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The day of the Expansion Draft was looming over my head. For months the Stars have been debating over who they would protect, and they decided to leave me to the mercy of the Knight’s staff. The news hit me and Berger like a sack of bricks, the possibility of us being separated made me nauseous, and wonder if I just didn't play well enough this season despite my injury.

Anxiously, with a few clicks, I turned on the draft when they were announcing the pick from the Sabres, the Knights chose William Carrier. As Dallas was approaching, I squeezed John so tight, I thought he might wince from my death grip but he just seemed to understand. The pick from the Detroit Red Wings was supposed to be next, but all the sudden I hear my name on the lips of Bill Foley. He had just made a huge mistake, he said the wrong pick, was he that excited about me??, surely not.

Everything from that point was a blur, all I could feel was Berger’s strong hands combing through my unkempt hair.

In choked sobs, I barely managed to mutter ”How will our relationship survive? What will I do in Vegas? I don't want to make friends, I only want you!”

My breakdown sent John spiraling as well, the both of us just laying in an imaginary puddle of pity, crying.

I hear a faint whisper, “Cody, I will always be at your side, every step of the way in Vegas helping you make friends.”

Just hearing Klinger’s words of reassurance to help me make friends eases my nerves instantly. Knowing that I didn't need to explain my extreme social anxiety to my new team and that Klinger would do it, made me love him more.


The First Game of the Season
Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights

I was ridiculously giddy to be in Dallas. I arrived two nights in advance to surprise my Klinger. I rented a car from the airport and drove as fast as I could to John’s house while still following the speed limits.

I pulled out one of his spare keys and opened the door as quietly as I could. Creeping up the stairs I found him lying on the bed watching what I could assume was last seasons Bachelorette, we were both suckers for hot guys fighting amongst each other.

Leaping majestically, I land right next to John’s legs, startling him. Berger lets out the girliest scream in pure shock and excitement to my arrival. Before he could he could say anything I mash my lips against his, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

So many nights of us skyping couldn’t satisfy our needs. I may be shy in public, but definitely not in bed.

I straddle his hips pulling him in for another kiss while his big hands caress my lower back. I grab his shirt and yank it off him, next I try taking off his pants fumbling along but he ends up taking them off himself, throwing them across the room.

He attacks my neck leaving a dark hickey before pulling my graphic tee off too slow for my liking.
When he gets to my pants he grabs the elastic of my sweats with his teeth, marking spots on my thighs with hickeys on his way down. Damn, that was the hottest thing he’s ever done. I let out a couple of soft moans, showing my appreciation for him. I rip off his underwear hastily and he returns the favor.

He squeezes my ass a couple of times before scooting me down to his penis. He knows I like being facefucked rough, so he grabs a fistful of my hair and pushes my face down.

I get to work quickly, deepthroating his cock like no tomorrow. Bobbing up and down, hitting the back of my throat each time and humming. Klinger has his fingers knotted in my hair, pulling it forcefully, just the way I like it.

John groans as I flick my tongue around the head of his cock, and before I can do some of my more complicated cocksucking tricks, I'm on my hands and knees, ass pointed at John with drool dripping off my face.

He leans in to whisper, “How do you want it?”
As I am about to say, “Ha-“, he interjects with a “Too late” and I can feel his body leaning against mine.

He starts with fondling my nipples, gently pinching and twisting them and we both let out a breathy groan. He grabs my balls, massaging them and my cock twitches to attention, smacking my stomach.

His tongue goes along the crack of my ass and he grabs my cheeks aggressively, spreading them apart. His mouth goes straight to my puckering hole, teasing it with attempted intrusions.The pleasure became too much and a string of curse words came flowing out of my mouth mixed with moans.

“Now what do I say about cursing?” says Klinger in a mildly threatening tone, yet husky.

“That it’s not allowed…” I replied, anxiously waiting for my punishment.

