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The Running Back

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"I can't watch," Rachel murmured as she covered her eyes.


"I can't watch," Rachel repeated, shaking her head.


"I can't," she insisted.

"Rachel, it's just practice." A light giggle escaped her lips and she shook her head. "They'll do fine baby," she assured. At the very least they looked good on the field. There would be no way to replace Rachel, especially not with the little time that they had. The Titans would just have to formulate a new plan of attack. By the looks of things Sam would likely get more playing time as he was a more mobile quarterback then Finn. Hopefully that would be enough. Quinn scooted closer to her girlfriend and planted a kiss upon the corner of her mouth. "Better?" she asked.

Rachel's smile widened. "A little bit," she answered, her eyes still fully covered by her hands. "Maybe if you…" She let her words hang and Quinn rolled her eyes.

"I still can't believe that Santana bought me that."

"It would look good on you," Rachel argued, peeking through her fingers just to see if Quinn was upset with her. She had been taking good care of Rachel but she had yet to try on the nurse outfit. Rachel wouldn't push the subject if Quinn flat out refused, but she hadn't. She was only a bit skeptical about the idea. She looked to be deep in thought, as though considering her options. But then she noticed that Rachel was peeking and so Rachel quickly covered her eyes again. "Please," she tried, jutting out her lower lip as she pouted.

After a moment she heard Quinn sigh. "All right… but on one condition." Rachel found herself nodding before she could even think about doing so. Quinn laughed a bit at that. "You have to stop worrying, okay? You got the team this far. I'm sure they'll give it their all to win that championship for you."

Rachel dropped her hands from in front of eyes. She looked over at Quinn, tilling her head to the side uncertainly. "You think?" she asked.

"I know." Quinn carefully wrapped an arm around her girlfriend and pulled her in close. She had Rachel rest her head upon her shoulder and then gently rested her own head atop Rachel's. Rachel took a hold of Quinn's hand and intertwined their fingers. They watched the team run one of their passing plays. It didn't work out too well and Rachel started to worry again. "Nurse outfit," Quinn quietly reminded. That was all that needed to be said.

Rachel would have preferred it if she were on the field but there was nothing that could be done about that. She had other things to think about anyway. Specifically, she had her girlfriend in a nurse outfit to think about. Quinn hadn't said anything about when she'd try it on, but she had promised. Normally, Rachel would never make such a request but since they had the outfit available she felt that it would be such a waste if they didn't put it to good use. And she did need some nursing anyway. The pain in her side bothered her occasionally and so Quinn was always so soft and gentle with her, like she was afraid that she might break.

And after what she had seen, Rachel couldn't blame her. At first she had actually been afraid that she had been broken in half. The pain had been so intense as it shot up her spine. She had been hit before; of course she had, but never that hard. And usually she'd be able to see the hit coming and be able to brace herself for it or even just run out of bounds. That hit though, she was barely even aware of what was happening. One second she was celebrating, the next she was in the air, and then she was on the ground.

Then Quinn was beside her and she was crying while trying to assure her that everything would be okay. And Rachel tried not to cry too. She didn't want to scare Quinn any further but the tears escaped her eyes anyway. The ambulance ride was probably the scariest part since she didn't have Quinn or any of her friends with her. As the memories flooded back into her mind Rachel nuzzled closer into her girlfriend. There had been a moment, if only just a moment, when Rachel had fully expected the worst. As though sensing her worry, Quinn planted a kiss upon the top of her head.

From their spot up on the bleachers, they had a good view of the team's practice. They seemed to be playing well enough, a fact that Quinn pointed out occasionally. It was obvious what she was doing and the fact that she was putting up the effort was enough to lift Rachel's spirits. They stayed there for the full length of practice and by the end of it Rachel was feeling far more confident in their chances then she had when practice had begun.

Quinn drove her home, and much like she had since Rachel had come home from the hospital she stayed over. She was pretty much living there. Although she would go home every so often; she did miss her parents after all. They went up to her room and Quinn sat down atop Rachel's bed, settling her bag down beside her. She started to open it but made sure to hide her bag from Rachel's view when Rachel took a seat next to her. At first Rachel frowned in confusion but then her eyes widened in surprise when Quinn turned back around.

She had been carrying the nurse outfit around with her, and for some reason Rachel felt like it had been longer than just that one day. Quinn looked unsure and she forced on a smile. "I'll just um…" She made a gesture towards the door to Rachel's bathroom. "I'll just go change." She quickly went into Rachel's bathroom without waiting for a response. She took her time, an unusually long amount of it but Rachel waited patiently. And she was well rewarded when Quinn finally exited her bathroom in candy stripes.

