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Ower Momma is da gweatest Hewo eber!!!

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Hello! My name is Midoriya Izuku!

My life isn’t anything extra ordinary. At least I don’t think so. Though, with being a Hero and taking out Villains, one would think that my life is exciting, with lots of action and maybe adventurous or...something like that. But it’s really least I don’t think so. And I’ve been a Hero for a while now. Though...I haven’t really been hero-ing much in the last couple of years. I’ve been sort of...preoccupied.

“All right, it’s ready!”, he mumbles as he tests the water with his finger. Just warm enough to clean, but not to burn. Perfect. He then stands and walks out if the steamy room, down the hallway, and into the living area.

Ah...I can’t believe I’m twenty-four years old now. How time flies...And with a small place out on the edge of the city to call my own too, much bigger than my childhood appartment. I think I living a pretty comfortable, very happy life, if I do say so myself. My Mom lives with me too, for now, and I’m really grateful for that for...multiple reasons.

“OK, it’s Clean Up time, you two”, He calls out as he approaches what looks like a small war zone. Toys, paper, socks, clothes, and other miscellaneous things are thrown all around, there are crayons scattered in various places, a recorded rerun of some cartoon plays in the background, but no one is actually watching it. There’s a pair sippy cups on the floor, one upright while the other lays in its side.

Ah...maybe I forgot to small thing. Well...maybe two, sort-of not so small things...

And in the eye of the storm, each with a hero figurine in hang, are two little boys. They look up at him with mix-matched eyes, one of green and blue, the other of green and gray.

See...I’m an Omega...and birth mother of the most wonderful, cutest, sweetest twin two-year-olds in the entire universe and beyond...But that is something that only a few people know about.

 One of the boys quietly stands and starts neatening up the room slowly, throwing toys in the toybox, and stacking papers in a little jumbled pile on the coffee table. Crayons are gathered and, one by one, put back into a crayon box. And all of this is done without a single sound

That is Yukio (which is written as (yuki) as in happiness and (o) as in manly/hero) and he is very, very smart.  He was the first to walk and talk, and the easiest to potty train. That being said, he’s my one-word-wonder child. He doesn’t say much, usually in 1-3 word sentences, but I understand him all the same. He’s kind and soft spoken, and perhaps a little bit of a shy child...I often wonder if he gets that from me. He likes learning, and is an avid listener, especially when listening to me explain something or when he watches the education shows on the tv...sometimes I catch him with a book or a magazine, and it looks like he’s trying to read! I’m so proud!

The other, however, pouts and crosses his arms

“Buh Momma! No ready!” he cries, “Wunna pway!” He then goes off on a tangent, with what sounds like reasons or excuses not to clean up.

And that is Kouo (which is pronounced as Kou and written as (Kou) as in peace and (o) as in manly/hero) He’s really smart too, but has the tendency to be curious, which often means him getting into things he probably shouldn’t. But I always know when he’s up to something because he mumbles, just like me! Gives him away every time. He loves learning about stuff and always asks questions that are quiet blunt sounding, and he gets frustrated when he doesn’t understand. He LOVES Heroes, but I guess he gets that from me too. I suppose he would be my ‘But why’ child, because that’s his favorite question.

“-an we habent eben sabed nobody cuz Yutan wuz spozed to be da FoneJack buh we no can find it and MOMMA! I LOSSED MY SOCKS!”

 Or my babbling child, because he sure can talk. Yukio may have been the first to talk, but Kouo makes up for time by doing it all the time...even in his sleep. I swear

“Uh-huh”, Izuku grins as he helps Yukio straighten up

“An..AN I jus can not! I just CAN. NOT!”

“Oh yes you can, Kouo”, Izuku easily answers, “it’s almost bedtime, and you both need a bath.”

“But why?” whines the boy as he stands and waddles over and grasps his mother’s pants legs in both hands, “Why bafftime? Why bedtime? Why no pwwwway?”

Izuku giggles and reaches down to pick at the boy’s hair, “Because, somehow, you always manage to get rice in that curly hair of yours, no matter how much I clean you up after dinner.”

“WAH!”, the boy grasps his head, tiny chubby fingers gripping and releasing the strands, “No wice! No wice in head! See? No nee bafftime!”

“Uh-huh. I see”, the mother picks five grains out easily, “Come on, help your brother.”

They’re identical twins, Yukio and Kouo, with Kouo being the oldest by about three minutes. They were born on February 13, and they both came into the world with my curly mop of hair, which, at times, is a demon to comb. I thought that taking care of mine was hard, but now, with two more, it’s tripled is toughness...worse than any villain fight sometimes.

But what’s different between mine and their’s is that instead being green, their’s is white like least most of it is. Halfway through the hair starts slowly turning from white to the palest of greens to my color green at the very tip. And what’s strange is that even if I get their hair trimmed, it still stays like that...i wonder why that is though?

Said boy pouts and sniffles, “Buh...buh no wanna...wanna pway moar...”, he then starts wiping at the tears that bubble in his mix-matched eyes.

