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Illura Tabletop Drabbles

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Time was a peculiar concept.

For several moments, there would be a brief frame where it could be recorded, felt, recognized. And then, just as quickly as it would exist, it would disappear, and an unmeasurable amount of time would pass.

And then, another brief moment where time could be seen. A small frame of time where someone would remind of them of the world outside.

The cycle continued for a long, long time.

However……one day, the wait was uncharacteristically long. Long enough that the three who dwelled in this world began to question it. Long enough that they wondered if, perhaps, time would forever be halted, unaffected by the land parallel to their own.

For a while, it appeared that way.

But suddenly, right as they had dismissed it completely….

“I keep hearing…voices..”

There was finally something to alert them that perhaps, the outside world didn’t forget them.

“I don’t hear them…what are you talking about?”

That being said, it wasn’t everyone who noticed. In fact, it had to be questioned whether or not the voices that this being, Hayden, was truly from somewhere else, or simply a last ditch effort in falsely convincing themselves that someone did remember them.

Their friend, Lucia, would gently tug at her fluffy ears. “If you truly are hearing voices, we should tell this to Anyo…maybe they have a better idea about this.”

Of the three, Anyo would have the strongest leads on anything unusual. Everything and anything magical had been wielded by this being at some point, and anything they could not had been given out years upon years ago to humans.

The term ‘human’ was bit of a stretch to some; Hayden and Lucia, who had once been one of the people to have been gifted magic, had taken in so much magic that their bodies had transcended humanity. Human requirements for living did not apply to them anymore, nor did the threat of aging, from what they could tell so far.

Unfortunately, the matter of voices was a new one to Anyo. “Humans especially tied to magic can peer into our world,” they would explain, “But to contact someone…I am not sure if that is a possibility. Do these voices say anything in particular?”

Hayden would shake their head. “I don’t understand them. It’s fuzzy and muted, like..they’re underwater, maybe?”

“How odd…do take caution.” Anyo looks between the two of them. “If you, no, either one of you, hear these voices again, you must tell me posthaste.”

The two take this to mind, and Lucia casts a worried glance to Hayden.

Just what were those voices?

Some time passes before they rise once more.

They had been taking on a fearsome youma, misty and pink and difficult to contend against. Hayden had been supporting the two with a quick heal, then a launching powerful blow against the cloudy entity.

“That should bring it close to scattering,” Hayden would informatively point out, “Lucia, you should finish it off.”

The rabbit like creature would nod, determined but very clearly nervous. Hayden would raise a hand, giving the girl a thumbs up; she could do it, they knew she could!

As she readied her attack however, and Anyo would stand behind to watch cautiously, something else had spoken up.


Hayden would pause, trying to pick up the phrases; they were clearer this time, quiet but full of vigor.

“…ome for….to our wo….”

They see Lucia absolutely demolish the youma that had once been threatening them, the fine pink mist evaporating into nothingness.

“…for we require your assistance!”

The next moment, Lucia was gone. Anyo gone. Everything was suddenly very, very dark, save for the soft glow of some sort of light source.

“Did we…do it?”

Blinking, they would readjust their vision, taking in the situation before them with a clearer head. Someone had just spoken, hadn’t they? Their eyes fell before not one, but two people. Children, barely old enough to be in high school. Humans. These were…actual, living, humans….who were now bent over on the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“We are sorry to disturb you!” one of them calls out, “but there is someone we wish for you take of!”

“Yeah,” the other one peeps, “S-So don’t mind us, get them, o-or at least destroy our class so we don’t have homework this week?”

A baffled Hayden finally speaks up. “Are you truly…the source of how I have appeared here? Aren’t you uncomfortable sitting like that?” What weird people! They couldn’t sense a magical presence from either them, though.

“Eh? Oh, uh…” One of them sits up, and the other follows suit. “Sort of? We’ve been practicing really hard, but it actually happened..”

They would take a moment to relax, let their senses reach out; they were small, but they could feel several presences of magical users about the area. Maybe one of them had done something?

Hayden would look to the two once more. “I do not know the person you wish me to take care of, but if you allow me to meet them, then i can consider what to do about them.” Lucia had always taught them not to approach a person with violence unless they had a full understanding of them. Even then, she’d ideally have them not inflict pain on others at all…

Speaking of the matter, they would take a few steps back, surveying the room. Upon spotting the curtains that had kept the room dark, they would pull them from their hinges, wrapping the fabric about their body.

The view that was unveiled was nothing like the world they knew. This was not Illura. It couldn’t be.

Hayden would then turn to the puzzled humans. “It would be best not to touch me.” They would push the fabric over their head, completing their makeshift robe. “Show me to this person.”

The two students would direct them down the hall, pulling open another door; only one person was there, but from what Hayden could tell, they had some form of magic in them.

“That’s them!” the two would point out, “They keep taking our things and won’t give it back!”

“Awww, cute, you brought a friend to stop me?” the magi would chuckle; “Why should i return these things to people like you? We protect the city. It’s the least you can do.”

“You…protect things?” Hayden questions, head tilting puzzlingly.

“Of course. You should know, shouldn’t you?” The magi draws closer, becoming uneasy. “Wait, no, your presence….why is it this big? Who are you?”

“Simply someone who has been asked to help.” Ah, blunt as ever. Good descriptions. “If it is true that you have been rude to these people, stop.”

“Or what?” the magi doesn’t budge.

“…i’d prefer not to have conflict…” Hayden voices, trailing off for a moment. “..but, if you do not comply, i am comfortable sparring with the likes of you.”

“Pppfft, is this some sort of insult?” They state; “I’m not afraid of you, i could take you on.”

Hayden simply turns to leave, pausing at the door. “You are mistaken…I merely am aware that your magical standing means that my touch should not kill you.”

The magi follows along at a farther distance.

Soon, Hayden would find themself outdoors; finding a place in the open, they look back to the magi, accessing their strength.

An impromptu strike to the cheek was a great start. It appeared that this person was ranged. But it also appeared that the person had no experience in fighting. Hardly a bundle of mist had escaped from that blow.

Taking that hit as the start of battle, the being would suddenly rush forward, lashing out with its long, ribbon like feelers. The sky around the two would darken, and rain would pool below. Every step the person took, the winds would pull them closer and closer to the creature…

“Wait, waitwaitwait!” The magi would suddenly cry out, “I’m done, I give up, those cultists can have their dumb things back!” It was a sad sight, watching them plea after so confidently proclaiming their power moments before.

“…very well.” A sigh escapes Hayden, and the clouds in the sky part. Their eyes glance to the latter two people, who were shaking in both fear and…excitement?

“I’ve helped out.” They approach the two, holding a stare for a minute. “…can you send me back now?”

The two would look between each other. “erm…” They both look to the ground. “We don’t…know how.”

They wait for something more, some sort of notification that perhaps, they didn’t know, but knew of someone. But nothing follows.

“I…..see.” Hayden turns away from them, appearing deep in thought. Neither one of them liked the look of this; it was probably best to say their last words to their families, right? But then the being turns back to them, hands placed confidently on what could be their hips. “I’ve decided. We shall search for a solution…”

And for once, an expression had been present on their face visually; a wide smile. “But in the meantime, we should dine everywhere in this world. I am curious what foods are there to offer…..”

Hayden was worried about the safety of Lucia and Anyo. But while they were out there, and needed to find leads to get back…why not have a food break? Even if they did not require food, the taste of food was all too fulfilling.