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Not Perfect

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It was the sound of the doorbell that brought Karamatsu to the front door. When opened all that was there was a vase filled with red and white roses.

Karamatsu blinked in surprise and picked the flowers up gently, looking around and stepping a few steps onto the porch to see if there were any traces left of the person who left them. The only thing Karamatsu could find was the lingering scent of an alpha, though he couldn’t pick up any distinctive smells of which.

Hmm... Were these for him?

Karamatsu smiles excitedly and looked back down at the bouquet and looked for a card amongst the vibrant buds, plucking it out and flipping it open to see who they were addressed too. His heart thumped wildly as his eyes read over the printed words.

To: Karamatsu Matsuno
From Your Secret Admirer

Next to the words secret admirer there was a cutely drawn blue heart with a glittery gel pen. The sight made his cheeks flush crimson red. He couldn’t believe it, these beautiful flowers were addressed to him? And from a secret admirer no less! Finally, his Karamatsu Alphas were giving him the attention he so much deserved! But... who left him these?

He closes his eyes and smells their delightful fragrance, his smile softening into a small sweet tug of his lips. His cheeks wouldn’t stop burning red and his heart was pumping wildly. It was still hard to believe someone would leave these gorgeous buds for him, but it was odd that he couldn’t smell their scent on them. Well, they were a secret admirer after all, they must have taken extra precaution so he wouldn’t know who they were. How frustrating...

He heads back inside and clutches the vase close to his chest, the roses helping disguise his fiery blush as he heads upstairs to show his brothers his new gift. Perhaps they could help him discover who it might be. Sliding the door to their bedroom open he steps inside, catching the attention of his youngest brother who was the only one in the room.

“Hey Karamatsu-Niisan, who was at the door?” He asks, looking up from his phone to his older brother, pausing when he sees the bouquet in the omegas arms and the bright blush on his skin.

“A-ah, I don’t know Totty, they ran off before I answered, only leaving these beautiful buds of life and a note addressed to me confessing they were my secret admirer...”

Todomatsu gasps and quickly gets to his feet, rambling excitedly as he drags Karamatsu over to the couch and sits him down, “Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Somebody ACTUALLY likes you! Who do you think it is Niisan?? Do you think it’s somebody we know? Do you know somebody we don’t who might like you? Do you remember anyone who was acting a bit more flirty to you? How about-“

Karamatsu lightly places his index fingers on Todomatsu’s lips, a deep chuckle leaving him as he swipes his hair back in a sexy manner. The action made the other frown.

“Heh... I have no idea.”

It was silent for a few seconds before the resounding sound of a facepalm is heard. Karamatsu jumps at the unexpected reaction, “Really Niisan, a dramatic pause to tell me you don’t even have any idea who would give you these?”

Karamatsu just laughs nervously and messes with his hair, “Well, I do know they are an alpha.”

Todomatsu hums, rubbing his chin, “Well it’s something.”

The door slid open again to reveal the fourth born who was looking between Karamatsu and the roses with a look of indifference, “What’s with the flowers Shittymatsu?”

Karamatsu perks up and holds the flowers close to him, careful to not crush any of their petals as he rushes over to Ichimatsu, “I got these a few minutes ago, somebody left them at the front door who was apparently my secret admirer!” He says, blinking in surprise when The alpha narrowed his eyes angrily, “Ichi...?”

“Who is it?” He asks, voice lingering on a slight growl. Karamatsu was confused by the reaction and shook his head, “I don’t know, it’s a secret after all.”

The alpha tsks and walks past him with a bump of their shoulders, “Well whoever it they are is a huge coward, who the hell does the whole ‘secret admirer’ bullshit? What, are they still a kid or something?”

Todomatsu sighs and rubs the back of his head, “Yeah, it is really childish.”

“Well I don’t think so!” Karamatsu huffs, stomping his foot with a frown, “I think it’s very romantic and sweet, and sure I’m not able to figure out who sent these beautiful rose buds but I appreciate the gesture very much!” He holds the flowers closer to himself and buries his nose into them, comforted by their sweet scent. Ichimatsu and Todomatsu looked at each other, Todomatsu with slight guilt and Ichimatsu with annoyance, though Ichimatsu looked at the wall, avoiding eye contact with both omegas.

When Karamatsu made a surprised sound they turned their heads and looked at him, seeing his eyes widening in shock.

“What is it Niisan?” Todomatsu asked, eyebrows furrowed as he walks over to the other omega. Ichimatsu stayed back at the couch, looking a bit nervous.

“I can smell something... it smells like the scent I picked up outside.” Karamatsu kept inhaling, trying to place the scent so familiar yet unrecognizable. He frowns and lets out a frustrated huff, “I think it’s someone I know. It seems... familiar. But I can’t place it.”

Todomatsu taps his chin, “I’m surprised you can’t, you have the best nose out of all of us. They must have really tried to hide their scent.” He quickly looks over at Ichimatsu who was curled up into himself on the floor in his usual spot, seemingly done with this whole thing, “Ichimatsu-Niisan, do you know anyone with a crush on Karamatsu-Niisan?”

