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Just A Toy

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“Fucking whore,” Phil spat, thrusting harshly in and out of Dan’s mouth.

Dan sputtered, but there was little he could do to stop himself from gagging. Not that he ever wanted to stop.

His wrist cuffs were hooked to his ankle cuffs, and he didn’t know how long he’d been kneeling, but he was aware of the pins and needles feeling his legs were experiencing. But he remained still, like he was ordered to.

He takes whatever his Master gives him, because he loves it. He loves the degradation and humiliation, loves being treated like nothing more than a toy to be used. And above all, he loves Phil. He’d do anything for Phil.

He’d surrendered his life to be a servant for Phil, a mere sex slave. They’d met on a bdsm website, and they started out slow, perhaps 2 days a week. But Dan always wanted more, needed it. It took lots of persuasion, but eventually Dan was able to push Phil’s sadistic side to agree with his masochistic whims.

So now Dan was a 24/7 fucktoy for Phil. And he didn’t care that his ‘normal’ life was gone, there wasn’t anything to lose. All he needed was Phil, and he has him.

Even if he only ever has him in a sexual way. He doesn’t need anything else in life.

Phil pulled out of Dan’s mouth, and Dan immediately missed his Master’s cock. He couldn’t even see the man and he could barely hear; he’d been hooded. With the sensory deprivation, he was reduced to nothing but a hole for his Master.

He gasped for air, the two small holes near his nose couldn’t get enough air in. Before he could even out his breaths, a dildo gag was shoved into his mouth. He grunted as he felt it get tied around his head, pushing it further in until it almost reached the back of his throat.

Phil pushed Dan’s masked face forcefully, and the boy sitting on his heels before him lost his balance, falling pathetically to the ground. But Dan was quick to recover, knowing exactly what was expected of him. He got up on his knees, face resting on the cold floor. His ass presented perfectly for his Master.

Phil knelt down behind his slave, observing the boy breathing harshly, ass clenching around the big plug that was always in place when his hole was not being used. Phil yanked the plug out, hearing a muffled whine from the boy.

Without wasting any time, he thrusted into Dan’s waiting hole. Phil didn’t bother with lube, he had warned the boy while face fucking him that his saliva was all the lube he’d get.

He grunted as he fucked his toy, amazed at how tight he still feels even though he’s always plugged. He smacked the boy’s ass, watching it jiggle and watching a red handprint form.

“You like that don’t you, slut?” Phil had to talk louder for Dan to hear behind the padded hood, but by the way Dan whimpered, Phil knew he was heard.

Dan clenched around Phil’s length, making Phil groan in pleasure. He quickened his pace, feeling his lower muscles tighten as his orgasm approached.

Since Dan couldn’t see or hear, he could only feel. And everything felt way more intense than they would’ve been without the hood on. The spike of pain as Phil spanked him and fucked him roughly rushed up his spine, and he shivered in the mix of pain and pleasure. The dull pain as his cheek and knees scraped the floor also felt intensified. But everything was still overshadowed by the intense pleasure he felt as his prostate was hit with each thrust by his Master.

“You’re just a fucktoy,” Phil spanked Dan with every thrust, delighted to see his boy’s ass turn red.

“Fuck!” Phil yelled when his orgasm hit him, and he came deep inside Dan.

Dan moved his hips, helping his Master ride out his orgasm.

Phil pulled out and immediately replaced his dick with the plug, making sure not a single drop of his cum escaped the boy’s hole. Dan moaned at the sensation, there were few things he enjoyed more than being filled with his Master’s cum, reminding him of who he belonged to.

Phil gave Dan’s ass one last smack before he stood up. He looked down at his boy who so clearly wanted to just melt onto the concrete beneath him, but still remained on his trembling knees since his Master hadn’t given him permission to move.

Dan’s soft cock was leaking pathetically from his cage. For a moment Phil contemplated whether he deserved being unlocked. He’d been caged for almost two months now, denied of a proper orgasm.

“You like coming from your cunt?” Phil bent down and spoke right at Dan’s ear.

Dan gave a small nod as he whimpered, so Phil decided that he could probably wait longer for a proper orgasm. Perhaps he’d reward him with it when they reach the 2 months mark.

Phil waited until the stream of cum stopped, then he grabbed Dan’s head roughly. He removed the gag, guided the opening of Dan’s hood to the small puddle of cum and pushed Dan’s face into the floor.

Without any verbal instruction, Dan stuck his tongue out and lapped up his cum. He licked the floor clean, swallowing down his own load. When he was done, Phil placed the gag back into his mouth.

Phil got up and with his shoe, he gently pushed Dan’s hip, indicating to Dan that he could relax his body now. Dan gratefully lied on his side on the floor. It wasn’t like he could move much since his wrists were still tied to his ankles.

Dan couldn’t hear much, but he could feel the vibrations of Phil’s footsteps moving away from him, could feel the wind rush out the room as the door slammed shut. He sucked on the dildo in his mouth, the action calming him down. His hair stuck uncomfortably to his forehead as he sweat in the hood and he felt cum swirling around the plug in his ass. He ignored the itch on his neck that he couldn’t reach to scratch. All he could do was wait in the silence and darkness and wonder if it would take his Master longer to come back again compared to the last time.