I feel John’s big hands come down on my ass not once, not twice, but three times. He knows how when he’s rough with me, it drives me insane with arousal. I had become a moaning mess, each slap driving me closer to the edge, gripping the sheets. When I look up, Berger’s eyes are dark with lust and need.

“P-Please, fuck m-me” I begin begging, just wanting his cock to fill me up.

“Not yet baby, we’re gonna take this nice and slow to make up for lost time” he replies cockily, then turns to my ass to say “ I’m sure you need to be stretched out, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?”

Just his words send a shiver of anticipation up my spine.
His magic mouth went straight to my hole with his hands clutching my hips, and once again I became a moaning mess in his grip.

I hear the click of a lube bottle opening and a wet squirt. Wanting there to be mystery in what happens next, I refrain from looking back.

Berger’s big finger is circling the rim of my hole and when I expect one finger to be pushed in, two of his large fingers are forced in swiftly.

The sudden intrusion makes me gasp loudly and I heard John laugh softly behind me. He knows I take great pleasure in pain and he always knows what I crave.

He flips me over once again and managed to keep his thick fingers deep in my ass. I draped my legs over his shoulders so he could get a better angle. His fingers were plowing into me brushing over my prostate and turning my bones to jello. My moans were so loud I was sure that the neighbors across the street could hear me.

Two fingers just weren't enough and I found myself saying “P-please more” in between each forceful thrust. He fulfilled my request by shoving two more fingers into me. The stretch had a pleasant burn to it for me and I was breathless, moaning being the only vocal thing I can do.

I sputter out the word “H-harder” and Klinger picks up his god like pace. I feel his cock slap against my back and the friction makes him moan. He crooks his fingers more, fingers pushing against my prostate rapidly and I lose it. My hole clenched around his fingers and hot ribbons of my cum covers my chest leaving me feeling depleted.

Lost in the intensity of my orgasm I failed to notice John staring directly at me, licking up the cum on my chest.

“Don’t think I’m done with you yet!” Klinger said with a scary excitement in his voice.

Before I could even think of replying, he sets my legs down and gets to work on my cock. His tongue circles the head of my cock and in no time, I'm rock hard again.

He pulls off with a wet pop, “Ooh, that was quick, you’re excited aren’t ya!” he chuckles.

I moan in response and immediately I feel my face go red from what I just did.

Fuck did I just moan because it’s easy for me to get up? I need to learn to control myself.

I feel his tongue do a quick lap around my hole before I suddenly feel full. He had grabbed my thighs to bring me close and he swiftly put his cock inside me.

His pace was agonizingly slow and every time I would to try to grind against his cock he would pull back.
“J-John, please…”

“Please what? What do you want baby?”

“ I-I want you to fuck me.”

He loves teasing me but I just wasn’t having it. I swing my arms around his neck I sit myself on his dick.

Hah, he can’t pull out now!

I moan into his collarbone and he sucks a dark hickey on my neck.

Pushing him down flat, I whisper in his ear “Enjoy the show.”

Facing him, I slowly bottomed out and gave him a sloppy kiss, moaning in his mouth before picking up the pace. I ride him at a vigorous pace letting out high pitched whines.

John is laying on a pillow staring at me hungrily, while digging his fingers in my back.
The sound of of skin slapping fills the room with a mixture of both of our moans.

“Damn how are you still so tight after what I’ve done?”

“I just have a magic ass”

I guess he got impatient because the next thing I knew I was on my back and he was ramming into me. With amazing accuracy, Klinger was nailing my prostate and the air was filled with “ah” and “uh” courtesy of me.

My breath gets all erratic and I feel the pressure in my stomach building. I can tell that Berger feels the same way because he keeps slowly grinding against me.
I can't hold off my orgasm any longer and cum is spurting all the way up my chest. John soon follows, his hot cum fills my ass leaving me feeling extremely satisfied.

“Knulla… what a pretty sight, seeing my cum dripping out of your stretched hole.”

