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A Red Son

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I don't own Dragon Ball or Z or GT. With editing from babykitsune-9

From a doomed blood red world, a Saiyan pod takes off. Watched in a mind's eye by a palm haired man. A man near death. He has been badly injured and is bleeding.

He's about to die. Who lost this fight before it began before him is the tyrant that has enslaved his people for decades. Who is now looking to exterminate them all.

The tyrant is a frost demon, by the name of Frieza.

He is a prince of an empire which has seen itself the scourge of the universe. The tyrant in his floating pod above his spaceship looking down at the world that was in his mind, his plaything and people his slaves.

The horned creature laughed as he, and the rest of the brave Saiyan race try staring him down. The saiyan not yet realizing that this would be his final stand. He throws all he had at the tyrant as it laughed at him. There wasn't a need for any sort of speech it would have only fallen on deaf ears anyways.

The tyrant gleefully sniggers as if he is something amusing to him and simply puts his finger up and makes an energy ball. It was bigger than the saiyan could have dreamed of and vastly more powerful. The palm haired man's attack was easily absorbed into the far more powerful ball and with the death of his attack came the end of his world and all but the extinction of his race.

The tyrant as an afterthought flicked his energy at him.

In vain the palm haired man tried to hold it but it proved far too much and he was easily overwhelmed and sucked in. He died yelling into that cold abyss screaming, "My son lives on!" As he was dissolved by the energy of the cackling tyrant.

The ball hit the giant blood red planet known as Vegeta. The surface cracking like a egg before it exploded in a massive light show that amused its cruel audience of the tyrant

The saiyan race was nearly then extinguished in its entirety with the exception of but a few.

The pod with the babe in stasis makes its way from Vegeta to its destination. A familiar blue-green beauty. A far cry from the red world with rings that he left from. The pod touched the atmosphere while making its descent to the planet, but as it does an error occurs.

An error message rings up on the command board in unfamiliar symbols and numbers forcing a course correction.

The baby sleeps peacefully as the tiny ship that is its universe goes out of control. The pod now burning with the intense heat of the atmosphere as it makes its way to the surface. The computer starts to freak out spitting out even more numbers and symbols as it malfunctions.

It passes over an old man in orange that was out that day for a stroll. Whose house on mountain side looks like something out of the very distant past. His world like something out of a painting as the pod continues on.

The pod lands or more accurately crashes near a mountain side which overlooks a valley of green lush wonders making a crater and a cloud of dust doing so.

An old man walking nearby having watched the crash rushed over to see the ship. He seems both awed and fearful as he mumbles, "Aliens" as the pod opens to reveal a palm haired infant to the old man who as on his face at first was a look of surprise and then wonder on his face.

The ship's robotic voice pipes in. "Time to wake up Kakarrot. Time to kill al…" The rest replaced by static as the support systems malfunctioned, black smoke comes from some of the electronics as it makes a painful hissing and crackling noise, its electronics were mostly fried.

The infant wakes up and then stares at the white haired and mustached, balding old man in front of him. The baby looks curiously at the old man as he comes over and inspects the child seeing his brown tail. The old man says in his accented voice, "So I was right. Your are an alien. Kakarrot is that your name little guy?"

The babe upon hearing that name reaches out to the old man and he smiles, "Kakarrot, right that's your name."

Old man thinking 'Who knew this little walk in the woods was going to be so useful to me.' The old man reaches in and grabs hold of the boy pulling him out the happy little child out into the open and then pulling him to his chest.

Old man looking at wonder at the boy asks, "Where you sent by my Adrian cherub?" The babe giggled as he reached for his mustache pulling on it as the old man yelped, "Ow! That hurt."

The infant laughed and the old man chuckled as tears formed in the sides of his eyes.

"Good to know that I amuse you." The baby with his other hand felt around the old man's vest and grabbed a hold of his RRA pin next to his name badge saying on it 'Doctor Gero'. The boy's tail comes and wraps itself around the doc's arm.

