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Stronger Than The Pain That Created Me

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Iris brings her hand up to touch his face, her hand tracing the scars lightly, barely a hint of sensation felt through the damaged tissue. The absence of feeling her motion brings him reminds him she's as good as the ghost he's thought of her as for so long. Eobard's words echo in his mind 'To me they've been dead for centuries'. Iris is no different to him; his past and future blend together easily, interchangeably thanks to a timeless stint in the Speedforce. All of it is pain to him, all that matters is the desired outcome – his creation, his rise to Godhood, his survival.

He remembers though, the moment he was truly made. Not by the Barry he was, but by another hand that had cupped his face almost tenderly.

There had been some mix of pity and reverence in Killer Frost's eyes in that moment. He'd been brought to his knees in front of her, another icicle in his leg, third time's the charm she'd said. He'd wondered then what she had planned for him because if there was one truth he'd still foolishly held onto it was that Caitlin Snow couldn't kill Barry Allen, no version of him. She'd hurt him countless times, delighted in getting the best of him, but she'd never seriously tried to kill him – until that day. His heart had shattered over and over to see she wasn't remotely his friend anymore as she took down time remnant after time remnant at Savitar's side.

He hadn't been Barry, he'd been just another Barry, another Barry breathing still whilst his other selves lay sprawled about no longer taking breath, massacred. There'd been only two of him remaining, he hadn't known if it would be him who would die or whether they might both fail in their vengeance. The ice had hit his senses in that tiniest fraction of a second he'd hesistated to move away from her, whilst he'd looked into her eyes wishing he had answers for the joy witnessed in them. He'd gone colder than he'd ever known, his body so cold so suddenly, so deeply that he'd felt trapped by it.

For the shortest instant his face had burned in agony before it froze so completely he'd felt nothing where her hand was, except distantly numb at the edges of where the ice kissed his skin. She'd smiled at him, taking her hand away, pleased at her handwork as he gasped for breath, finally able to vibrate again to shake off the cold and get back to functional. He hadn't hesistated again, stabbing her directly in the chest with a power dampening serum tranquiliser provided by Cisco. He'd turned to see his other self blast Savitar into the Speedforce. He'd thought it was over when he'd seen that, he'd thought they'd won but that was the moment their paths diverged, marked only by the frostbite settling into his skin.