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Occult Baby

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My phone lit up and hummed violently on the passenger seat. I pulled to a halt on the dark empty road. The phone flashed the contact RED as I anxiously flipped it open.

“Oh kitty, I fucked up. Baby, I'm so sorry.” Red apologized.

“Red what did you do.” I accused.

“Kitty, he was gonna kill Betty.” he all but cried to me.

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah, we leavin’ an all to Georgia. Kitty, he knew you came up to Missouri back when you was gettin’ them papers.”

“... Missouri was a while back Red, he’s gotten lazy.”

“Kitty Florida is fucked. Cuba is fucked. But I didn’t tell him where you was or them houses. I lied baby and I told him you went to Kentucky and was goin’ straight to Florida then Cuba. I didn’t say shit about you layin low in Texas.” He stuttered and tripped on his word vomit.

“When did this happen Red?”

“Today, we on the road right now getting the hell out of dodge.”

“I’m in Louisiana, I can beat him.” I tried to hold on to what was left of my plan. All that time meticulously planning my fuckin way out-.

“No Kitty! You can’t. You need to lie low. Stop right fuckin now and get into the smallest town near you. Baby, I'm sorry for ruining shit but I can’t have your death.”

“Fuckity Fuck fuck,” I shouted in a fit.

“Shit kitty I promise to transfer a care package as soon as you land.” I could picture Red’s face. My anger immediately faded. Sweet Red. He wouldn't do this if he didn’t have to.

“I don’t blame you Red. I appreciate you sticking your neck out. I’ll... find someplace here. It fucking had to be in Louisiana. Shit, I will be calling you Red.”

I hung up while he was apologizing and rehashing what I already knew. I was fucked.

I was known to be level-headed. Most of the time. Able to keep calm while the room around went up in flames. But all I could think right now was FUCK. I tried to make a new plan, improvise something that could save my goddamn ass. John was dealing with his own demons at the moment in some run down mental institute-he was a no. I already knew Red was right. Find a small town and lay real fucking low. Burry my goddamn self. No ‘jobs’ or any ether shit.

The car headlights showed a town sign, like a spotlight from god. WELCOME to Bon Temps! POPULATION 2,527. As if God would be in Louisiana. I pulled my purse into my lap and pulled out an old yellowed card.

I screamed into the empty road with a dirty business card perched between my fingers. “God fucking damn it.” I miss Los Angeles and this sure wasn’t any fucking LA. I missed John even if he didn’t miss me. I knew if someone happened upon me, it would be a sight. A girl crying and screaming while clutching a business card. I wasn’t sure when I started crying but I was. I was just disorientated from not feeding since Odessa. I felt the shame that came from my existence. I felt myself wishing I stopped in that cheesy vampire bar to find some sexually repressed masochist and ‘soul suck’ them. My common sense won and I knew that vampires meant nothing but trouble. This town’s biggest problem was probably gators.

The perky blonde smiled and forced herself to pleasantly chat up people she knew her whole life. Trying to drown out their forcible and imposing thoughts.

“Dumb little girl without a thought in her head that's how it should be” One mind murmured.

“I know he takes me here every night to stare at the asses hanging out of those skimpy shorts”

“Stupid brute chew with your mouth closed you look like a damn ape”

“Haven't eaten since Odessa I can’t live off of black coffee forever I feel it starting now I know it isn’t good but I just don’t want-“ Sookie didn’t hear that voice before. Husky, honeyed, and breathy. Like those girls, you’d see on the television in black and white. She looked to see a jittery ginger walking at a snail pace while looking very lost. She settled into a booth reluctantly and poked at her lip with her red chipped painted nail while scanning Merlotte's. Sookie waited one second before bouncing over to her with a menu.

“Hey, my name is Sookie, welcome to Merlotte’s. Is there anything I can get you to drink?” While she was this close she realized she could smell her. Like hibiscus and honey. She looked like she smelled. Real good. Probably a real heartbreaker. She had a strong nose that drew at a point perfectly placed on an oval. Sookie had a strong inkling that she had some lady glue those wispy eyelashes on her frightened wide eyes. Her large green eyes and her plump lips were reminiscent to a youthful innocence that clashed with the distrust in her eyes.

“She looks kind she has a mother’s eyes and all pure- she smells like sunlight-definitely not human.”

She seemed to peer into me and I felt laid bare. How did she know I was different? She thinks I'm not human?

“Can I have some whiskey, any will do?” she said smiling kindly...quite morosely looking really.

“Of course! May I see your I.D.?”

