric. If a wolf manages to squeeze through, and it does happen from time to time, we find them pretty quickly cause they’re messy. They leave corpses.”

“You mentioned a corpse on the phone.” Jimin perked up.

Yoongi’s eyes widened and he looked so excited Jimin wanted to coo at how cute he was. “There’s a body?”

“Was a body.” Namjoon corrected. “We found one the day before yesterday. Thought it was a wolf at first,” he brow furrowed more and a frown came to his face as he placed his coffee mug down on the table, “but no wolf has claws that big and I honestly can’t imagine it being a bear.”

“Claws?” Yoongi’s voice was soft, almost breathless. “Can I see it? The body, I mean. It’d be really helpful.” He looked like he was buzzing with excitement, his hands twisting together his lap and his eyes wide.

“Sorry.” Namjoon smiled sympathetically. “We buried her while the ground was soft and she’s probably too decomposed now to make anything out.”

Yoongi visibly deflated and leaned back into the arm Jimin had around his waist. “Oh. Alright. Could you describe to me what you saw?”

Namjoon hummed and then snapped his fingers, realization crossing his features. “I can do you one better.” He dug into the front pocket of his overalls and pulled out his phone. “I took pictures to show the police and animal control, hoping they knew what made marks like this but another herd has gone off path and we’ve been busy tracking them down so I haven’t had the time.” He flicked through the old flip phone to find the pictures he was looking for before offering it to Yoongi. “They’re a little gruesome.”

“I’ve seen worse, I’m sure.” Yoongi mumbled as he took the phone eagerly and brought it close to peer at the pictures.

“Just click to the side. There’s a few of them.” Namjoon picked up his coffee again to sip at while Jimin leaned over to see what Yoongi was looking at.

The screen was too small to really see much and so Yoongi crinkled his nose. “Can I send these to myself?”


Yoongi tugged out his own phone and went about sending the pictures from Namjoon’s phone to his own which took a few minutes. In that time, Jimin and Namjoon had a silent discussion consisting of wiggling eyebrows and quirked lips. Namjoon kept glancing at Yoongi and wiggling his eyebrows and Jimin could only blush and roll his eyes. Of course Namjoon knew what was going on. Jimin told him about Yoongi and considering how dressed up Jimin was, it was obvious something was going on. Not to mention the arm he kept around Yoongi’s back and the way the man leaned into his side naturally.  

Yoongi passed Namjoon his phone back once he was done and then brought up the pictures on his own. Jimin leaned closer to get a good look and he froze at what he saw, his blood running cold through his veins as Yoongi tapped on the picture to make it take over the whole screen.

There was so much red and at first it was all Jimin could see. Then the black and white came into view and he realized he was looking at a cow. A dead cow. He crinkled his nose and leaned a little closer to figure out what exactly he was looking at. He realized the red was the white of the cow’s fur stained with blood but other than that, there wasn’t actually any blood. He figured out where the head was and the picture was taken up close and personal, right at the cows ripped open neck. Jimin could easily pick out the three claw slashes that were too big to be a wolf but too small to be a bear. They ripped through the thick flesh of the cow’s throat and then curled all the way down out of view. Yoongi brought the phone closer to his face to peer at the claw marks and his eyes were narrowed, flickering with something Jimin couldn’t pick up on. He almost looked angry but also a little dangerous and it made Jimin wonder what the man knew.

Yoongi flicked to the next picture which was a more wide shot, showing the entire body of the cow and Jimin could see the claw marks did spread all the way down the flank. From this angle, he could see the ground and he thought it would be pooled with blood but it wasn’t. Yoongi seemed to notice this as well.

“Was it sucked dry?” Yoongi asked, flicking his eyes up at Namjoon darkly and causing the man to nearly choke on his coffee. “Not a trace of blood?”

“Yes.” Namjoon nodded, swallowing a few times and wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. “Thought that was kind of strange. Marks like that and there should have been some pool of blood. The ground would have soaked it up by the time we found her but it should have been stained. Only her fur was stained around the marks.”

“I find it hard to believe that was aliens.” Jimin pointed out, curling his free hand against his thigh because honestly whatever did that was terrifying.

Namjoon let out a heavy sigh. “I swear, Jackson has been screaming aliens for the past month and then this happens and now he thinks we have werewolves.”

Yoongi dark eyes snapped up at him, looking narrow and deadly. “Werewolves eat the heart and liver. Were hers missing?”

Both Jimin and Namjoon blinked at him in alarm but it didn’t seem to phase Yoongi. He was wanting for an answer and Namjoon swallowed after a moment. “Uh, no. She wasn’t ripped open. Those were the only wounds on her.”

Yoongi hummed, nodding and the intensity in his eyes lightened as he locked his phone and stuffed it into his pocket. “Can I give you a bit of advice?”

Namjoon sat up straighter and nodded. “You know what it is?”

“I have a hunch.” Yoongi hummed and shrugged one shoulder. “Those people of yours, the ones out in the fields. I suggest you don’t let them stay out there past dark cause they might be next.”

“Yoongi.” Jimin gasped in surprise, staring at the man with slightly wide eyes but Yoongi looked dead serious, no hint of a joke in his expression and it sent a shiver down Jimin’s spine.

“I’ve been making them come home before dark anyway. Whatever it is attacks in the dark and I don’t want to lose any of my people.” Namjoon spoke softly. “But I hear you. Any other advice? Like maybe how to kill this thing?”

Yoongi’s expression suddenly went soft and he smiled warmly at Namjoon. “You won’t have to worry about it for much longer. Give it a few days and you should notice your cattle not disappearing anymore.”

Namjoon just blinked at him. “So… We do nothing and it just disappears?”

“Something like that.” Yoongi offered him another smile that Namjoon weakly returned. “Just be safe and careful and don’t go out after nightfall for a few nights.”

“Is this…” Namjoon narrowed his eyes for a minute. “What do you do again?”

“I’m a writer. My brother and I travel the country chasing weird occurrences like this and write about them.”

“So you’ve seen this before?” Jimin asked before Namjoon could.

“Yeah, sorta. I can’t really give you any answers on what it is but I know you won’t have to worry about it after a few days.”

“That’s both confusing and suspicious.” Namjoon breathed out. “But if it means my cattle will be safe, I’ll let it go.”

Yoongi’s smile was rather pretty. “Sorry I couldn’t help more. But you were very helpful to me.”

“That’s good.” Namjoon gave him one of those warm smiles before glancing between the two of them. “Well, if that’s all you need, I figure you should be on your way. Looks like you’re late for a date.”

Heat curled up the back of Jimin’s neck and he gave Namjoon a look that Yoongi completely missed. He was too busy finishing up his coffee to notice the exchange between the two of them.

“We’re not late. Just running a little behind.” Yoongi answered, putting his empty cup back down on the table. He licked the lingering coffee from the corner of his mouth and Jimin’s eyes dropped to that flash of pink tongue.

“You two look good together.” Namjoon pointed out, making Jimin’s cheeks flush and Yoongi’s head to snap up. He smiled harmlessly at the two of them and moved to get to his feet. “Special night, hm? Thanks for stopping by.”

“Thanks for your help.” Yoongi moved to his feet to take Namjoon’s outstretched hand in another shake while Jimin stood up as well. Gashima toddled back out from the hallway with her tail wagging and Jimin reached down to give her a scratch behind the ears.

“No problem.” Namjoon led the two of them back toward the front door where they tugged on their boots and coats. Once they were all ready to go, Namjoon pulled Jimin into a one armed hug as an excuse to whisper softly to him. “He’s as pretty as you said. Don’t let him go this time, yeah?”

Jimin was flushed when he pulled away, making Yoongi give him a confused look that he shook his head at. “I’ll see you around, Joonie. Thanks for taking the time to see us.”

Namjoon smiled warmly at them and followed them out the door, stopping on the porch with his socked feet against the wood. Gashima made sure to get a few more pets from Yoongi before they descended the stairs and headed toward Jimin’s truck.

“Take care, Jimmie, Yoongi.” Namjoon gave them a wave that they returned before climbing into Jimin’s large truck. Namjoon waited for them on the porch until the truck was started up and Jimin was pulling them back out through the gate. Jimin gave the man another wave before they rolled back down the dirt road to head toward Jimin’s house.

“So what do you know that you’re not telling Namjoon?” Jimin asked as casually as possible, easing the truck down the bumpy dirt road.

Yoongi bit into his lower lip as he pulled his phone back out and started to mess with it. Texting Jungkook, presumably. “I’ve just seen stuff like this before.”

“Okay, let me rephrase.” Jimin curled his fingers a little harder around the steering wheel and glanced at Yoongi from the corner of his eyes to see the man watching him with unreadable eyes, “what aren’t you telling me ?”

Something flickered across Yoongi’s face, something a little like hurt and a lot like concern and then Yoongi dropped his gaze to his lap. “Whatever it is, is dangerous. It’s killed people before. This is the first time I’ve seen those marks on an animal but I’ve seen them before.”

Something went tight and cold in Jimin’s stomach. “You’ve seen them on a person? What the hell kind of shit do you get yourself into, Yoongi?”

Yoongi’s brow furrowed and a frown curled to his mouth. “It’s my job, Jimin. It’s not always fluffy shit. It’s not always aliens and the ghosts aren’t always nice enough to just leave when asked. Shit happens.”

He sounded upset and Jimin hated that. He hated how he had caused that and the last thing he wanted to do was fight with Yoongi when they were supposed to be enjoying their time together. He took a deep breath and eased the tension out of his body. When he reached over to take Yoongi’s hand the older let him, curling their fingers together on his thigh.

“I’m sorry, Yoongi. I think I just got a little scared for you.” He breathed out, offering the man a soft smile. “As long as Namjoon’s ranch is going to be okay, I guess I shouldn’t worry, right?”

Yoongi nodded, his eyes still locked on Jimin’s hand. There was a moment where he opened and closed his mouth, like he wanted to say something and then thought better of it. He closed his eyes, breathed in deeply and then let it out in a slow breath before his eyes fluttered open again.

“I shouldn’t keep things from you either. Sorry, angel.” And he did look sorry when he glanced up at Jimin, making his heart squeeze.

“It’s okay. There’s a lot we still don’t know about each other, right? This is just one of those things. We’ll work it out.” He squeezed Yoongi’s hand tightly, a comforting motion for the both of them. “We’re gonna have a good time together tonight, so let’s not worry about stuff like that right now.”

Yoongi hummed, glancing around the window like he was thinking about something before leaning over the bench seat and pressing his warm lips to Jimin’s cheek. It was a little surprising and made a bubble of giggles crawl up Jimin’s throat from the burst of affection in his chest.

The tension in the air melted away after that and Yoongi settled down in his seat with a warm smile on his lips, hand still clutched between Jimin’s. He messed with his phone for a while longer before finally tucking it away once they were back on the main road. They made light conversation about what they wanted to do once they got to Madison and the one thing they agreed on was food first. They still had a long drive ahead of them once they got to Jimin’s and switched cars but Jimin knew the drive in Yoongi’s car would be just as pleasant, with the background of nice music they could play along to.

They reached Jimin’s house without incident and then switched vehicles. Yoongi seemed even more comfortable in the seat of his pretty baby and Jimin appreciated the way the seat practically hugged around his entire body. Yoongi fiddled with the stereo for a moment, hooking up his phone in order to play whatever music he wanted. He trusted Jimin with his phone, passing it to him before they finally pulled out of the driveway and started down the road toward Madison.

Jimin searched through the huge assortment of music before he found something appropriate. He wanted something soft and pleasant to follow the air between the two of them and picked out a soft rock playlist Yoongi had. It was good music for their drive to Madison and they would play more upbeat music on their way back. Satisfied about the music, Jimin tucked Yoongi’s phone away in the small center console and then grabbed one of Yoongi’s hand to cradle in his lap.

“Did I tell you how gorgeous you look yet?” Yoongi mused, one corner of his mouth turned up as he glanced at him. “I don’t think I did.”

“You didn’t.” Jimin confirmed, sinking down in the seat. “But I’m all ears, baby.”

Yoongi chuckled softly and squeezed his hand. “You know how gorgeous you are.”

“Yes, but I like hearing you tell me how pretty I am.” Jimin wiggled slightly, batting his eyelashes at him. “As much as you like me whispering in your ear how pretty you look while I’m fucking you.”  

Yoongi jerked slightly, his grip on the steering wheel tightening and Jimin giggled, happiness bubbling in his stomach. “You always look gorgeous, angel.” He started softly, biting his bottom lip before continuing. “But you went all out tonight, hm?”

“Just for you baby.” Jimin lifted his hand to plant soft kisses over his knuckles that made Yoongi’s cheeks flush that pretty color. “All for you because I know you’ll appreciate it.”

“I’m appreciating.” Yoongi mumbled, glancing away from the road to catch his eyes on the fishnets and skin exposed through the rips in his jeans. There was heat in his gaze, something that made Jimin’s skin prickle and he spread his thighs open a little bit wider so the criss cross fabric dug into his exposed skin, making Yoongi’s gaze darken slightly.

Jimin bit into his lower lip to keep his smirk at bay because they had only just begun and he wanted to tease Yoongi for a while longer. After what felt like an eternity, that burning gaze finally shifted back to the road and Jimin gave Yoongi’s hand one more kiss before dropping it in his lap, curling their fingers together against his thigh.

With the air prickling beneath the surface with that lovely tension that always settled between them, Jimin started up soft conversation to keep Yoongi’s attention while they drove along the long curved road. There was nothing in particular to talk about but Jimin liked telling Yoongi about why he liked this particular song, or about an episode of a show he saw a few weeks ago. Yoongi always listened and was happy to keep the conversation going with his own opinions. It was a nice way to keep the air warm between them and Jimin loved listening to Yoongi’s deep rumble of a voice drawl on about absolutely anything.

Madison was a long ride but the closer they got the more excited Jimin became. He could feel it buzzing over his skin like lightning, prickling the surface and curling around his heart. The last time they went to Madison together was the first date and he greatly enjoyed it. Jimin had a fair share of dates under his belt but his with Yoongi was the best experience he ever had. It had nothing to do with the destination or what they did but all with the man he was with.  

Jimin saw sides of Yoongi he didn’t get to see before that night and he was excited to see them again. Yoongi’s smile was so beautiful, lighting up his entire face when he was feeling especially joyful and Jimin couldn’t wait to bring forth that smile all over again. He wanted to have a good time with Yoongi, something he would remember for a long time, just like their last date.

Over on hour later, they finally rolled up toward Madison and Jimin could see the town before they reached it. The buildings were tall, the traffic suddenly thickened and there were people everywhere. He sat up in his seat, giving Yoongi his hand back so he could curl both around the steering wheel and he peered out the window in excitement. There were so many things they could do in the town and his mind rushed with all types of options that made him wiggle excitedly in his seat.

Yoongi let out a soft laugh, glancing at him with amusement twinkling in his dark eyes. “So, food first right?”

Jimin’s stomach rumbled at the thought and he nodded, leaning back in his seat and fiddling with the end of his sleeves between his palms. “I feel like meat.” He hummed and glanced over at Yoongi coyly. “Something big and hearty, that’ll fill me up all nice and tight.”

The flush over Yoongi’s cheeks was well worth the attempt at flirting and Yoongi rolled his eyes. “When aren’t you in the mood for meat?” He muttered with that pout of his that made Jimin giggle into his sleeves.

“Around you baby? Never.” He shifted his gaze back out the window and gave a soft hum. “But really, a steak would be amazing.”

Yoongi hummed. “Wanna Google a good place?”

“Actually,” Jimin shifted in his seat to better face Yoongi with his lips curled up into a smile, “Let’s go back to Dingo. I really liked that place.”

Yoongi hummed in agreement and Jimin leaned back into his seat with a happy smile. Dingo was a small restaurant they stumbled upon the last time they were in Madison. Jimin hadn’t been to the town since he was little, so he didn’t have a clue about any of the good places to eat. So the two of them had walked the snow covered streets for awhile just to pass some time and search for a place that caught their interest. Dingo was a small place tucked between a dry cleaners and an apartment building but the air was warm, the staff friendly and the food delicious. They had their first official date in that place and Jimin wanted to continue the tradition.

Yoongi rolled the car down the streets out of memory and after another ten or so minutes they pulled down the street where they first found the restaurant. There was parking across the street so Yoongi pulled into the lot and found a nice spot for them to park the car. The lot was rather large and yet relatively full. After checking the time of his phone, Jimin realized it was dinner time and so the place might be a little bit busy, which was fine really.

Jimin popped out of the car, feeling brisk cold air against his warm skin as he shut the door carefully. Yoongi shuffled about in the car for a moment, freeing his phone from the radio before getting out and locking up his car. Jimin joined him on the other side, easily slipping their hands together without a care in the world. No one in this place knew either of them and as they learned from the last time they were in this town, no one actually gave a fuck.

They hurried across the street, huddled together to protect Yoongi against the cold, even if it was warmer than the last time they came. Dingo looked exactly the same and Jimin’s heart fluttered when Yoongi opened the door for him. Warm heat slapped him in the face as soon as he entered and he couldn’t keep his smile hidden, glancing around excitedly while Yoongi huddled in behind him, shivering slightly.

The decor of the small one room restaurant was light yellow, orange and brown colors, giving the place a very earthy feel. He never did understand the theme of the place but he thought maybe they were supposed to be an Australian restaurant. There were murals of deserts on the walls, random cowboy hats and kangaroos all over the place. Jimin loved it. He loved how warm and welcoming the place felt and Yoongi pulled him closer by a hand on his waist as a pretty young lady walked up to them with a friendly smile.

“Hello! Welcome to Dingo. Two?” She questioned, holding up two fingers as she reached for menus from the small podium beside the door.

“Yup.” Jimin answered for the both of them.

“Okay, please follow me.” She gave them another polite smile before she turned away and they followed her through the restaurant. There were more people settled about the tables than the last time they came but the air was decently quiet. She sat them at one of the tables in the back corner, as far away from the door as possible and Jimin smiled gratefully at her. She must have picked up on the way Yoongi had been shivering and it was much warmer in the back of the place. “Your waiter will be with you shortly.” She said as she placed the menus down with another polite smile and then she left to return to her place by the front door.

“It smells good in here.” Jimin commented, shrugging off his coat before sliding into his seat. Yoongi didn't bother to take his coat off just yet as he sat down, picking up a menu and offering one to Jimin who took it with a smile.  

“I don’t know what I smell, but it smells good and it’s making me hungry.” Yoongi mumbled, settling in his chair so he could open the menu and start scanning through it.