Ichimatsu frowned and huffed, sneering at the pink brother, “No, why the hell would anyone like Shittymatsu?”

Karamatsu looked down at the flowers in silence, mentally checking off Ichimatsu on the potential secret admirer list. The reaction hurt but was expected, he didn’t think for a minute that Ichimatsu would return his feelings, “Then, perhaps one of our other brothers?”

Todomatsu nodded and turned towards his older brother, “Lets go ask!” He titters, grabbing Karamatsu’s hand and dragging him out of their room, the blue Matsu catching one last glance at the purple alpha before he disappeared from sight.

They asked both alpha’s and even Choromatsu about the flowers but none of them knew anything. The only thing of interest was when Osomatsu made a knowing smirk when Karamatsu explained what happened, though he said he had no idea who it could be. Karamatsu has a sneaking suggestion he did.

It was the next day and Todomatsu has lost interest in the whole thing, having gone out with his own alpha leaving Karamatsu to stare at his beautiful roses in their vase he bought just for them. He fiddled with the card from his secret admirer, hoping for some little inkling of who it could be. Choromatsu made a noise, catching Karamatsu’s attention.

“What is it brother?” Karamatsu asked with interest, resting his arms on the floor as he leaned over to read what Choromatsu was. Choromatsu sighed fondly and moved the book for Karamatsu to read, “Its a book on flower meanings, since i thought it weird that they picked red and white roses instead of just all red or all white.”

This caught Karamatsu’s attention as he looked at the bouquet again. Hm, he never noticed the absurdity before, “What did you find out?”

Choromatsu lays out the book on the table and points at the text under the section of roses, “Well, red roses mean love, obviously. They express the persons deep love, longing, and desire. White roses on the other hand means purity, innocence and true love. So clearly this person really likes you.” He clarifies, looking up from his book to Karamatsu’s bright red face. The poor omega had a silly grin, resting his cheek in his hand as he looked at the flowers with a longing sigh, “How romantic~”

Choromatsu snorts and flips through the pages, “Yeah, though it’d be much more romantic if you knew who they were.”

Karamatsu was about to respond when the doorbell rang. Karamatsu And Choromatsu stared at each other before the blue Matsu bolted to the door, stumbling over himself before grabbing the handle of the door and pulling it open, only to find nothing there once again except a bouquet of blue and purple roses in a pure white vase. The omega looked around frantically, catching a flash of purple for a second before it disappeared. It was so quick that Karamatsu was almost convinced it was the trick of light.

Like yesterday he was unable to smell anything useful, but since it was so recent it was definitely someone he knew. But why couldn’t he place the scent? It was really starting to bug him.

He picked up the vase and inhaled the scent of the flowers, a huge smile growing on his face as he sighed. They were so beautiful and smelled so sweet. His nose bumped against another card as he was sniffing, catching him off guard and making him let out a soft yelp.

He head inside and closes the door, padding back towards Choromatsu as he took out the card. When he opened it he found the same message except this time it held a purple glitter heart instead of blue. This made him tilt his head and hum. What interesting colors to choose, his favorite and-

“Oh, a new bouquet?” Choromatsu asked, looking up from his book to Karamatsu. The omega nodded and sat back down next to Choromatsu and placed the new flowers next to the old ones, admiring their beauty with a small frown. Who was delivering these to him?

“You know blue and purple roses are really expensive.” Choromatsu hums, skimming his book for their meanings, “And apparently they have deeper meanings than the other two: blue roses mean an unattainable love, appreciation for something someone cannot have while purple roses stand for an enchantment or love at first sight.” He says, looking back up to all the flowers.

“So, they’ve loved me deeply for a long time, since we first met but are afraid that I don’t like them back...” Karamatsu breathes, eyes trailing down to the cards he’s received. Blue and purple hearts, the different kinds of roses, the familiar yet unplaceable scent, his secret admirer...

“Do you think...” Karamatsu trailed, eyes taking in everything before resting on his curious brother who was looking at him and waiting for him to continue, “That it may be someone who... who we know quite well?” He asks, fiddling with the cards in his hands.

“Like who?” Choromatsu questions, raising an eyebrow. Just then the front door opens and closes. No words were said, just the trudging of feet against the wooden floor until Ichimatsu shuffles into the room, catching eye contact with his older brothers before furrowing his eyebrows, “What?”

Karamatsu swallowed and looked down, glancing at the flowers and licking his lips nervously, “I-I, um, I received a new bouquet a few minutes ago.”

Ichimatsu raises an eyebrow, “Well woopty doo, want a medal or something Shittymatsu?” He sneered, walking of to the flowers and picking up a blue bud, examining it closely, “I didn’t know you could grow blue roses.”

“They’re artificial.” Choromatsu chimes in, looking between the two with a skeptical gaze, “We just discussing who we think might be sending them.”

Ichimatsu froze slightly, hand squeezing the stem tightly before he relaxed and sat down at the table with them, directly across from Karmatsu, “Oh yeah?”