The ginger pulled out a leather wallet and handed it to her. Carefully reaching out to grab the wallet Sookie's fingers brushed her hand. A small touch but enough for Sookie’s mind to get rammed with forceful images. It was the redhead girl in a car with an intimidating man staring at her, and another of him screaming at her. Another image of her throwing water at a tied up girl while the girl shrieked inhumanly, and her watching the bed rise into flames. Sookie could taste the tar-like aroma as it assaulted her senses. "Etsi wesrat khedekareb emi. Emi nebratronak nüllaan. Maa’. Etsi an nat ashgagna non dünasse. Itsi maa’ ebdee nüllaan! Emi nebratronak!" Words Sookie couldn't understand were shouted and echoed throughout her skull like a gong. Sookie pulled herself together just as quickly as she was pulled into her mind. She looked at the I.D. in the wallet.

“Vivian Kata Shaw?” Sookie said out loud. ”My stars, that’s pretty. Is it foreign?” Sookie wanted to know what language was slammed into her mind.

"I was named after my aunt in Romania. You can call me Kitty or Kat, my friends do.” Kitty said smiling shyly.

Sookie smiled cautiously. “Alrighty Kitty, you passing through or staying for a while?”

Kitty tucked a thick chunk of hair behind her ear “You’ll be seeing a lot of me.”

“And I thought this town was getting boring,” Sookie said turning to ask Sam for her drink.

“I think this town was the right choice. Boring.” Sookie heard while walking away.

“Hey, Sam can I get a whiskey for the new girl in town?” Sookie said excitedly baiting Sam.

“New girl in town, huh?” Sam said cheekily while pouring her drink.

“Yeah, she got an exotic name an' all. People call her kitty.”

“A girl named Sookie making observations about people’s exotic names,” Sam said, all smiles. “She seem like trouble?”

“Yeah definitely.” She scoffed “But I like her she seems sweet, and really pretty.” Sookie felt some apprehension about the new girl but the more she was in the same room, the more she felt drawn in. She might be dangerous but Sookie felt like the girl was different like her. Sookie got pulled into the vision of the screaming girl and Kitty standing over her. She felt that the girl was scarier than Kitty. The girl had exposed veins and a green tint with sharp teeth gnashing. Sookie was convinced it must of have been a nightmare she had. Sookie looked up and caught Sam staring at her. Sookie looked everywhere but him. Sam seemed lonely and all recently. She had these small inklings that Sam was too friendly with Sookie.

“Oh my, Bon temps got another heartbreaker?”

Sookie rolled her eyes like a bowling ball and stalked off with the whiskey. She placed the whiskey on a napkin and smiled at Kitty.

“You ready to order or would you like some more time?”

“Hmm, I love southern comfort...can I have a triple bacon cheeseburger with the special cajun fried fries?”

Sookie was taken back that such a small girl could eat all that food but again Sookie could kill some food when she had a long work day. “Alrighty, Kitty! And since you're new to town I’d ask Sam over there at the bar about the town and such!” Sookie pointed to a Sam that was staring at them and promptly waved and then busied himself with imaginary dust on the counter.

Kitty flashed a killer smile. “know any places that are hiring?”

Sookie had a terrible, amazing idea. “Merlotte’s has been getting to be quite a handful lately, I would go sweet talk Sam. He’s the Merlotte.” Sookie said bouncing away with her order.

She saw Kitty down her whiskey without twisting her face all up like most folks. She let out a breathy laugh. Kitty stalked like a panther to the bar, pulling down her halter that stopped below her ribs. Sookie giggled and went off.


I slid into the stool and pushed my long annoying waves behind my shoulder. I set the glass gently and smiled at the man famously known as Sam by my new favorite giggly waitress. “I heard you’re hiring.”

12:40 Pm

I walked out of Merlotte’s while I still had my pants on. I probably shouldn't have had so much to drink but such is when I'm nervous and hungry. I stumbled forward and a certain blonde all American boy caught my attention. Blue-eyes was leaning against my car texting.

“You mind?” I asked picturing myself feeding off him till he faints.

He snapped his phone shut and smiled."Not at all." He glanced at my face and then stood straight. “You ain't from here, I make it my business to know every pretty girl worth knowing’” he said with what was supposed to be charm. I lacked the patience for the cat and mouse game so I took a fist full of his shirt. He had no qualms and attacked me. They never really knew I was feeding on them. I held his face and inhaled. It was an immediate head rush. Before I ate him dry and left him passed out in the parking lot, I backed up. He swayed on his feet and stumbled in a daze.

“I'll be seeing you again right?”

“Maybe,” I said ashamed finding my car and driving away. Fucking shameful. I hated doing this. I hated what I was. I knew it didn’t hurt them- but I didn’t even know what I was taking from them. For all, I knew it could be their life juice or whatever. But I did. I did feed off of them. It was that or blackout for a week and have no idea what horrible things I did. I once woke up in the woods covered in blood. I couldn't blame stress.