Gero then said with a mad smile. "I guess when life steals a son from you. It sometimes throws you a new one."

There were some yells behind the Gero that came closer. It was a few uniformed soldiers with their red ribbons on their arms and guns in their hands.

One of the soldier yells, "Doc!"

"I'm here!" The baby plays with his fingers as the soldiers came over.

One of the soldiers says, "We heard an explosion."

Another demands, "What happened!?"

"A gift happened, Herr Sergeant. A gift from above or below happened, I don't care which. But I'm guessing below." He looks to the sky to the ground then back at them.

The sergeant now frightened. "Is that what I think it is!?"

"Quiet. Now radio command…" He looks down past the trees further into the valley to see the RRA headquarters in the center of the valley. "Tell them that I need a team to help me move and examine an alien space pod that just came to Earth."

Sergeant shocked stated, "They're never going to believe me doc."

"They will Herr Sergeant. They will soon enough believe, and so will world one day believe this day," He looked back at the smiling babe as the sun beat down on the forest. "Time to go home son."

The doctor began the walk back to base with the babe in hand. The babe getting comfortable it the doctor's arms, purring then taking a nap completely at ease.

(Triumphant music playing as in space bright yellow texted flies by)

Part One: A RED SON

Supreme Commander Red leader of the Red Ribbon army and party upon hearing of the boy approve the Doctor's raising of him. So that he can have the ultimate weapon. Years have passed as the 'good' doctor has instructed the boy.

The doc using his creations to increase the boys already amazing strength. The doc also taught him math, science and literature. Gero had found the boy had amazingly absorbed his lectures like a sponge even if he didn't enjoy the lectures half as much as the fighting.

The boy did have his favorite subject though history which had at least the tales of violence to keep himself amused with, like the story of Rome, his favorite.

The tales of human barbarism comforted him as the Doctor would over time learn the history of the Saiyan's it would be a tale just as cruel.

It all went very well as despite the boy's age but finally a limit had been reached in his training and it was time for a change. Red has refused some request to send the boy to be taught by a worthy martial artist.

Gero undeterred has setup a demonstration to prove his point to the high command of the need to give Kakarrot a new teacher so that his adoptive progeny could grow even stronger and fulfill the old doctor's dream.

A robot smashes into a concrete wall spilling reddish oil everywhere. The robot is designed like a human skeleton with chrome bones but with red glowing eyes. It is bulky and sturdy with multiple attachments to allow it to hold a variety of weapons and equipment.

The robot at the moment looked in some ways nervous although it was hard to tell do to its lack facial expressions. It got into a defensive stance seconds before it rushes forward using its claw like hands to grab a hold of a brown tail in front of it, attached to the small palm haired figure that it is fighting.

The figure is Kakarrot as the palm hair suggests. He cruelly smirks at this move, as it has not affect him in the least. Kakarrot is a relatively short boy and even a little chubby. He wears a grey imitation RIT armor with the RRA logo over his heart. His onyx eyes are trained on the machine as he speaks up smirking. "You used to be such a challenge seven. Now your nothing."

Kakarrot's chubby hand grabs hold of the robot's arm grabbing his tail and slowly crushes that arm. The robot lets out a loud screech as it seems it was built with the ability to feel pain. He rips off the machine's arm like it was made of tin.

Seven continues to screech in agony and retreats into a corner almost giving the impression that it was trying to make itself smaller in a vain attempt at hiding. It tries to sign to surrender but Kakarrot walks to it. His black eyes filled with malice as he says, "You don't know how long I have waited seven to hear you try and beg."

Kakarrot kicks the machine in its torso and Seven spits up gears and oil. The machine seems frozen by fear and pain as its red eyes look into Kakarrot's. The young saiyan grabs a hold of seven's head and violently rips it off. Reddish oil squirts from its metal neck as sparks fly from it. The oil catches fire and the area is engulfed with flames.

