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dancing around each other (like cherry blossom petals)

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It’s a beautiful, cool spring morning. Warm sunlight filters through trees, and the air nips at his cheeks. He enjoys the brief moments he’s engulfed in sunshine when he walks through the trees, and he savors the warmth it brings to his entire being. Cherry blossom petals flutter in the air, and one lands on his nose. It tickles him, and he plucks it away from his face. He marvels on how the petal’s shaped like a heart when someone calls his name.


Seokjin looks for the familiar voice’s owner. He turns around and finds Taehyung rushing towards him with his rectangular grin. He smiles at the younger male, and beckons him to come closer.

Taehyung grins wider. He complies and runs faster, then puts Seokjin’s arm around his waist as he reaches Seokjin. The older man tries not to visibly flush at this.



“So, why are you going to work early today, VV?” Seokjin asks his companion as they make their way to the café they’re currently working at. Taehyung continues to smile at him, and cheekily responds, “Nah, I just wanted to be with your handsome self more this day, so I decided to wake up early and spend more time with you by walking to work together. Is it so wrong?”

Seokjin feels touched at his reply, and squishes Taehyung’s cheeks with much affection. “Aww, you’re making your hyung feel mushy this early,” he coos at the younger male. Taehyung playfully swats Seokjin’s hands away from his face as he makes whining noises. He observes Taehyung’s not using much force on swatting his hands away. Seokjin assumes Taehyung likes it when he coddles him. He smiles at Taehyung’s cuteness.


They continue to walk in comfortable silence. Taehyung nonchalantly puts his arm around Seokjin’s waist, and pulls Seokjin’s body closer. It has Seokjin’s heart rate speed up a bit faster.

Seokjin mentally questions his self whether what they’re currently doing is within the confines of being really good co-workers/friends’ skinship, or not. He’s silently freaking out at this turn of events, and he’s slowly losing rational thought from thinking too much about him and Taehyung and other possibilities. It doesn’t help that he’s still sorting his feelings out for the younger man. He manages to mask his inner turmoil from Taehyung, careful enough so that the younger man won’t suspect a thing. Taehyung can be really perceptive when he least expects him to be.

He hopes his ears don’t betray him, though. Seokjin tries to calm himself down, and distracts his mind from analyzing their relationship’s dynamics.


“Anyway, how’s your morning?” he asks Taehyung as a distraction for his traitorous mind, his arm still around Taehyung’s waist. Taehyung looks at his hyung with much concern, and Seokjin tries not to blush at his piercing stare. Despite his stupid body trying to embarrass him, Seokjin thinks Taehyung probably wants to know about this “prince” ordeal he’s been going through lately.

He’s about to make Taehyung let him guess what he’s thinking when Taehyung beats him to it.

“Hyung, how are you dealing with this “long-presumed-dead-but-is-actually-alive-all-these-years crown prince of the country” business?” Taehyung asks in an uncharacteristically soft voice, as his eyes flit from one building to another that they pass by.

Seokjin tries to act nonchalant, and shrugs. He feels Taehyung’s grasp slightly loosen, and then return his grip on his waist. Seokjin’s not sure how to respond, actually. He forgets the entire ordeal about his feelings for the younger man, and ponders on how to respond to Taehyung’s question.

A few moments pass, and Seokjin hugs Taehyung closer to him. “I’m actually still processing everything. But I’m mostly happy to know that I actually have a family,” he murmurs to Taehyung, and the younger man squeezes his grip around Seokjin’s waist. Taehyung looks at him, and smiles with such warmth and fondness.

“I’m really, really happy you already found them, hyung,” Taehyung replies, as he snuggles closer to Seokjin.

“But, I just don’t know how I’ll actually adjust to this royalty thing,” he voices out, as he looks at Taehyung, his eyebrows furrowed. Seokjin’s mind is actually still reeling from learning that he’s actually the crown prince, and he internally scoffs at how his life seems like a drama.

“Don’t worry about it too much. I’m sure there’ll be people who’ll help you with it, okay? Plus I- I mean everyone in the café will always be willing to lend their ears if you wanna vent about royal duties, so I think you’ll be fine,” Taehyung reassures Seokjin, as he removes his arm from his waist, and proceeds to make soothing circle movements on Seokjin’s back.