I’ve never mixed the two of them up, even though they are identical...but I guess that’s all thanks to their eyes. They both have heterochromia, Yukio’s are green (left) and blue (right), and Kouo’s are gray-brown (left) and green (right). Unique and often strange (to some), but I love them all the same. And they both have sharp eyes with the longest lashes, just like their...well their father.

Seeing the tantrum that’s about to come from a mile away, Izuku is quick to act.

“Kouo, you want to be a hero, right?”, calls the mother, “Don’t you know, all heroes clean up.”

The toddler pokes his lips out, “S’not twue”

“It is!”, he continues, “If fact, All Might cleaned a whole beach, all by himself.”

“Beach?” comes the soft voice of the other boy as he patters closer, green and blue eyes wide in wonder as he tilts his head back and looks up, “Osh...OOshhen?”

“Yep. The ocean is near a beach”, Izuku clarifies, “And Yes. All Might cleaned a whole beach. He even cleaned the ocean next to the beach. And it made everyone so happy when he did. That’s why people love him so much, and why he’s such a great hero.”

Kouo scrunches his tiny pale eyebrows in thought

“And if you’ll clean up your mess”, Izuku continues, “I’ll let you play with the All Might toy in the bathtub~”

Kouo lets out a gasp and give the brightest smile, “Weawy?!”

“Yes, Really. But only if you help your brother clean.”


            It’s not like their father is bad person, or has abandoned me or anything, oh no! In fact...their father doesn’t even know they exist. I’ve been taking care of them on my own since the day they were born, and with my mother’s help, I’ve raised two healthy and wonderful children.

            “CWEAN!” Kouo jumps up and down, “Woom cwean!”

            “Clean”, Yukio mimics

            “Good job, you two.”, Izuku smiles and ruffles their hair, “Now, go get some jammies and undies, and I’ll meet you in the bathroom, ok?”


            They rush off towards their bedrooms, and Izuku giggles as he reaches and gets one of his old All Might doll. He has multiple ones, so he has a couple that he lets his children play with if they are especially good.

            He shows up to the door of the bathroom just in time to see Kouo streaking down the hall naked, clothes in hand, with his brother behind him, who trips on his pajama bottom, falls down, and then instantly gets back up and, with a determined expression, follows his brother into the bathroom. Izuku tries not to laugh, and follows afterwards.

            Izuku takes his time as his baths first the rambunctious Kouo, who makes funny noises when he swerves the All Might toy through the air as he sits on his little stool, and then the quieter Yukio, who nervously twitches and whimpers for the hundredth time as Izuku washes his curly hair, careful not to get the soap into the boy’s eyes or pull on a tangle. After determining that they are both clean, he drops them into the huge bubbled bathtub (big enough for three, he made sure before getting it) as strips out of his thoroughly soaked clothes and starts to wash up himself, eyes ever watchful as his sons play in the bubbles.

            “Yutan! Yutan!” Kouo calls with a handful of bubbles, “Whachiz!”

            He then proceeds to blow harshly on the pile of bubbles, so hard in fact that the glob flies off his hand and onto Yukio’s face, right on his chin. And Yukio, sweet child, blinks with wide eyes, as if he isn’t sure what to do with what’s happened

            “HAHAHA! Beard!” Kouo laughs, “MOMMA LOOK! Yutan hazza beard!”

            Yukio furrows his brows, and then, after scooping up a handful of his own, blows a glob of bubbles right on Kouo’s nose



            Izuku laughs as he watches them, “You two are so silly~”

            “Momma! Gettinin?”


            “Let me just rinse off first, ok?”

            Izuku gives one more dump of water over his soapy head to get out the last of the suds, and then, with a shake of his head to get the water out, he finally stands and steps into the tub with his two boys

            But not before both of them splash suds all over his face.

            “Tag! Momma it!”


            “Oh, You two are asking for it now!”

            The next thirty minutes are filled with tickles, laugher, bubbles, and way too much water splashed onto the floor as the three of them play about in the bathtub. Eventually though, the warm water turns chilly, and Izuku deems that they had been in it long enough. He steps out, and helps his two get out one at a time, drying them off thoroughly before dressing them in their bed clothes.

            “Peek-boo!” Kouo exclaims as his head pops out through the head-hole of his shirt.

            “I see you!”, Izuku mimics as he covers the face in butterfly kisses and nuzzles, scenting his child, making the toddler squeal in delight.

            “Momma”, Izuku turns around to find Yukio, one foot in his pants and one foot out, and his head stuck in his shirt sleeve, “Help?”

            Izuku rolls his eyes, “I got you. Hold still.”, and then proceeds to correct the little boy’s clothes. And once he finally pops his head through, he does the same to his other child, covering the child in his comforting scent that he knows will help them sleep soundly.

            And their father...he is a truly amazing person who deserves all the happiness in the world. After all the bad things that had happened in his life, after everything that he had to endure, I’m happy that he could finally achieve his dream of becoming a hero, an incredible one, just like I knew he would be.