Jimin’s heart squeezed in delight at how comfortable Yoongi looked and he grabbed his own menu so he could find something to order as well. Their waitress was another pretty little thing with flowing dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, pretty lips and painted eyes. She smiled genuinely bright at them and was eager to serve them. She was quick and efficient, making sure their drinks never went empty and their food was just the way they wanted it. Jimin appreciated her efforts, being a server himself, and he made a mental note to tip the girl extra well.

The food was delicious as Jimin expected it to be and his steak was cooked to perfection. He was surprised the restaurant wasn’t more busy during dinner hour but he was a little grateful for the soft quiet atmosphere. It made it easier for him and Yoongi to share light conversation as they ate and no one batted an eye at the two of them sharing dinner together. That was another reason Jimin loved this place. Their waitress, Anna, didn’t even seem to notice when Jimin reached across the table to fold his hand together with Yoongi’s. She barely gave their clasped hands a glance, just like they were some normal gross straight couple and it made Jimin’s blood rush with warmth.

That was all Jimin wanted to be. A normal couple. A couple where people didn’t think twice or look a them strangely. Madison was vastly different from his hometown and it was such a nice thing to see how he was accepted in other places of the country. All the more reason to get the hell out of Harper.

After their tummies were stuffed full with delicious warm food, Yoongi paid, Jimin tipped their waitress a generous amount and then they shuffled back out in the cold. There was talk of what to do next but they decided on a nice walk because Madison was a good place to walk through the streets and find something interesting.

Their hands curled together tightly between them, they walked through the streets with Jimin pointing out whatever shop caught his eye. They made easy conversation, like Jimin telling Yoongi about the one time his parents brought him to Madison when he was seven for the indoor waterpark on the other side of town and how he nearly scared them half to death when trying to prove how well he could hold his breath under water. Yoongi was always so attentive when Jimin was talking to him, listening closely, ducking his head in close, nodding and making soft noises while keeping eye contact as long as he could.

It was nice to have such attention on him and Jimin soaked it up like a brittle dry sponge. He loved listening to Yoongi talk as well, in that deep drawl of his. They talked about everything and nothing, just things to pass the time as they strolled through the streets, stopping at whatever shop gained Jimin’s attention for the time being before continuing onward.

It was almost two hours later when Yoongi couldn’t seem to bare the cold anymore, shivering violently against Jimin’s side while the younger eyed up a pair of earrings in the window of a jewelry store. He blinked in surprise and glanced at the man, seeing Yoongi’s eyes were cast lazily over the street as if he wasn’t shaking against Jimin.

Honestly, Jimin thought, he was in nothing but that thin long sleeved shirt and a leather jacket which did nothing to protect him from the cold. Jimin had about three layers on and he felt decently warm. A thought occurred to him then and he turned away from the window to pull Yoongi a little closer.

“You’re freezing.” Jimin pointed out, making the other perk a brow at him. “I don’t know how you think a leather jacket will ever keep you warm.” He clicked his tongue and pulled their hands apart so he could shrug off his own coat. “Switch with me.”

“What?” Yoongi’s lips popped open and he shook his head. “No, No, I’m fine. You stay warm.”

“Yoongi, I have a sweater and clothes on underneath. And I’m much more used to this weather than you. Give me your jacket and take mine.” He held out his own coat with a firm expression on his face, something that couldn’t be argued with.

Yoongi glanced from the coat to his face a few times before his shoulders dropped and he let out a sigh. “Fine.” He shrugged out of his leather coat, shivering all the more before they switched out. Jimin slipped on the leather coat, finding the inside rather warm and his heart thumped at the smell of Yoongi that immediately assault his senses. He didn’t have much time to focus on the fact that he was wearing the man’s coat before Yoongi pulled on his coat. It was a thick fabric, black and puffy with a fur lined hood that was perfect for cold weather. Yoongi instantly melted into the warmth, his eyes going hazy and his cheeks flushing, looking so damn cute in Jimin’s coat.

“Oh, baby.” Jimin gushed, stepping forward to grab Yoongi’s face between his hands without a second thought. “You look so good in my coat.” He brought their lips together, Yoongi’s lips a little chapped but still warm and nice against his own. Yoongi pouted his mouth out to return the kiss, a hand hooking into the sweater around his hip and Jimin’s heart did that flip floppy thing it did when he was feeling extra special because of Yoongi.

“You look too good in mine.” Yoongi mumbled against his mouth, his eyes a little more heated than before and Jimin’s cheeks strained with a smile.

“Fits me pretty well.” He rolled his shoulders, feeling the fabric hug him tightly. It did nothing to protect him from the wind but he didn’t mind really. He was used to the cold much more than Yoongi and he loved the way the man looked in his coat. All soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow. He kissed him once more, savoring the way their lips slotted together, Yoongi’s plump bottom lip catching between his before he finally pulled away. Not a single person on the street seemed to care what they were doing, didn’t even notice that Jimin had just kissed Yoongi in the middle of a decently crowded street. It was nearly eight on a Thursday night and people were either going home or heading out and not one gave a shit about what the two men standing in front of the jewelry shop were doing. Jimin loved it.

“I had a thought.” Jimin spoke against Yoongi’s mouth and when the man made a hum he continued. “I think you owe me a Sprint 500 rematch.”

Yoongi’s laugh against his mouth was warm and tickled along his skin. “Yeah? Think you’ll beat me this time?”

“I think I could.” Jimin leaned back enough to grin at him, letting his hands rest over Yoongi’s shoulders. “With something on the line.”

Yoongi’s eyes twinkled with interest and he licked at one corner of his mouth, nearly smirking at the way Jimin’s eyes dropped to watch him. “What are you thinking?”

Jimin hummed and slipped his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders, bringing their bodies close so he could purr into the man’s cold red ear. “Whoever wins this time, gets to top first tonight.”

He felt the way Yoongi’s body shivered against his and this time he was certain it had nothing to do with the cold. Topping and Bottoming were never a thing between them that caused much tension. They took and they gave depending on the mood and almost any time they had been together, it went both ways. Jimin certainly intended to have Yoongi inside him by the end of the night and he definitely wanted a taste of that nice little ass before he fell asleep later. It was just a matter of what he got first and playing a little game was always a fun thing to do.

Yoongi’s hands tightened in the fabric of his sweater, right around the muscles of his stomach and he tilted his head to brush those lips along the arch of his cheek. “You’re on.”

Jimin giggled breathy, kissing Yoongi’s cheek before pulling back to see those eyes dark and heated. They shared a small secret smile before Jimin took Yoongi’s hand again, linking their finger together and pulling him down the street, in the direction he knew the arcade happened to be.

Archie’s Arcade was a rather large building with twinkling sounds and heavy music pouring out into the streets. They stumbled upon it last time, spent most of their night inside and Jimin wanted to do the same thing all over again. They both had a bit of a competitive side that playfully came out around arcade games and Jimin wanted to see Yoongi laughing the way he did that last time he kicked Jimin’s ass in the Sprint 500 racing game.

Considering it was eight o’clock on a Thursday night, the arcade was bustling with teenagers. Heavy rocky music blasted through the speakers and the crowd was loud, voices raised high to be heard over the noise of the machines. Jimin led Yoongi through the crowd, slipping past people and machines until they could climb the stairs and reach the second floor. The second floor consisted of the more physical games, like the dancing games and sports games and the much larger machines, like the racing ones where people sat in. The bottom floor was mainly small gaming machines which were cheaper and thus gained the attention of most teenagers.

The second floor was much calmer, a bit more quiet and even though it was still rather busy, Jimin felt more comfortable upstairs. There was a young boy with his mother, running from one machine to the next and though she looked a little haggard, there was a smile on her face as she followed him with the cup of coins in her hands.

Spring 500 was a rather large console settled along a line of other consoles exactly like it but with different styles of car racing. They originally picked the Nascar racing game because it was the only one free at the time and it quickly became a competition. Yoongi won, of course, but he had laughed so brightly, so happily and Jimin didn’t feel so bad about losing too much.

Yoongi shuffled over to the coin exchange machine to shove a few bills into it while Jimin hurried over to the free machine, plopping down in one of the plastic racing seats with a grin on his face. He rubbed his hands over the steering wheel and fiddled with the pedals for a few moments before Yoongi finally returned. He passed Jimin his own cup full of coins and Jimin tugged the man closer for a kiss before letting him go. Yoongi flushed over his nose but didn’t say a word, moving to the other side of the machine to take the seat for Player 1.

“Three races?” Yoongi questioned as they shoved their coins into the slots to start up the game. “Best outta three?”

“Sounds fair.” Jimin agreed, shifting to shrug off Yoongi’s coat so his arms had better movement. The man noticed what he was doing and removed his own coat, letting it pool around his waist since it was rather warm in the arcade. The striped shirt he wore was thin but hugged him around the waist and chest, showing muscles Yoongi usually kept hidden and Jimin tried to not let that distract him. For a small guy, Yoongi had such a nice chest and thick arms and his mouth went a little wet at the thought. Honestly, how could one person be so fucking attractive? It wasn’t fair, really. But he was going to win this race, gain his pride back from the last time he lost and maybe convince Yoongi to let him feel him up in the back seat of the car afterwards, if he was lucky.

“Gotta admit,” Yoongi said through pouty lips, glancing at him from the corner of his eye as he settled his hand over the plastic wheel and the gear shift between them, “I’ve been practicing thanks to Jungkook and Taehyung.”

Jimin whined softly and pouted out his lower lip. “That’s not fair. I haven’t played since the last time we were here.”

“Sorry, angel.” Yoongi chuckled sweetly, like he wasn’t sorry at all. “Those two love games and drag me into these places all the time. Actually, I should bring them here before we leave.”

“You should.” Jimin agreed. “Maybe I can get one of them to kick your ass for me.”

Yoongi’s eyes flickered at the challenge and the smirk that came over his lips was too fucking sexy for Jimin’s own good. “They don’t stand a chance against me either.”

“Well, aren’t you special.” Jimin stuck his tongue out at him, childishly, and Yoongi burst into a fit of laughter, his lips curling over his gums and showing his teeth, making Jimin grin to himself.

“You’re too cute, angel.”

“Well, this cute angel is going to kick your ass.”

“Let’s see you try.”

The large screens in front of them suddenly flickered to life and they went about choosing their car by using the steering wheel and the small pedals. Smack talk was a thing they were both rather good at and Jimin was glad there weren’t people settled in the games around them because he was sure they didn’t want to hear, in vivid detail, what Jimin planned to do to Yoongi when he won. Even though it made the man blush all the way to the tips of his ears, Yoongi didn’t hold back either, mumbling how easy it was going to be to pin Jimin down and take what he earned. It made Jimin pickle with heat, a small bubble of arousal settling in the pit of his stomach that was bound to grow of the course of the night.  

Once the cars were picked, they settled down for the race and their shit talking came to a pause so they could focus on the game. Five laps per game, going round and round on the track but with over thirty other NPC cars, it made a decent challenge. All Jimin had to do was beat Yoongi. It didn’t matter if he came first but he had to place higher than Yoongi.

It was obvious as soon as the green flag waved that Yoongi knew what the hell he was doing. He flicked the gears, shifted pedals and twisted the wheel like a pro and Jimin knew in that very moment he was probably going to lose. But winning didn’t really matter when he saw the curl of a grin on Yoongi’s face and so he smiled and teased Yoongi that he was riding his ass, making the man bark out a laugh.

Jimin ended up in the wall on the third lap because he felt like teasing Yoongi, reaching over with his free hand to slap at the man’s thigh, making Yoongi squeak in surprise and Jimin’s wheel to twist into the wall. He let out a shout of complaint and Yoongi laughed brightly at his misery, glancing over while Jimin tried to get his car out of the wall and start moving again. But then the damn thing blew up and he let out a growl, throwing his hands up in defeat.

Yoongi came in third while Jimin came in thirty-second thanks to his car crashing and he pouted about it for a full minute before Yoongi leaned over to give him a soft kiss. He pointed out that there were still two races and Jimin perked up, kissing Yoongi back firmly before they moved onto the second race.

Jimin wanted to win at least one race against Yoongi and so he focused better this time. Shifting gears wasn’t his strong point but he did his best and by the time they rolled over the finish line on the fifth lap, Jimin placed forth and he let out a shout of victory because that was the highest he ever placed. He didn’t notice how Yoongi was gripping the steering wheel tightly and he glanced over to see Yoongi had placed twelfth.

“How…?” Jimin questioned, actually surprised he managed to beat Yoongi.

“One of the NPC’s spun me out, did you not hear me cursing?” Yoongi eyed him up, leaning closer to give Jimin the kiss he was pouting his lips out for.

“Nope. Too busy getting to first place.” He giggled against his mouth, his fingers coming up to press into his sharp jaw to keep their lips together. “One more.”

“One more.” Yoongi agreed, pouting their lips together one more time before pulling apart.

Jimin’s heart was buzzing with warmth, his entire body soaked through with it and he couldn’t help but giggle, too happy to keep it inside. Yoongi looked like he was having a good time too, his plump lips curled into that pretty smile as he shifted gears and selected the next map for their last race.

One to one and whoever won this race, won the bet. It wasn’t a huge bet, not something that really mattered in the long run but they were having so much fun in the process. As soon as the new race started, the shit talking started up again and by the third lap, Jimin was giggling so hard he could barely hold himself up. Somehow, he didn’t end up in a wall again but he did smack Yoongi in the ass by accident, spinning them both out and making the older laugh so loud he had to smack a hand over his mouth, shaking in his seat. They recovered as quickly as they could and when Jimin finally soared across the finish line, he was in seventeenth place. He quickly tipped over to see Yoongi’s screen at the same time the man moved to look at his and they giggled to each other, Jimin’s hand curling over Yoongi’s thigh as he leaned closer. Fifteenth. Yoongi won and yet Jimin didn’t mind all that much. He captured that mouth in his own, sharing breathless laughter with his hands curled around either side of Yoongi’s neck.

“Oh, baby, you better have meant it when you said you’d pin me down and fuck me good with that pretty cock of yours.” His words were whispered, so no one else could hear them but the sharp hiss of breath Yoongi took was loud enough to probably gain attention.

“Can you wait till we get home?” Yoongi mused, his gaze heated and his lips a lazy smirk. “Or should my car get another vivid memory of what your ass looks like?”

Jimin shivered at the blaze of arousal over his skin and he pressed closer, licking at Yoongi’s bottom lip to tug it between it own and suckle on it for a moment or two, uncaring of anyone that might see them. “Oh, I’m not through with you just yet. There’s a basketball game over there with your name all over it.”

Yoongi chuckled softly, warmly and kissed Jimin one more time before they finally pulled apart. They gathered their coats, coin cups and got up from the machine together. It was as Jimin was folding the leather jacket over his arm that he noticed that little boy from before staring at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. A small spike of panic went up his spine, a realization that they boy probably witnessed the sensual way in which Jimin kissed Yoongi and though the kid was maybe eleven or so, it still wasn’t exactly appropriate for him to see. Which made Jimin hope his mother wasn’t going to bitch at them about it. She, however, was busy taking a call on her phone and when she noticed he was looking at her, she gave him a half smile like nothing was wrong.

Well then. Yoongi’s hand curled into his one more time, linking their fingers together and Jimin gave the little boy a coy little smile before letting the older drag him over to the basketball games. Yoongi was always a good shot, saying he used to play ball when he was in high school and that was a personal piece of information Jimin tucked away for later use. Jimin, however, was shit at the basketball game, seeing as each and every time the ball bounced off the rim instead of going through it.

But Yoongi was a nice guy, or maybe he wanted to feel Jimin’s ass a little bit, because he shifted behind Jimin and gripped his thighs, making him shuffle his feet apart for a better stance. Then he took hold of Jimin’s hands and moved them into a better position so he could throw the ball better. He mumbled in his ear about how it was all about the flick of his wrist but all Jimin could focus on was how Yoongi’s groin was pressed tight up against the curve of his ass. What a particularly nice feeling, warm breath against the curve of his neck, long elegant fingers curled around his hands and when Yoongi told him to shoot, Jimin tossed the ball in his hands and he was surprised to see it swoop through the net.

Jimin let out a noise of victory but Yoongi reminded him how he was being timed and he quickly picked up the next ball while Yoongi stepped away from him, leaving him pining for more warmth. The next shot hit the rim so hard it bounced past Jimin’s head and Yoongi caught it before it could hurt someone and Jimin smiled sheepishly, tucking in close to Yoongi’s side in light embarrassment. Yoongi gave his hair a kiss of encouragement, told him to remember his hand placement and so Jimin tried again. The ball went through the net without any help from Yoongi and Jimin made another noise of victory, quickly picking up the next ball to watch it slid through the net.

Jimin lost count of how many games they played over the course of the next hour or so. He dragged Yoongi from one game to another, collecting tickets they didn’t really need but having fun in the process. Jimin was certain he had never laughed so much in his entire life and just seeing the way Yoongi’s pretty face lit up with that gummy smile was enough to make Jimin’s heart flutter like the weak possibly in love fool that he was.

By the time they were ready to head downstairs, completely out of coins thanks to an intense Indie 500 race that left Jimin laughing so hard his stomach hurt, they had a handful of tickets and nothing to do with them. Jimin pondered getting one of those cheap plastic rings just for a memory but he noticed that little boy with his mother at one of the basketball games. He gave Yoongi’s cheek a kiss, told him to wait and then hurried over to them, offering the boy their bundle of tickets. His eyes went so wide they looked ready to pop out of his skull but he took them with a hurried thank you and hugged them to his chest with a grin. His mother thanked him as well with a warm smile, telling him how cute he and his boyfriend were and Jimin flushed all the way to the roots of his hair.

Boyfriend . Jimin bowed his head shyly at her and hurried back to Yoongi’s side, ignoring the man’s questions of if he was alright and buried his flushed face into Yoongi’s shoulder. Boyfriend . The word lingered around his thoughts as he grabbed Yoongi’s hand and tugged him back downstairs. It was getting later in the night, when most teenagers needed to head back home and so the first floor wasn’t nearly as busy as it once was.

Before Jimin could lead Yoongi to the exit, Yoongi tightened his hold on his hand and dragged him over to the wall of claw machines. A knowing smile curled to Jimin’s lips and he let Yoongi lead him, gripping his hand a little tighter because he had hope in what the man was planning to do.

“Which one?” Yoongi asked, stopping in front of the machines to look at Jimin. His expression was so soft it made Jimin’s throat tight and he had to force his gaze away to look over the machines.