The skirt was a little short; a detail which Rachel didn't think was an accident. Quinn chose to not tie her hair into a bun, but she did have a nursing cap upon her head. And to finish the outfit off, she had on a pair of white knee socks. People had often judged Rachel on why she wore knee socks. Frankly, she thought they were comfortable and could, at times, be sexy too. Rachel was pretty sure that anyone that saw Quinn wouldn't argue about that. She looked hot. Nurses weren't supposed to look that hot.

There was a slight blush upon her cheeks, which was most likely due to the skirt which she was trying to adjust. After a while she stopped. It was a pointless endeavor. Rachel made a mental note to thank Santana. Quinn nervously bit her lip. It wasn't meant to look sexy, but it was. Rachel couldn't help but let out a soft whimper, to which Quinn raised an eyebrow in intrigue. Rachel whimpered again. Her former nervousness disappearing, Quinn sauntered over.

She gently pushed Rachel back, having her lie down on the bed. She straddled one of her legs so she wouldn't unnecessarily put pressure on her injured side. Quinn began trailing kisses upon Rachel's neck and up her cheek. "Relax," she husked. "I'll take care of you." The sultriness of her voice turned Rachel to mush. Quinn's lips were on her neck again. She tilted her head to the side to give her girlfriend easier access, mewling out and threading her fingers through Quinn's hair.

"Kiss me," she begged. Quinn briefly shook her head and then continued to have her way with Rachel. After a minute or two she pushed herself up. Rachel stared at her in awe. Her hands found their way to Quinn's thighs. The temptation to reach higher was hard to fight. It was a battle that Rachel couldn't win. She slipped her right hand up Quinn's skirt and cupped her ass. Quinn gasped in surprise and then looked down at her girlfriend. Rachel blushed a bit and ducked her head. "Sorry," she apologized meekly. She tried to drop her hand but before she could, Quinn gently grasped onto her wrist.

"You can touch," she assured quietly. "Especially if it makes you feel better. Does it?" Rachel swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded quickly. Quinn smiled and laughed softly in a teasing sort of way. "Well good." She leaned in and finally kissed Rachel where she wanted. Rachel moaned into Quinn's mouth. She pulled her girlfriend in closer, causing Quinn's knee to brush against her right there. She was wet. No, she was soaked. Rachel was sure Quinn would be able to feel but if she did then she made no mention of it.

Rachel guessed that Quinn was just a little too preoccupied. It had been too long since they had done this. Quinn had been so worried that she'd hurt her accidentally. Now though, she was giving in to her desires. When Rachel moaned again, Quinn slipped her tongue in between her parted lips. Fingers threaded through Rachel's hair, and then there was a hand upon her thigh. Her eyes closed of their own accord as she lost herself to the blissfulness of Quinn's touch. Quinn's lips left her momentarily and Rachel heard her girlfriend take in a deep breath.

Then Quinn's lips were on her neck again. Rachel rolled her hips and cried out in joy. Her moans and whimpers echoed off the walls of her room. If it was for the fact that her room was soundproof, she knew that her dads and maybe the entire neighborhood would hear her. The kisses upon her neck began to trail downward. Quinn planted kisses in between the valley of her breasts, and even with her top separate her skin from Quinn's lips, Rachel shuddered.

Her heart was racing, and the lower Quinn got, the faster her heart went. Rachel's breathing grew labored. Quinn reached her stomach. She pushed top up slightly and kissed her navel. "Wait, stop!" And Quinn immediately did. She rushed up onto the bed and laid down right next to her girlfriend. She cupped her face with both hands and kissed her softly.

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to- I wasn't even going to- I just-" When it was clear that she wasn't going to stop, Rachel shushed her by placing two fingers upon her lips. Quinn's eyes widened in question and Rachel pulled her fingers back.

"That's not it," she explained, and Quinn looked more confused. "I- I don't mean that I am ready, because I'm not sure that I am but that's not why I asked you to stop." Quinn's brows furrowed in this cute little way. The more Rachel spoke the more confused she seemed to get. It was adorable.

"Okay, then what's wrong?"

"Well…" Rachel did want to answer Quinn, but she was a bit embarrassed.

"What?" Quinn insisted, genuinely concerned.

Rachel didn't want her to worry any more than she already did. She knew she had to tell her. "I- Well, I almost..." She let her words trail as she thought of a way to best explain. Unfortunately, she couldn't think of one. "I almost…" She looked down between them and for a moment Quinn was still completely lost but then it hit her. Her eyes widened in shock and her mouth fell agape.

"Oh…" Rachel shyly ducked her head and nodded. Quinn placed her hand under Rachel's chin and lifted her head up. "Would it make you feel better if I told you that I was close too? Because I was."