The onlookers gasp all except Gero, who just smirks.

The onlookers consist of Supreme Commander Red, Staff Officer Black, Generals Blue, White, Brown and Copper are in an observatory behind a panel of bullet proof glass above the large metal testing ground, underneath the base.

The observatory consists of a series of benches placed at the window. Where the Generals are seated. General White laid out on one benching drinking from a flask with his white hair and blue beady eyes. White has muscles visible under his uniform but also a beer gut and sort a glaze look to his eyes. A smell of booze might seem the staple of his existence as it is his constant companion.

"My word our little wolf couldn't have survived that."

General Brown with his brown hair, eyes and glasses is tense sitting like he is trying to be straight but instead is shaking like a leaf. He seems a man constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Numbers and stats are the only real friends. He is more of an accountant then a soldier. No muscles just thin boney arm's that droop from gravity.

General Blue in his always well-tended suit is on his own bench. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. A man whom clearly puts a lot of work into his appearance unlike the other two. He is a muscle bounded man with them visible underneath his uniform. No beer gut nor weak arms. He sitting up straight in his well-polished boots of a far more active soldier than the other three.

General Copper was the only of the four generals standing. His hair was a light brown, his eyes yellow. He was a ways away from the others and far harder to read. He had been watching the fight without expression. His goatee merely being played with as the bulk of his movement. He wasn't like the others with neither muscles nor weakness. He easily gives the impression of a far more capable chess player of sort then the others with the gears behind his eyes always in motion.

Standing not far from Blue is Gero in his lab coat with an eagle-eyed gaze on the fire.

Behind those at the windows is Black and Red. Black is standing watching a monitor above the benches. Sweat is beading his brown balding head. Like Brown he seems clearly nervous about something. But unlike Brown, he is physically fit even under all the servant gear.

Above him seating on a ridiculously elevated seat is the small Red on his Roman style throne made of marble decorated with gold. An emblem of his garish style.

Red is a small man with an eye patch and red hair. He is not fat, skinny but somewhere in the middle. Not muscled nor weak looking a well-proportioned man despite his stature. Red is staring at the monitors with his one eye frustrated at what he believed he just witnessed.

They look on to the crackling roaring fire as out of the flames emerges the palm haired boy singed but undamaged holding the metal skull of seven in one hand and in the another hand his metal heart. He looks up and presents the skull and heart of seven to his audience and they gasp.

Copper muttered, "That child is a monster."

"No kidding."

"Yeah have you seen it eat."

"Bullets don't work. Fire doesn't work. Bombs don't work. Now that his tail isn't even an issue."

"He could cut through an army like it was butter."

"Is the child even mortal?"

"It is Herr Staff Officer," The others in the room look at Gero as he says, "It is only to us the boy might seem a god. As compared to him we are but ants."

Black says angrily. "Don't be too satisfied with your technological marvel Doctor. You still refuse to use the boy in the field. Is it because your control of him is not at the level you say it is?"

"Nonsense. The boy treats me as if I were his grandfather, for I am. No! I merely wish to test the boy's limits before I rush him out into the field. I don't want our trump card damaged before he is ready. The reason for this test had been to illustrate that I have reach my limits to instruct him. Seven was a pure weapon of death. Eight is only a bit stronger but has far less features. Simply put, for now I have nothing left to teach him. I will have to invent new tech and discover new sciences if I'm to even hope to keep up with the boy's progress which I will do, but until then the boy will go wanting unless I give him a new challenge."

Red was irritated as he said, "What does it matter? The boy will just have to wait like the good little soldier he is."

"Herr Supreme Commander there is a chance the boy will weaken if we do that. But more importantly I wish for the boy to grow. He is obsessed with challenges. He demands tests of his strength. He pleads to be brought to near death. He just is bored with what I can give him. He craves power and his thirst for it is bottomless." He thinks to himself 'Much like my own.'

"What are you suggesting?" Red said as he scratched the back of his head.