“I’m just in disbelief that you can make me cum that hard twice.”

John gets up to grab a washcloth but I can’t help but to admire his ass. We don’t need to talk much after to know that it’s cuddle time.

Tired and sweaty, I enjoyed the warmth of Klinger’s body, thinking of all the nights I had to spend alone.

“Hey, Klinger,” I whispered faintly in the crook of his arm.

“Yea?” He said, gently caressing the freckles on my face

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

To keep up appearances, the following night I head to the hotel where I’m supposed to be staying at.

As I’m getting ready for bed, I realize just how much John had marked me up. Tomorrow would be difficult.

As predicted, as soon as I undressed, all eyes were on me.

Finally, Nate broke the silence with “Damn, I see you got kinky with some Dallas girl. Is she a regular?”

The room filled with a variety of “who is she” and “you’re one kinky bastard.”

I look in the direction of Flower, hoping that he could step in but all he does is shrugs (Berger made sure I had someone to help me out).

Nate steps back in the conversation when he says, “Man, you don’t have to tell us, but we were all excited because you got more action that all of us. But next time make sure you try to hide all those hickeys on your thighs, don’t think I didn’t see those.”

Did he just glance a Erik when he was talking about getting some action?

The room fills with oohs after what he said about my hickeys and I feel my face flush when everyone starts speculating about me. I quickly flee to the showers to escape further questions about the various markings on my body.

The game was exhilarating, seeing John play up close after so long, us both getting an assist, and the win the Knight’s received despite being laid out by Radulov.

The game was over too soon and I had to go to the locker room with the rest of the team. I would have enjoyed jumping into John’s arms more than having to deal with the pesky reporters interrogating everyone.

This part of the day made me jump out of my skin because every reporter was asking you a bazillion questions about your game. Like couldn't they of just watched me play?

Flower usually got done with the interviews pretty quickly and tried to save me from fumbling over my words. Today he made an extra effort because everyone wanted to know my feelings about playing my former team and my assist, and it was overwhelming. Being the good guy he is, and practically the captain, Fleury managed to make an excuse for me to leave.

But he couldn’t figure out how to help me earlier?

I undressed and dressed in record time, some of the guys giving me strange looks like Nealer because they had never seen me move so fast in the locker room.

“Where are you off to?” Neal shouts, followed by several cat calls but I decide to ignore it and head on my way before they see how red I’ve gotten.

John and I made plans to meet by the visitor’s entrance because while the Stars knew I was gay, only Fleury knows on the Knights. I could only imagine the shitshow my life would turn out to be if one of the guys on Knights was homophobic and found out.

As I’m heading to the visitors entrance, Nate stops me. He looks kinda uncomfortable and it scares me.

“Hey areyougay?” he mumbles.


“Are you gay?”

The question leaves me stunned, like what gave it away?? but he answers that question for me.

“I know the difference in hickeys that men and women leave behind.” he says quietly then points to my thigh “those were clearly left by a man.”

I pull him aside briskly and whisper “Are you gay?”

He replies with a shaky “Yea, I’m in a relationship with Erik, since college.”

I’m taken slightly aback, there was a gay couple on the team? Was that whole conversation an attempt to see if I was gay?

Finally I answer his question and mumble a yes. There is clear excitement in his eyes, presumably because he found another gay person on the team. I remember why I was leaving and I try to take off but Nate asks me one more question.

“Who left those hickeys? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Feeling strangely confident I respond, “Klingberg, from Dallas”

Before I leave I see the face of Nate and he looks confused but also understanding.

I grin just a little bit before taking off running. That conversation made me a little late and I see that John looks a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry babe, Nate started a interesting conversation with me.”

“Can I at least know what the conversation was about?”

Pulling him aside I end up stuttering “Well, he figured out I was gay because apparently there is a difference between hickeys men leave and women. Thanks for that. But It turns out he’s gay as well and is dating Erik. Also I told him that we are dating.”

