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Drops in the Ocean

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Shockwave had an obnoxious amount of tentacles.

As sleek and quick as Blurr was in this new form, he couldn’t seem to wriggle his way free of them. Everytime he pulled one off, two more seemed to come out of nowhere to replace it. Shockwave wasn’t being violent, not at all. He was being downright gentle and playful, and though Blurr was no longer in any danger of drowning, the position he was in reminded him a little too much of the first time he had encountered the ‘Cuddlefish’ in his youth.

It made him panic, made him struggle, but Shockwave responded to his thrashing by gentling his touch even further. One tentacle wrapped around Blurr’s slender middle, another around his wrists, the rest of them stroking over the length of his body.

“You are alright.” Shockwave said softly. “There is no danger. I have you.”

“Th-that’s not exactly s-something that’s going to assuage m-my concerns!” Blurr hissed, flashing his sharp teeth in an expression that was just short of being a threat. He turned over so his belly was facing towards the sea floor, Shockwave pressing a little closer and wrapping yet another tentacle around his dorsal fin. “What are you even doing?”

“Expressing my curiosity.” Shockwave said in that quiet, steady voice of his.

Oh. Of course. Just the same as he had years ago when he dragged Blurr off that fishing boat. The tentacles felt a lot different this time and perhaps they seemed more numerous since there weren’t garments to get in the way of them.

“Hm.” Shockwave mused softly. “I was expecting your skin to be softer.”

“I’m not human anymore, I’m sure you n-noticed thaaat-” Blurr squeaked as one of the tentacles slithered a firm path across his belly and then lower. “S-stop, w-what are you-”

“Most curious.” Shockwave sounded greatly amused. “You’re also far warmer than I expected. I thought sharks were supposed to be cold blooded.”

“I’m not a shark either!” Blurr snapped.

“No, I suppose not. You are far more complicated, aren’t you?” Shockwave tilted his head to the side. He turned Blurr over again, tentacles still restraining lightly while his palms flattened against Blurr’s chest. “Your heart is beating very quickly.”

“You’re menacing me. Like one of those crabs you like eating so much.” Blurr said, cheeks flushing.

Shockwave let out a sound that may have been a very soft, very brief chuckle. “It isn’t as if you’ve given me much choice, Blurr. You never hold still, how else am I supposed to examine you properly?”

“Why do you need to examine me at all?” Blurr asked, squeaking and beginning to wriggle when Shockwave moved his hands to Blurr’s sides and lightly scraped his fingers down them. “S-stop that!”

“Oh?” Shockwave tilted his head again, repeating the motion using a little less pressure.

Blurr bit down on his lip and squirmed, bubbles erupting from him as he expelled a startled breath. The taut muscles of his stomach fluttered and he uselessly flapped his tail in the water as a high pitched noise escaped him when Shockwave repeated the motion of his hands a third time.

“You’re ticklish.” Shockwave observed.

“N-no! I’m being m-menaced!” Blurr insisted, erupting into helpless laughter when Shockwave pressed his fingers into his sides and began to wiggle them. “N-noooo! Stop!”

Snorting in amusement, Shockwave continued his assault until Blurr was breathless and limp. He gave off a rather satisfied aura. “See? I have learned something important about you, Blurr.”

“So rude.” Blurr panted. “I told you to stop! I hate being tickled!”

“You never cease to surprise me.” Shockwave sighed softly. He loosened his hold on Blurr’s body, but as soon as Blurr tried to dart away, a tentacle wrapped around the end of his tail and kept him from getting too far away. Try as he might, Blurr couldn’t keep himself from being reeled in and wrapped up once more. “Still feeling menaced?”

“Yes.” Blurr stated, though he relaxed into the hold of Shockwave’s seemingly endless supply of wriggling appendages. He didn’t have the energy to fight anymore.