“Something soft and pink.”

Yoongi made a noise of agreement and pulled away from him so he could march up and down the line of machines, eyes scanning and looking for something in particular. Yoongi was a master at these games, always knowing the right toy to go after with a keen eye. After a few minutes, he finally stopped in front of a large pink machine and Jimin shuffled over to him, hands buried in the pockets of Yoongi’s leather jacket.

A Hello Kitty machine. Oh boy. Jimin giggled into Yoongi’s shoulder and stuck close to the man’s side as he shoved a few quarters into the machine and grabbed at the joystick. His expression was calm but serious as he shifted the claw around with precise movement. It took Jimin a moment to pick out which plush toy Yoongi was going for but then he saw the soft white Hello Kitty plush that was dressed in a cute little pink dress. It was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand and it seemed the angle she was at was perfect for Yoongi to snatch her up. He did it in one try, claw wrapping around her head and popping her free. Jimin made a noise of excitement, bouncing on his feet and patting Yoongi’s shoulder as the claw dropped the toy in the receiving box.

Yoongi bent down to tug the toy free and offered it to Jimin with a soft shy smile. Jimin grabbed his face and brought him into a kiss that left both of them a little breathless. He took the toy with a whispered thank you and hugged the soft plush to his chest with a pleased grin. Yoongi couldn’t seem to stop smiling and let his hand rest over the small of Jimin’s back as he led him back out onto the street.

The temperature had dropped a good deal while they were inside and Yoongi immediately shivered, tucking in close to Jimin’s warm side. Jimin clutched the plush toy in one hand and took Yoongi’s hand in the other so they could find their way back to where they parked the car. Walking through the streets of Madison with Yoongi huddled close to his side and their hands clamped together between them like it was the most normal thing in the world had Jimin’s heart thumping in his throat.

Boyfriend . Such a simple word and yet it made Jimin’s entire body flush with warmth and his stomach to flutter like the wings of a hummingbird. It wasn’t a word he had ever thought to use for the two of them and yet it felt so right . It made him think what Yoongi would think of the word and the prickle of anxiety at the back of his neck wasn’t pleasant at all. Would the word make Yoongi flush as deeply as him? Make his heart flutter just as much? He couldn’t be sure.

Yoongi cared for Jimin. He cared deeply for Jimin and Jimin knew that but there were still a lot of answers he didn’t have. How far did that care go? How much did he care? Did he care as much and in the same way as Jimin did for him? They were questions he was too afraid to ask. Questions that could break the warm comfortable atmosphere between them. Jimin was too desperate to savor what they had between them to question it further right now. He would ask, before Yoongi left him again, but he didn’t need to worry about that right now. They were having a good night together, a good date, and Jimin wanted that pleasant atmosphere to follow them all the way home.

They found the car safe and sound a few blocks over and Yoongi was quick to crawl inside to get out of the cold. The fond smile on Jimin’s lips wasn't going anywhere any time soon as he settled into the passenger seat. Yoongi started the car and let it warm up while passing Jimin his phone once again so the younger could pick out something for them to listen to. Jimin found Yoongi’s most listened to playlist and clicked on that without much thought, tucking the phone away just as a series of heavy beats starting thumping through the speakers.

Jimin was in such a good mood and as soon as he recognized the song, he made a noise of excitement as he clicked on his seatbelt. Yoongi smiled at him fondly, his flushed cheeks bunching around his crinkling eyes as he pulled out of the parking lot and they made their way home. Seeing Yoongi smile, hearing him laugh and look at him with that twinkling affection in his dark eyes was all Jimin wanted for the rest of his life. The air between them was warm and comfortable and Jimin had no shame in singing along with the songs thumping through the speakers, making Yoongi smile at him and squeeze his hand or thigh. Yoongi would rumble along when he felt up to it which made Jimin laugh happily all the more.

The ride home was much more exciting than the ride to Madison because of the buzzing atmosphere between them. There was the lingering tension of unspoken promises, lingering touches and soft kisses but there was also just enjoying one another’s presence. There was Yoongi’s bright laughter, lips pulled up over his gums and eyes twinkling. There was Jimin giggling so hard he had to cover his mouth with both sleeve covered hands and lean into Yoongi’s shoulder. There was the soft kisses Yoongi gave his head when he was close enough and the tight squeezes Jimin gave Yoongi’s thigh and hand. There was Jimin singing along softly to a much more subdued song, gazing out the window, completely unaware of the way Yoongi looked at him like he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in the entire universe. There was the way Yoongi brought Jimin’s hand to his mouth in the middle of the song and kissed his knuckles gently, making Jimin’s heartbeat kick up. The soft gentle touches, the soft gentle kisses, the soft gentle looks.

Jimin had never been so deeply in love with a person in his entire life.

It was dark when they finally pulled up in Jimin’s driveway and the air between them was still buzzing with electricity. They didn’t say a word to one another as they crawled out of the car into the bitter cold air and hurried for the door. Jimin giggled over how Yoongi pressed hard into his back to keep warm while he struggled to get his keys in the door. Yoongi complained under his breath about how fucking cold it was and Jimin snickered to himself, finally getting the locks undone so he could shove the door open. Yoongi hurried inside, slipping past him so he could savor the warmth the home had to offer and Jimin shook his head in amusement.

The door shut behind them with a soft click and Jimin made sure to lock it up once again before tossing his keys in the little bowl by the door. He was about to shrug off his coat when his back suddenly hit the door and warm wet lips found his own. Jimin melted into the kiss, eyes slipping shut and he brought his hands up to curl around Yoongi’s waist. Cool fingers brushed along his jaw until they found purchase around his neck and then Yoongi was kissing him harder, pressing him into the door so heat flared down the back of his spine. That pool of heat in his stomach was finally coming back to life and Jimin was left breathless with how deeply Yoongi was kissing him, licking into his mouth like the pretty little kitten he was.

“Baby.” Jimin purred into Yoongi’s plush lips, tightening his grip around his thin hips to pull him in close. Yoongi’s body fit against his so perfectly, a thigh sliding between his legs and Jimin’s breath hitched from how eager Yoongi was to rub against him. It seemed the teasing really got to him tonight. “Oh, baby .”

“You look so good tonight, angel.” Yoongi’s voice was a soft rumble, lips brushing over the corner of his mouth before sliding down the arch of his throat and Jimin’s head thunked back against the door, a sigh easing out of him in relief. “Had a hard time keeping my hands to myself.” One of his hands slipped down Jimin’s thigh to dig into the rip there, cool fingers rubbing against the fishnet webbing over his skin eagerly. Yoongi shivered against him and Jimin spread his legs a little wider to fit Yoongi’s plump little thigh against his groin a bit better. The pressure felt so nice and he leaned into it, curling his hands over Yoongi’s hips to tug him closer.

“I was waiting for you to touch me all night.” Jimin purred, his lips pursed and his eyes fluttering open as Yoongi pressed wet open mouthed kisses down the slope of his neck, making the skin prickle and Jimin’s heart to pound.

Yoongi groaned out his answer, shoving Jimin a little harder into the door and making the younger whine softly. He let his hands rub around Yoongi’s hips until he got a good grip of a small plump ass and squeezed. Yoongi moaned so filthy against his throat and Jimin’s breath came a little harder, heat flaring into his stomach as he pulled Yoongi closer. The grip on his ass made it easier to rub Yoongi’s hips into his own as he rolled carefully against that thigh. The scrape of pleasure was perfect, making the tightness of his panties even more tight. There wasn’t enough room for his cock once it became harder but that was the point after all. He knew there was nothing that made Yoongi drool more than seeing Jimin’s hard throbbing dripping cock pressing against the soft fabric of a pair of panties, making them wet and straining to keep his girth trapped.

“As good as this feels,” Jimin paused to let out a gasp of a moan when Yoongi’s flat teeth nipped into his skin, “I’m a lady, baby, I wanna be fucked somewhere soft.”

Yoongi snorted, his smirk pressing into the curve of Jimin’s throat. “So you weren’t a lady the last time I fucked you against this door?”

Jimin’s stomach bubbled at the memory and he groaned unabashed, digging his fingers firmly into the globes of Yoongi’s ass. “Oh no, baby.” He breathed out, opening his eyes just enough to stare down at Yoongi who was licking his lips, his gaze heated and heavy. “That was filthy and dirty and so good . Sometimes a lady needs a good dicking like that.”

Yoongi snorted, making Jimin’s lips quirk up into a smile and he urged Yoongi closer, squeezing his ass tighter and rubbing against his warm body. That made the older man choke on a groan and bury his face in Jimin’s shoulder, digging fingers hard into his hips enough to bruise.

“Fuck the bet.” Yoongi hissed into his clothed collarbone. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me all day.”

Jimin blinked in surprise before a sly smirk curled to his lips. “Does my baby wanna get fucked?” He shifted his grip on Yoongi’s ass to be deeper, tighter and Yoongi moaned into his shirt, hands gripping fistfuls of fabric. “Does my pretty baby want my cock?”

Yoongi groaned and hissed his answer, something that sounded a little like ‘fuck yes’ before he pulled back to capture Jimin’s mouth. Oh Jimin loved this side of Yoongi. He loved when Yoongi got needy and messy. It made Jimin’s actions so much more fun. He loved turning Yoongi into a flustered, needy wet mess and he fully intended to do just that. If Yoongi wanted to get fucked, Jimin sure as hell wasn't going to deny the man.  

“Bedroom, baby.” Jimin breathed into his mouth and Yoongi nodded, pulling away so Jimin could finally breathe properly. There was nothing elegant about the way they kicked their boots off and ripped the coats from their bodies. Jimin managed to drop his phone on the floor in the process but he paid it little mind, to eager to get his hands on that cute ass again. Yoongi flashed him a coy little smile when Jimin reached out for him and backed away, just out of reach. Those pink, kiss swollen lips pursed at him and then Yoongi was gone, disappearing down the hallway and leaving Jimin to stare after him.

It seemed Yoongi was feeling playful and Jimin’s lips curled into a smile as he hurried after the man. There was a small lamp on his side table flicked on to give the room a soft glow of light and Yoongi was already settled on the bed when Jimin walked in. There was that eager look on his face, a come hither type of look that Jimin followed along like a lost puppy.

Yoongi reached for him, slid his hands over his face and cupped the back of his head to pull him into a kiss that dragged Jimin onto the bed with him. Yoongi’s thighs opened so willingly for him, letting Jimin settle between them so he could kiss him harder, deeper. Yoongi was pliant beneath him, melting into the mattress and letting Jimin lick into his mouth with a soft gasp. Jimin loved this side of Yoongi, loved how eager he was for Jimin’s touches and how easily he fell apart beneath him.

When Jimin finally pulled their mouths away, Yoongi was flushed all the way to the tips of his ears and over the bits of collarbone poking through the wide neck of his shirt. His eyes were hazy and glistening, his mouth plump and pink and Jimin’s body shuddered from how fucking gorgeous this man was.

Oh, he was going to ruin him.

When Jimin grabbed the hem of his shirt, Yoongi sat up and lifted his arms so he could pull it free, tossing it to the side without a care. As soon as he had miles of beautiful pale skin available to him, Jimin shoved Yoongi back into the mattress and latched his mouth onto his neck. Yoongi gasped and writhed beneath them, hand clutching his shoulders tightly but not shoving him away. Yoongi had beautiful scarred skin, pale as the full moon with flashes of blue, red and purple veins beneath the surface. There were lingering marks over his shoulders from the night before and Jimin kissed over them with his plump lips, sucking deeper marks into the skin. Yoongi gasped and arched beneath him, sliding his fingers into Jimin’s blond hair and musing the strands between his fingers.

Jimin dragged his mouth down Yoongi’s torso, finding that special jagged scar and ran his tongue over it, stomach buzzing from the way Yoongi moaned and arched into the touch. He ran the flat of his tongue over the scar, following it over the curve of his breast which led him to a perky pink nipple that he eagerly took between his lips. Yoongi wasn’t nearly as sensitive in his nipples as Jimin but the feeling of wet lips against his skin still made Yoongi tense and moan.

They had all the time in the world and since their initial fuck was out of their systems, Jimin could take his time. And take his time he did. He kissed every inch of Yoongi’s skin he could get his mouth on, brushing over his shoulders, down his arms, suckling fingers into his mouth that made Yoongi whimper and rub up against him. He dragged his mouth over Yoongi’s sensitive soft tummy, the muscles clenching and twitching at the warmth of his mouth. Jimin sucked marks into the pale skin, watching with arousal as they flushed pretty colors of red and purple. Yoongi would feel the marks for weeks, Jimin was certain and a prickle of possessiveness hummed in satisfaction because of it.

By the time Jimin’s mouth found its way to the hem of Yoongi’s jeans, the black haired man was panting deeply, face flushed, lips wet and eyes glistening with unshed tears of pleasure. Jimin could feel the hot bulge beneath his chin and he only needed a purse of Yoongi’s lips to know it was time for the pants to be gone.

Sitting up, Jimin ran a hand through his hair to get the messy strands off his forehead and Yoongi’s heated gaze followed the action with intense focus. Jimin was still fully dressed and he vaguely remembered what he was wearing beneath his sweater that he intended to drive Yoongi insane with. The man was already a little lost in the heat between them but Jimin couldn’t help himself. He grabbed the hem of his sweater and tugged it over his head, finding immense pleasure in the way Yoongi’s breath suddenly hitched.

Fuck .” The word was like a gunshot in the silence of the forest and Jimin’s lips curled up, flashing his teeth as he slowly dropped the sweater on the floor. Yoongi’s eyes were wide open, almost like they were going to pop out of his skull and the color on his face had drained down to the bulge in his jeans, making it twitch. He glanced all over Jimin’s torso, eyes taking in every inch of skin they could before settling on his midriff. Yoongi swallowed hard, a moan whimpering up his throat and he reached down to grasp at Jimin’s knees between his spread legs. “Ji min .”

“I know, baby.” He giggled softly and leaned forward to press their bodies together, soft black criss cross fabric against Yoongi’s smooth pale skin. Yoongi’s fingers trailed over his arms, over his back and around to his stomach where he pressed into the light trail of hair there. Yoongi shivered violently against him and Jimin soothed him with a deep kiss, plump bottom lip caught between his teeth so he could nibble on it.

“You’re trying to kill me.” Yoongi breathed out, his voice rough but soft and he looked completely fucked out even when Jimin had yet to really do much to him.

Jimin hummed into his mouth, leaving a lingering kiss before he sat back once again, hands moving to unbutton Yoongi’s jeans. “Just for you, baby.”

Jimin’s hands made quick work of Yoongi’s pants, sliding the flaps open until he could see dark underwear beneath. His mouth watered at the sight and he tapped Yoongi’s hips to get the man to lift them so he could tug the pants down. Yoongi shifted his legs around until Jimin could pull off his pants and socks, tossing them to the floor.

Yoongi looked gorgeous laying out in front of him like a full fucking meal and Jimin was starving. His black briefs dug tightly into the skin of his hips, over the soft of his belly and into the plump of his small ass. Jimin wanted to kiss and bite every inch of him and when he leaned down, pressing his mouth into the side of Yoongi’s thigh, the man let out a breathy sound, something soft and special.

Jimin hummed against the soft skin, parting his lips to press his teeth into the very giving flesh. Yoongi’s breath hitched and when Jimin sunk his teeth into the inside of his thigh, Yoongi clawed at the bed and choked on a moan. Jimin eased the light pain with soft kisses and gentle licks before latching his mouth over the indent of teeth and sucking .

Heat flushed through him like a raging river and pooled in the pit of his stomach, making his pants much too tight but that didn’t matter at the moment. He wanted to keep hearing Yoongi gasp like that, making the softest but most pretty noises and so he trailed his mouth to Yoongi’s briefs. Mouthing that length through the fabric sounded like a good idea to him and judging by the way Yoongi’s fingers clutched tightly into his hair, pulling almost painfully, the man appreciated it.

Yoongi had such a heady scent, thick and almost sweet and the warmth of his cock through the fabric was making Jimin drool slightly, soaking the black fabric in the matter of minutes. He hooked his fingers into the hem of those briefs and tugged them down, much too eager for his mouth on that cock. Yoongi hissed when the fabric caught on his hard length and Jimin had to wrap his fingers around the length, earning another moan, in order to free it.

Yoongi’s cock really was so pretty. It was dark at the base, nestled in a thatch of black curls but lightened in color as it went up. The tip was uncut, unlike Jimin’s, to reveal the flushed red tip, just waiting for Jimin to shove his tongue into. He could fit his entire hand around the girth, squeezing slightly as he gave the tip a kiss, lapping up the sweet wetness there that made Yoongi writhe and tremble beneath him.

“Oh baby.” He purred against the tip of his cock, pulling back enough to meet his heavy lidded gaze. “You have such a pretty cock.”

Yoongi’s throat strained from his swallow and he shoved his head back into the pillow, hand tightening in Jimin’s hair. Jimin gave his length another few kisses before prying Yoongi’s hand from his hair so he could sit up again. Yoongi trembled, almost whining at the lack of attention on his cock but he lifted his hips when Jimin went to tug off his underwear.

Yoongi’s creamy thighs fell open as soon as the underwear was dropped to the floor but Jimin didn’t dive back in like the man was expecting. Instead, he took the time to trail his eyes over Yoongi’s gorgeous body, taking in every inch of skin before lingering on his cock. Yoongi made a soft noise, either of embarrassment or impatience, and Jimin met his heated gaze with a soft smile.

“Touch your pretty little cock for me, baby.”  

“Oh fuck .” Yoongi’s eyes rolled back into his head for a second before those long elegant fingers curled around the base of his cock, cradling it gently.

“Good baby, good.” Jimin praised, leaning down to give his stomach a soft kiss before he got to his feet. Yoongi watched with burning eyes and a hand on his cock as Jimin walked over to the side table and tugged open the drawer to get the things they would need, a bottle of lube and condoms. He settled them on the bed by Yoongi’s shoulder and leaned over to brush dark hair away from his brow and kiss him softly. Yoongi arched up into the kiss, hooking a hand over the back of Jimin’s neck to keep him in close. Jimin reached a hand down to wrap around Yoongi’s that was still squeezing his cock and encouraged him to stroke, rubbing up and down until Yoongi was copying the motion, gasping into Jimin’s mouth. “Good boy.” Jimin praised, earning another whimper before he pulled away again.