The shock on Klinger’s face is evident but it turns to pure joy.

Jumping up and down he grabs me and giggles “Look at you, you’re being social, AND came out to a person, look at you go!!”

I blush violently and feel John’s big body wrap around me.

“You know I love you Eaks” he purrs into my neck.

“I love you more Klinger”

“Try me!”

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The lack of time John and I spent together took a toll on both of us. We both had a good start to the season but as time went on, we just weren’t as good as before. Klinger was still doing really good, he just seemed down whenever you saw him on interviews. The toll it took on me was quite drastic, I couldn't find the back of the net and I just didn't have much motivation to get out of the house besides practice.  


Of course I was happy I was bumped up to a 3rd line center, but not having any friends or my boyfriend here, I’m kinda a debbie downer and my teammates don’t know why. The people in Dallas are so great but I feel like if I requested a trade that would be stupid because no one would ever pick me up, and wanting to be with your friends is a terrible way to end your career.


In the middle of my moping session my phone goes off, it was a reminder that practice was soon. My dog Jon Bone Jones was all over me, laying on my duffel, begging me not to leave. He always made things so difficult.


The game against Winnipeg was coming up. Practice was pretty dull, just the basic drills. When I got in the locker room, the tension in the room was obvious.


Nealer was talking some shit about how gay men were inferior and that homosexuality was wrong. Why this was a topic currently was beyond me. What he was saying touched a nerve and I felt a heat rise up in me and then I was suddenly up on my feet confronting him.


“Why do you think those men are beneath you? What did they ever do to you?”


The entire room went quiet, even Nealer who looked severely confused.


That didn’t last long, then he said, “Oh, Since when does Squeaks speak up, why do you care so much? Are you gay?”


My face flushed and feeling the need to protect myself I stuttered out, “ Well you are being very homophobic and there is no need for that, it’s 2017…”


The room felt like it was closing in so I shot a dirty look at Neal and glanced over at Haula and Schmidt who looked worried before leaving.


As soon as I reached my car, I feel the tears prickling around the corners of my eyes as I lay my head against the wheel.


Did I just out myself? Does James really mean that?


Much to my surprise, I hear a gentle knock on the window. Not caring who it is, I flip them off casually. Whoever it is I don’t want to talk to them, but they opened the door and I felt their hand on my shoulder. At this point I know I can't get out of talking to them. As I look up I am extremely surprised to find David standing above me.


He crouches down and says, “Are you okay?”


I just shake my head no in response.


“Do you need someone to talk to?”


I mumble a quiet yes and point to tell him to sit in the passenger seat. When he got seated I said, ”The reason I got so upset was because…”


In a comforting voice, he asks, “Because what?”


“You know why, why else would I confront him like that?”


I look up and I see him give an understanding nod.


“Do you want me to call someone Cody?”


I nod every so slightly, handing him my phone. “Text Klinger…, sorry John, he should be in my favorites”


“Why John?”, but then he understands. He hands my phone back and gently says “See ya tomorrow Cody.”


“W-wait, Thanks for being here.”


He turns and smiles “No problem!”


When I got home I start texting John about our days. He comforts me and makes me feel better about what happened earlier. Its some sappy lovey-dovey stuff but I eat it up.


The conversation is light and funny until takes an interesting turn and suddenly is flirtatious.


He mentions that he’s in public and very turned on. He sends me texts about what he’ll do to my body the next time we see each other, how he’ll ravage it.  


I’m not gonna lie, this stuff had me up in no time, he just had that talent.


We go back and forth exchanging sweet nothings before he sends a picture. It is a photo of his cock under a table. I immediately recognized his surroundings as Jamie and Tyler’s house. I text back, commenting on what a naughty boy he is, feeling some shame after sending that text. After some debating, why not return the favor? I take some time to find a good pose on the couch before sending a picture.