"In the past the RRA has used the services of Mercenary Tao to eliminate high value targets and his brother Shen runs a school for future gifted killers. I propose that Tao and Shen will make fine teachers for our little killer."

"Bah! That is just rumors there is no way that Tao can be as good as they make him out to be."

"You haven't seen the pictures or the aftermaths," He intently looks at the boy. "Tao is the world's best killer. He will have much to teach the boy."

"Our best special ops teams and spies always seem to turn to him when the job gets to tough."

"Tao is expansive though wouldn't his brother be too."

"True but you pay for a guarantee. Tao never fails. To have that power on our side. Would make us invincible. The world will bow the Lord President Red Emperor of the Earth." Red said with stars in his eyes, "A giant among men," He pauses as he imagines the world under his heel and then says, "Doctor it shall be done no matter the cost our boy shall be trained by the finest."

Gero bows to the seated Red and says, "Thank my lord you shall not be disappointed."

Gero marches to the exit to the waiting throng of staff and soldiers waiting. But as soon as Gero is out of the room.

Brown nervously says, "The 'boy' is dangerous."

Copper nods and comments. "He is beyond dangerous."

White shrugs and says flippantly, "So what? The doc's mechanical terrors are too. This alien is just another one of them."

"What about when the boy grows up and thinks for himself?"

White snaps in a snide tone, "The bots could do that to."

"I hate to agree with White, but it is the same difference." Blue said with a shrug.

"I WILL HEAR NO MORE OF THIS TALK! The boy is my tool for conquering this world. He obeys the doc and the doc obeys me. I am on the verge of ruling the world and all you clowns can do is nay say. From now on the boy is an extension of myself. If you question one, you question the other AND I THINK YOU ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO QUESTION ME!"

The Generals get to their feet and hop into attention heil to Red and say in unity, "YES MINE FUHRER!"

"Good I would hate to get some new generals or a new staff officer." Red said at the equal cowed Black. "Now Black call up Master Shen and Tao and make the arrangements. No matter the cost. I want a deal with them to teach my little monkey prince right away."

"Yes sir! Right away sir!"

Gero arrives near his laboratory to hear a yell from Kakarrot inside, "I CAN TAKE OFF MY OWN DAMN ARMOR!" A terrified staffer runs towards the door passed the doctor as he looks at his fuming grandson.

Gero said looking miffed. "She was merely trying to help."

"I don't need help! I need a challenge!"

"Seven was a challenge to you."

"A year ago, maybe. Now I just killed it because I was bored."

"Well if you stop acting like the spoiled brat. I might tell you some good news."

Kakarrot stops fuming and excitedly looks at Gero with wide sparkling eyes. "What the good news Grandpa!"

"Ah! Kids zero to sixty… Red has taken finally taken my advice you will have a new teacher."

Kakarrot jumps up in excitement wohowing with his tail fluttering around, "You really mean it grandpa!"

Gero smiles at his grandson who is hoping around and hollering saying, "Have I ever lied to you?"

Kakarrot smiled and said. "No, I don't think so."

Gero nods. "It will be at great cost mind you. You will be given a martial arts teacher to learn you in the fine art of killing. Hopefully you'll learn to control your energy, fly and maybe learn to control your simian form."

"Finely eye patch gets off his ass and does something useful."

Gero put his finger to his mouth and makes a low shushing sound. "Not too loud."

Kakarrot says in a quieter tone, "Right." The two having a knowing look at one another then nod.

Gero softly says, "One of these days but we can deal with that. Once you are the strongest on Earth."

"I plan to do a lot better than that."

"Right this Frieza."

Kakarrot looking into the distance before he says, "My father and my race might have been content with slavery but I'm not. One of these days he or his goons might come looking for me. I plan to be ready." Said with a fire in his eye.

"And I plan to make sure you succeed. The next generation of cyborgs won't be ready for quite a while, but I can assure it will be worth the wait."

"I just can't wait."