Yoongi watched as Jimin unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. He watched with wide, heated eyes as Jimin slid the tight fabric over his hips, revealing not only the tights beneath but the panties he was wearing. Yoongi’s moan this time was completely unabashed and he sat up, removing his hand from his own cock to reach out for Jimin.

Jimin came without hesitation, crawling back onto the bed so Yoongi could grab onto his hips and pull him closer. He settled between the man’s spread thighs easily enough and from this angle, Yoongi could kiss over his fishnet covered stomach.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” Jimin spoke softly, rubbing hands through soft dark hair to brush strands away from his pretty face. “Anything you want.”

Yoongi bit his lip to keep back a moan and pressed forward again, nuzzling against the bulge in black fabric. Jimin hissed through his teeth but let Yoongi do as he wished. Yoongi pressed his open mouth along the length of Jimin’s clothed cock, fingers picking at the fishnets around his hips until he could get a hold of the black fabric of the panties. Jimin watched him in curiosity as he grabbed the hem of his fishnet shirt and pulled it off along with the crop top.

“Fuck me like this.” Yoongi breathed against his cock, the warm air making Jimin shiver. Yoongi’s fingers plucked at the panties until he could pull them down through the tights, freeing Jimin’s throbbing cock only to be trapped against the tights. Yoongi made a noise of frustration, his eyes narrowing and his pink lips pouting out cutely.

Jimin reached down, brushing Yoongi’s hands away so he could grab at the criss cross fabric and tug. Yoongi gasped softly at the ripping sound and then lurched forward, grabbing Jimin’s cock and pulling it through the hole he made. He moaned happily, nuzzling his cheek against the length while Jimin tried to tug the panties down a little further, over the plump of his ass and freeing his trapped balls which Yoongi pulled through the tights with the cup of his hands.

“Fuck me like this, angel.” Yoongi purred into the soft hot skin of his cock, knowing an angel was the last thing Jimin was going to be with him soon.

“On your back.” Jimin mumbled to him, brushing more hair away from his face so their eyes could meet. “Hold your thighs.”

Yoongi lingered for a moment, taking the tip of Jimin’s cock into his mouth so he could suckle on it. Jimin didn’t stop him, just enjoyed the blaze of pleasure coursing through him from Yoongi’s pretty mouth. Yoongi savored the taste of his cock, sliding his tongue between the slit and making Jimin groan out before he finally pulled back.

Yoongi shuffled up the bed and collapsed back into the pillow just as Jimin told him to. He shuffled for a minute to get comfortable and then he grabbed the back of his thighs and pulled them up to his stomach, revealing the most intimate part of his body and Jimin swallowed from the pound of arousal that throbbed through him.

Yoongi’s fluttering pink hole was such a pretty thing, just like the rest of the man and Jimin crawled forward, snatching up the bottle of lube and settled down on his knees. Yoongi watched with eager glistening eyes as Jimin slicked up two fingers and then rubbed them over his pretty pink puckered rim. Yoongi’s head fell back, a satisfied sigh falling from his mouth while Jimin gently pressed into the pucker. Considering it had been less than twenty four hours since Jimin was last inside this man, the initial push was easy. He managed to slip two fingers into Yoongi effortlessly, the older’s body opening up so willingly for him.

Yoongi was a mess when he was being fucked, red lips parted with heavy gasps, hair messy around his flushed skin, eyes flickering from Jimin’s face to his cock and then rolling up into his head when Jimin rubbed just right along his walls. Stretching him with two fingers was easy, effortless, his rings catching on the rim occasionally and Yoongi took a third finger without complaint. His little body took cock so well when he was so willing for it and Jimin couldn’t wait to feel those velvet soft walls tight around him.

He curled a hand around Yoongi’s pretty cock, squeezing gently as he started to thrust his fingers, making sure the man was ready for his cock. When the tips of his fingers stabbed into that bundle of nerves, Yoongi’s back arched and he called out Jimin’s name, reaching down to dig his nails into his wrist.  

“Shit, christ , fuck me already.” Yoongi moaned out, his eyes narrowed but heated, tongue lapping out to get the drool in the corner of his mouth.

“So needy, baby.” Jimin teased softly, jabbing his fingers hard against that spongy bundle and enjoyed the way Yoongi’s entire body twitched. “Are you that needy for my cock? Hm? Are you baby?”

Yoongi breathed out a hard breath and clawed into Jimin’s wrist where his hand was still around his cock. His cheeks were such a pretty color and Jimin loved seeing him wrecked too much to give him what he wanted just yet. He wanted to hear Yoongi ask for it, maybe beg for it a little bit.

“I want your cock, Jimin.” He gasped out, brow furrowing and lips twitching when Jimin shoved his fingers inside him again. “C-Cock. Fuck, I want your cock .”

“Your pretty hole is twitching for me, baby.” He kept his voice low, sensual as he rubbed his fingers along his inner walls. “Is that how bad you want it?”

“Want it.” Yoongi agreed, tipping his head back as his nails dug harder into Jimin’s skin. “ Please, Jimin.”

It was uttered so breathlessly that Jimin had no choice but to listen. “Good baby boy.” Jimin gave one of his trembling thighs a kiss, the one held up only by Yoongi’s will power seeing as the man had a hand clamped around his wrist.

Yoongi made the most high pitched pleased noise when Jimin pulled out his fingers and then wiggled against the mattress so he could get a grip on his thigh again, spreading his legs wider, inviting Jimin to come right in. Jimin’s cock was too hard and throbbing for him to let his hand linger on the length. He rubbed as much lube on himself as he could manage before ripping open a condom with his teeth and sliding it on. A bit more lube over the latex and he was satisfied, hissing between his clenched teeth because he couldn’t wait to get inside Yoongi.

Yoongi wasn’t flexible enough for Jimin to fuck into him and lean in close enough to press their lips together. Yoongi’s thighs couldn’t spread wide enough for that unless he was riding him but that didn’t mean Jimin didn’t enjoy fucking Yoongi like this. He settled down on his spread knees, shoving them under Yoongi’s thighs in order to line himself up. Yoongi moaned in satisfaction when the tip of Jimin’s cock pressed against his rim and the man almost melted into the mattress when the girth breached inside. There was no resistance as Jimin slid all the way, as far as he could go, stopping only when Yoongi’s ass was flush against his pelvis.

“Oh, pretty baby.” Jimin purred out, reaching to grab the back of Yoongi’s thighs to hold them up for the trembling man. Yoongi was a little lost in the way Jimin’s cock filled him up so he didn’t notice until Jimin slowly rolled his hips forward. “Look how good you take my cock.”

Yoongi moaned, twisting his head from side to side before reaching down to grab either of Jimin’s thighs between his hands. His nails clawed at the fishnet fabric, digging until they were trapped and he urged Jimin to continue. If there was one thing Yoongi loved most of all about bottoming, it was Jimin telling him how pretty he was when he was being fucked. Jimin had that kink of his own when Yoongi was fucking into him so he never questioned it, just did as Yoongi desired.

Jimin hooked his hands under Yoongi’s knees, lifting his legs and stretching him just a bit more to make the slide of his cock easier. Yoongi whined at the stretch and dug his nails harder into Jimin’s skin, for purchase and for pleasure when Jimin finally started rolling his hips.

He was careful as he pulled out only to thrust back in with a hard snap of his hips. Yoongi liked it hard, deep, but slow. He didn’t like quick pounding into him. No, he liked to savor the slide of Jimin’s cock against his walls and being the type to please, Jimin did as Yoongi liked. The slow drag of his cock against Yoongi’s walls was actual torture on the tight coil of heat in his stomach but Jimin could handle it. Watching the way Yoongi literally fell apart on his cock was the sexiet thing Jimin had ever seen in his entire life.

Yoongi’s entire body shook and bounced with each snap of Jimin’s hips, his body almost sliding up the bed with the force only to be stopped because of the headboard. Yoongi’s fingers were firm against his thighs, urging him on until they could wrap around and almost tug him forward with whatever strength Yoongi could manage. For a man who couldn’t really dance, or bend in the same ways as Jimin, he sure could fucking roll his hips to slam back against Jimin’s cock with each snap of his hips. The force made stars sparkle along Jimin’s vision and the pleasure was almost too much to handle. It was crawling up his spine, prickling like fingers over the back of his neck but he wouldn’t let it burst just yet. Not until he had Yoongi moaning and whining around his cock, shivering from the force of his climax.

It seemed Yoongi would reach that pretty soon as well, his head tilting back to reveal the long pale slope of his neck and Jimin desperately wanted to bite him there, but knew he couldn’t bend Yoongi like that without hurting him. His pale skin was flushed from the heat between them and all the marks Jimin graced him with, standing out like stars.

“Jimin.” Yoongi gasped out, his eyes fluttering open to stare at him through his lashes. “ Good . F-Fuck me so good.”

He let out the deep moan that bubbled up the back of his throat and snapped his hips a little harder this time, enjoying the way Yoongi’s body pulsed with pleasure. “You gonna come, baby?” His voice was wrecked and breathless but Yoongi was no better off. “Want me to touch your pretty little cock?”


When Jimin released one of Yoongi’s legs, it immediatly curled around Jimin’s waist, keeping him in place and urging him forward. His heart buzzed from how desperately Yoongi wanted him and he swallowed the accumulation of spit in his mouth, curling his fingers around Yoongi’s leaking cock.

“Fuck!” Yoongi nearly shouted, slamming his hips down hard against Jimin’s next thrust and making it easy for his slick cock to slide through Jimin’s fist. There was so much pre-come, so much slick to make it easy for Jimin to stroke Yoongi’s cock along with his brutally hard but slow thrusts. All it took was a perfectly timed thrust into Yoongi’s prostate and a squeeze at the top of his pretty cock before the man was absolutely gone.

His whole body went tense, a warning that he was going to come and then he did, spurting all over Jimin’s hand and clamped down hard around his cock. Jimin choked on a moan as Yoongi writhed beneath him, gasping, moaning, whining and squeezing every inch of Jimin he could reach. His eyes rolled back into his head, his pretty eyelashes fluttering and his mouth open so all those nice sounds could come out. He looked fucking gorgeous like that and Jimin milked him for all he was worth, squeezing the tip of his cock between his fingers until Yoongi was trembling and whimpering in his hold.

After a moment, Yoongi’s eyes finally fluttered open and his pink plump lips pursed at him, his hips rolling carefully onto Jimin’s sensitive cock. “Come in me.”

Those whispered words were the only encouragement Jimin needed. Yoongi’s hands shifted to grip the globes of Jimin’s ass he could manage to reach and his intense gaze caught Jimin’s so he couldn’t look away. Yoongi was sensitive, having just come, but that didn’t stop Jimin from thrusting deep into him and making the man whine. He tightly grabbed the back of Yoongi’s thighs to spread him a little wider, leaning into him for leverage and picked up his pace just enough, Yoongi’s walls fluttering around him, clenching tightly.

The coil of heat snapped on his fifth thrust, bursting through him like a  rush of fire, whiting out his vision and making him shake from how fucking good it felt. Yoongi purred to him, soft sweet words about how good he was, how pretty he was when he came and Jimin’s entire body trembled from the waves of pleasure that overcame him.

His heart was swollen in his throat, throbbing so tightly but Jimin wanted nothing more than to bury his head in Yoongi’s throat and never leave. Once he gained proper control of his body again, albeit sluggishly, Jimin pulled out, both of them wincing from the feeling. Not feeling up to waddling to the bathroom, Jimin grabbed his crop top from the floor and used it to clean the mess on Yoongi’s stomach and his hand. Yoongi breathed heavily, not moving an inch as Jimin went about cleaning them both up. He pulled off the full condom, tied it off and tossed it into the trash before finally pulling off the rest of his clothing. There were red criss cross markings around his thighs and probably his ass from where Yoongi had tugged on them but he liked the way they looked.

Yoongi opened his arms to him and happily accepted him when Jimin fell into him, nuzzling into his throat and curling their bodies together. They were still a bit of a mess, sticky from lube, sweat and come but Jimin was too comfortable to do anything about it. It wasn’t like they were done for the night, after all so there was no point in taking a shower just yet. Jimin pressed his lips to the mark he made along Yoongi’s throat and curled over the man’s body, thigh hooked over his lap and arms tight around his waist. One of Yoongi’s hands buried in his sweat damp hair, petting through the strands lovingly while the other rubbed up and down Jimin’s arm around his waist. It was warm, safe and comfortable and there was no where else Jimin would want to be.

He knew in that moment this was exactly where he belonged, in Yoongi’s arms.   

“Angel?” Yoongi’s voice was slurred, a little deep and whispered against the hair around his temple.


“Today was good.”

Jimin laughed breathlessly and pressed his lips against Yoongi’s warm flushed skin. “Amazing. It was fucking amazing.”

Yoongi hummed his agreement and pursed his lips into Jimin’s hair, holding him for the time being and Jimin savored it for all he was worth.

Like the day before, Jimin was woken to the sound of the same song blasting into the silence of the bedroom. His foggy mind didn’t recognize the song at first, making him bury his head further into the pillow. There was a soft groan behind him and then the warm weight over his back and waist shifted, pulling away and making him whine. He inhaled deeply, scenting sex and mint before he settled down again, the blankets tucked around him.

“Yeah? What?” Yoongi’s voice was rough, sounding like he needed a good drink of water and it registered to Jimin that it was Yoongi’s phone which had rung and he was talking to Jungkook, judging by the ringtone.

Jimin stayed curled up in bed, nuzzling into the pillow and sighing softly because he knew for a fact he didn’t have work today and there was nothing for him to worry about. He could laze about all day in bed and fully intended to drag Yoongi back between the covers. His thighs ached pleasantly, as did his ass, his lower back and his neck where Yoongi had bitten a little too hard while fucking into him from behind. There was that pleasant burn in his crotch of satisfaction but he could certainly get it up again. He wanted Yoongi in between his thighs, his pretty mouth on his cock and Jimin hummed at the thought.

“Really?” Yoongi’s voice sounded surprised. “Already?” He was quiet as he listened to Jungkook on the other side of the line. “I, yeah. You’re sure?” He made a soft humming sound and Jimin pictured him sitting on the edge of the bed, buck ass naked and running a hand through his messy black hair. When he peered over his shoulder through heavy eyes he saw exactly that, Yoongi hunched over with the phone cradled to his ear. He looked sexy like that, his bare back coiled with light muscles and thin scars. Jimin wanted to kiss him all over again. Instead he buried his head back in the pillow, breathing deeply in order to wake himself up.  

“Yeah.” Yoongi murmured. “I’m with him. He’s sleeping.” Not really but Jimin didn’t feel like correcting the man. “I know, Kook.” Yoongi’s tone went a little bitter at that, something dark. “I know .”

Jimin furrowed his brow and shifted around on the bed, gaining Yoongi’s attention as he rolled over to face him. He blinked his eyes blearily at him and Yoongi smiled softly, twisted around to brush blond strands away from his sleep swollen face. Yoongi didn’t look much better off than Jimin felt face swollen, lips purse and eyes heavy. They were up late and judging by the light streaming in from the curtains, it was early in the morning. Jimin wanted to pull Yoongi under the covers and sleep some more.

“I got it, Kook.” Yoongi’s voice was firm even when he was looking at Jimin so tenderly. “I’ll meet you in an hour. Don’t fuck on my bed before I get there.” Jimin giggled into the pillow and there was a shout on the other side of the line that made Yoongi’s lips twitch up. “Don’t matter if I use it or not. Principle of the matter, Kook. Tell your horny boyfriend I’ll castrate him if you two fuck in my car again.” Jimin couldn’t help but giggle at the noises on the other end of the line, breaking through for him to hear. He couldn’t make out words but the sounds sure were funny. Yoongi’s brow furrowed and then he rolled his eyes. “Fucking Jimin in his own bed causes no one any harm. You don’t have to hear us fucking but I have to hear you assholes and if I come back and find my shit fucked with, I will be pissed.”

Jungkook’s voice went soft and Yoongi’s face softened as well and he let out a sigh. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in an hour.” He ended the call with that, tossing his phone on the side table without a care.

“Do you have to?” Jimin whined softly, shifting around on the mattress to pick up the blankets to offer Yoongi back inside the warmth of his cocoon. Yoongi glanced at the door before sliding back under the covers and snuggling into Jimin’s chest happily.

“Yeah, I have to.” Yoongi rumbled into his collarbone. “I let those dumbasses do this job on their own and we’ll never get anything done.”

Jimin hummed and wrapped his arms around Yoongi tightly, burying his mouth into his soft dark hair. “Will it take long?”

“Hopefully not.” Warm dry plump lips pursed against his skin in a kiss. “Couple hours maybe.”

“I’m off today.” Jimin mentioned, even when he knew Yoongi already knew that seeing as he told him the night before. “We could have lunch or something, with your brother and Taehyung.”

“That’s a good idea.” Yoongi hummed. “Kook’s been pissy I haven’t let them spend time with you. Tae’s real interested in you. Says no one with a smile like yours could be an asshole.”

Jimin giggled softly and nuzzled into his hair. “I’d be happy to spend some time with them. Double date? Oh, we could take them to the arcade. Bet they’d love that.”

“Sounds good.” He pressed his lps to Jimin’s jaw before finally pulling back. “We’ll come pick you up here? You don’t have my new number do you.”

Jimin’s heart thudded. “No, I don’t. Never did.”

Yoongi’s brow furrowed like he didn’t even realize that and then he shook his head. “Right. I’ll scribble it on that notepad on your fridge.” He leaned forward to press their lips together in a soft kiss before pulling back and getting out of bed, much to Jimin’s indigent whining. “Text me when you manage to pull yourself out of bed and then I’ll let you know when we can come over to pick you up.”

Jimin made a pleased sound as Yoongi tucked the covers around him once again, keeping his cocoon nice and warm. He gave his forehead a kiss and then he slipped away to gather his clothes from the floor. He opted for a shower after asking Jimin if it was alright and Jimin was tempted to join him. He knew Yoongi would never leave on time if he did so he stayed curled in bed, savoring the lingering scent of Yoongi on his pillow and sheets. He listened to the shower running, his heart so warm and full in his chest. He was going to have Yoongi’s number, they were going on a double date with Jungkook and Taehyung and those were solid plans that made him feel so soft and gooey.

Jimin peered his eyes open when the bathroom door clicked open minutes later and Yoongi stepped back into the bedroom. He had a towel around his waist, looking like a full fucking meal again and Jimin whined in the pillow from how good that glistening pale skin looked. Yoongi didn’t seem to notice his ogling, too busy ruffling his damp hair and searching for his clothes. He decided to grab the clean clothes of his Jimin had in the bottom dresser drawer and even stole a pair of his underwear, not that Jimin minded. He dressed in the simple jeans and t-shirt before gathering the rest of his dirty clothes and dropped them in Jimin’s clothes basket.