He sends a suggestive text that we should skype tomorrow night after our games. I get the hint real quick and I am really excited, even my cock twitches ever slightly. The only thought in my brain is the promise of a steamy skype. I ended up having to relieve the pressure on my lower half after that conversation.

The team had a morning skate and I dreaded it. The promise of an eventful night was the only thing keeping me going. Just the thought of facing Neal made me nauseous. At least Perron was there as another emotional support, now he knows who I am outside of hockey.


I took a minute before heading towards the practice area, taking in a deep breath.


Surprisingly, I go unnoticed when I walk in. The real trouble started when I was getting dressed.


James breaks the friendly atmosphere with, “Hey Squeaks, what are you doing here you fag! This is a strict no fag zone!” I proceed with putting my pads on, praying that no one notices how pale my face goes. “Hah, did Squeaks lose his voice? What happened to the person who was talking back to me yesterday?”


Thankfully Flower finally steps in. “ James, that’s enough, head out on the ice.”


He gives me a glare then leaves. I start putting on my practice shirt and I feel several pats on my back. From what I assume it was Erik, Nate, and Davo.


I try my best to avoid James but my best efforts are not enough. It started as being pushed a couple of times but it turned into full on cross checking me. No one stepped in until I went flying into the boards.


I was so dazed I didn’t see Perron go flying full force at James. Nate and Erik had to help me off the ice and into the dressing room. They both looked really concerned and I felt really bad for putting them through this.


Soon after, James came in and mumbled a sorry before going to the shower, looking like he lost a fight and was being followed by Davo. Gallant walked in looking furious.




The entire team just looks at him blankly. Some just look concerned, glancing over at me. I’m just glad practice is over. Coach left and many followed. How he failed to notice how Neal was pushing me around lead me to believe he was blind when it came to his star players.


I was taking my time getting ready to go because my only plan was to take a nap before the game. Perron and them still had that confused/concerned face on.


“You good Eaks?” says Erik from his stall.


“Yeah, just a little tired”


“Well if you don’t mind me asking, why didn’t you punch him sooner? It not like you haven't fought someone before.”


“Yea, I had to beat his ass. Not that I regret it.” Davo smirks.


It took me a second to remember why I didn’t fight back, but it came back. Why I didn’t fight back was because I had been fighting people like him all my life, my dad, kids at school, even adults who were too stubborn to know that love is love and I'm tired of it. When I fought others in hockey, it was to please the crowd who wanted to see a fight.


“I didn’t fight back because I've been fighting people like him my whole life and I am tired of it, if they cant get over themselves, so be it.”


Nate looked as if he was debating something in his head before saying, “ I’ll accept that responds, but dont think I won't be sticking up for you need be. We haven't known each other for long, but I consider everyone family… not Nealer though. ”


That earns a laugh from all of us.


Genuinely curious and wanting to get the topic off of me I asked, “What are your guyses plans before the game?”


“Well, I have something fun planned before the game for Nate…” Erik says with a devilish smile on his face.


“Wow, way to throw our life out there!” laughs Nate.


Davo being the voice of reason said, “Well I’m going to eat something then maybe go for a walk.” Then adds, “But seriously, is everyone gay in this room except me?”


We all fell over laughing at that one and agreeing.


Eventually, we part ways and head home. I’m looking forward seeing Jon Bone and taking a sweet nap.


I wonder if my neighbors think I’m crazy because every day I lug a duffel bag the size of a person to and from my car. But that's a problem for another day.


Jon Bone greeted me warmly with barks and sloppy kisses. I trudge up the stairs leaving a trail of clothes before crawling into bed. Double checking my alarm I doze off.

I wake up begrudgingly and start preparing a before game snack. Embarrassingly enough I stop to check myself out, half-naked in the kitchen.


Halfway through my sandwich, I receive a text from Klinger.