"Well get into your uniform I have had a massive meal made to celebrate your success and to see you off."

Kakarrot with his mouth watering cheered again. Gero left out the door and it closed automatically. Kakarrot cheers echoed throughout the big mostly empty lab which caused something in it to stir.

A massive abomination began to lumber over to Kakarrot though the darkened part of the lab. It was at first impossible to make out at first but as it came closer to the light it became clearer who it was it was Eight. Cyborg Eight the square headed, massive sized creature with odd colored skin it was maybe eight feet tall in a somewhat old looking suit like it had been buried in it. It had tiny eyes with a tall forehead.

Eight asked. "So, the fight went well?"

Kakarrot said snidely, "Well of course. I'm still here and you listen to me and the grandpa's conversation."

"Well I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Maybe you should worry about yourself Eighter. I won't be around to be the focus of grandpa attention for long. Soon he might be reevaluating a certain bot's status."

"Why do you have to be so mean?"

Kakarrot goes into a bit of hysterics. "Because you have never got it Eighter. You're so nice and see with such rosy glasses. That you don't see the world as it is. We are freaks, Eighter. We're monsters that the world would in general prefer dead. You're a monster build on mad science. In a movie would have been burnt alive by the angry mob in the windmill. It doesn't matter how you act. You're a monster and that is how the world sees you. I'm an alien with a tail. The only reason I'm alive is because of grandpa. He has given us the world and all you can do is mope!"

"Hurting people is wrong, K. You know that."

"Who cares! People hurt people all the time. Seven tortured you and me. So, I ended him and made him suffer! You are so self-righteous. On my home world, I would have been a third-class piece of thrash! Here with grandpa! I'm an elite! I'm the gold goddamn standard! I am an object of fear and respect! Grandpa gave you your life and all you can do is moan about morality! You're useless!"

"Just because your unhappy K doesn't mean you should take it out on others."

Kakarrot fumes. "You know what? I just can take this right now Eighter. I was in such a good mood before you came and started this fight with me." Kakarrot starts taking off his armor and putting on his RRA tan uniform made for a kid.

Eight said sadly, "I'm sorry. I upset you but I have to say my thoughts."

"Yeah well your thoughts are damned annoying."

"Will you really be going away?"

"Yes. Once the deal is made, I will have a teacher to train me in the martial arts. I might be gone for quite some time Eighter." He says this time without the enthusiasm of before getting a bit teary eyed trying to hide his face from Eighter.

Eighter's eyes look sadly at Kakarrot. "It's okay to be scared and sad, K."

"No, it isn't! I wanted to leave this place since forever and now and now… Now I'm just being stupid."

Kakarrot grabs hold of Eighter's leg and starts to ball a bit as he tightly grips hold Eighter. Eighter hands comes down to hug Kakarrot. "It's okay, K. It's going to be all alright."

Kakarrot cries, "No it isn't. I won't see you or grandpa for how knows how long! I won't be here to protect you like I did with seven. I don't know if I'm ever going to see you again! What if I come back and grandpa makes a new bot that he loves more than me?"

"That's not going to happen. You're his favorite and you will always be his favorite. He loves you so much that he has your pictures alongside his son."

Kakarrot sniffing looks up at Eight and asks, "Really?"

"Yes. You're his son now. When you're in the room he smiles. When you're in the room the doc is happy. Before you the doc was miserable and reclusive ready to just hand me over to a third party to finish upgrading me. You liked me so he kept me around. All of his plans are about you. All of his schemes, all of his work. It's all just for you."

Kakarrot's tail goes from dropping to going straight up. His grasp on Eighter loosens. His face goes from a frown to a smile. Kakarrot eyes are now brighter as he smiles. "You're right! I'm just being silly. Grandpa will never forget me. I rule and I will never be replaced."

The two hug and Kakarrot asks, "You won't forget me either Eighter right?"

"Not a chance little brother. You've left way too much of an impression."

