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Jasper is Cute and Everyone is Shook™️

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“Jekyll. Pay attention to me.” Hyde slid from his vantage point in the darkened windows of the lab to settle in Henry’s wine glass. “I have some juicy gossip for you!”

“I’ve told you before to stay out of the Lodgers’ business. If they have anything important to say to me regarding their personal lives, they know where to find me. Now, if you don’t mind,” Henry said pointedly, lifting the glass to his eye level, “please find somewhere else to sit. This is awkward.”

Hyde smirked. “I’ll leave when the mood strikes me. Just remember, not all of your precious Lodgers know that they can tell you everything. Some of them might be too shy, too in awe of the perfect, kind, Dr. Jekyll who saved them from an angry mob to even consider inconveniencing you with their troubles.”

Henry considered Hyde’s words for a moment, then sat up straight in alarm. “What’s wrong with Jasper? Is the wolfsbane potion not concentrated enough?”

“No, nothing that bad. It’s just that he’s absolutely desperate to shag Rachel. Oh, and you. Maybe at the same time. It’s almost painful how anxious he is about it, poor thing. You should pay him a visit,” Hyde purred, sinking to his knees in the most suggestive way possible. “Help him work off some of that tension. Better schedule it out in advance, Jekyll. He’s tiny and nervous, just imagine how tight he would clench up around your-“

“Shut up, Hyde! This is completely inappropriate! My relationship with Jasper is strictly professional. As for Rachel, I already knew she was interested in him. I am confident that they will be very happy together.” Henry sighed.

Hyde licked his lips. “You’re pining. Remember, I can see inside your head. All your darkest urges manifest into me. And I, for one, will definitely be having a taste of Mr. Kaylock sometime in the near future.”

“Leave him alone. Please. He’s already gone through enough.” Henry placed the glass down on the table, a good distance from himself.

Hyde reappeared in the mirror behind him. “Just give me one night. If he says no at any point, I’ll leave him alone and avoid him for the rest of my life. If he says yes, he gets the best sex he’s ever had. Either way, he’s happy. Deal?”

Henry sighed again. Hyde was insufferable, but he was right. There was no harm in letting him try to seduce Jasper. “Deal.”