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"The night is young" Pronounced in a whisper, leaving to her breath hit the neck of her opponent. It had been so long waiting that contact and finally it was granted.

Her hands gripped her wrists against the wall with enough force to paralyze her but insufficient to hurt her. But, under the circumstances they were, it was not as if that beautiful lady with blue-green eyes wanted o scape.

"Tsubasa" She sight leaning her face closest.

"I told you" She breathed in her ear "No one escapes of me"



It was on a clear night. The moon was shining through the nocturne sky. Strangely, the stars were mostly shy. It was 1912 and Japan was recovering of their latest war against China recently finished in 1904, lately the tensions between them were dense as well as the relations of the European countries. The regime was worse than ever and -in elegant words- everybody do what they wanted. The small villas were governed by the nobles, who made with money all what they wished.

Here it's the case of the Kazanari Clan, a family with a lot of influence that had served beside the emperor in past. Tsubasa Kazanari, with 20 years is the next leader of that family and will take the command after the actual senior, Fudou Kazanari, leave this world. Even if it is something you never hear, Tsubasa doesn't want that position. So, if it takes longer to the older man die, better.

Tsubasa was a person who was mainly known in Gungnir for being quite gallant. It was not a simple girl who hasn't been already taken by her enchants. For example, it was the case of one of the many castes, Yukine Chris. Chris was a really beautiful lady with white hair and purple eyes a couple years younger than Tsubasa who actually is her estimated kouhai. Even with certain events that let her discover the greatest secret of Tsubasa Kazanari.

Tsubasa was in the typical standard of the Japanese man of that age. Standard height with 5.47 feet, thin with shining blue eyes as her blue hair tied in a low ponytail like all the swordsmen of the clan of the Kazanari.

There it was a little problem. Kazanari Tsubasa was not a 'He' it was a 'She'.

In simple words, Tsubasa has lived all her life tricking everybody about her true gender. Her name was unisex, her face was somewhat androgynous and her voice was thick and deep, make it sound masculine was quite of easy. Also her body shape wasn't too well developed. But for precaution, she used a binder in her chest. 'Why' you asked? Well, it is simple: the traditions.

A woman can't be leader of the clan of the Kazanari, but the clan was really damaged with the latest war. It was helpless, the emperor would have all Kazanari's territories and he was a very despise person to leave that happen. So, they raised Tsubasa in secret leaving he been known to the public at her seven years old party as the newest swordsmen of the clan, something that was truth. Fudou personally taught her the swords' art.

What these actions leaved? A really gallant and seductive attitude on the part of Tsubasa. As was well said, every girl of the villa had already fallen to his charms, but they never discovered that the man whom they had their starts was a woman just like them, except Chris who managed to completely ignite the instinct in Tsubasa to drive her crazy.

So, that's the reason what in that night, when the Kazanari's eyes met with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen… She couldn't help to approach her with a simple purpose: Seduce her.

She poured herself a half-glass of wine and took a sip before walking to where the woman with pink hair and blue-green eyes (with a clear foreign bloodline) watching, with no dissimulation, each one of her movements while speaking with a young girl, who had the same eyes as that beautiful unknown lady.

"Good night, sorry if I disturb you" Said next to the brunette-haired girl "You had spent a lot of time here without talking to anyone. Also you hadn't eat or drink something, so I'm afraid to tell you that you broke the paradigm settle down in this party"

As it was expected, the factor she was a woman too helped her to know what thing she mustn't say if she doesn't want to lose her opportunity.

"Look how we don't care" She answered with a mature and firm voice. A very sure of herself one the object of her attraction. " I regret to inform you that it was not our intention to introduce ourselves here so we do not concentrate on following the paradigm."

"Oh, poor of me" Tsubasa set down the glass in front of the woman as she exaggeratedly pressed her fist against his chest. "Such words full of hostility by a beautiful voice have fragmented my smile at the sight of it, with a flashing cyan intermingled with the coral."

"Stop right there" She interrupted immediately stretching the palm of her hand in front the blue-haired girl "I know what you are pretending. I have to say it, you won't going to get it with us."

A smirk drew in Tsubasa's lips.

"I think you misunderstand me" Answered taking again the glass that woman hasn't even touched without leaving that smirk. Finally she found a challenge. "My intention never was more than give you a warming welcome to this village. I would feel really disappointed if you weren't well attended in my presence"

"May I know who are you?" She asked.

"Tsubasa Kazanari at your service" Tsubasa revered in a kind of respect, finding funny the surprise at their faces. Her last name was quite of famous, but it doesn't matter, it was not if she was really proud of it. "May I know your names now?"

The brunette haired girl smiled with some sympathy meanwhile the pink-haired glanced her annoyed.

"Nice to meet you, Kazanari-san"

"With Tsubasa is enough. I don't like to use my last name in situations like this"

The brunette haired girl left a little giggle.

"We are from Noble Airgetlam's region. My name is Serena Cadenzavna Eve and this is my older sister, Maria"

"It sounds conveniently foreign" She said and, without no one of the sisters noticing, they ended on the bar "Where you from? Korea? Russia? Greece? Rome?"

"Serbia" Answered Maria leaving her handbag on the bar. It was an open door and Tsubasa won't let it go.

"Serbia…" Repeated tasting it. A country close to Russia that had its complications with the Astro-Hungarian Empire "If I'm right, that place is quite peaceful and is too far... Any special reason that honors your presence?"

"Not really" Answered Maria and then Tsubasa laughed a little. Maria had opened her two doors without knowing: Go for her or go for Serena. Logically, she ought to go behind Serena for the simple reason Tsubasa won Serena's sympathy, she doesn't.

Accustomed to having everything on the edge of the hand, being able to have anyone she wanted, she would choose the only woman who did not follow her rules, the only one who was not affected by her presence. That made things much more interesting, giving her one of the best challenges.

That girl will go to be hers. Maybe not that night or the next one but she was sure about something, at the end; Maria Cadenzavna Eve will have longing her touch so badly meanwhile Tsubasa would smile knowing that, as always ... She'll get every she wanted.