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My name is Felicity Smoak; it's my last year at MIT. Barry and Jennifer have been my best friends since before we were born as our parents are best friends. Barry is getting a degree in Media while Jen is getting a degree in Teaching and I'm getting a degree in Computer Science.

"Look who it is!" I turned around to see one of my best friends with his camcorder "My best friend!"

I groaned "Barry Allen, put that stupid thing a way!"

"Never Lici" Barry smirked "C'mon, first day of our final year" He pressed the record button "So, anything new in Felicity's life?"

"Nothing at all Allen" I smiled fixing my glasses "Busy working"

"Boring!" He yawned "No guys?"

"Nope" I shaked my head "You're the only guy in my life" I grinned as we walked through campus "What about you Flash, what did you do in Central City?"

"Usual" He shrugged putting his camcorder away "Saving people and breaking the speeding limit" He whispered the last part.

"Of course" I rolled my eyes and looked around "Where's Jen?"

"Sorting out her dorm room" He smiled "I can't believe you two are in separate dorms"

"That's because we always get in trouble together" Jen grinned walking over and hugged me tight "Missed you Sugar"

I giggled "Miss you too Peanut"

"I'll be back!" Barry shouted and ran off knocking us over.

"I hate when he does that" Jenni groaned.

"Without a warning" I rubbed my head standing up and helped her up "I better go and sort my stuff out"

"How did you get a single dorm?"

"Top Student" I grinned "And I'm a DA this year"

"Nerd" She nudged me.

I giggled "See you later" I waved before walking into my building and got my key card out of my pocket then swiped it down the pad on my door and opened it grinning. Perks of being a top student, single room and my own rules.

I turned around when I heard a knock on the door frame to see a dark haired guy "Can I help you?"

"It's Felicity, right?" He asked looking up from his tablet.

"I might be" I crossed my arms "Who are you?"

"Callum Smith" He grinned "Dorm Adviser"

"Think again mister" I took the tablet and read over it then grinned "Callum Smith, dorm 12 and is a junior footballer" I looked at him "Nothing about Dorm Adviser and this is mine"

He rolled his eyes "Whatever, you gonna tell who you are?"

"Your Dorm Adviser Felicity Smoak" I smirked then heard laughing outside.

"You lose Smithy!" a familiar voice shouted and appeared at the door.

"Ricci!" I squealed and hugged him tight "I thought you was going to Europe"

"And miss my favourite cousin try to boss people about" Ricci chuckled "Get to practise Smithy or you'll be off the team"

"Got it" Callum nodded and darted out.

"I'm glad you're here Ric" I smiled at my younger cousin by two months "Where's your dorm?"

"This building" He grinned "So I better get unpacking"

"Bye loser" I giggled.

"Laters Lis" He waved and darted out.

I opened my suitcase when my phone beeped. I grabbed it off my nightstand and read the text:

Hey All!
Welcome back to other year of fun, drama and parties but don't forget to study ;)
Enjoy your year!
MIT gal xox

I shaked my head and dialled my best friend's number ... Our first year here, me and Jen decided to start a gossip page called MIT gal. I hacked into the school office and got everyone's numbers and emails then it's became a success and it's still a secret except for Barry who got involved a year later.

"Hey Filly"

I groaned taking some clothes out of my suitcase and walked over to my new closet "I told you to never call me that"

"You love it really" Jen giggled "What's up?"

"Few things" I put my clothes away and sat at my desk "First, good text"

"I know, we need to get the new students information"

"We?" I smirked spinning around on my chair and opened my laptop.

"Whatever Smoaky, what else?"

"Oh Ricci is back"

"Ricci as in your hot cousin Ricci"

I rolled my eyes "Yes, he came back for our final year instead of being in Europe"

"Mmm, I think I need to see him"

"My little cousin is off limits Cole"

"Okay" She giggled "I'm hoping you're gonna say that your final thing to say is our beginning of the year sleepover"

"Of course" I grinned "This Saturday"

"Why not tonight?"

I looked around my room which is full of boxes and suitcases "My room is a mess and you have a roommate"

"Fine, this Saturday" She sighed "Is Mr Allen invited?"

"I've not heard from him since he raced off"

"He might be still in Central with Iris"

"You're jealous Miss Cole" I smirked "You had your chance and turned him down"

"I know, I know"

"I better get unpacking and sort this email out"

"You got all the details already?"

"Of course" I giggled "I'll message you later when I sorted"

"Got it, laters girl"

"Bye" I hung up and sent the mass email out to the new students.

Welcome new students to MIT!
Want all the gossip that happens on campus
need advise on classes or your crush?
Check out mitgalxo . com
MIT gal xox