Choromatsu nodded, “Mmhm, and judging by the messages contained within the flower choices, we think it might be someone very close to Karamatsu, who is also an alpha due to what little scent Karamatsu could pick up.” Karamatsu nodded along, reading and rereading the cards, trying to gather hints on who it could be. Ichimatsu swallowed quietly, “Who do you think?”

Choromatsu eyes him calmly for a moment, “Well, I have a hypothesis.” He starts, setting his book aside to take a red rose, “Judging from the first bouquet and the colors chosen, we can safely assume it was Osomatsu.”

Ichimatsu’s eyes widened in shock as he stared at Choromatsu incredulously, “Let me explain.” The beta continued.

“Seeing as how red is Osomatsu’s signature color it would make sense that this would be the first color he’d choose, and pairing them with white could express his unusually pure wants to Karamatsu than his usual,” Choromatsu’s frown hardened, “risqué behavior.” He sets the rise back into the vase and gestures to the second bouquet, “These could be chosen because of the message contained inside and because Karamatsu’s signature color is blue, having the two be sent in order of our birth. Also, Osomatsu arguably spends the most time with Kara outside of Todomatsu, though Todomatsu is an omega and is taken so he’s clearly not an option. The most logical option is Osomatsu.”

Choromatsu watches Ichimatsu carefully, whose grip on the rose tightens again as he remains silent. He then looks to Karamatsu who was obviously thinking deeply as he furrowed his brows and stared at the floor.

“You really think it’s Osomatsu?” Karamatsu asked, voice soft. When he thought about it, it made sense as he did seem like he knew about the flowers. It was a logical conclusion but it didn’t sit right. What about the cards? Purple and blue? And the bouquet? Didn’t those mean something? Besides, he just didn’t feel that way towards Osomatsu. His frown deepened.

Ichimatsu tsks, catching both his brother’s attention, “That’s ridiculous, Osomatsu wouldn’t go through all this trouble just to tell Shittymatsu that he likes him.”

Choromatsu nodded, “True, he seems like the type to just out and say it.” He smirks at Ichimatsu, hands in his lap as he calmly asks, “Who do you think it is Ichimatsu?”

Ichimatsu froze up, sucking in a breath as his eyes darted from Choromatsu’s smug face to Karamatsu’s curious one. He was sweating bullets, breathing get heavier with panic and he was pretty sure in a few minutes he would attempt to take a shit on the table to save himself from having to answer the question.

Though his response must have been enough for Karamatsu to figure out in his own, or at least confirm his suspicions as his eyes widened in shock, cheeks flaming red as he smiled happily, giggling softly as he shuffled around the table over to Ichimatsu. Choromatsu, noticing Karamatsu’s realization, took it upon himself to leave the room and give them some privacy.

Karamatsu sits next to Ichimatsu, staring up at him with a soft and shy gaze as the alpha struggles to find anything to say, knowing he’d been caught much earlier than he was prepared for. Fuck! He knew he’d been too obvious, he really should’ve waited to send those bouquets instead of sending them a day apart. He waited with baited breath for Karamatsu’s response as the omega tried to calm his burning cheeks.

“Ichimatsu...” the alpha froze once more, hearing his name spoken in Karamatsu’s natural voice sending shivers down his spine, “You... really did all this for me? You love me? As much as your flowers convey?” He asked, unable to look his brother in the face as he stared at his lap, his petite omega frame making him seem even smaller and vulnerable as he asked.

Ichimatsu swallowed and nodded his head, figuring he might as well answer truthfully now that he was caught, “Y... yeah....”

Karamatsu didn’t say anything, but after a minute Ichimatsu heard sniffling, seeing gleaming tears drip from Karamatsu’s cheeks onto the carpet. The alpha’s eyes widened in shock, “K-Kara?” He panicked, reaching for the omega. Karamatsu looked up at him, revealing his smiling, tear-and-snot covered face to the other, “I- I can’t believe it... you actually feel the same!”

Ichimatsu blinked and softened, a slight smile tugging at his lips as he gathered Karamatsu onto his lap. His heart pounded in his chest at the realization that his love was returned, that the man in his arms really loved him back against all the odds against Ichimatsu’s favor. He felt his own tears welling up in his eyes as they hugged. Karamatsu tightens his hold on his brother, bawling tears of joy into his shoulder as he shakily confessed his worries of Ichimatsu actually hating him and how he was so thankful it wasn’t the case.

“I-I love you too Ichimatsu...” Karamatsu sniffles, giggling as he nuzzled the embarrassed Alphas neck, “My one true Karamatsu boy~”

Ichimatsu huffed but held Karamatsu tighter, nuzzling into his neck and taking a deep inhale of Karamatsu’s comforting scent, wood pines and peppermint like a cold winter day. He swore to himself that he’d be the best alpha he could be for Karamatsu, no more of the bullshit he’d pull around Kara in fear of rejection.

“I’ll take good care of you...” he whispered into the omegas skin, feeling him shiver and sigh below him, “I know I’m not a good alpha, but, I’ll try my best for you...”

Karamatsu snorts lightly and looks at him with a soft expression, “You’re already everything I could ask for.”