"And you're going to see me off right?"

"Of course."

"Good. Eighter?"


"When I rule the world and slaughter all who oppose me. You're going to have a place in it."

Eight looked at the boy who was smiling and was left wondering, 'Which boy is the real one?'

The door opened with a hiss to reveal the doctor who says, "Dinner is ready son." Kakarrot pushes off from Eighter and hurriedly rushes towards Gero then out into the hall for his reward.

"Why was he crying Eight?"

"We had a talk it's all alright. He was just worried about leaving his home and us."

"Us? Us is it?"

"Sorry sir. I meant no disrespect."

"You are a defective pile of sown body parts that I only keep around because Kakarrot won't stop crying when I was going to ship you off to some frozen wasteland. You're just a mistake, whose ghost haunts this lab. Seven was a wonder of mechanics that I built piece by piece that I just saw butchered. I saw him spill oil and begged for his nonexistent life! And I didn't feel a thing because it was what my boy wanted. So, he got it, because he is my boy! He is not some failed project. He is not some weak pacifist."

"I truly meant nothing by it."

"He is the future of all my plans and when he succeeds, he will do it because of me. He is my son! Not yours."

Eight bows, "I understand sir. I will not make that mistake again."

"See that you don't." Said as he marched away.

The mess hall was one of many on the base, built to feed hundreds. It was made like a bunker and had the look of it with grey concrete walls and floors lacking color or decor. In the mess hall there was a gallery of horrified faces as an army of men and women as they watched Kakarrot eat.

He eats much like a piranha cleaning meat off the bone in seconds. The battle-hardened soldiers in the mess hall are all blue in the face. Unable to do more than stare that the horror before them and some of them are even trembling. Only Gero standing a watching is undisturbed by the sight. Instead he is proudly watching. No doubt imagining schemes to benefit the palm haired boy.

Kakarrot finishes up eating a table's worth of meals enough to feed all of the other soldiers in the room. He sits patting his enlarged belly taking time to breathe again looking around to see the scared faces of the soldiers. Kakarrot grins absorbing all of their fear with relish. There was ultimately two reason why he enjoyed a feast like this.

It was during this revealing of his ability to inspire fear in the soldiers that Captain Yellow entered the mess hall. Yellow is the tiger and quite fat. His eyes are beady and black. His style seems to come from an earlier era. He has on clothing that might seem at home in the old west. Everything on him is brown leather or scratchy looking cotton clothing even the red ribbon around his neck is faded.

The Captain marched up to Kakarrot salutes the boy and said, "By orders of Supreme Commander Red I'm here to escort you to the Crane School."

Gero walks up behind the Captain to say, "So we made a deal."

"Yes. It will cost quite a bit, but the boy will be trained by Master Shen and Tao."

Kakarrot stands up triumphantly turns to face Yellow with sparkles in his eyes as he asks, "When can we leave?"

"Soon, just pack your things and say any goodbyes. We have a long trip ahead."

It was a quite a few hours later when the time came. It was a small crowd there to see off Kakarrot. None of the Generals showed neither did Red. It was Eighter, Gero, some of the science staff, Black and the soldiers sent to escort him.

It was a relatively small force. A force of maybe fifty men. They boarded their planes as Kakarrot said his goodbyes to Dr. Gero and Eighter. Dr. Gero hand comes to Kakarrot armored shoulder.

"You are my son. You may not have my blood by you have my drive. You have my thirst for power. You are creative and skilled. You will succeed. You will thrive and you will prosper. Go and make me proud my son."

Kakarrot by this was nearly brought to tears. Even Eighter who was always reluctant to trust the doctor was misty eyed. To Eighter the man might have been a villain, but it was clear that this came from somewhere deep.

Gero and Kakarrot hugged as the Captain yelled from the plane, "ARE YOU COMING!"

Kakarrot pulled off from Gero and bowed to him and Eighter and then ran to the Captain's plane. The squadron took off as the three waved at each other. It to the setting sun with its red sky they began to disappear over the horizon.

