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Quote: This fallen, lesser world is dull and lifeless. I’ll bide my time before sailing to its ruin.

You were a Lunar who lived long enough ago to experience the glory of the High First Age. You’ve taken the Lunar’s exile poorly and personally. Now, you swim around the city you sank in the conflict, taking no pups and attending no Gatherings since the Balorian Crusade. What you’re waiting on, many speculate but no one knows.

The city of Luthe worships you as its god. The few Dragon-Blooded that Exalt there are mercilessly killed by your priests according to your holy word. The Silver Pact hears little about Luthe, but defers to your territory and doesn’t ask awkward questions. You don’t really believe in the Winding Path, but feel like is a good excuse to raise a cult and exact petty vengeance on the descendents of those who robbed you of your station.

Instead of roaming widely and engaging in Creation like your peers, you stew in your old memories and grow fat with fish and Essence. About the only thing that could pull you out of your rut would be another world-threatening event like the Contagion or the return of the Solars. The Solar mate that you wronged so long ago you’d like to make amends to. The Solar lover you took behind your mate’s back you’d like to love again, openly this time. Remote as you are, you simply haven’t heard the news that they’ve returned. Most of your Lunar peers are afraid to tell you, and your Luthan society is completely isolated from the rest of the world. A citizen of Luthe Exalting as a Solar might be how you become informed. How that Solar reacts to their god’s sudden interest in them is anyone’s guess.

Roleplaying Hints:
You spend all of your time in your gigantic spirit shape of an orca, circling the sunken city of Luthe and occasionally surfacing for air. That is, until the events of the story pull you out of this pattern. Most of Lunar society has written you off as a deep sea hermit with the notable exceptions of Swims in Shadows and Ink of Depths. Only occasionally do the Sun King Seneschals toss your name around in their arguments for added weight, but you’ve never backed up their words… so far. You have an intense hatred for the Dragon-Blooded for taking your previous life from you and suffer none of Gaia’s grandchildren to enter your territory and live.

Leviathan has given himself over to the Spirit Shape that he has enhanced into a great sea beast. Where once he was merely a large whale, he is now giant, capable of smashing all but the sturdiest Second Age ships with a swat of his tail. His mouth is large enough to swallow ten men whole, his blowhole capable of throwing enough water to break a mast if he catches the sails right. Moonsilver tattoos swirl across his great bulk, protecting him like any modern-day Lunar. Leviathan knows many other forms, but none have seen him in another shape in centuries. Perhaps he is simply very skilled at avoiding notice in his other forms. Or perhaps he hasn't seen the need for a shape other than that of a great whale while swimming his endless patrol of Luthe.

Caste: Full Moon
Concept: Elder hermitic nigh-behemoth
Anima: An orca cresting the waves with a thrashing dragon pierced by its teeth.
Tell and Totem: A black dorsal fin; Orca
Supernal Attribute: Stamina

Physical (Primary)
Strength: ••••••••/8 *Caste
Dexterity: •••••/5 *Caste
Stamina: ••••••••/8 **Caste/Supernal

Social (Secondary)
Charisma ••••/4
Manipulation ••/2
Appearance ••••••/6 *Favored

Mental (Tertiary)
Perception ••••/4
Intelligence ••/2
Wits •••/3

Abilities (Specialties):
Archery /0
Athletics •••••/5 (Swimming)
Awareness ••••/4 (Echolocation)
Brawl ••••••••/8 (Orca)
Bureaucracy •••••/5 (Military) *Favored
Craft /0
Dodge ••/2
Integrity •••/3
Investigation •/1 (Military Inspections)
Larceny ••/2 (Fooling Quartermasters)
Linguistics •••/3 (Orders)
Lore ••/2 (First Age Naval Battles)
Medicine /0
Melee •••••/5 (Islebreaker)
Occult ••/2
Performance •••/3 (Using Skin-Paint)
Presence •••/3
Resistance •••••/5
Ride /0
Sail •/1 (First Age Flying Vessels)
Socialize •••/3
Stealth ••••••/6 (In Spirit Shape)
Survival ••/2 *Favored
Thrown ••••/4 (Javelins)
War •••••/5

