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bath time boys

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The water of the onsen is hot and soothing against Sugimoto’s skin, flowing over scars and bruises that litter his body with an intensity that has soft sighs passing through his lips, eyes half closed. He’s alone in the bath, tucked into a corner with his towel set on the edge closest to him, the other patrons seemingly uninterested in bathing as late as he. Sugimoto’s more than alright with that. Less staring and judgement—whenever he visited a public or private bath, he either got stuck with the accepting ones who were perfectly fine and lovely, or the ones who’d stare at his junk like it’d bite them, seemingly shocked that a man could have a vagina.

Bigots; they weren’t worth his time. Never had, never would. He’d punched enough of their teeth in throughout his life to know that for a fact.

It just meant that the soldier could enjoy the comforts of the hot water to the fullest, legs falling open underneath the surface with a small sigh, content to soak until his toes and fingers shriveled like prunes. He’d have to be careful not to fall asleep though; last time Sugimoto had let that happen, he’d almost drowned, slipping under the surface and breathing in a large mouthful, bursting out and sputtering all over the place. Having hot, incredibly mineral rich water spurt out your nose was not an experience that Sugimoto would suggest on any level. Highly uncomfortable and more than a little painful, if he was being honest.

“Sugimoto, I thought you were sleeping!”

The veterans head snaps up from where it’d been lolling, body going stiff at the sound of his name. Tanigaki’s standing at the steps to the bath, only a towel around his waist, and he’s smiling broadly at Sugimoto in the torchlight. He’s, as ever, handsome as hell, black hair fluffy and sticking up in all sorts of directions, the plane of his chest somehow managing to look even more carved than usual. It’s odd; Sugimoto’s nowhere near being flabby, but when he looks at Tanigaki’s chiseled chest, he can’t help but feel a little self-conscious of his own. It could be because his lack of chest hair, never really growing in unfortunately despite pumping himself with the correct hormones—but there’s also just something magnificent about the matagi’s body.

Plainly put… Tanigaki’s hot. Really hot. To the point where it made Sugimoto’s stomach feel hot and start to squirm sometimes by just being around him.

“Couldn’t rest,” he admits, pushing wet hair back from his face with a shaky smile, “thought I’d take advantage of the baths here before I forgot.”

Tanigaki nods at that, hands going to the towel around his waist and pulling it off, not noticing how Sugimoto immediately blanches. Because he can’t stop his eyes, the traitorous things homing in on the soft cock that’s hanging between the matagi’s legs, ridiculously huge. Is it even legal to have something that large at your disposal? Does Tanigaki have to have a permit to wield it? God, he doesn’t even want to think about how large it gets when the other man gets hard; the mere thought makes Sugimoto squirm in his seat, squeezing his legs together a bit tighter. No being horny for your friend, Sugimoto, no being horny for your friend.

But god that felt impossible with that monster in front of him.

The larger man steps into the bath, letting out a content sigh upon contact, wading through it to sit right next to Sugimoto. The matagi seems to have forgotten what personal space is, thigh pressing up against Sugimoto’s own, and the smaller can’t help but swallow, quickly looking away. God, what’s with him? He’s seen men naked plenty of times before, seen Tanigaki himself naked plenty of times before, yet he’s sitting here thirsting after him like it’s the first time. Though—it’d never been just the two of them before. Someone else always had been present, hovering at the fringes of Sugimoto’s consciousness and keeping him in line, allowing the pseudo-immortal to keep some semblance of control over his sex drive.

But now, alone in the baths with Tanigaki with the likelihood of anyone coming along slim… it seems his brain has flicked the switch, sending the young man into full horny mode around the matagi. Even know, he can feel that heat between his legs get a bit stronger, eyes dragged downwards by an unseen force to Tanigaki’s crotch, barely able to make out the shape of his flaccid dick. Sugimoto could literally just reach out and touch it, run his fingers down the veins along the side, feel it swell in his fingers—oh god his clit’s hardening between his legs. Blood’s rushing downwards, filling the small body part, and he jerks his head away, staring down at his own crotch as he flushes. The repressed feelings he has for the larger man won’t stay hidden, and it looks like they’ve found their new favorite outlet.