“I’m doing laundry today.” Jimin mumbled. “They’ll be clean when you come back.”

Yoongi waved a hand at him. “No worries.” He searched around the room for his wallet and keys before tucking them into his pockets and then his phone as well. His hair was a fluff of a mess and Jimin pursed his lips, waiting for Yoongi to kneel on the edge of the bed to bend down and kiss him.

“Take my coat.” Jimin murmured into his mouth. “It’s too cold for your damn leather jacket, no matter how sexy you are in it.”

Yoongi smiled and gave him another kiss. “Fine, fine. Sleep in, angel. You deserve it.”

“I fucking plan on it.” Jimin wiggled to get more comfortable and flashed Yoongi a tired smile. “Be safe.”

“Will do. See you later, angel.” He pressed a kiss to Jimin’s hair before finally pulling away.

“Bye, baby.”

His eyes tracked Yoongi all the way across the bedroom until he paused in the doorway and gave him a little wave that Jimin smiled at. Then he was gone, closing the door with a soft click because he knew Jimin liked to sleep with his door shut. He heard shuffling about in the house and then the front door finally slamming shut. He knew Yoongi could flick two of the locks without a key and he was sure the man did so. He better have taken Jimin’s coat too or he was going to be real upset when he finally dragged himself out of bed.

Seeing as Jimin was used to waking up at ungodly hours of the morning, his body was ready to start the day while his heavy eyes were ready to fall back into slumber. He rolled around in bed for an hour or two, drifting in that area between sleep and the waking world before he finally decided it was time to get up. He slipped into the shower for a long hot one, cleaning his messy body as much as possible. He brushed his teeth, moisturized his face, combed his hair and then shuffled back into the bedroom to remove all his jewelry for the time being. He dressed in comfortable clothes, sweatpants and one of Yoongi’s shirts because why the fuck not.

Then he stripped the bed of all his sheets and blankets, separating what needed to be cleaned and what didn’t. He tossed those into his clothes basket and carried the entire thing down the hallway to his kitchen where his washer and dryer happened to be. He tossed a load of laundry into the washer, twisting the knobs until it started and then he shuffled over to his counter to start up a pot of coffee. He caught the scribble of Yoongi’s number on the small flower notepad on his fridge and he hid his delighted smile in his palm.

That was when he realized he had no clue where his phone was. He hummed and moved into the living room, the last place he remembered seeing it. He found it settled on the small cabinet by the door, where he kept the bowl for his keys. He snatched it up and moved to return to the kitchen but paused when he saw the fluff of white and pink sitting on his special shelf. He blinked in surprise, remembering dropping the Hello Kitty plush some time between Yoongi shoving him against the door. It seemed Yoongi picked it up on his way out and placed it beside the yellow pikachu. Jimin’s heart fluttered and he smiled, biting into his lower lip as he moved back into the kitchen.

Jimin entered Yoongi’s number into his phone under the name “Baby” and quickly sent off a message to the man, letting him know who was texting him. He noticed a series of messages already on his phone but he ignored them in favor of coffee. His phone went off as soon as he settled on the counter with a warm cup of coffee in his hands. He let his feet dangle over the edge as he picked up his phone in one hand, bringing it close to see Yoongi messaged him back.

Hey angel. We should be back in a few hours. Text you then.

Jimin wiggled in happiness and sent back how much he was looking forward to it. It was nearly ten in the morning and Jimin figured he could finish up all his laundry before they showed up for the date. With that taken care of and Yoongi’s number safe and sound in his phone for the first time ever, Jimin moved on to his other messages.

His stomach dropped almost instantly. It started with Argie asking him to come in because Carol was sick and couldn’t cover his usual morning shift. There was no bitching, no foul words but it still made a frown curl to Jimin’s lips. His next series of messages were from Sami, telling him she got it all covered and he should enjoy his day off. Jimin felt bad that the girl had to cover for him the day before and now she was covering for Carol too. She wanted the money of course but she was a young girl, fresh out of high school. Certainly she had better things to do than work at a shitty diner.

When Jimin asked her if she needed help, seeing as the lunch rush was about to slam the diner on a Friday, she tentatively told him if he had the time she would appreciate the help. He could help with the lunch rush and then be back home before Yoongi had a clue he left. The laundry could wait, he was sure and so after finishing up his cup of coffee, Jimin slid off the counter and sauntered into his bedroom.

He dressed in his uniform and found his apron where he last left it, tying it around his waist and checking to make sure he had his notepad. He wore the crystal necklace again, tucking it under his shirt and popped in a few twinkling ear studs. Not bothering to style his hair, Jimin shuffled back into the living room to slip his work shoes on. Since Yoongi took his coat, all Jimin had to use was the leather jacket and his stomach simmered in warmth at the scent of mint that wrapped around him when he pulled it on. He left his home with the washer running and locked up, double checking that he had all of his items before getting into his truck and starting it up. The air was cooler than the day before, still warmer than a few months ago but still cold, especially for someone like Yoongi.

Jimin’s drive to the diner was rather uneventful and he parked his truck around the back of the building, to keep the parking lot open for the lunch rush they were bound to get. Sami gave him a relieved smile when he walked through the door and he spotted a few customers already settled in the diner.

“Hey. How you doing?” Jimin asked her as he moved around the bar, shrugging off the leather jacket which she eyed up knowingly.

“Good. Things are okay right now. Breakfast was a little insane? How do you handle it on your own?” Her makeup was a little smudged from working so hard and Jimin smiled friendly at her, stepping into the back to drop off his coat and phone before coming back out.

“Years of practice.” He told her, moving over to the register to clock in. “Did you tell Argie I was coming?”

“No.” Sami admitted with a sheepish smile. “He’d yell at me and tell me to handle it by myself. Fuck that.”

Jimin snorted and nodded knowingly. “Yeah, he can’t do much if I’m already here. Did you prep yet?”

She blinked at him. “Prep?”

Jimin snickered and motioned for her to follow him to the coffee machines. “Always prep for the lunch rush, especially on a friday. Let me teach you some things so you’re not so freaked out next time.”

Sami smiled gratefully at him and Jimin took the time to explain to the girl how to best prep for a rush of people. She listened well, took orders perfectly and Jimin enjoyed her sweet little smile. She was such a nice girl, too nice for a shit town like this and he hoped she got out one day. She picked up on his good mood immediately and even asked Jimin about Yoongi, his boyfriend she called him. There was that word again and she giggled at the flush that overtook his face. He didn’t deny the title and just told her the more innocent parts about their date. She was happy for him, saying he deserved a happiness like that and it was so nice to see him finally smile all the way to his eyes. He told her he hoped she found someone like that for her and she flushed, smiling shyly and saying how she hoped she would one day too.

The lunch rush was just as Jimin expected it to be on a Friday. Seeing as Carol was supposed to cover his shift, he knew the woman could handle the rush but Sami was still new and he was glad he showed up to help her since she had helped him the day before. The entire diner was packed full for lunch, miners coming in to spend a little extra money before they were paid that afternoon, wanting a good warm meal. Jimin and Sami fluttered about the diner fluidly, helping one another and giving good service.

Jimin didn’t think about the fact that his neck was still marked up, or that his thighs and ass were still a little too sore to be on his feet for long periods of time. The money and helping Sami was worth it. It was only for a few hours anyway and it was easy for him to get lost in the bustle of lunch rush. Getting his mind to slip into a blank, almost robotic state in order to run orders all through the diner was habit for him and even though his smile was brighter than it usually was, no one seemed to complain. He even stunned Jack and his goons by smiling at them so bright his eyes crinkled. Jimin was pretty sure the man thought his food was poisoned seeing as how little of it he ate but Jimin didn’t feel too guilty. Kill them with kindness, or something like that. Jimin was just in too good of a mood to worry about it.

The last few days had been absolutely amazing for him. Ever since Yoongi popped back up again in his life, Jimin’s mood was lifted and he didn’t see it changing any time soon. He had plans with the man later, he had his number and he had finally convinced himself to gain the courage and ask Yoongi to take him with him this time. It was worth a try and even if anxiety prickled at his throat at the thought of Yoongi possibly saying no, he didn’t let it get to him.

Lunch rush passed by in a flash and by the time the diner finally calmed down, Jimin had a thick wad of cash in his apron pocket, syrup on his shirt, something weird and white on his pants and his thighs were a bit too sore for his liking. Honestly, if he had known he would have to come into work today he wouldn’t have rode Yoongi the night before for everything he was fucking worth.

“Breakfast and Lunch are the best.” Sami said with a soft giggle beside him, busy wiping up the counter now that most of it was clear of customers. There were still a few lingering singles but they were quietly eating and lost in their own worlds. “I’m making more money these past two days then I usually do in a week.”

Jimin hummed and fiddled with his phone, leaning over the counter on his elbows as he brought up his conversation with Yoongi. The man had read his last message but that was the last he heard from him and Jimin assumed he was busy doing… whatever it was he did. Jimin didn’t know exactly what Yoongi did when he worked with Jungkook and Taehyung. He assumed they interviewed people, like they did with Namjoon, or maybe did research in libraries or something to find facts for the articles they wrote. He was tempted to text the man again, just to let him know what he was doing but he didn’t want to be too much of a bother even when he was missing him. Yoongi gave him his number as a sign of trust and Jimin didn’t want to abuse it.

“If you like my shift you might get it soon.” Jimin mumbled, locking his phone and slipping it into the pocket of his apron as he stood up straight. He didn’t realize Sami was staring at him until it suddenly became very quiet in the diner and he glanced over, noticing she had frozen where she was, hand on the counter with a wet rag and eyes wide at him. “What?”

“What?” She startled and blinked at him. “I mean,” She pursed her pretty lips and furrowed her brow, “Are you, like, going somewhere?”

Jimin blinked in realization of what he said and felt heat curl over his cheeks. “O-Oh. Um, well, maybe? I don’t know yet.” He breathed out a sigh and ran his clean hand through his hair, flicking it off his brow. “Probaby. No one knows.” He glanced at her hopefully and she smiled in understanding.

“Secrets safe with me.” She turned back to her job, cleaning a spot of syrup from the counter vigorously. “So is your boyfriend picking you up?”

There was that word again, flushing heat through Jimin’s body and his heart thudded in his throat. “Ah, no.” He answered through pursed lips and turned back to the counter, leaning his elbows on it to stare out the windows in the front of the diner. He was welcome to leave, seeing as the rush was gone but he wasn’t ready yet. Yoongi had yet to message him which meant the man was still busy so Jimin didn’t worry too much about it. He needed another quick shower, to wash the stink of the diner off him but he had time. He’d clock out in a few minutes but for now, he wanted to stay and speak with Sami a little more. She was a nice girl, after all. “He’s picking me up at home later. Double date with his brother.”

She perked up. “That sounds like fun!”

Jimin’s lips curled up into a smile. “Yeah, we’re going to Madison again.”

“Madison is so much fun.” She hummed happily, slipping around Jimin to clean the other side of the counter.

Jimin hummed his agreement and opened his mouth to ask what fun she had in Madison but a flicker of light caught his attention out the window and he shifted his gaze. Through the front windows of the diner, Jimin could see the parking lot, the main road and the motel across the street. There were a few cars in between but he usually paid it no mind. He had noticed Yoongi’s car missing from the hotel parking lot when he pulled into the diner but past that, he hadn’t thought much more.

But now he could see that car rolling down the main road at a rather quick speed, quickly slowing down to pull into the motel parking lot. A fond smile curled to his lips and he leaned up, pressing his palms flat into the counter surface to get a better look. The Chevelle rolled to a quick stop in an open parking spot at the end of the long rectangle hotel. The building was one story, and rather long with about fifteen rooms and Jimin knew from experience that the rooms were always well kept and clean.

He watched with a fond smile as the car doors popped open, expecting Yoongi to step out of the driver’s seat but he was thoroughly surprised to see Taehyung instead. Jimin didn’t think anyone but Yoongi drove his car but apparently he was wrong. He was far enough away that he couldn’t see more than man’s shape but he recognized Taehyung’s long limbs and fluffy brown hair. Then Taehyung was slamming the door shut and running around the other side just as the back passenger side door opened. At first, there was just black leather but then Jungkook crawled out backwards, motioning widely with his arms at Taehyung who quickly ran off to the motel. He fiddled with one of the doors and then he finally got it open, hurrying inside and Jimin had a vague question of where Yoongi was. Taehyung came back out with white cloth in his hands which he handed to Jungkook who ducked back into the open car door.

Everything seemed to pause then. Taehyung shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket and glanced around the empty parking lot. Not a soul was paying them any mind aside from Jimin but he was too far away for Taehyung to notice. Then Jungkook appeared again and that was when Yoongi’s head of fluffy black hair came into view. Jungkook had his arms around his brother’s torso, helping him stand up and Jimin realized the man wasn’t putting weight on his left leg for some reason. Taehyung ducked down to pull Yoongi’s other arm around his shoulders, lifting the man up higher and then kicked the door shut with his boot, probably earning curses from Yoongi for abusing his baby.

Jimin watched with wide, confused and slightly horrified eyes as Jungkook and Taehyung practically carried Yoongi to the door of their motel room with arms around his waist and his arms around their shoulders. There was white fabric wrapped around his left thigh, the one he was refusing to step on and Jimin’s heart leapt into his throat.

Yoongi was hurt.  

He acted without thinking. He hurried back into the spare room, snatched up Yoongi’s leather jacket to slide over his shoulders and sprinted out into the diner. Sami called after him in confusion and before Jimin could rush out the door he told her to clock out for him. The air was bitter cold against his flushed face but Jimin took off sprinting before he could think twice about it, panic and worry flaring over his chest and making everything tight and cold.   

He skidded to a stop once he reached the main road, glancing from side to side frantically to assure he wasn’t hit with a car and seeing as the coast was clear, he sprinted across the road and toward Yoongi’s car. His eyes picked up on the dark spots around the car, a trail leading to the door they disappeared into and Jimin’s stomach shriveled because was that blood ?

Jimin nearly threw himself at the motel room door, slamming his fists against it in his worry and panic. He needed to see Yoongi. He needed to see that the man was okay. If he was wrong and was only seeing things then good. But if he wasn’t… He needed to know.

There was an alarmed shout on the other side of the door and more sounds of conversation while Jimin curled his fingers into the leather jacket tightly, his teeth sunk into his bottom lip and tearing through the flesh from how fucking anxious he was. Everything was quiet for a few seconds and then the door wrenched open. Taehyung stood on the other side, a wide boxy grin on his face as he greeted Jimin.

“Hey there, Jimin. What brings you by?”

“Where is he?” The words were said in a rush and it might have been rude but he shouldered past Taehyung without caring. “I saw-From the diner-Is he hurt?”

“You saw?” Taehyung sounded confused but Jimin ignored him in favor of glancing around the large room and immediately spotting Yoongi.

The man was sitting on the edge of the farthest bed, his face contorted in pain as he clutched his left thigh. Jungkook was crouched down beside him, blocking Jimin from seeing what was going on. Jimin rushed to his side, dropping down beside Jungkook and gaining both of their attention. Jungkook looked at him with eyes so wide it was like Jimin appeared out of thin air and Yoongi’s eyes were screwed so tight he didn’t even notice Jimin.

From this angle, Jimin could see what the hell was going on. Jungkook had a bundle of towels pressed hard into the side of Yoongi’s thigh, the jeans damp with dark liquid and the white towel soaked with blood. That was blood. Jimin’s heart squeezed in his throat and he glanced from Jungkook to Yoongi in horror.

“Oh my god, what happened?” Jimin’s voice was so tight he was nearly squeaking and that gained Yoongi’s attention.

Dark eyes snapped open and the intensity in those eyes made Jimin freeze. “Angel? What are you doing here?”

“I was at the diner.” He explained quickly, his hands hovering in the air like he didn’t know what to do. “Sami needed help so I came to help and I saw them carry you in here. Oh, fuck, what the hell happened?” He glanced at the bloodied towels in confusion and horror.

“I’m fine.” Yoongi assured him, his face softening.

“You don’t look fine!” Jimin snapped, gritting his teeth. Yoongi’s face was rather pale, more so than usual and Jimin saw Jungkook tighten the pressure he had on Yoongi’s leg with both hands. “That’s a lot of blood.”

“I’ve had worse.” Yoongi assured him and the fingers that brushed through his hair were cold and shaking. “You shouldn’t be here, angel.” He glanced at Taehyung with a sharp glare and the man just shrugged, leaning back against the door like he was guarding it.

“Shouldn’t be here?” Jimin’s voice went a little higher. “You’re hurt! What happened?” He turned his attention to Jungkook who was still blinking at him like he couldn’t believe Jimin was there. “We should take him to the hospital before he bleeds out!”

Jungkook seemed to snap out of his daze then and his eyes went a little dark, something that didn’t suit his cute face at all. “No hospitals.” His voice was deep, a little slurred and Jimin realized then that he was feeling just as much worry and panic as Jimin was. Right, they were brothers.

“Jungkook, he needs a hospital.” Jimin urged, reaching out to do something but his hands froze when that heavy dark gaze flitted to him. Jungkook could be a little scary when he looked like that. “That’s a lot of blood. What the fuck happened?” He twisted his head around but no one seemed to be willing to tell him. Jungkook was glaring at him, Yoongi looked almost ashamed, his gaze glued to the ugly floral pattern of the blanket he was sitting on and Taehyung just looked at him innocently like he didn’t know what to do. “For fuck’s sake! Someone tell me something! Yoongi, what happened to you?”

“I’m fine, Jimin.” Yoongi tried to assure him but seeing as he looked like death and couldn’t seem to keep himself up very well, it wasn’t convincing. “No hospitals, alright?” His dark eyes were almost pleading and Jimin couldn’t understand.

“Yoongi Min you are bleeding so much you are soaking that towel through and I’ll be damned if I let my boyfriend fucking die right here.” He quickly got to his feet, his eyes narrowed in a glare without a care for what he just said making Yoongi’s entire expression shift into shock. “Don’t be stubborn with me right now. You need a hospital .”

“Fucking hell.” Jungkook snapped suddenly, his voice a little loud in the silence of the room and making Jimin flinch. “Just, shut up okay?” His gaze was a little less boiling when he glanced up at Jimin this time. “Freaking out isn’t helping anyone, okay? You wanna help? Either hold this towel on his leg and keep the pressure or go in the bathroom and get me the first aid kit in there because I have to sow him up.”