What are you doing? ;)


Ya know, just eating a sandwich, pregame ritual


Are you eating the sandwich seductively? ;)


I quite literally choked but managed to reply, No Im eating the sandwich like a normal person, unlike you


Well I just wanted to wish you a good game and an even better night ;)


I felt a smile creep up on my face before sending the text, Well I wish the same to you ;)


Feeling better than before I head to the game with a huge grin. Using winky faces excessively just warmed my heart.

I guess the game was okay. I got a penalty and thankfully we killed it off. It wasn’t my best game but at least I get to see Klingbae later.


Quite fucking literally I raced home. At the speed of light, I throw my duffel in the house and bound up the stairs like a damn dinosaur, not my most graceful moment. I catch a glimpse of Jon Bone and he just looks puzzled.


I vaulted onto my bed grabbing my laptop mid-air. Quickly logging onto Skype I found that John is active.


I shoot him a quick message, Hey are you ready?


Yea, let’s get this show started ;)


I giggled at that message before skype calling him.  


He picks up on the second ring and greets me with a warm smile.  


“Let’s start off with a game of striptease.” he says with a wicked grin.  


I could never deny such an offer so I set my laptop down and got to work.


Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I slowly pull it off in an ‘X’ motion. I then shimmy my suit pants and underwear off and manage to shake my ass at the camera


“Leave your socks on, I’m getting too impatient.”


I glance over and he has this hungry look in his eye, I’m not gonna lie, I dig it.


“Lay on the bed”


I happily oblige and watch him undress. I gotta say, his style is much better than mine. He’s more graceful than me and has a better bod than me.


“Now follow what I do, this is everything I want to do to your body. Next time, I’ll give it to you just how you like it.”


I let out a small whimper in anticipation and just how hard my cock has gotten. Klinger slowly starts rubbing himself, legs apart and I follow suit.  Precome starts dripping out of my cock and I smear it around the head.


Klinger apparently saw that because he let out a breathy groan while looking over. He starts tugging at the head of his cock and every time I came near the brink, he started over, edging me.


He eventually flips over and I see him shiver ever so slightly. His long fingers slid easily into his ass and he drops his face into his mattress. The sight alone was enough to make me cum but I held off.


“Test your limits, try three fingers. I would but you’re much better at handling the pain.” he says softly.


I obediently follow, spitting on my fingers a little and gasping at the intense burning sensation coursing through my body. I force my fingers further down, and I'm making soft whining noises. Looking over I see that Klinger is working a second finger in at a rapid pace. Wanting to match him I start thrusting my three fingers in faster and harder before and my moans became more erratic with each thrust.


“Slow down, I can't have you getting hurt by being such a pain slut. Please lube yourself up more, not that I don’t like what you’re doing now.”


Begrudgingly I lean over to my bedside table to grab the slick bottle of lube, three of my fingers still in my ass, and squirt a modest amount onto my stretched hole. As soon as I start thrusting the pain has subsided greatly, not that I wanted it to, but it's still quite pleasurable.


“See is that better?”


I just mumble “Not exactly…”


He just gives me a sorry not sorry look before giving me more orders.


“I want you to fist yourself, because if you can, I want you to.”


I have fisted myself before but only once and I really don't know why I don’t more often, its fun. So respond with a “Yeah, get ready.”


Klinger smiles and is still working his two fingers into his ass looking graceful as always while I’m adding a fourth finger to fulfill his request.


The pleasant burn has returned and high pitched whines fill the air of my room. John is making breathy groans while curling his two fingers. I finally managed to slip in all five fingers and I have to slow down before I hurt myself.


“Damn, Eaks, you look so pretty bent over with your hand stuffing your ass. Now, I want you to cum untouched, I’ll do the same.


I start working my hand in and out at a moderate pace before both our breathing became erratic. Klinger has his fingers curled hitting his sweet spot while his other hand is gripping the edge of the bed and he’s biting the sheets.


That was all I needed for me to reach my high. I shoved my hand in one last time to fuck myself through the orgasm. John was watching me, pupils blown wide, and he blew his load and removed his fingers, breathing really hard and so was I.