Watching them disappear Eighter then turn to see Gero with a thousand yards stare mumbling. "Next star to the right and straight on until morning."

Eight in confusion he asked, "Sir?"

"I wish the boy won't grow up, but I know that when I see him next, he might far older. I send him off to an undiscovered country. A place that I dare not follow. I have given him all of what there is to give and I'm hoping that that is enough. I thought it was enough for Adrian, but I was wrong."

"No one can know sir."

"I know. But that changes nothing."

"K, is a survivor."

"Yes, he is. My boy will live. My boy shall conquer," The doctor turns from the setting sun to face the rest of the staff. "Come now we have work to do. Machine as of yet do not build themselves."

Kakarrot was growing increasingly bored in the plane fidgeting and making noise. Finely after the night had come, he came over to the cockpit and groaning asked Captain Yellow, "Are we there yet?"

Yellow groaned and said, "No! And stop asking."

"And I thought grandpa lessons were boring. There is nothing to do."

"It's a military plane not a playroom. Look in a couple of hours we're going to come up on fire mountain maybe you can see some excitement then."

"What's Fire Mountain?"

Yellow getting an idea. "Well you see it's a mountain that happens to be on fire!" He tries to make his voice sound scary. "Patrolled by the Ox King. A giant that kills anyone that trespasses."

Kakarrot excitedly asked, "Really!?"

Yellow looked disturbed how well that he just took that. "Aw well yeah. No one has seen him in a while but that's because no one has been brave enough to go near the mountain. They say there is a vast treasure in the mountain in his castle which is on the top of the mountain. What happened was they say the Ox King asked a witch to guard his treasure but that her attempt to grant his wish cause the fire that no one can pass. You know one of those careful what you wish for things."

Kakarrot with stars in his eyes. "A witch, a giant, treasure, and magic?"

"Yeah. Though my money on like a burning coal deposit or something. Point is I will give you a look if you shut the hell up."

Kakarrot forcefully said, "We're going to the mountain."


"You heard me. This giant sound like fun and I'm not passing up on a challenge."

Yellow shakes his head and says. "No way. My orders are to take you to the Crane school. Not to get into a fight with a giant next to a mountain that is literally caught on fire."

Kakarrot grabs Yellow's throat as the plane starts to shake and plummet towards the ground.

Yellow's eyes bulge as he looks at the face of Kakarrot who is showing his teeth. Kakarrot intimidatingly says, "Captain when I get bored, I get hungry and I'm getting hungry. I've never tried tiger, but I guess there is a first time for everything. Take me to the Ox King or I will eat you alive tubby."

Yellow looked the crazed eyes of the monster as he spoke.

The boy was not lying. He went blue in the face tried to speak but was prevented by the hand on his throat. Kakarrot now seeing that he was properly motivated he let the Captain go.

The Captain gasping for air hurriedly said, "Absolutely we will be making a stop at Fire Mountain right away." The Captain started to cough as he and his copilot leveled the plane back off and rejoined the rest of the squadron.

Yellow and the copilot had a worriedly look at one another as Kakarrot walk away and sat down back on one of the benches. Menacingly Kakarrot stared at Yellow who was now sweating bullets as he got on the radio. Captain Yellow "Aw boys we are going to be making a unscheduled stop at Fire Mountain."

The voices came back over the radio all panicked sounding. Yellow looked back at Kakarrot who was licking his lips. Captain Yellow panicking yelled at them.

"THOSE ARE MY ORDERS! NOW FOLLOW THEM!" The others seemed to agree and there was now static.

Kakarrot tail was now happily bouncing around as Kakarrot just continued to stare a hole into Yellow's seat to the point where Yellow could still feel it. Yellow mumbled to himself, "They don't pay me enough for this."

The squadron came closer to a false horizon created by the burning mountain.

So, I'm redoing some of this expect change large and small.