Betrayer, he thinks angrily, asshole who’s ruining my life! Just calm down and stop getting wet! We can go jack off later away from the perfection that’s Tanigaki. Give me a fucking break!

His crotch stays quiet, still staying stubbornly horny.

“Sugimoto—can you look at me?”

Tanigaki’s voice is soft, not demanding at all, but Sugimoto’s head still feels like it’s tugged by invisible strings to cast his gaze over, trying not to squirm in his spot. There’s a warmth in Tanigaki’s eyes when he meets them, sending jolts of something he can’t describe down his spine. It’s the same kind of warmth he saw in the Toraji’s eyes when he looked at Umeko, and seeing it on Tanigaki’s face is… unexpected. Sugimoto doesn’t know how to react to it, what to think of it, if it means something deeper or if he’s just reading into something that doesn’t even exist.

“Y-Yeah?” Sugimoto’s voice shakes, betraying the nerves that’re suddenly dancing back and forth inside him, practically trembling with trepidation. “Whaddya need, buddy?”


Tanigaki’s incredibly cheesy answer is accompanied by the matagi leaning forward, a large hand coming up to cup Sugimoto’s cheek, the vague confidence that’d been on Tanigaki’s face replaced with an incredibly nervous look as he gets closer.

Sugimoto’s frozen in place, not sure what to do, what this means, brain going a mile per minute—and when Tanigaki’s lips brush against his own, it’s like fireworks going off inside of him. It’s incredibly gentle, the other man’s mouth sliding over his own like the careful caress of a lover against their partner’s skin on a night where only the two of them make up the world. When Sugimoto starts pressing forward to return it, his friend is encouraged, other hand coming to stroke the other side of his face, trembling a tad as his thumb runs down one of the scars on the soldier’s cheek. Without even meaning to, their bodies drift to press closer together, Sugimoto slowly shifting in the water to straddle Tanigaki’s legs, wrapping an arm around his neck and holding him close to his body.

After what seems like ages of just kissing one another, they finally break, resting their foreheads together and panting softly, breath brushing hotly over each other’s face. Sugimoto’s heart is racing in his chest, practically shaking his ribs with the force it’s bounding at, and the blood that’d rushed downwards just seems to pound in his crotch, an all too prominent reminder at how horny he’d been prior to being kissed, a state of being that’s only gotten worse.

Except now, he’s suddenly aware that there’s something brushing his lower stomach in the water below that’s certainly not his. Pulling back a little, cheeks burning, he glances down to see Tanigaki’s formerly soft cock standing at half-mast between them, their little bout of kissing hotter than Sugimoto had realized for his friend.

“Sorry,” Tanigaki says awkwardly, tucking his head to hide his face in Sugimoto’s shoulder, heat radiating off his cheeks, “I just... wanted to do that for a very long time. My body seems to be… to be getting a little ahead of me.”

“How long?” Sugimoto questions softly, hand rising from Tanigaki’s neck to his hair, sliding them into the fluffy mess and stroking softly as the matagi hides, “how long have you wanted to kiss me?”

“I don’t even know. At some point, it just became something that was always hovering at the very front of my mind whenever I was around you and—and I wanted to finally do something about it instead of making myself suffer needlessly any longer. I was half terrified that you were just going to sock me for kissing you.”

“I’d never!” Sugimoto turns his head to press a kiss to Tanigaki’s temple with a little laugh, heart rising with indiscernible emotion in his chest, “I think I’ve had a crush on you since the moment I saw you, Genjirou.”

Sugimoto doesn’t miss the shiver at hearing his first name used, the half-hard dick that’s still resting against the immortal’s belly giving a little twitch. It seems to be filling out a little more now too, almost to full length he thinks, and god Sugimoto was definitely right about it being a monster. A shower and a grower it seems—and he can’t help but swallow a little bit, shifting in his spot on Tanigaki’s thighs. It’d only take a little scoot forward and it’d be pressing up against his cunt, and a rise of his legs could have it sliding between his lips and up against his clit. It’s then that the other man finally seems to notice the state of his crotch with that, glancing down with a steady, red flush rising on his face.

