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Arrest Me ~ Mr Police Man

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“D-Do you like it?” Jimin asked shyly, grinding gently.


“Fuck yes” Jungkook licked his lips “I like it” he grinned, biting his bottom lip as he stared into those eyes, those seemly innocent eyes that could shift into fuck me eyes in a second.


“Jungkook-ssi” Jimin muttered shyly “Can you help me?” he said, eyes watery from embarrassment. His face was so red, hot and sweaty.


Staring into those gorgeously glistening eyes, looking at those soft and full pink lips, that sexy body hovering over his crotch ever so teasingly. Such a lewd sight was making his mouth water, his arms moving on their own as his heart burned and-


Wait wait wait...


Let’s rewind for a second.


It all began the first year Jimin graduated from police college, on his first shift out in the field. He was on patrol, taking a break and getting a triangle kimbap and tteokbokki for lunch. He walked into the convenience store, feeling proud in his uniform as everyone looked at him. The only problem was there were a specific set of eyes glancing in his direction that seemed to be a little panicked at his presence. Jimin saw dark brown hair and two weary eyes following him. He snuck around the outside of the aisles, watching the kids movements out of the corner of his eye. Jimin maneuvered around to stand next to the boy who he could now see was a handsome young man with pockets stuffed full with food.


The boy stood up straight after having been crouching slightly, now towering over Jimin who was raising a suspicious eyebrow at him “Empty your pockets into my basket” he demanded, using the authoritative voice he learned at college.


The young man held eye contact with Jimin for a moment. You better do it, you little shit. I’m trying to help. At a second look, the kid didn’t look like your average loser who stole for fun. His hair was ragged, clothes battered and dusty and shoes falling apart. No, this wasn’t your average delinquent. Reluctantly, he emptied his pockets and Jimin went to the counter to pay for the items. Most of it was food, but at the very bottom of the pile were a packet of condoms. Jimin’s eyes widened, flustered, and he quickly flicked them out the pile of things. He wasn’t paying for this kid to get action. Behind him he heard the kid grunt, as if dissatisfied with Jimin’s actions but Jimin chose to ignore him.


“Have a good day officer” the old lady at the counter said, nodding to him.


“Thank you ajumma, I’ll be coming here more often” he winked and leaned in over the desk, lowering his voice “Let me know if anything happens around here, will you?” he whispered, throwing her a dashing smile that made her grin back.


“Sure will” she said, thanking him for the comment.


Jimin dragged the kid outside, pulling the bag away when he reached to snatch his things. Jimin held out his hand to the kid, which was met with a impatient expression “Where’s your ID?” Jimin asked.


The kid scoffed “Don’t have one” he said.


What? “What school are you from? I’ll drop you off” he offered.


The kid shook his head “I don’t have time for that stuff” he pointed to the bag “Are you gonna give me that or what?”


Jimin wanted to smack him. He held his composure “I’m not here to listen to your lies. Give me your details now or I’ll take you in for stealing” he threatened in a passive aggressive tone.


The kid sighed, standing with his hands on his hips and staring at Jimin, waiting “Well are you gonna get your pen and pad out or something?” he asked.


His voice irked Jimin, his expression changing as he leaned in closely to the kids ear speaking in a low and serious tone “Look, I’m giving you a chance because I used to get into trouble as a kid too. Only difference is I didn’t get caught so cut the hard attitude or I’ll treat you like a criminal” he stepped back.


Suddenly the kid was smiling, as if he liked what he just heard. He smirked at Jimin “Jeon Jungkook. 17 years of age. Multiple accounts of stealing and vandalism. Very handsome and-”


“Okay thanks” Jimin cut him off “Let’s hope all that is true, otherwise I’ll have to use security camera footage to get your ID and you’ll get snapped”


The kid just shrugged, unafraid “Arrest me now then” he said, voice pleasant and uncaring as if he had nothing to lose. It sent shivers up Jimin’s spine to see someone so young completely desensitised to fear like that. This kid wasn’t living a normal life.


Jimin changed the subject, moving closer to the boy “Jeon Jungkook. Where are you living right now?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed.


The kid leaned against the glass wall casually “Anywhere and nowhere” he shrugged again.


“Look-” Jimin started but was cut off by the sound of the kids cellphone ringing.


He didn’t look like he could afford one, but suddenly he pulled out a brand new samsung s7 and answered it like it was no big deal “Hello?” his voice changed “Yes” he sounded obedient “Okay” something was up.


Jimin went to ask the kid something when he finally hung up but suddenly the kid simply bowed and ran off “Ya!” Jimin yelled after him but it was too late. Even if Jimin ran after him, he wouldn’t be able to catch up now. Jimin looked down at his notebook with scribbled words “Jeon Jungkook, huh? Let’s see who this kid is”.


That's how Jimin's dangerous and risky journey began...All by searching one name. 


Jeon Jungkook.