Followers •••••/5 (The Scions of Leviathan, Luthe’s sharkmen and octopus men, as well as the pelagothrope members of Luthan society)
Resources 5 (The tribute he could command from Luthe, including Luthe’s chattel class, the Traitorspawn, if they were sold as slaves)
Heart’s Blood •••••/5 (Every fish in the sea, including giant squid and other behemoth forms. A smattering of land and sky animals)
Allies •••••/5 (Swims in Shadows)
Allies •••••/5 (Ink of Depths)
Artifact •••••/5 (Islebreaker, Moonsilver trident)
Reputation ••••/4 (Champion of the West/Known Anathema/God-King/Hermit)
Backing ••••/4 (Sun King Senechals)
Cult •••/3 (Luthan worshipers)
Languages •/1 (Native: Old Realm, learned Seatongue)
Languages •/1 (learned Clawspeak)

Melancholia (Defining) (Stewing in memories of the first age and patrolling Luthe in an agitated, orca analogue of pacing has consumed most of the Scarlet Empress’ reign for you. You just can’t seem to rise yourself from the rut of protecting your territory while mentally reliving what horrors you saw in the Wyld. You often reminisce on your loss: the grandiose life you led before the Usurpation. Hearing the death scream of a Dragon-Blooded momentarily brings you out of your own head and into the heady life of a killer whale. To court your favor, your worshipers arrange these from the Traitorspawn you keep captive about once a mortal generation.)
Solar Bond (Major) (Unknown current Exaltation)

Essence and Willpower:
Essence ••••••••/8
Personal 23
Peripheral 66 (66)
Committed 0

Willpower: ••••••••/8
Permanent Limit: 2
Limit Trigger: Meeting a Dragon-Blooded, hearing someone speaking positively of the Dragon-Blooded or the societies lead by Dragon-Blooded. Any mention of the Usurpation. Common Limit Break: Berserk Anger (3e page 136) Anyone in Luthe is not a valid victim to kill, as doing so would result in Leviathan breaking the underwater city. He remains aware of this even in his rages.

Other notes:
Leviathan introduced beastmen and pelagothrope to sunken Luthe, who have promoted the worship of the Great Whale, and would mobilize at his command. Even before this influence, the citizens of Luthe regarded the descendents of Dragon-Blooded as Traitorspawn due to Leviathan’s culling of the Dragon-Blooded shortly after Luthe sank. These people are treated no better than slaves, and could easily fund any adventure above the waves if they could be transported and sold. Leviathan has performed the sacred hunt on every fish in the sea, and every mollusca and sipuncula and so on, from the smallest parasite to the largest behemoth. However, his non-marine forms are lacking and unsubtle - if you see a wolf with a dorsal fin, either you are in the Wyld where such things are common or there is a good chance Leviathan has returned to the world. His two surviving pups, Swims in Shadows and Ink of Depths, speak for him in gatherings, but do so circumspectly. Recently they have been keeping the news of the Solars’ return from him. Leviathan is known as an Anathema to both the Sidereals and the Dragon-Blooded, but they’ve long since determined that if they don’t go near then he will not rouse himself to battle them, so they leave him to his territorial depths. Among the Silver Pact, Leviathan is known as the undisputed champion of the West via his exploits to repel the Balorian Crusade, but also as a mad hermit who has succumbed to the temptations of ruling his tribe as a god. Mostly, he’s unspoken of and left alone. However, if he did return to Lunar society, the Sun King Seneschals would grant him great deference. Leviathan has not yet found his Solar mate, but would be glad to do so from the fond memories he has of Grand Admiral Arkadi. His only Artifact, to which he is not even attuned, is Islebreaker, which sits on the empty throne of Luthe.

Fists, Feet, and Fangs, Human Forms (Brawl, Withering) - 17 dice (up to +5 from Charms unstunted), 15 damage dice before strike successes, Overwhelming 1, Tags: Bashing, Brawl, Grappling, Natural
Fists, Feet, and Fangs, Human Forms (Brawl, Decisive) - 13 dice (up to +5 from Charms unstunted)

Spirit Shape Battlegroup Combat:
Head-splitting Sonar - 18 dice (up to +5 from Charms unstunted), 10 damage dice before strike successes, Overwhelming 3, Tags: Bashing, Flexible, Piercing, Natural
Tail, 23 dice (up to +5 from Charms unstunted), 20 damage dice before strike successes, Overwhelming 6, Tags: Bashing, Brawl, Natural
Giant Maw - 11 dice (up to +5 from Charms unstunted), 30 damage dice before strike successes, Overwhelming 11, Tags: Lethal, Brawl, Natural, always does damage as if attacking a target with Initiative 0. If you get eaten, you’ve lost any combat advantage you once had.