“Sorry,” Tanigaki mumbles, ducking his head to hide his face in the shorter man’s shoulder, clearly embarrassed by his body’s reaction, “you’re—you’re just… very attractive.”

“It’s alright,” Sugimoto responds honestly, a hand coming up from the water to cup the back of Tanigaki’s head, stroking it softly, “nothing wrong with a boner, trust me. I’ve had one since you took off your towel.”

Sugimoto feels another little twitch of Tanigaki’s cock against his belly, the larger obviously enjoying the tidbit about Sugimoto being just as horny. It’s then that the scarred man’s free hand begins to trail downwards, running over the soft fuzz that covers Tanigaki’s chest, feeling the strong muscles dip underneath the tips of his fingers. They keep going and going, encountering the thicker hair by his bellybutton and the treasure trail underneath, and then they’re brushing against the hard flesh of Tanigaki’s cock, wrapping around the girth and pulling upwards slowly, rewarded with a moan from the other. The force Tanigaki’s applying with his head to Sugimoto’s forehead grows, his breathing growing ragged and uneven.

Encouraged, Sugimoto repeats the motion, letting his thumb rub up against the head of Tanigaki’s cock in a circular motion underneath the water. His lover makes a pleased noise in the back of his throat, noises that only get better as Sugimoto starts a pretty good pace, jacking Tanigaki off slowly while he kisses any bit of skin he can reach with the other man. This ends up being mostly along his neck and left shoulder, Tanigaki still hiding his face against Sugimoto’s shoulder, moaning softly against his skin. Even in the water, Sugimoto can feel the wetness between the lips of his cunt, a completely different texture than the water that surrounds their lower body. His clit is throbbing with arousal, so hard it almost hurts, but all that matters right now is getting more of those wonderful noises to leave his lover.

“S-Sugimoto… wait… what if someone sees?” Tanigaki pants against his skin, finally turning his head to rest his cheek on his shoulder, eyes hooded. Sugimoto just leans forward, kissing Tanigaki despite the awkward angle, running his tongue along his bottom lip.

“Then we’ll give them a show,” he whispers against his lips, giving another long stroke up that has Tanigaki whimpering, bucking upwards with little success, “because I’m not letting go of this perfect dick even if it’ll kill me. We won’t be caught, I promise. They can’t see my hand from the entrance to the baths, and if anything, they’ll just think we’re a really cuddly couple.”

He shifts the hand that isn’t wrapped around Tanigaki’s cock to stroke the side of his face, pushing him away from his shoulder so he can get a better look at the larger man. Tanigaki’s eyes are hazy with pleasure, mouth a little parted as he pants, already looking like a mess from just a little hand job. He looks like he wants to kiss every piece of Sugimoto he can get his hands on, an intimacy in his eyes that Sugimoto hasn’t seen with any other partner he’s had in the past, male or otherwise. It makes the soldier’s heart beat quicker and arousal burn low in his gut. It’s the kind of want he’s never seen on someone’s face when looking at him before—sure he’s seen lust, but not combined with an equal amount of love. Or… at least, he hopes is something akin to love.

“Don’t you want to sink into me?” Sugimoto murmurs softly, shifting his body a little forward so the other can better feel the heat between his legs, prominent even through the warm water of the onsen. “Feel me clench up around you? God, to feel how wet I am for you? Fuck me until I can only say your name and nothing else?”

Tanigaki just groans in response, shifting forward suddenly and capturing Sugimoto’s lips in a forceful kiss. His mouth is everywhere, first against Sugimoto’s own, before sliding to his chin, cheeks, neck, rutting upwards into his hand. Tanigaki’s own hand goes down to grip Sugimoto’s ass, grabbing one of the cheeks and squeezing it, practically plastering himself to the smaller man’s chest in a desperate attempt to get at all of him. His other hand can’t stay still for long either, running along the plane of Sugimoto’s back and tracing scars before joining the other on his ass, gripping the other cheek. Seems like Sugimoto’s little bit of dirty teasing was enough for Tanigaki to forget all about being in public; all he cares about now is fucking him, which was more than good enough for Sugimoto.

