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Immortal Youth

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The dark silhouette observed the decrepit boarded up abandoned building from his position outside. From his research, the building used to be an animation studio called “Joey Drew Studio”, which produced the locally popular cartoon show Silly Vision , during the 1900s. However, for unknown reasons the place fell out of business. Overtime, the building was never touched nor torn down for a new business to be built like numerous other abandoned buildings did after the Great Depression. It was like some driving force around said former studio kept people away by its overwhelming dark aura alone, screaming danger if dared to be tampered with. Many of the locals called the building cursed or bad news, even the children and teens were smart enough to steer clear of the area. That’s all the information the overly paranoid silhouette had, therefore it was enough to stir up suspicion within the dark knight of Gotham City.


The disguised man had gotten wind of the place during a conversation with an animation studio director his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, had decided to donate money towards to keep them in business, having been a fan of their cartoons while he was younger. It was a slip of tongue by the drunk intern, that was accompanying the animation director at the party he was throwing at his mansion. The intern was promptly scolded by the director, who explained to Bruce Wayne that the animation industry in America over the span of time considered the abandoned yet-still-somehow-standing animation studio ‘taboo.’ When the billionaire asked why, the director hesitated before replying, “No one knows really, nevertheless I would never in my right mind be even ten miles caught near that place.” That was the end of that. No one brought it up again, the topic obviously greatly uneased the director.


That left Batman with a new mission; to investigate the abandoned studio every floor, to every corner, to every inch of the sacred taboo building among animators and locals. Batman was alone that night, Robin was grounded for the week after his Cadmus stunt with the other proteges two days ago. The dark knight approached the doors before kicking said door down off its weak rusted hinges. Powering on his night vision, that was part of his mask by a hidden button on his suit, he stepped into the building, gracefully jumping over the medium sized hole in the wooden floor.


Not even fives seconds into investigating, Batman found his first clue. Not even a few feet away from the hole in the floor.


The rectangular yellowed piece of paper sat forgotten on the rotting floor of the studio, loopy flowing big handwriting faced the ceiling. The caped crusader crouched down for a closer look. ‘What do we have here?’ Batman thought, reading what he identified as a very old letter.


‘Dear Henry,


It seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together.

30 years really slips away, doesn’t it?


If you’re back in town, come visit the old workshop.

 There’s something I need to show you.


            Your best pal, Joey Drew’


Narrowing his eyes at the letter, he carefully bagged the letter in a plastic bag before storing it on safely on his person.