Notes on Spirit Shape Battlegroup Combat: Leviathan’s Spirit Shape is best understood as a battlegroup. One with a Might of 3, a Size of 5, Poor Drill (always fails rout checks, fleeing battle if dealt enough damage to lose a Magnitude, even abandoning Luthe), and a Magnitude Track of 38. Orders to Leviathan automatically fail as he recognizes no leader. He can be in close range with hundreds of combatants across two range bands. His move actions can cover three range bands in a turn, but while he moves he cannot use his tail or giant maw attacks unless he is moving directly at (giant maw) or away from (tail) his target. His giant maw and tail attacks threaten anyone within two range bands (in an arc), and his Sonar covers three (spherically). The above summary statistics reflect this battlegroup approach (which is why no decisive alternatives are listed), but more conventional combat statistics can be derived from the rest of this sheet, especially his Spirit Shape Charm, if treating Leviathan as a battlegroup does not suit your table.

Creation will never reach the heights it once soared (Defining Principle)
Nothing is worth the effort, so I will amuse myself how I can (Defining Principle)
The Dragon-Blooded are responsible and their Traitorspawn will suffer (Defining Principle)
Swims in Shadows (Major Tie, old pup)
Ink of Depths (Major Tie, old pup)
Luthe (Major Tie, home)
Luthans (Major Tie, subjects)
The Fair Folk share the blame (Major Principle)
No one enters my territory without permission (Major Principle)
The prayers of my people are pleasantly empowering (Minor Principle)

Spirit Shape, 0m, Reflexive, Indefinite: Leviathan has not been seen outside of his orca Spirit Shape for centuries. Nevertheless, outside of his Spirit Shape battlegroup statistics, the numbers on this sheet are for his human form. When in his more familiar giant orca form, add these bonuses. Leviathan gains +50 to his Strength for feats of strength, both for the dice pool and for determining what feats he may attempt (almost all feats of strength will be unrolled and successful). He gains the Legendary Size (no mundane onslaught penalties, withering attacks made by smaller enemies cannot drop Leviathan below 1 Initiative unless they have a post-soak damage of 10 dice (although attackers can still gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt). Decisive attacks made by smaller enemies cannot deal more than (3 + attacker’s Strength) levels of damage to Leviathan with a single attack, not counting any levels of damage added by Charms or other magic, is never embattled by smaller enemies, can reflexively defend other smaller beings), Echolocation (+5 to Perception rolls made underwater to determine an object’s existence, location, size, distance, or shape; negates blind penalties for these qualities when underwater), Iron Hide (20 soak, 10 Hardness), God-Beast Strength (Add 10 to raw damage and increase all Melee, Brawl, and Martial arts Overwhelming values by 5), and Bottomless Lungs (can hold breath for a scene) Merits and also the Waterlocked Flaw (Cannot move on land). Disguise and Stealth are impossible when closer than Extreme range.

Excellencies: Leviathan will use his Strength Excellency at any opportunity in battle. He declines to use his Dexterity or Stamina Excellencies, instead relying on his raw ability to land hits and take them. Outside of battle, he chooses to use none of his excellencies, as he’s unconvinced it is worth the trouble in social or mental situations to expend Essence due to his melancholia flaw.

Skin-Paint the Inner World, 15m, Simple, Instant: Leviathan’s skin or blubber twirls in colors that hypnotize anyone willing to see the message painted there by looking deeply for a brief moment. In that moment (which in combat is a forfeited combat action for both the Leviathan and the willing participants of this Charm, but quick enough to be abstracted in non-combat time) they experience with all their senses a memory or scene of Leviathan’s choosing - which could be subjectively long despite the objective quickness of the Charm. Leviathan uses 6 as his Attribute of any rolls created by this action - usually starting with an Instill or Inspire roll to tell the recipient to swim away or get eaten if they did not get permission to enter his territory. Leviathan’s sleep-talking and distracted daydreaming made visible from the Charm revolves around wondrous cities and colorful characters from the First Age that he laments losing to the Usurpation, as well as terrible, twisted creatures of the Wyld that he took down while holding the line against the Balorian Crusade.

Health and Defense:
Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x34/-4x1/Incap.

Soak 9 (8 natural soak from Stamina, 1 from Caste, 29 in Orca form), Hardness 0 (10 in Orca form)
Parry: 5 (6 with Islebreaker, 0 in Orca form)
Evasion: 4 (0 in Orca form)
Rush: 10 dice (11 when swimming)
Resolve: 3
Guile: 3
Disengage: 7 dice (8 when swimming) (10 for contesting, 11 for contesting when swimming)