Cum was covering both of our abs leaving me feeling sticky. “Oof, I haven't had a orgasm that good in a long time, thanks Klingbae”


We both crack a smile at the pet name before he says “ Well, thanks for being such a good pain slut, the way you can take such much baffles me and turns me on beyond belief.”


I blush violently and he just smirks knowing that he can get me to turn into a tomato on command.To avoid being chirped I make the excuse I need to grab a rag to clean up, which I did need to do. When I came back, Klinger was laying on his stomach naked, feel up in the air like a teenage girl. I suppress a laugh and copy his pose, with my laptop in front of me.


“What do you think of toys? Maybe a little bondage as well?”


The question surprises me but it's not like I haven't thought of using them before. “Yeah, I would be open to it, but what made you curious?”


“Well, you know how you have your kinks?” That made me blush again, “That’s mine and I thought we could kill two birds with one stone...”


“Maybe over the bye week we could go fishing up in Dallas and try some of those things…” Pictures of what could possibly happen were swirling around my head at the idea.


“ I like the sound of that” he adds with a wink.


The rest of the call was flirting and planning visits to each other and didn't end until around 1 in the morning, which I loved every second of.

The next two weeks can't seem to pass by quick enough.  I’ve managed to keep my distance from James but that doesn’t mean his words don’t get to me. The few times I let my guard down he finds ways to exploit that. Thankfully I have Nate, Erik, and David.


After Klinger’s game in Calgary, he flew in to visit me for the weekend with permission from the Stars. After our game in Arizona I left early to meet him at my house, Perron promised to cover for me with the team.


I see the light on in the house and I immediately run up to the door, unlock it, and drop my bag at the door. John and Jon Bone are play wrestling on the floor, and the air is filled John’s cute giggles.

I feel all fuzzy at the sight before I join them with a grin on my face. I sat on the couch laughing gleefully and John joins me on the couch. Much to my delight he pulls me into a tight hug and nips at my neck, which leaves me squirming.


“Cody! I’m so glad to see you!”


“I’m so glad to see you too! Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.”


“Nah, Jon Bone over here kept me busy”


I couldn't help but smile because Klinger is finally here.


“Come here, I prepared some pasta for us,” he said with a grin, “Extra romantic, I even splurged on roses. Do you know how hard it is to find roses in Vegas? Like seriously what do people do on Valentines Day?”


All I can do is laugh, “I honestly don’t know, this town can be confusing at times.”


I pull up bar stools for the both of us and grab some plates and start filling them. “Thank you for making dinner, you’re so sweet.”


John cracks a smile as he lights a candle, “No problem.”


I suddenly hear the doorbell ring.


“Are you expecting someone?”


I just give him a confused look before heading to the door. As soon as I look through the peephole, the room feels like it’s closing in, Deryk was at the door.


“Babe, who's at the door?”


I ran quickly back down the hall, extinguishing the candle and hiding the roses in the fridge.


John grabs me before I could do anything else, “Who is at the door?’


Panically I replied “Deryk, please hide” The pain in his eyes is evident but he goes upstairs anyway. I don't have time to think before I’m rushing to answer the door.


“Hey, you forgot your contacts back in Arizona.”


“Oh, thanks”


“Why do you have two plates out? Am I interrupting something?”


“No… uhh… I was really hungry when I came home…” That was seriously a stupid response, why can’t I just tell him?


“Oh, Okay, well I’ll be on my way then. Have a good night.”


As soon as I close the door I collapse. I can’t help but to sob, I don't deserve John, he does something nice for me and what do I do? Tell him to hide because I can't admit that I’m gay to my teammates.


Out of the corner of my eye, I see John coming down the stairs. Before he can get to me I choke out “I’m so sorry! I don’t deserve you!”


He just pulls me into a gentle hug saying that it's okay. I know it's not but I can't help but feeling safe in his arms. All I can do is hope that he can forgive me.