Jimin’s spine went tense and all he could do was stare at Jungkook with wide eyes. “S-Sow him up?”

“Real subtle there, Jungkookie.” Taehyung’s voice was almost a purr. “He looks like he’s going to throw up.”

“I don’t have time for this!” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s wrists and shoved them against the towel, his grip hard and knocking Jimin to his knees. “Keep the pressure and don’t fucking let go.” Then he was on his feet, showing that he had some blood on his pants before hurrying into the bathroom, snapping at Taehyung to help him.

Jimin’s heart was pounding in his throat but he did as he was told, lifting up on his knees to hold the pressure against Yoongi’s leg and the older let out a hiss of pain. “S-Sorry. I’m sorry.” He stuttered out, his eyes wide and he had no fucking clue what was going on but Jungkook seemed to know what he was doing and Jimin felt lost.

“It’s fine.” Yoongi gritted through his teeth. His face was contorted in pain before he seemed to relax enough to open his eyes and meet Jimin’s. “You weren't supposed to see me like this.”

“Yoongi.” Jimin’s heart swelled and he wanted to reach out to cup the man’s face and smother him in kisses but his hands were currently occupied. “What happened ?”

“Long story.” Yoongi mumbled, wincing when Jimin shifted his weight to keep the pressure. “Happens sometimes.”

“You get hurt often when you’re working?” Jimin remembered the scars that littered the man’s body and he suddenly wondered what exactly Yoongi fucking did.  

“Not often.” Yoongi breathed out. “Just sometimes. I’ve had worse.” Jimin glanced at his chest, knowing the jagged scar there by memory before glancing up at Yoongi whose pale lips curled up into a soft smile. “Yeah, like that worse. And Jungkook stitched me up then as well and I survived. So let him work, okay? He knows what he’s doing.”

Just then, before Jimin could say anything more, Jungkook hurried back into the room and dropped a black box on the bed beside Yoongi. He looked tense but his hands were steady and his eyes firm. “You wanna help, Jimin?”

“Yes.” Jimin agreed without hesitation. “I’ll help you.”

Jungkook seemed to relax slightly and he nodded stiffly before replacing Jimin’s hands with his own. “Okay, I need you to sit with him, hold him up and grab that box and hand me what I ask for. Tae,” he turned to the man who was hovering nearby at the ready, “go to the front desk and ask for more towels.”

“Got it.” Taehyung gave a two finger salute and then he was gone, slipping through the door without making a sound.

“Okay.” Jungkook took a deep breath to steady himself while Jimin settled down on the bed beside Yoongi, careful not to jostle him too much. Yoongi leaned into his side instantly, letting out a sigh of relief and Jimin curled an arm around his waist to keep the man steady as he tugged the black box into his lap and popped it open. He saw a decent amount of medical supplies but it was obvious the hotel didn’t provide this. It must be something the brothers traveled with for instances like this. Jimin wondered how many times Jungkook had to stitch up his brother, and why?

“Okay.” Jungkook said again and Jimin glanced at him to see he was staring at the damp with blood towels with wide eyes. He took a deep breath, swallowed hard, closed his eyes and then nodded to himself. He seemed to be gathering the strength for what he was about to do and Jimin watched him with a swirl of emotions, Yoongi’s head resting comfortably on his shoulder.

“The blood should have clotted by now.” Jungkook spoke softly as he opened his eyes and ducked down to pull the towel away enough to peer underneath. “It’s still bleeding but I can stitch it like this.” Jimin wasn't sure if the man was talking to him or himself but he listened anyway. “It’s deep, Yoongi. It’s going to hurt.”

Yoongi made a soft deep noise, a rumble in his chest and Jimin glanced at him to see his eyes were heavy lidded but still alert. His face was so pale, a stark contrast to the lovely flush Jimin usually saw and it made his skin prickle with bitter cold worry. He was going to be okay. Jungkook was going to make sure Yoongi would be okay. He would make sure nothing bad would happen to his brother, Jimin told himself over and over.

Taehyung returned then with a bundle of fresh towels in his arms and he kicked the door shut with his boot. He didn’t need Jungkook to tell him what to do and hurried into the bathroom all on his own. When he returned, he had a wet cloth in one hand and a clean towel in the other which he placed down on the floor by Jungkook’s knees. Then he stepped back and waited for further instruction.

Carefully, Jungkook peeled the towel away to stuff beneath Yoongi’s thigh and Jimin could finally see a glimpse of the wound. All he could see was red ripped flesh beneath ripped jean fabric and something white and his stomach lurched. “Oh god is that bone?”

Yoongi pursed his lips and Jungkook shook his head. “Muscle. Nothing’s broken.” Jungkook assured him as he dug his fingers into the rip in Yoongi’s jeans. His brow furrowed and he glanced at Jimin. “Grab me the scissors.”

Jimin snatched the large pair of fabric scissors from the box and passed them to Jungkook with shaking hands. Yoongi groaned again, almost a whine and nuzzled his cheek into Jimin’s shoulder. “I liked these pants, damnit.”

“Too bad.” Jungkook pressed his lips into a flat line and then opened the scissors, sliding them into the rip and cutting all the way up. Then he cut down all the way to Yoongi’s boot, freeing his leg from the pants so Jungkook could work easier. He pushed all the ruined fabric away and placed the scissors on the bed.

Jimin had a better look at the wound now as Jungkook grabbed the wet cloth to start cleaning away the traces of dried blood from Yoongi’s pale skin. The wound was on the side of his thigh, rather high up near his hip but still considered the skin of his thigh. It was deep, deeper than Jimin could see but not too wide. The full length was maybe an inch or so but it was gaping open, showing bits of flesh and muscle that made Jimin sick to his stomach. Blood was oozing from the corners but it wasn’t spurting like it probably once was which made it easier for Jungkook to work with.

“Hand me the bottle of alcohol.” Jungkook told Jimin as he cleaned Yoongi’s skin as carefully as he could.

Jimin found the large brown bottle easily enough and passed it to Jungkook, his other hand curling a little tight around Yoongi’s back. The man was tense like a board against him and yet still leaning so willingly into his side because he needed Jimin’s strength to keep him upright. It was worrying but Yoongi’s eyes didn’t falter and as long as he stayed awake and alert, Jimin thought they didn’t have anything to worry too much about.

Jungkook glanced up at his brother, making eye contact as he opened the bottle of alcohol and poured some onto the clean towel. “Ready?”

“Do it.” Yoongi’s voice was tight, strained but firm.

When Jungkook pressed the alcohol soaked towel to Yoongi’s wound the older man hissed and pressed harder into Jimin’s side. “It’s okay.” Jimin murmured to him, unsure of what else to do. He pressed his mouth into Yoongi’s hair, smelling sweat, blood and mint. “It’s okay, baby.”

Yoongi’s hand caught in the fabric of his shirt, clutching tightly as he hissed breaths through his clenched teeth. The pain of the alcohol against his wound must have been immense and so Jimin held him a little tighter, whispering sweetly to him which seemed to help just a little bit.

Once Jungkook was satisfied the wound was clean enough, he dropped the stained cloth onto the bed, poured the alcohol over his own hands, rubbing them together to make sure they were as sterile as they could be before turning to Taehyung. “I need you to pinch the skin for me. The wound is too wide.” Taehyung came to drop down beside Jungkook, in front of Yoongi’s other leg while Jungkook turned to Jimin. “Needle and thread.”

Jimin nodded stiffly and found the items in the box, offering them with shaking hands. Jungkook really seemed to know what he was doing and it made Jimin wonder if every wound on Yoongi’s body had been stitched up by the younger. Jungkook’s eyes were focused as he sterilized the needle with alcohol and then threaded it with what looked like professional medical thread. The needle was larger than a usual needle but thin enough to make the holes small and thin.

“Hold his hand.” Jungkook glanced at Jimin as Taehyung cleaned his hands off with the alcohol as well and then grabbed at Yoongi’s thigh, pinching the skin and making Yoongi hiss again.

Jimin gathered Yoongi’s hands which were gripping his shirt in one of his. He managed to curl his fingers with one of Yoongi’s hands and the man squeezed tightly, enough to grind the bones together but Jimin didn’t mind in the least. He watched in slight horror, disgust and interest as Jungkook settled over the wound and started his work.

Yoongi flinched with each puncture of his skin but he didn’t complain any further, burying his face in Jimin’s neck and holding his hand tight enough that it hurt. Seeing how delicate Jungkook moved, how expertly he was stitching the wound closed made Jimin realize this was probably a normal occurrence for them. He still had no answers, like how the hell Yoongi got the wound in the first place, but he knew now was not the time to ask. Once Yoongi was taken care of he would ask but for now he needed to know the man was going to be alright.

The air in the room was quiet and tense for the following minutes, everyone’s eyes locked on the delicate work Jungkook was doing. Taehyung was there to pinch the wound closed and clean away the new and extra blood away with the alcohol soaked towel, keeping the skin clean for Jungkook to work. Jimin couldn’t tell how much more blood Yoongi could handle to lose but he wasn’t bleeding too much anymore and that was relieving.

“Bandages.” Jungkook’s stiff voice suddenly called out and Jimin flinched to grab the bundle from the box and pass it to him. He bit off the rest of the thread with his teeth and finished up the stitching before unraveling the bandages while Taehyung cleaned away the rest of the blood, pouring some new alcohol over the stitches before wiping it away. Taehyung lifted Yoongi’s leg for Jungkook and Jimin shifted on the bed to make it easier for the man to move.

Yoongi moaned and grumbled into his neck, hissing when the muscles of his thigh were stretched too much so Jungkook could start wrapping bandages around his thigh and the wound. He wrapped until Yoongi’s thigh was nice and tight and then taped them shut with a few stripes of tape from the box in Jimin’s lap.

“Done.” Jungkook announced, pulling away with his hands curled into fists and glanced up to gauge Yoongi’s expression. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired.” Yoongi pulled his face from Jimin’s neck so he could meet Jungkook’s worried gaze. He offered a soft smile, something that made the tension in the air pop like a balloon. “I’m good, Kook. Thanks.”

Jungkook’s lower lip wobbled and then he was on his feet, kneeling on the bed beside Yoongi to wrap his arms around his shoulders and pull him away from Jimin. It was a sweet thing to witness as Jungkook hugged his older brother to his chest tightly and buried his face in his hair. Yoongi complained about the pain in his thigh the shift in position caused but he was smiling and managed to wrap an around Jungkook’s waist.

“I’m okay, Kook. I’m good.”

“You fucking idiot .” Jungkook whined into his brother’s hair, squeezing him tighter while Taehyung chuckled and went about cleaning up the mess of towels. “Do something that stupid again and I’ll stab you myself.”

Yoongi’s expression softened and he nodded, patting his brother’s back. “Okay, I got it.”

Jungkook sniffled softly before pulling back. He rubbed at his face with his sleeves and got to his feet. He snatched up the box from Jimin’s lap and stuffed the rest of the items in it before following a smiling Taehyung into the bathroom.

“Help me up the bed, angel?” Yoongi’s voice was soft, a little slurred like he was tired and Jimin reacted quickly. He grabbed Yoongi’s arms carefully and helped the man slid up the bed so he was resting back against the headboard. He piled two pillows behind his back for comfort and then he helped Yoongi out of his ruined pants. It was as he was dragging the blanket over Yoongi’s bare legs that the man grabbed his shaking hands and caught his attention. “Angel?”

“I…” Jimin swallowed hard and let his shoulders drop. “Fuck.” He settled down on the bed with Yoongi, perched on the edge and facing him. He had both Yoongi’s hands cradled between his own and he didn’t realize how bad he was shaking until Yoongi squeezed their hands together. “What just happened?”

“We’re going to get food.” Taehyung announced as he and Jungkook came back through the bathroom. He had an arm around Jungkook’s shoulders and the younger’s face looked a little red. “Yoongi needs sugar, right? We’re gonna get supplies.” Jungkook shuffled over to the bed closest to the door and grabbed a clean pair of jeans which he changed into. “And Jungkookie needs air.”

Yoongi made a noise of agreement. “Get him ice cream.”

“Got it!” Taehyung flashed them both a grin, glancing between them with a knowing grin before he grabbed Jungkook around the shoulders and ushered him out the door, letting it click shut behind them and leaving Jimin and Yoongi alone.

The silence in the room was almost deafening and when Jimin shifted to meet Yoongi’s gaze, he found the man staring down at their folded hands rather intensely. His pale lips were pursed and Jimin’s heart was so tight in his throat he almost couldn’t breathe. He was relieved that Yoongi was okay but now he had so many questions slamming against his skull that it was nearly painful.

Jimin took the time to breathe, in and out slowly, in order to calm down his racing heart enough so he could really think. The world finally slowed down, stopped spinning like a violent top all around him and Jimin could let the past events sink in. He had sat there, holding Yoongi’s hand and letting the man use him for support while Jungkook stitched up the wound in his thigh. It was both bizarre and confusing but Jimin found himself accepting the events after taking a few minutes to let them sink in.

He finally raised his eyes from their hands clenched together in Yoongi’s lap to gaze over the man’s face. His plump lips were pale, the color drained thanks to the amount of blood he lost and his skin looked a little ashen. But he was still so pretty. His dark hair stuck to his forehead, brow and cheeks from sweat, an absolute mess a top his head and his brow was furrowed, his eyes dark as they stare at their hands. Jimin trailed a drip of sweat as it trickled down from Yoongi’s hair, around the dip of his eye and curved around the slope of his cheek. He reached out without thought, catching the sweat on his thumb and brushing it away, running his thumb softly over Yoongi’s cheek until the man finally lifted his eyes. The faintest color of pink dusted over his cheeks and the affection in those dark eyes had Jimin swallowing hard. The tension in the room was solid around them, lingering around like a cloud of smoke but all Jimin could see were those dark eyes boring into him.

“How are you feeling?” He asked softly, so not to disturb the quiet in the air while his hand cupped Yoongi’s cheek gently, worry evident in his touch and gaze.

Yoongi’s lips lifted into a faint smile and he tilted his head into the touch, his eyes fluttering shut for a moment. “Tired and my legs hurts like a bitch. But I’ll be alright.”

Jimin furrowed his brow, brushing his thumb along his cheekbone before shifting to brush sweaty strands of hair out of his eyes. “This is a common occurrence?”

“Not common.” Yoongi murmured through pursed lips, his dark eyes slits from how heavy his eyelids were. Jimin imagined the man was feeling exhausted now that his wound was taken care of. “Just happens sometimes.”

Jimin breathed out heavily, shifting to sit back and run both hands through his hair. “What happened, Yoongi? How did something like this happen and how is it something that happens sometimes?” He needed answers. He needed to understand because he seemed to be the only one freaking out about this and he needed to know what Yoongi knew that was keeping him so calm considering he had basically been stabbed in his fucking thigh by something. If it was an accident, the man would have said so but this seemed to be so much bigger than that.

“It’s… a long story.” Yoongi murmured, curling his hands together in his lap, scratching at his wrists in a nervous habit that Jimin picked up on. “I… was going to tell you everything. You weren't supposed to find out like this.”

“Well, here I am.” Jimin shifted on the bed beside him, scooting a little closer so their thighs were pressed close together. “I’m not going anywhere, Yoongi. Just tell me what’s going on.”

Yoongi pursed his lips and glanced off to the side like he was trying to put his thoughts together and Jimin didn’t pressure him. He reached out to pry Yoongi’s hands apart and then took both in his own, curling their fingers together in an attempt to bring Yoongi some comfort. His new stitches had to be burning, he still had to be in pain and Jimin wanted to make him as comfortable as he could mange seeing as they weren’t going to take the man to the hospital for reasons Jimin still didn’t know.

After a few moments of silence, Yoongi finally met Jimin’s gaze and there was a fire of emotion in his dark orbs that left Jimin a little breathless. He sat up straighter, giving the man his full attention with his heart in his throat.

“Were you leaving town?” The question was spoke softly, but firmly and Jimin blinked and sat back like he had been slapped because what?

“W-What?” He asked, bewildered.

Yoongi’s brow furrowed and his lips pursed in that cute habit he had, making him talk through pouty lips. “I saw the packed suitcases in your closet. Were you planning on leaving town soon?”

The switch in conversation topic had Jimin reeling and scrambling to pull his thoughts back together. “I… Yes.” He answered because he was still reeling and he couldn’t lie to the man. “I was going to leave next week actually and then you showed up.”

Yoongi’s face darkened and Jimin couldn’t read him anymore. He couldn’t tell if Yoongi was upset or angry or what. He was suddenly completely unreadable and Jimin almost didn’t recognize the man sitting in front of him. “So… I would have missed you if we didn’t show up when we did.”

“Yes?” Jimin licked at his dry lips, swallowing hard and squeezing Yoongi’s hands in an attempt to get the man to look at him but Yoongi’s gaze was now focused on the ugly floral print of the blanket thrown over his bare legs. “But you showed up and-”

“Where were you going?” Yoongi’s voice was sharp and Jimin’s shoulders went rigged.

“I-I don’t know.” That dark glistening gaze finally snapped back to him, making Jimin’s breath hitch. “I didn’t have a destination in mind. I just… need to get out of Harper. I was going to drive till I found a place I fit.”

Yoongi’s gaze seemed to darken at that and he shifted to peer over Jimin’s shoulder. The quiet moment was tense between them and Jimin didn’t understand what was going on. Was Yoongi angry he was going to leave? Or angry at himself for almost missing him? Jimin couldn’t tell but then Yoongi’s gaze suddenly softened when it met his eyes once again. The lack of color in his face was still concerning but his eyes were sharp and alert.

“Can you get me a bottle of water from the mini fridge?” Yoongi asked softly, ducking his gaze after a moment like he was embarrassed he couldn’t get the water himself.

“Of course.” Jimin was quick to his feet, reaching over to brush a kiss over Yoongi’s cheek. After making sure Yoongi was comfortably tucked in, Jimin spun around to the rest of the room and let his gaze shift around until he spotted the small black mini fridge beside the large dresser. He stepped over to it to grab the water Yoongi asked for but came to a pause when his eyes caught the papers spread out over the wall.

There were a lot of them, taped to the wall because they didn’t actually belong there. He paused, an eyebrow perking as he let his gaze trail over them. The wall just to the right of the dresser and television was covered in a series of papers and from what Jimin could tell, they were printed out newspaper articles. Feeling curious, he stepped closer and looked over them to see what exactly they were.