Suddenly, Tanigaki’s standing from the bath, hoisting Sugimoto up with him. The new position has Sugimoto letting go of Tanigaki’s cock to grab hold of one of his shoulders to keep himself from falling backwards, wrapping his legs around his waist, his ass still gripped in Tanigaki’s hands. The taller man’s dick is trapped between their bodies as he stands, rubbing up against Sugimoto’s abs as he’s placed on the edge of the bath, Tanigaki sandwiching himself between his thighs. The new position shifts his cock again, this time pressing against Sugimoto’s lips, sliding up between them and bumping against his clit. The position has Sugimoto mostly out of the water, only his feet and ankles submerged, while Tanigaki is still up to his knees in the bath.

“F-fuck,” the smaller gasps, not expecting Tanigaki to take control so suddenly, unable to stop himself to spread his legs a little more for him, “Genjirou—”

Tanigaki thrusts his hips against Sugimoto’s, shoving his dick upwards to rut between Sugimoto’s folds. Out of the water, it’s easier to tell how sopping wet he is, completely soaked down under with slick. Every grind upwards has the head of Tanigaki’s cock rubbing Sugimoto’s clit, sending shivers of pleasure running up and down his body. Having the other’s dick press against him like this is just a very firm reminder of how goddamn huge it is, and thinking about it press into him and split him open is… absolutely delicious.

Finally, it seems Tanigaki’s had enough just rubbing up against him. The man fumbles for his dick and angles it, pressing it up against Sugimoto’s opening gently. He pauses, looking into Sugimoto’s eyes for consent, and when he gets the nod he’s looking for, starts to push in. As expected it… definitely doesn’t feel small going in. It’s by far the biggest dick Sugimoto’s taken, unable to stop himself from digging his nails into Tanigaki’s back, groaning loudly as he’s penetrated. The other man is trembling, torso bent over Sugimoto so he can bury his face into his shoulder again, panting against his skin. His hair is slick with sweat, sticking to the back of his neck, but the top still looks as fluffy as ever—and without even hesitating, Sugimoto’s burying fingers in it, running them through over and over as he’s speared by Tanigaki’s cock. It feels better than he could imagine, the light sting from too-little preparation easy enough to ignore in favor for the sensation of the dick rubbing against his walls.

It seems to take a century before Tanigaki’s all the way inside, hips finally flush against Sugimoto’s body. Both of them take a moment to breathe, holding each other like they’d disappear at any moment, sweat rolling down their foreheads and dripping off the tips of their noses. Kisses are laid against his neck again, Tanigaki’s silent way to keep showering Sugimoto with attention, the hand on his thigh now stroking it softly instead of gripping it for dear life. The one that’d guided his dick to press into the other soldier settles on his waist, the thumb going back and forth against one of his scars. They stay like that for a full minute, adjusting to the connection between them, before Sugimoto gives an experimental jerk of his lower body, rocking Tanigaki’s dick inside him carefully.

The reaction he gets is almost instantaneous, Tanigaki letting out a whimper, teeth sinking into the junction where Sugimoto’s shoulder and neck meet. He can’t begin to imagine how good it feels for the other; he knows he’s ridiculously tight around him, and honestly, he’s kind of surprised that Tanigaki didn’t bust a nut immediately upon pushing all the way in.

“You’re so tight, Saichi,” Tanigaki gets out, removing his teeth from Sugimoto’s shoulder, where there surely had to be a mark, “it’s like a—vice around me god—”

“I think it’s just that your dick is huge, Genjirou.”

He can practically feel the blush that rises on his partner’s face, a little embarrassed whine escaping his lips. “It’s not that huge…” Tanigaki mumbles, kissing the teeth marks on Sugimoto’s neck, “average, it’s average….”

“You’re kidding me, right? Genjirou, it’s literally inside me right now, and I’m telling you that this thing is anything from being average,” Sugimoto snorts, rolling his eyes as he takes a hold of the matagi’s chin, forcing him away from his neck so the man can look into his eyes, “it’s like being split in half—in a good way.”

“Are you sure? It’s… it’s not too much, is it?”

“I think I would actually cry if you decided to stop fucking me, Genjirou, and that’s not an exaggeration.”

