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« No more. » his mind was screaming although his body was aching with need. Never should he have begun in the first place, never should he had let him take possession of him with such ease. Matters of reason and matters of the heart seemed to always clash within him these days.

In his own blinded thirst for revenge and foolishness, he had let him, the monster, consume him in feverish dreams, ones where he was the sole victim, where no one would suffer any longer at the hands of the Nosferatu except him.

His chest heaving, he took a ragged breath before giving in in his most primal urges rather than listening to his logic and reason. He caught the small case and opened it to find all he needed. Not losing any second once prepared, he stung himself with the syringe. « I shall strike back. »he fooled himself of course. One day he would strike back. But not today. Yet again, he let the drug flood his system to lead him to a place where he was the Count’s.