Headlines about missing cows caught his attention and he realized this was their research wall. The newspaper articles were placed specifically so a red string could connect them all together, leading from one detail to another. He picked up Namjoon’s name in the mix, along with a bunch of other articles that had nothing to do with his missing cows, but had to do with other instances that were similar. It was well put together and rather fascinating to look at.

Until Jimin followed the red line to the one sheet of paper tacked to the side by itself; the end of the line. It was a printed copy from a book, probably photocopied at the library and when Jimin stepped closer, his breath caught in his throat. There was a well detailed picture of a creature he didn’t recognize at first and words he couldn’t read. The language didn’t look familiar at all and the picture looked like one of those old drawings he would see in his history books in school, only black and white. The creature was small in stature compared to the human being it was attached to. It had strange bat like wings, large terrifying fangs and Jimin realized the creature was sucking the blood from the human, who was collapsed in its small arms.

Jimin knew Yoongi looked into some weird shit but that really took the fucking cake. His eyes narrowed in confusion and he shifted away, intending to grab the water Yoongi had asked him for but he paused when something else caught his attention. When he first ran into the hotel room, the only thing he noticed was Yoongi. He didn’t take in any part of the room aside from the bleeding man on the bed but now, he almost wished he had.

There was a table in the corner of the room, shoved up against the wall beside the bathroom door and scattered on top were an assortment of items that made Jimin’s feet root into the floor. There were a few black duffle bags on the floor under the table and one of the chairs had a pile of clothes in it but the glistening metal was what caught his attention.

Those were guns, he was rather certain. There were three of them, one a matte black and the other two were silver pistols settled in black leather holsters. Along with the guns were a series of knives, all settled safely in their holders but with rather intricate designs on the handles. There was also a machete leaning against the table and Jimin was almost certain the dark metal was stained with blood. His heart leapt into his throat and hummed, a fizzle of fear crawling up his spine because what the actual fuck was going on? There were books that looked antique settled on the table, along with little vials of black liquid tucked into another holster and then a small bowl with a few bags of herbs.

“Jimin?” Yoongi’s voice was soft but snapped Jimin out of his daze like the crack of a whip. He snapped his head around, nearly breaking his damn neck in the process and found Yoongi right where he left him, looking at him expectantly. He glanced at the table which Jimin was now standing in front of but his expression didn’t change and wasn’t that just fucking strange.

Right. Water. Jimin surged up and hurried back over to the mini fridge so he could crouch down and pop the door open. There were a series of drinks gathered in the fridge along with what Jimin was certain a raw chunk of an organ wrapped in plastic wrap that almost made his stomach lurch out of his throat. He snatched up a bottle of water and slammed the door shut before hurrying back over to Yoongi’s side. His hands were shaking as he twisted off the cap but Yoongi watched him silently, letting the younger open the bottle for him before passing it to him. Yoongi took the bottle with both hands and brought it to his mouth to swallow down a few solid gulps while Jimin settled down on the edge of the bed carefully, still facing Yoongi. He dared a glance over his shoulder at the table and sure enough those strange weapons were still there.

“Yoongi,” Jimin started softly, his voice a lot more steady then he felt as he leveled his gaze on the black haired man who was still swallowing down gulps of water and watching him intently, “What exactly is your job?”

One corner of Yoongi’s eye twitch and he downed half the bottle before he finally stopped, taking a deep breath and licking at his wet glistening lips. “I’m not entirely sure you would believe me if I told you.” His voice sounded a bit more clear now that his throat was moist and his expression as still unreadable. “I was going to tell you, I was.” He assured Jimin, settling back against the pillows with the bottle clutched to his chest with both hands. “It’s just…. It’s not something I tell people. It’s one of these things I keep to myself because it’s not… I mean,” he glanced at his thigh, “It’s dangerous.”

“Are you a drug dealer?” Jimin asked firmly, making Yoongi nearly choke on his next sip of water. “It’s okay if you are. Just tell me, Yoongi.”

It was almost comical how wide Yoongi’s eyes went and if not for how serious the situation was, Jimin might have teased him about it. “Fuck.” Yoongi coughed for a moment, catching dribbling water on his chin with the back of his free hand. “No, wow, No I’m not a drug dealer. Wow, where did you even get that?”

“Um.” Jimin glanced at the table. “Why else would you have enough weapons to actually kill someone? What was I supposed to think?” His voice went a little higher in pitch as he spoke because Yoongi was laughing softly at him like he couldn't believe Jimin’s mind had went in that direction. “It makes sense!”

Yoongi snickered into his next sip of water and eyed Jimin with amusement twinkling in his eyes, causing the younger to pout just a bit. “I’m not a drug dealer.”

“Okay, then what?” He bit into his lower lip. “What do you do? And how did you get hurt? I need answers, Yoongi. I think I deserve them.”

“You do.” Yoongi said softly, giving Jimin one of those soft looks that made his heart flutter in his chest. “I didn’t lie to you about traveling around the country to follow stories of strange occurrences. That… was the truth.” Jimin felt a ‘but’ coming and so he settled down quietly, folding his hands in his lap and waiting for Yoongi to continue. Yoongi took a few more swallows of water before he was satisfied and placed the bottle down on the side table. Now that his hands were free, Jimin grabbed them, linking their fingers together because it seemed like the natural thing to do.

“But,” Yoongi continued after a few moments, “I’m not a writer. There’s no blog, no stories. Jungkook and I… we don’t write. We research, sure. We put pieces of a puzzle together to find the source of all these strange things but we don’t write about it. I mean, we probably could, people might be interested in that. But that’s not what we do.”

Jimin inhaled, feeling his stomach swirl around like a tornado. “Okay.” That wasn’t so bad. He didn’t mind that he had been lied to. As far as Yoongi was concerned in the beginning, Jimin was a stranger and he didn’t have to be open and honest with him. Jimin was just glad the man was being honest with him now. “So what do you do?”

Yoongi’s gaze drifted off to the table over Jimin’s shoulder before dropping to their hands shyly, like he wasn’t sure how to say what he was about to say. “We… hunt.”

Jimin’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Hunt?”

“These strange occurrences. They have a source, right?” Yoongi squeezed their hands together. “We hunt down the source and… take care of it.”

“You…” He blinked a few times and tried to piece the information together in his rather sore brain. “You hunt? What exactly are you hunting?”

Yoongi worried his bottom lip between his teeth and he seemed to find the lines of Jimin’s knuckles more interesting to look at then his face. “Most people don’t believe the thing that goes bump in the night is actually real but…” He let out a heavy sigh and rubbed his cheek against his shoulder. “We hunt them down and take care of them.”

“By take care you mean kill, right?”

“Not always.” Yoongi crinkled his nose. “Sometimes it’s not always a bad thing. Just because they’re not human doesn't mean they can’t be reasoned with.”

“Not human…” Jimin shook his head, bewildered. “Yoongi, what are you talking about? You’re being vague.”

Yoongi let out a puff of air, almost like an embarrassed huff. “I don’t know how to tell you this without you, like, freaking out.”

“Yoongi Min, I just saw your little brother stitch your leg back together like a professional okay, I’m already freaked out and I’m still here.” He squeezed their hands together tightly and ducked his head closer, trying to catch Yoongi’s gaze. “Just tell me. I won’t leave, I promise.”

Carefully, sheepishly, Yoongi finally met Jimin’s gaze and there was enough emotion in those deep brown orbs to make Jimin’s heart stutter in his chest. This was important to Yoongi and an important moment for their relationship so Jimin took it seriously. He squeezed Yoongi’s hands once more in encouragement and tried to offer him the most comforting smile he could manage. He was still a little freaked out, unsure what the hell he got himself into when he dragged Yoongi into the backseat of his car and kissed him for the first time but Jimin was in this for the long haul and he wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

“Jungkook and I,” Yoongi started softly, his gaze locked with Jimin’s, “we hunt things. Things that most people think don’t exist. Things that haunt people's nightmares and are always portrayed really wrong in horror movies. We hunt those things and if they're dangerous, we kill them. That’s what we do, Jimin. We kill things. Sometimes those things are monsters and sometimes they’re people.” His voice went tight as he continued on but he didn’t stop, determined to get this out. “The source of Namjoon’s missing cows and the killer of that corpse he found? Vampires.” The word shot through Jimin like a bolt of lightning. “It’s far from the first time we’ve dealt with them and sometimes they can be reasoned with. They’re not always bloodthirsty beasts but they’re dangerous as fuck and they will kill given the chance. In this case, they were bloodthirsty pieces of shit.” He hissed, his eyes narrowed as they dropped to their intertwined hands. “You’d think they were safer seeing as they were taking cows to feed on but that’s the thing. We knew it had to be a clan because they were taking too much in such a short period of time. If they were just wanting to feed to survive without hurting anyone, one cow could last a single vampire probably a month. But they were taking too much and we knew they had a newborn on their hands. We’ve dealt with that before so we knew what to do. Seeing those pictures Namjoon shared with us proved we were correct. The newborn left that mess behind, meaning it escaped from wherever it was being held and was a danger to everyone. We had to take care of it before it hurt someone.”

Jimin’s back was stiff, his muscles frozen because his brain was telling him this wasn't possible, that Yoongi was fucking crazy but he was too serious for this to be a joke and Jimin had no choice but to listen because he didn’t know what else to do.

“Taehyung found their nest this morning and that’s why I had to leave. We went to take care of the problem. It was supposed to be a routine nest elimination because they sleep during the day and catching them by surprise was our best bet.” Yoongi’s eyes narrowed darkly as he stared at a spot to the side. “We didn’t take into account how many there were. Most of them woke up and it was just a fight to stay alive. Taehyung can handle himself, no problem, but Jungkook worries the fuck out of me cause he’s brash. Vamps fight with more than just their claws and fangs. I jumped between Jungkook and a knife and that’s how my leg got fucked up. Jungkook kind of went into a rage because of it and well, they’ve all been taken care of and Namjoon doesn't have to worry about his cows going missing anymore.”

Silence fell between them now that Yoongi’s story was done and he tugged a hand free from Jimin’s tight grip so he could grab the bottle of water and swallow a few gulps. Jimin could only stare in disbelief at the man in front of him. His words didn’t entirely click together in Jimin’s head because as far as he knew, vampires weren’t a real thing and yet there Yoongi was, telling him they fought some and that was how he ended up with the slice in his thigh.

Part of Jimin wanted scream but the other part, the more rational part, the part that was starting to love Yoongi for all he was worth, reminded him that just because he never fucking saw a vampire didn’t mean they weren’t real. Some crazy shit did happen from time to time and who was he to say Yoongi was out of his damn mind?

“How…” Jimin swallowed hard, to ease his suddenly tight throat and Yoongi looked at him with wide eyes. “How long have you been doing this?”

Yoongi gulped down more water before pulling the bottle away from his lips. “Since I was twelve.” Jimin went even more tense at his answer but Yoongi continued before he could say a word. “Our parents were murdered by shapeshifters when Jungkook was just a baby. Never knew they had been replaced until then.” His gaze went dark and he pursed his lips. “They wanted a family, so they stole ours. Killed our parents and took their skin in order to do it. By chance, I saw one of them shifting in the garage when I was supposed to be long asleep and I thought it was a nightmare. When I confronted them about it, my mom, or the bitch that was supposed to be my mother, freaked out. Learned then that monsters were real and my parents were long gone.” His face went even a little more pale and he tilted his head back, closing his eyes. “My uncle, he was a good man. I called him, terrified about what I had seen and what happened and he came to get us. He had felt like something was wrong with his brother for years, something different and he believed me. He believed a terrified twelve year old boy and when he came to get us… My parents weren’t my parents anymore. I watched them peel skin away to become something else and it was the most disturbing thing I had ever seen in my life.” He paused and Jimin grit his teeth, enraptured by the story Yoongi was telling him. “My uncle killed them. Burned the house to claim an accident.” Jimin flinched at the words, reminded of his own parents and dropped his gaze to the hand Yoongi still hand a grip on. “Police were none the wiser. My uncle took Jungkook and I in and then we started to learn what hunting really was and how we could help other people who suffered as we did. I never wanted Jungkook to follow my footsteps but,” He opened his eyes slowly and met Jimin’s gaze through his lashes, “here we are.”

Jimin tried to swallow the lump in his throat. “Yoongi… that’s…”

“Insane, right?” His laugh was bitter, making his whole body shake. “I’ve seen shit you wouldn’t find in your worst nightmares but I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me. This is my life Jimin. This is what we do. It’s dangerous and sometimes we get hurt. But we know what we’re doing.”

“Is this…” He licked at his dry lips, his heart hammering in his chest like a jackhammer. “Why were you in town last time?”

Yoongi’s gaze flickered. “Angry ghost in the Anderson’s home, killing people by ripping out their hearts. We took care of it.”

Jimin’s breath hitched and he closed his eyes in an attempt to settle his rattling brain. Jimin remembered the newspaper articles about the people showing up dead with their hearts ripped out in the old abandoned Anderson’s house, a few miles out of the main part of town but it was just… He didn’t expect such a thing but who was he to question it? Yoongi seemed to know what the hell he was talking about and everything Jimin did know about the man backed up what he was saying. If he stopped long enough to think about it, the pieces had always been out in front of him, he just didn’t have the rest to put them together.  

“I… Give me a minute.” Jimin carefully pulled his hand away from Yoongi’s to drop his face in both hands and rub over his skin. This was a lot to take in, way too much really and yet, and yet, it didn’t change a thing about how he felt toward Yoongi. He stilled wanted to ask the man to take him with him, even if what they actually did was a lot more dangerous than Jimin ever expected. And then something Yoongi said previously stuck out in his thoughts like a beacon of light. He lifted his head slowly and peered at Yoongi through his fingers, finding the man watching him with a very unsure look on his face. “You said you were going to tell me all of this.”

Yoongi’s body froze for a second before the tension leaked out of his body and he nodded. “Um, yeah, I…” The lightest color of pink spread over his nose and Jimin’s heart squeezed, his stomach fluttering with a hint of hope. “I wanted to… I mean… You were going to leave, right?”

“Yeah.” He breathed out, dropping his hands in his lap to stare at Yoongi with wide eyes.

“And… I wasn’t sure, I mean, I missed you. I wasn’t sure if you missed me and-”

“I missed you.” Jimin cut him off, leaning forward to gather Yoongi’s face in his hands. “I missed you so much, Yoongi.”

Yoongi’s eyes twinkled, the corners crinkling from the force of the smile spreading over his pale lips. “I know that now. And I, I mean we… We’re good, right? You and I?”

“We’re so good, baby.” Jimin leaned as far forward as he could without putting pressure on Yoongi’s lap, nuzzling their noses together while cupping Yoongi’s pretty face. “I can’t say I completely believe everything you just told me because it’s a lot to take in but I, I trust you Yoongi. And I still, I mean,” heat curled up the back of his neck but he didn’t glance away shyly, too determined to make sure Yoongi knew he was serious about what he was going to say next, “I have feelings for you.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened a fraction of an inch and the blush on his nose spread over his cheeks. It wasn’t the same pretty color Jimin was used to but it was still pretty and made his heart flutter in his chest. He felt warm all of a sudden, full to bursting because he needed Yoongi to understand that he still cared about him even if he was this weird hunter thing.

“I-I can’t ask you to leave everything behind for me.” Yoongi’s lips almost stumbled over his words and they came out in a rush. “Y-You didn’t ask for this. You didn’t ask for me and my fucked up life, Jimin.”

“Is that why you didn’t ask last time?” Jimin breathed out, the puzzle pieces finally starting to slot together in his mind. “I had thought you might but you didn’t and I was too scared to ask myself.”

Yoongi swallowed so hard his throat constricted. “I couldn’t drag someone innocent like you into this hell with me, angel. I just couldn’t.”

“What about Taehyung?” Jimin was feeling a bit desperate now, like Yoongi was trying to come up with reasons for Jimin not to leave town with him even when they both knew that was exactly what they wanted.

“Tae isn’t…” Yoongi looked stunned for a moment. “Tae doesn't count.”

“How does he not count?” Jimin’s lips pursed and his cheeks puffed out. “I’m not weak , Yoongi. I can handle myself. I might not be a hunter but I can… I can help! I’m good with people. I helped you with Namjoon and I can do stuff like that again. I’m good with talking to people, making them feel comfortable enough to tell me things they wouldn’t normally tell strangers. I bet that can help your research, help you interview people. If Taehyung gets to fall in love with Jungkook and come along on these crazy adventures, why can’t I?”

“Because he’s not… Angel, Tae’s not…” He breathed out heavily, thunking his head back against the headboard. “You're right. But Taehyung was already apart of this world.”

Jimin’s nose crinkled. “So he was a hunter before?”

“No. No, Tae was… Tae is more like… what we hunt.” Yoongi closed his eyes tightly but Jimin still had a grip on his face and he wasn’t letting go anytime soon. Not till he got some answers out of the man.

“The hell does that mean?” Jimin asked, slightly alarmed.

“Tae is… Tae’s a werewolf.” Yoongi breathed out like a sigh, his eyes half lidded when they landed on Jimin. “He’s a good one. They exist. Not all creatures are monsters. Some just want to live normal lives like everyone else and Taehyung is one of those. He helped us with a case a couple months ago and got attached to Kook real fucking quick. I didn’t lie about that. I also didn’t lie about the fact that he thinks nine out of ten cases are aliens.” He laughed fondly, a warm sound that made the tension in Jimin’s body melt away. “He wants to believe and maybe one of these days he’ll actually be right.”

“A werewolf… How is that? I mean how does that work?”

“You’d have to ask him, really. Werewolves rely on human livers and hearts to get by which, is rather complicated in the long stream of things when you’re just trying to be a normal fucking person. He doesn’t transform into some weird half human half wolf thing. It’s more like… he gets a little furry and his eyes change colors and his claws could kill you with one small prick. But he only gets like that when he’s angry, which is rare. Or hungry, which is also rare. He gets by on what we can manage to salvage from morgues and raw meat. He’s lived this way a while so if you want more details, ask him.”

“I’m not a werewolf.” Jimin stated, catching Yoongi’s widening eyes. “Or a hunter. I’m… I’m just me . But I can help if you’ll let me and… I don’t want you to leave me behind this time, Yoongi. I want to go with you. I was going to ask, before you left. I was working up the courage because I was leaving town one way or another but I wanted to leave with you .” He breathed in deeply and continued before Yoongi could open his mouth. “I know you don’t want to pull me into this weird dark world of yours but I’m already here, Yoongi. I’m-” His heart stuttered in his throat, a hiccup of sorts and he realized the corners of his eyes were prickling with tears because he was feeling so much and he was terrified Yoongi was going to leave him behind again. “I’m falling i-in love with you.”