With that, they’re closing the distance between them, their lips meeting for a kiss that’s much more intimate and sensual than their last. It’s a kiss that lingers, the last calm, collected one they’re going to have before they completely lose themselves to the pleasures of the flesh. Even now, the kiss is already growing sloppier as they start working themselves back up to that pinnacle of lust, breathing hard against each other’s lips, and without meaning to, Sugimoto’s pussy clenches up around Tanigaki’s cock. It’s enough to make the matagi freeze for a moment, the soldier a hot, wet vice around his dick, before he’s drawing his hips back, dragging his cock out of Sugimoto slowly. The feeling of it sliding out of his body is almost as overwhelming as the initial penetration, Tanigaki pulling backwards and backwards until only the head is still inside of the soldier, who’s incredibly empty after being incredibly full.

And then his hips are jerking forward and Sugimoto’s split open all over again. It actually knocks the breath out of him, biting down on the other man’s bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood, fluttering around his dick. Tanigaki’s using the leverage he has on Sugimoto’s body to pull him forward against his thrusts, thighs making a wet, slapping noise as they come in contact with Sugimoto’s skin, moaning and whimpering into Sugimoto’s mouth. The noises aren’t helped by the wet, dirty sounds that seem to fill the air whenever Tanigaki shifts inside him, Sugimoto’s pussy utterly drenched.

“H-Here—touch here,” Sugimoto pants, grabbing at one of Tanigaki’s hands and pushing it between his legs, making Tanigaki press his fingers against Sugimoto’s clit, “between your fingers, like you’re jerking yourself off ‘cept a lot smaller.”

The other nods, biting his bottom lip nervously, before starting to follow Sugimoto’s instructions, sliding his clit between two of his fingers with a pressure that has shivers racing up the soldier’s spine. It’s good as all hell, finally have friction against his clit after spending this entire time painfully neglected, and the fact that he has Tanigaki jerking him off instead of himself is so, so good. He throbs against the matagi’s hand with every squeeze between his fingers, and his moans only encourage Tanigaki, shifting his fingers to let the wide plane of his thumb press against him.

“S-Saichi I think—I think I’m close,” Tanigaki gasps out, capturing the pseudo-immortal’s lips in another kiss, “I want to get you off first though so just—just tell me where you’re nearly there.”

Sugimoto can’t really reply with his mouth occupied otherwise, squeezing one of Tanigaki’s arms as an answer, more than happy to let the pressure build in his gut. Coming around Tanigaki’s cock is more than a little attractive; clenching up wildly around him, bucking his hips, moaning so loud the entire onsen hears them… it’s enough to set Sugimoto off, breaking this kiss to pull Tanigaki flush against his chest, holding him tightly as he cries out. His body jerks against the matagi, pulsing around him, and he faintly is aware of Tanigaki whining, Sugimoto’s pussy a vice.


Once he’s flopped back onto the ground, Tanigaki pulls himself out, quickly jerking his dick for a couple moments and releasing over Sugimoto’s front, some dripping down the front of his crotch. Sugimoto’s too spent to care, just lying there panting, eyes shut tightly as the aftershock of his orgasm ripples through him. He barely notices Tanigaki slipping out of the bath, taking Sugimoto’s towel and wiping him down, though he does notice when Tanigaki lies down next to him, pulling him close to his body and resting his lips against his forehead.

“Do you… do you want to share my room with me, Saichi?” Tanigaki questions softly, still holding Sugimoto flush to his chest, “not for more sex but—cuddling?”

Sugimoto can’t help but let out a breathless laugh at the nervousness in the other man’s voice—he did just have his dick in Sugimoto literally moments before—and nods, snuggling a bit further into Tanigaki’s front.

“More than happy to, really. Just… let me catch my breath. I think your dick might’ve actually broken me.”

All he gets in response to that is a snort, Tanigaki giving him a little squeeze, not commenting on how Sugimoto’s eyelids start to droop or how his breathing starts to ease, clearly falling asleep. He just keeps a hold of the smaller man, keeping him safe in his arms, stroking the skin on his back slowly as the two lovers lie under the moonlight night sky.