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Supernatural Reader One-Shots

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You and Gabriel were sitting in the bunker watching TV, Gabe lounging off to the side while you absently ran your fingers through the feathers of his wings. Both of you were so zoned out you didn't notice the boys walk in and stop to stare at you in confusion. "Y/N, what are you doing?" Sam asked.


That snapped you out of your trance and you looked at him, dropping your hand from Gabriel's wings much to his annoyance. "What do you mean?"


"You looked like you were waving or something," Dean replied as he walked further into the room.


You and your angel shared a grin before you told your friend, "If you must know, I had my hand on Gabe's wings."


"His wings?" Dean said in confusion.


Gabriel sighed and said, "Yeah, my wings. You know the big feathery things sticking out of my back."


"Well how should we know. We can't exactly see your wings," Dean snapped back, glaring at the Archangel. Even though you and Gabriel had been together for a while, your friends were still getting used to Gabriel being around.


"I would hope not, lover boy. You aren't my type." Gabe's sarcasm, you knew, was his way of trying to get rid of the boys. You rolled your eyes at him to let him know you weren't amused.


"What does that have to do with anything?" Sam asked sitting in a chair in front of you.


You sighed. "It means you aren't his soulmate." Both of the brothers looked at you puzzled so you elaborated. "Angels have soulmates. And only an angel's soulmate can see their wings."


Comprehension dawned on Sam's face. He looked a Gabriel and said, "So Y/N can see your wings." Your angel nodded and Sam looked at you. "That means you're Gabriel's..."


"I'm his soulmate," you finished, grabbing Gabe's hand with a smile. Dean let out a snort of disbelief. "Problem, Dean?" you asked the older hunter.


"Yeah. Just because you can see his wings doesn't mean anything," he replied in clear aggravation. "I mean, I can see Cas' wings but that doesn't mean I'm his soulmate."


You all stared at him in surprise for a moment. Before you could say anything you heard a voice from the doorway. "Dean, we need to talk."