The words were breathed out, like a sacred whisper that made the tension in the room pop like an overinflated balloon. Jimin was holding out his heart in his hand and he prayed Yoongi took it. The man’s eyes were so wide they looked like they might pop out of his skull and feeling scared, his skin jittery, Jimin pulled his hands away from Yoongi’s face. But before he could move far, Yoongi’s hands snapped out and caught his wrists, wrapping long elegant fingers around his skin.

“D-Do you mean that?” Yoongi whispered sounding hopeful and downright stunned.

Jimin closed his eyes tightly and nodded, pressing his lips together tightly before speaking. “W-When we first met you told me I was this sparkling ray of sunshine in a dull town b-but you were wrong. You were the ray of sunshine in my shitty fucking life.” He took a deep shaky breath, unaware of the tears suddenly dribbling down his face because all of his emotions from the day were finally bubbling over and he couldn’t control them anymore. “I was so fucking lost Yoongi. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life and I felt so trapped . And then you came along and made me feel like, for once, my happiness actually fucking mattered and I…” His words caught on a soft sob and he buried his head in his hands, still trapped by Yoongi’s fingers around his wrists. “I didn’t mean to fall in love with you. It just happened and I thought I’d never see you again. I accepted that. I moved on with my life but I n-never forgot you. I c-couldn’t!” He shook his head from side to side, rubbing the skin of his forehead against his palms. “And then you come rolling back into my life with that pretty smile and those sweet kisses and I fucking…” He snapped his head up, his eyes narrowed in a  glare that made Yoongi’s lips twitch into a smile. “That’s not fair , Yoongi. You can’t just show up like that again and take me on dates and fuck me like I’m the only person who matters and expect me not to fall in love with you.”

“I’m sorry, angel.” Yoongi’s hands slipped over his cheeks, brushing away stray tears and his expression was so soft, his eyes so fond, his smile so sweet and Jimin’s heart squeezed . “I never meant to hurt you, I mean it. You just, you captivated me and I knew when this story came up that we had to stop in Harper. I had to see you again. I had to…” He licked his dry lips, his eyes wide but so full of love and affection that Jimin’s entire body was buzzing with it. “I knew leaving you was a mistake but I couldn’t drag you into my fucked up life, Jimin. I couldn’t do that.” He dragged Jimin closer, brushing their wet lips together in the softest kiss Jimin had ever felt in his entire life, making his knees weak and his fingers tremble. “But now…”

“But now?” Jimin repeated, a whisper against Yoongi’s mouth that made the man’s lips curl into a smile.

“Well, now I know you want to come.”

Hope fluttered through Jimin like the wings of a hummingbird and he pressed closer, settling his hands into the mattress on either side of Yoongi’s thighs, careful not to jostle him too much. “I’ve always wanted to come, Yoongi. Just this time I had the balls to ask.”

“It’s going to be an adjustment.” Yoongi leaned back enough to meet his eyes. “You’ll have a lot to learn about how we hunt and living out of a car and motels is a big change. We don’t have real homes. We have my car and the open road.”

“Do you have any idea how good that sounds to me?” Jimin sighed in relief, and delight, pressing closer so their noses brushed together. “I’ve got a lot of money saved up, I can contribute. I can help research if you don’t want me actually hunting.”

“I don’t care about any of that.” Yoongi slipped his arms around Jimin’s shoulders, pulling him as close as he could manage. “I don’t want you hunting, yeah, but we’ll figure that out later. Now, I just want, shit, Jimin I just want you to say you’ll come with us.”

“Of course I’ll come with you.” The words came out in a hushed rush before he slotted their mouths together. The kiss was firm, solid, and so deep it made Yoongi’s head tilt backwards from the force in which Jimin was pressing their mouths together. It was a promise, something important and thriving between them and Jimin couldn’t believe this was happening. “You mean it, baby?” Jimin pulled back with a gasp, his eyes wide and his body buzzing with so much excitement. “I can come with you?”

“I want you to come with me.” Yoongi assured him, nuzzling the tip of his nose over the curve of Jimin’s cheek. “I want you with me as long as you want to be.”

“I do. I want.” He pressed forward to capture that plump mouth with his own once more, a sweet but desperate kiss that left Yoongi softly moaning into his mouth. “Ah, shit.” A bubble of laughter came up Jimin’s throat, breaking apart their kiss so he nuzzled his way into Yoongi’s throat instead. He could feel the man shaking with silent laughter beneath him, the muscles of his throat against his lips twitching from it. “Is this really happening?”

“Yeah, angel.” One of Yoongi’s hands buried in his blond hair, petting softly like he also couldn’t believe this was happening. “I, um, I’m falling for you too.” The words were mumbled through pouted lips and Jimin knew it was because the man was slightly embarrassed. “J-Just so we’re clear.”

“I know, baby.” He gave Yoongi’s throat a wet kiss and he was so fucking happy he just couldn’t help himself. His entire body felt like it was floating through the clouds, Yoongi’s hands in his hair and on his shoulder the only thing keeping him grounded. There were too many emotions rushing through him to count but it all felt good, really really good and his cheeks were straining from the force of his smile. “But it’s so good to hear.”

They held each other for a while longer, Yoongi pressing soft kisses into his hair and telling him how fucking wonderful he was, for listening and accepting all the crazy shit Yoongi just spilled to him while Jimin kissed along his throat, reminding Yoongi that he wasn’t going anywhere because he was head over heels in love with this man and as long as Yoongi would have him, Jimin would stick by his side.

Eventually, they shifted because the angle was hard on Jimin’s back and Yoongi’s thigh was starting to throb. Jimin sat down beside Yoongi, mirroring his position with his legs over the covers and let Yoongi lean into his side for a bit of support. His head was a welcoming weight against his shoulder and Yoongi clutched their hands together between them, letting them rest on his good thigh so he could play with Jimin’s fingers.

The room was soft, quiet and warm and Jimin felt like everything in his life was finally falling back into place. There was still a lot to figure out like what could he pack to bring along and what was he going to do about his house and his truck. Also he had a million questions about Yoongi’s job, like how the hell did they even get paid and if Jungkook was as scary in a fight as he looked like he might be. But none of that mattered right now. They were things he could figure out later. Small details that he could explore once he left Harper behind in the rearview mirror with Yoongi at his side.

When Jungkook and Taehyung returned almost an hour after they left, there were bags of food in their hands and Yoongi and Jimin hadn’t moved from their spot. Jungkook nearly froze as soon as he spotted them, making Taehyung whine from behind him and shove the man out of the way so he could slip inside the room, shutting the door with his boot, which seemed to be a habit of his. He too came to a pause when he noticed them on the bed but he smiled instantly, such a pretty and wide thing and held up the bags of food.

“We got food! Jungkookie got your favorite cookies, Yoongi.” Taehyung grinned as he shuffled over to the dresser to plop the bags down on the only available space in the room that wasn’t a bed. “And juice! You need juice to build your blood back up.”  

“Did you finally ask him?” Jungkook’s voice was soft in the room, catching everyone’s attention but his gaze was dark as he stared at Yoongi, his expression unreadable.

Yoongi sighed softly and lifted his head from Jimin’s shoulder to level his brother with a look . “Yes. I told him everything. He’s coming with us.”

Taehyung let out an excited gasp and Jimin witnessed something rather interesting happen to Jungkook’s face. The man had seemed so tense all day and considering his brother was hurt, it made sense. But that all seemed to melt away and the cute wide smile that came over his face made Jimin’s chest squeeze with warmth.

“It’s about time.” Jungkook chuckled, his lips spreading over his teeth which were a little too big for his mouth but charming nonetheless. His twinkling amused gaze shifted to Jimin and he tilted his head to the side, shifting to drop off the bags in his hands with Taehyung. “He’s been beating himself up about leaving you since the moment we left town.”

Taehyung started snickering as he unloaded the bags of food and Yoongi made an indiginat sound. “I have not.”

“You really have.” Taehyung mused, his lips curled into a fond but playful smirk as he passed Jimin a small bottle of juice to open for Yoongi. “He was whining about how pretty and sweet you were for months.”

“Yah!” Yoongi tried to sit up better but froze when a spike of pain ran through him and Jimin shifted to wrap an arm around his back worriedly. “Don’t tell him that shit you brats.”

Jungkook couldn’t seem to stop laughing, his expression such a nice improvement from the tense cold stone it was before he left. “No, seriously, he actually sulked for the first three months.” When Jimin glanced at Yoongi in surprise, the man’s face was flushed the darkest color it could manage and he was pouting. It was so cute Jimin wanted to squish his cheeks. “I’m just glad he got over his worries and finally asked you to come with us.”

Jimin’s lips twitched with a smile and he pressed into Yoongi’s cheek, nuzzling him before peppering him with kisses. “Oh baby, did you miss me that much?”

“Shut up.” Yoongi was pouting, such a cute thing as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I hate all of you.”

“No, you love me.” Jimin teased into his skin, nuzzling him some more until Yoongi finally tilted his head to meet his gaze. There was so much warmth there that Jimin’s heart skipped in his chest.

“Yeah.” Yoongi breathed out.

“Oh my god.” Jungkook sounded appalled and Taehyung was laughing so hard he had to hold his stomach.  

“They’re more gross than us!” Taehyung exclaimed, dropping the box of cookies he had been trying to open. “Oh my god.” He gasped for air, leaning on Jungkook for support because he was laughing so hard.

Both Jimin and Yoongi flushed all the way to the tips of their ears but Jimin paid them no mind. He was full of warmth and so fucking in love he couldn’t help himself. “I know, baby.” He pressed their mouths together in a soft sweet kiss that had Jungkook gagging into Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Is this the shit we’re gonna have to put up with now? Tae, I don’t think I can take it. I don’t want to hear my brother having sex!”

Yoongi whipped his head around so quick he nearly gave Jimin a concussion. “Revenge, motherfucker. Jimin has no qualms fucking me in your bed.”

Taehyung howled with laughter and Jimin could only giggle, offering a horrified Jungkook a sweet innocent smile. “He’s loud when he’s being fucked too, so you better be careful, Kookie.”

“Didn’t need to know that!” Jungkook shouted, his face turning as bright as a tomato. “We won’t fuck in your car again, I promise, Yoongi, just please don’t put me through that.”

“I’ll think about it.” Yoongi hummed, looking as casual as possible when it was obvious he wanted to roll over in laughter as well.

“You’re a mess.” Jimin mused affectionately, finally twisting off the cap of the juice bottle so he could offer it to Yoongi. The man took it with bright eyes and sipped at the juice, relaxing into Jimin’s side like it was the most comfortable place he had ever been.

“Your mess now.” Yoongi pointed out, licking a drop of juice from the corner of his mouth.

“My mess.” Jimin agreed, his lips straining with a smile as he nuzzled into Yoongi’s hair to the sounds of Jungkook gagging and Taehyung laughing.

“So you’re really leaving, huh?” Namjoon’s voice was deep but soft in the bitter cold air and he didn’t look all that disappointed with Jimin. In fact, there was a soft smile curled to the corner of his mouth, making one of his dimples dent the skin.

Jimin could only smile at him, shuffling a little closer as he hugged the leather jacket on his shoulders a little tighter around his body. “Mhm. About time, I’d say.” He shifted to stand next to Namjoon, letting his eyes drift over the pretty jet black car a few feet away. He watched fondly as Jungkook and Taehyung tried to fit his last duffle bag of clothing into the trunk of the car while Yoongi watched them from behind with an exasperated look on his face. Jimin hadn’t packed much, only the clothes he felt were important and the items from his special shelf that he couldn’t bare to leave behind. Currently, Yoongi had the Pikachu clutched in the bend of his arm and Jimin’s Hello Kitty was safe and sound in the pocket of Yoongi’s leather jacket, which he had taken the habit of wearing lately seeing as Yoongi was always so damn cold and looked cute in Jimin’s jacket.

“He makes you happy.” Namjoon observed, shifting his eyes from Yoongi to Jimin, his smile growing. “I’m glad it worked out for you.”

“You should call that guy in New York.” Jimin pointed out, twisting to look up at the tall rancher. “Give it a chance.”

Namjoon’s cheeks flushed softly but he shook his head, his smile still bright but a little sad. “Wouldn’t work. I told you. My life is here, his is there. It’s complicated.”

Jimin sighed and reached out to grab Namjoon’s arm, a comforting gesture. “Just call him? For me?”

“I’ll think about it, Jimmie.”

Satisfied, Jimin pulled away with a smile and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “Thanks for doing all this again.”

Namjon hummed his agreement as their eyes shifted over the three by the car. Yoongi had gotten frustrated with the two younger men and shoved them out of the way, shoving Pikachu into Taehyung’s hands and rearranging the trunk of the car. He was still limping, preferring to put his weight on his right leg instead of the left but he was healing up nicely and Jimin couldn’t wait until he was completely healed. Sex was out of the question what with Yoongi’s thigh unable to stretch too far without fear of popping a stitch, so Jimin was looking forward to when he was better.

“I’ll take care of your things, don’t worry. Once I sell the house and your truck, I’ll let you know. Should get a huge chunk in your bank account for it.” Namjoon mumbled on, unable to keep the amusement out of his tone as Yoongi grumbled and Taehyung and Jungkook played with the Pikachu plush. “And you’re sure you want me to donate everything else?”

“If you see anything you need at the ranch, take it. But yeah, donate everything else.” Jimin had planned on leaving everything behind to begin with but this was a nicer way about it. Having Namjoon’s help meant he could leave without worrying about the house or his truck. The rancher was going to sell them for him and then send all the money into his bank account. Jimin trusted Namjoon enough to do that. “I won’t need it.”

Namjoon made a noise of agreement. “I’m going to miss you, Jimmie.”

Jimin giggled softly and turned toward his friend with a wide smile. “You can call me anytime, promise.”

When Namjoon opened his arms, Jimin went right into them, giving his friend a tight hug. He would miss Namjoon. He was a good friend, someone he didn't expect to ever have in Harper but they would keep in touch. It wasn’t the end for them and it was only the beginning for Jimin. The sound of the trunk slamming shut was a sign to pull apart and by the time they stepped away from each other, Yoongi had made his way over to them.

“It was nice to meet you, Namjoon.” Yoongi held out his hand for Namjoon’s to shake, which the taller immediately clasped for a firm handshake. “I’ll take good care of him, I promise.”

“I know you will.” Namjoon smiled so widely both of his dimples popped free. “Cause I’ll track you down if you don’t.”

“No need for that.” Jimin laughed softly, patting Namjoon’s arm fondly. “Are we ready?” He asked Yoongi.

“If you’re ready, yeah.”

Jimin nodded and gave Namjoon one more smile. “I’ll see you around, Joonie.”

“See you Jimmie, Yoongi. You two be safe now.”

Jimin’s hand slipped into Yoongi’s and the two of them shuffled over to the car, Jimin taking his time to keep up with Yoongi’s slight limp. Once they reached the passenger side, Yoongi popped open the door for him and motioned for Taehyung and Jungkook to get into the car.

“Come on you brats. Get in the car.”

“Why’s Jimin get to sit in the front? I’m betrayed by my own brother.” Jungkook whined, shifting around Jimin so he could pop the front seat forward and crawl into the back.

“You’re not sucking his dick, that’s why.” Taehyung pointed out, giving Jimin a wink and a hair ruffle before bursting into laughter at the way Jungkook started to gag in the backseat.

“Only the prettiest get to sit up front.” Yoongi murmured, brushing a strand of Jimin’s hair behind his ear while Taehyung crawled into the back.

Jimin flushed over the apples of his cheeks, a smile curling to his lips while Taehyung scoffed. “I take offense to that!”

“Good.” Yoongi smirked slightly, grabbing the back of the seat to slid it back into place, trapping the two younger men in the back. It wasn’t a tight fit seeing as the car had decent space in the back but Jungkook still complained about his poor long legs.

“Be nice to the children, baby.” Jimin gave Yoongi’s cheek a soft kiss before he slid into the passenger seat.

“They’re brats.” Yoongi pointed out before he shut the door closed and slowly made his way around to the driver’s side. He couldn't drive for long periods of time before his thigh started to act up but he was planning on driving them to the next state at least. They didn’t have a destination in mind quite yet but that was alright.

Once Yoongi settled down in the driver’s seat and started the car to warm it up, he passed Jimin his phone and again Jungkook gasped like he had been stabbed.

“You even let him choose the music? Yoongi I am hurt.” There was a hint of teasing to Jungkook’s voice that made Jimin giggle as he fiddled with Yoongi’s phone. “You never let me pick the music.”

“Cause you have shit taste in music.” Yoongi pointed out, curling his hands over the gear shift.

Jimin glanced up just as Yoongi started to back out of the driveway, catching Namjoon leaning against the back of his truck. They shared a soft smile and a wave before Yoongi backed out onto the main road. Jimin gave Namjoon a few more waves before they took off down the road and the man was out of sight.

“I do not.” Jungkook stated while Jimin’s attention went back to the phone. He picked something soft and light for the happy way he was feeling and Jungkook made an alarmed sound. “See! That’s my song! He has shit taste too!”

“Yeah but he’s sucking Yoongi’s dick.” Taehyung snickered from behind Jimin. “You gotta realize babe, the dick sucking tops all.”

“With a mouth like that, maybe.” Yoongi mumbled through pursed lips and Jimin slapped Yoongi playfully in the arm.

“I don’t have shit taste in music.” He gasped, feigning offense but falling in a bubble of giggles when Yoongi glanced at him, looking highly offended himself.  

“I didn’t say you did, why you hitting me? Hit Kook, he’s the one who said it.”

“Can’t reach him.”

“So you hit me ? Fuck where did my angel go?”

Jimin buried his giggles into his hands because he was bubbling from so much happiness he was unable to contain it. He didn’t even notice when they left town and Harper was becoming nothing but a distant memory, disappearing in the rearview mirror because he was too wrapped up in Yoongi’s soft looks and sweet touches, their hands curling together in Jimin’s lap just like always.

They had no destination in mind, no place to call home and that was okay. Yoongi was home for Jimin now, they were home for each other. Jimin was certain, as he leaned over to plant a wet kiss to Yoongi’s cheek and making Jungkook complain about them being too cute, that he would never regret his choice, not for one tiny second for the rest of his life.