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Not Perfect

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Ichimatsu silently glares across the room, eyes icy and cold towards the object of his burning jealousy. In his line of sight he could see Osomatsu, his older alpha brother, flirting with his older omega brother Karamatsu. His Karamatsu.

Okay, so maybe Karamatsu wasn’t his, and maybe Osomatsu wasn’t flirting, but it still pissed him off!

He should be the one that made Karamatsu laugh with his shitty jokes, the recipient of his gleaming smiles and soft blushes. He should be the one that the omega hugged without fear, that excitedly chattered on and on to him about whatever. It should be him there instead of Osomatsu. But instead he continues to sit in the corner and sulk about it, quietly spouting a string of curses to his older brother into his knees as he sat. Some alpha he was, weak and cowardly and unworthy of a perfect mate like Karamatsu. Unlike him, Osomatsu was strong, funny and reliable.

Sure, he was a shitstain like the rest of them- especially when it came to gambling and drinking- but when it came down to it he was a damn good older brother and a damn good alpha. He remembered when they all went to the mall with Totty after threatening him, all having a good time when it turned out that the handsome alpha the youngest stroke up a conversation with was a total creep and wouldn’t let him leave without taking his number. Osomatsu quickly put him in his place and without a second glance offered to buy them all smoothies with Choromatsu’s money he stole. They quickly forgot about the incident once Choromatsu started yelling.

He remembers the multiple times Osomatsu saved all of their asses. When he helped Ichi kick some gang’s ass after he shit-talked the wrong people, when he pulled Choromatsu out of the street just in time to narrowly avoid a speeding car when it was their turn to walk, when he rearranged a few faces of Jyushimatsu’s high school bullies, when, even with all their teasing, he kicked the asses of some strangers who dared insult Karamatsu to the point he was almost in tears.

He was a good brother, a good alpha, and Karamatsu deserved to be with someone like him- who would treat him right. He buried his head into his arms, heaving a loud sigh. Jyushimatsu would be a better mate to Kara than him too. He was loud and energetic and sometimes hard to handle, but he was undoubtably kind and caring and very, very protective of the omegas of the family. Karamatsu more than Todomatsu due to his naive and easily taken advantage of nature. And, unlike him, was very open with physical contact, always giving the omega hugs and cuddles and sometimes kisses on the cheek. He always openly cared for him, spending quality time up on the roof and playing baseball while Ichimatsu just berated the omega, always too scared to share his true feelings.

Either of them would be a better mate to Karamatsu than Ichi would ever be. Hell, even Choromatsu- even TODOMATSU would make better alphas than he is. He was trash, unburnable trash that they couldn’t get rid of and had to deal with all the time, had to deal with his gross, disgusting self that harbored these feelings for his brother- who he would never be able to deserve to even look in his general direction. Karamatsu was so much better than he was, practically an angel, god even. He was perfect, and he was-

He blinked slowly, lifting his head slightly as he felt a warm body press up against his side. When he looked over he froze, eyes wide as dinner plates to see the man who was tearing his mind apart was there leaning against him with a sweet smile.

“Hello buraza,” Karamatsu whispers, humming softly as he nuzzles his head against the alpha’s shoulder, “I know you were probably sleeping, I’m sorry to wake you, but I wanted to join you in your slumber.” He yawns quietly, eyes drooping slowly as he continued to explain in Ichi’s silence, “You looked very comfortable and I... I’m very tired.”

Ichimatsu didn’t know what to say, so without a word he leaned back against the wall and silently watched as Karamatsu snuggled as close as possible and leaning his head against his chest. Soon enough he was snoring, mouth open slightly with his cheeks tinted light pink and his hand tightly gripping the fabric of Ichi’s sweater as if afraid he’d leave him somewhere along his nap. The sight colored Ichi’s cheeks a deep red, unable to withstand such a incredibly adorable sight. He could die, he could seriously die. How was Karamatsu so fucking cute?!

He looked up and saw Osomatsu giving him a wink and a thumbs up, making him blush even harder and nearly chuck his shoe at him when his brother made a very perverse hand gesture. But when the other left to give them privacy and he looked back down at his older brother, he decided that maybe he should give himself a chance. After all, Karamatsu could have cuddled up to any of his brothers, especially Osomatsu since that was who he was chatting with moments earlier, but he picked him to cozy up to.

He thought for a few moments to himself, wrapping an arm around Kara’s waist and letting him nuzzle closer for warmth. He wondered if Karamatsu liked red roses or blue roses more.