He makes sure that they both use the toilet before bed, and then picks both of them up, one in each arm, one head tucked into each side of his neck, and carries them to their bedroom. And even though his rowdier child had complained animatedly about not wanting to go to bed, Izuku can’t stop the grin when he catches that same child rubbing at his eyes and yawning widely.

            But still, his son complains.

            “Momma”, another yawn, “No tired yet”

            “Of course you’re not, Kouo”, Izuku smiles, and tucks him in, “But it’s still bedtime, little hero”

            “Story?” Yukio asks, thoroughly tucked into his hero themed blanked.

            “Yeah!” Kouo jumps up, “One bout yu, Momma! I lyke dose!”

            “Momma story!”

            “Alright, alright”, Izuku lays Kouo back down and, yet again, tucks him in, “You know, most children like stories about wizards and dragons and...well themselves, but you two like listening to my adventure stories instead.”

            “We luv Momma mostest, so Momma stowies are the bestest an we luv dem mostest too!”


“Aww! I love you both too”, Izuku laughs, and then stands and goes to sit in the designated story chair, “Alright, you two get comfy, and I’ll tell you one story.”

“Whazit bout?”

“This about me when I was younger.” , Izuku hums a bit in thought, “Once, a long time ago, before you both were born, your Momma...met a very lonely, very beautiful person.”

“Why lu...lony?”

“Shh, Kouo. I’ll tell you in a minute.”, he takes a deep breath, “This person was...had gone through a lot of unhappiness in his life, and his heart was made of ice. He would walk all by himself and had never been hugged or loved or kissed in his entire life. He was very lonely...and very sad.”

At this point, both boy’s eyes start to water, with big wet tears

“Poor lonely man” they both call out, and Izuku nods

“Your Momma wanted to help him, because no one deserves to be unhappy...but the only way Momma could help him was by fighting him.”


“Uh-huh. And fight him I did, Yukio.” He continues, “It was a lone and amazing battle. We went back and forth, again and again and again. But he was only using half of his strength when Momma, and all of Momma’s friends were using all their power to fight. And that’s not fair, is it?”


“That’s right. And so” a dramatic pause, “Your Momma scolded him”

Both of his children gasp in a mix of fright and surprise, and dive under the covers, their mix matches eyes poking out.

“I told him to stop being unfair, and to use all of his strength when fighting me, because his strength was his, and nobody else’s. And you know what?”, Izuku smiles fondly, “He finally did. And your Momma lost that battle.”


“But Momma gained something greater in return”, another pause, “I gained a great friend. And...the lonely man wasn’t lonely or sad anymore. Because after becoming friends with Momma, he became friends with all of Momma’s friends too. And they were all happy. The End.”


“But Momma! Whydya lost?!”

Izuku shrugs his shoulders, “He was way, way, WAY stronger than I was at the time. Any you know, I was ok with loosing, if it meant saving him from his sadness.”

“THAT...THAT SO COOL!”, Kouo exclaims, “So cool!”

“Momma’s cool”

Izuku laughs at that as he stands, and gives each of them a kiss on the forehead, “Now, time for sleep guys.”


“Yes, I’ll cut your night light on, Yukio.”, He reaches and clicks on a hero themed light. The then tiptoes out of the room, “Sweet dreams Kouo. Sweet dreams Yukio”

“Sweet dweam Momma!”

Izuku slowly shuts the door leaving a little crack in it so that he can peek into the room late to check on them.

And I...I want him to be happy. To always be happy. I truly do. And I refuse to take his happiness away because of my mistake...Not to say my children are mistakes, no never, I love them with every fiber of my being and I will hurt anyone who tries to harm my babies, but I will admit they were a little...unplanned.

The green haired man walks into the living room and, amidst the silence as he waits for his children to sleep, pulls out the chair to his desk, where his laptop lay. He opens it up, and pulls up a webpage that he had saved from the night before

But enough about the past. I’m determined to make the future as bright as it can be! And my life is wonderful right now, so I have no right to complain. I mean...I have two wonderful children, a loving mother, a great temp job thanks to All Might (I work at his agency doing mostly paperwork, and I’m even doing hero work again!) that pays the bills and lets my children live comfortably without worry, and, get this, I was even offered a teaching position at UA! All I have to do is finish my teaching degree online and I can start working at my old high school as a Heroics History and Basic History teacher.

Izuku fingers flit across the keyboard, and he gives the mouse a couple of clicks until he is on the home page of a collage website. He gives another click and checks his grade, all of which are A’s, which he has worked diligently to earn. He checks his assignments, and finds that he has a new one, one that is relatively simple and that he can complete tonight.

He sets to work immediately, ears perked to listen for the telltale signs of his children’s breathing

Everything is good in life!

But...I do admit that I have some worries...

Izuku pauses, and sighs when he’s stuck on a problem, and looks out the window at the full moon

I just hope that...that he won’t find out about his children. Because I don’t want to ruin his career...his dream. And so, from my humble home, I’ll love him silently, and hope for his continued happiness.