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In the Past

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Early one Tuesday morning in August, Alan and Scott Presley were taking a short vacation in Los Angeles. Alan couldn’t take much time off since school would be picking up again in the next few weeks. He taught English for high school students. Even his students’ parents seemed to like him as well. He and his younger brother sat in a law firm with six strangers but none of them looked at all familiar to him and Scott.

He and Scott looked around. The six friends looked to be in their 30s and 40s, but he and Scott did notice the leader, who was the owner of the law firm, Kylie Jones – Blake looked to be the oldest since she was nearing sixty. As a pretty blonde, Kylie looked active for this type of business, Scott thought to himself. Even Alan noticed.

Both the boys watched as Kylie put her fountain pen back in its proper place, which was a glass you could drink out of. It was starting to age, but it was still in good condition. Both brothers did see that the glass was starting to yellow. It looked once before its age, was a light purple glass with a rainbow and flowers.

He and Scott watched her boyfriend, Danny Blake play around with her hair. Kylie also had a calendar on the desk. The group looked at Alan and Scott for a bit longer without saying anything. Finally Gloria decided to ask a question. Gloria sure looked familiar to the two brothers. She looked just like her father, Shaggy Rogers. No wonder she looked familiar, he and Scott thought.

“I don’t understand why you came to us. Why are we involved?” Gloria questioned.

“We came here because we wanted to look in our father’s past. We really don’t remember him very well. We would want to know about what happened in his past. We heard it was pretty dark,” Scott answered.

When Scott talked, Kylie and her friends had a quiet and similar question.

‘Doesn’t Alan look familiar?’

“If this had something to do with your father, why did you come to us?” Ryan asked.

Before any brother could answer, he and Alan thought Jessica Anderson also looked familiar since she wrote her own column for the newspaper.

“We tried doing this ourselves, but we didn’t get too far,” Alan answered.

“How far were you able to search in the dark past?” Gloria asked.

“Not too far. As you can see, our birth father used to coach for the Green Bay Packers. We were told that he had some health problems,” Alan continued.

“So you came to us to do this job for you?” Frank asked.

“That’s right. We are both adopted. Our adoptive parents really don’t give us much detail to talka bout our birth family. That is something we can’t answer,” Scott agreed.

“Oh,” Jessica said.

Alan and Scott nodded to let the gang know they were listening.

“This is all the information we have for now,” Scott told the gang.

Both he and Alan got up to leave. It was nearing lunchtime and the six friends stood up as well. They did hear Alan and Scott’s stomaches growl as they left the office.

“I still don’t get it,” Ryan said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t get what?” his sister asked.

“Why two young men came to a law firm and tell Mystery Inc. 2nd Generation about a family matter with very little detail.”

“I understand, Ryan, but we’ll be able to figure this out,” Danny said as he patted his friend on the shoulder.