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A Stolen Kiss

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His arms teased the inner part of Kanae's thighs, who was a moaning mess by that point, completely melting under his touch. He was teasing her so badly, so painfully slow... Her breathing stopped as she felt his warm breath at her entrance and she knew what was going to happen. Grabbing and destroying her pillows with her nails as her back arched when Eiji's tongue explored her inside, tasting all the flavors of her sweet juice, using his hands on her hips to keep her in place but as soon as she looked down at him to see the seducing and lustful way he was staring back at her, taking in her luscious figure that only he was allowed to see, she knew it wouldn't take too long for her to release.

Like predicted, it didn't take too much more for her to reach her limit and Eiji let himself savor the moment. As she was recovering her breathing she saw out of the corner of her eye as her boyfriend searched for something on the drawer, she assumed he was looking for the condoms but quickly remembered something else. She tried to get up to make him stop but it was too late as she saw his hand pulling out handcuffs that she had bought to spice up things a little bit but wanted to make a surprise... Seems like her plans were ruined.

Eiji looked at her with a small smirk "Kanae, want to explain why I found this here?" She looked away from him with shyness but only got a light spank of her bottom "I made a question. Answer me."

"I... I just wanted to surprise you. I didn't think you would find it... I thought it would be a fun idea." She replied but saying it out loud made her realize how idiotic that idea was. It was Eiji they were talking about. Nothing could pass him. But to her surprise, he didn't seem mad or surprised, or anything, he just stood there with his side smirk looking down at her.

"I see. If this is the way my tigress wants to play then who am I to oppose?" With that, her hands were attached to the bed thanks to the handcuffs. She tried to get them free, or just check if they were really locked, and couldn't move them like predicted.

Eiji kissed her once more. One small kiss before lowering his head to her chest, taking one of her nipples on his mouth and sucking it greedily. Kanae moaned and closed her legs in instinct, but Eiji's leg that was between her two was making it impossible for the closing.

She was panting hard, all of the pleasure was too much and Eiji seemed to want to make her lose her mind with all the teasing. It had been a while since they had sex, not counting the quick things the two had some more... Inappropriate occasions and how Kanae missed his touch.

However, suddenly her vision started to get blurry and before she knew it, there were no handcuffs attaching her to the bed, no Eiji sucking on her nipple, and no pleasurable feeling...



Kanae woke up covered in sweat and breathing hard. As her vision adjusted to the dark room she could find her sleeping boyfriend's chest in front of her and sigh as she realized it had been just a dream.

"Fuck... Now I'm horny" she groaned under her breath, trying to be quiet to not wake up her boyfriend. Untangling her legs from his as they found themselves cuddling like they usually slept and not to her surprise she felt herself dripping wet down there. She just hoped Eiji didn't have any evidence about Kanae's dreams but his serene sleeping look made her doubt her boyfriend had been aware of her dreams. The look he had on actually made her smile tenderly, feeling her heart melt when she remembered what the two of them shared, all the exotic nights that put any dream in the trash, something that made her shocked was how wet this particular dream had gotten her; it wasn't the first time she had this kind of dreams but it had been the first time she had such results, but as she got her face closer to Eiji's and stole a sweet, chaste kiss from his lips she could forget how horned she had waked up.

She wasn't expecting that the kiss would be returned, however.

A hand went to behind her head and tangled itself in her short hair before roughly pushing her more forced against his lips as she felt his tongue lick her bottom lip and forcing its way to explore her mouth. She hummed and returned the kiss, even if being a little forced to do so since Eiji didn't seem to let her go but as they broke the kiss she stared at his closed eyes shocked, with her own wide awake.

"Are you awake?!"

"It's a little hard to be sleeping when my girlfriend is having erotic dreams and moaning my name... Not to say the fact you were rubbing yourself against me... Did you really not expect me to break? Even I have my limits Kanae." His eyes opened as he pulled her to him, pressing her sweaty body against his and she felt something hard on her tights, giving her the proof of his words.

"I-I can see...Or feel, to be more precise" She gulped, unsure if feeling shy or proud of herself to be able to get such results from Eiji while sleeping, she chooses for the latest option and any traits of shyness disappeared, turned into confidence. She grabbed one of his hands and he didn't fight back as she slowly dragged it to under her nightshirt/one of his shirts she used to sleep with and sighed when feeling his hand on her private parts, barely touching as she teased herself with his hand. She looked at him and found his lust filled eyes staring back at her and even if it was almost unseeable his breathing had become harder as she moved against his hand, that still made no movement.

She made one of his finger move inside her and bit her lower lip as the finger easily slipped into her wet halls. His name escaped from her lips with a pleasurable sigh when she felt his finger run over her clitoris, a light touch that was just a tease.

Eiji just stood there in the darkroom as his girlfriend used his hand to help herself giving herself some pleasure. He wanted to move and do more than just letting his hand tease her but seeing how she seemed to enjoy doing the job herself he let her have her fun, occasionally just arching his fingers slightly to be able to get her some pleasure, which made her smile grateful.

"Eiji" His name came out repeatedly from her taunting lips, watching her expression control in pure bliss as her movements against his hand got stronger, harder and deeper with every second, her other hand moved to her hardening nipples to tease them, all while Eiji simply watched. After some minutes of doing the same process, she sighed his name one last time and he felt her juices covering his fingers, making them slippery and sticky as he removed them from her core.

Eiji brought his juice covered finger to his face, watching how sticky they were but before he could do something concerning about them he felt a tug on his pants and looked down to see Kanae sliding down his pajama's pants, along with his boxers and letting his hard member free to her enjoyment.
"Kanae?" His eyes widened as he took in surprise the boldness of his girlfriend, who never seemed so lustful like she was at that moment. His breathing immediately started to grow harder as her lips placed a teasing kiss on his tip before giving a long, slow lick as she stared at him right in the eyes. She would probably have a small smirk on her lips if they weren't busy at the moment. Kanae moved her head to the side of the cock, placing kisses and small licks all over the length and hearing him hiss in pleasure, along with sighs and pants. Her hands moved teasingly and stroked his inner thighs, scratching it barely on purpose, and balls. With a long lick from the end of the shaft to the end of the head, to which she let her tongue linger for more than necessary, she returned to look at him while her hands continued the job that her tongue had started, moving slowly up and down along his member. He was looking at her with half-open eyes, covered by lust, his face was completely flushed and he was panting so hard that made her wonder if she had ever seen him in that state. While her hand continued moving she pressed her body against his, using her free hand to remove the rest of his unbuttoned shirt, which simply made it slide off his shoulder and fall to the bed, and slammed her lips against his, who pulled her closer with one arm as he used the other to keep his balance on the bed as they sat.

During the kiss Kanae's hand that had been previously busy was moved to his chest, along with the other that joined; his hands moved to the hem of her shirt and their lips only parted for a few seconds to be able to toss the shirt away so they were skin to skin. As Kanae straddled Eiji's lap it wasn't hard to line up his member to her entrance and both sighed in the kiss as their parts teased each other, calling out for some action.

Eiji suddenly felt Kanae smirking against his lips but before he could ask what was on her mind he felt a push on his chest and his back met the sheets under him as on top of him stop a victorious looking Kanae, her hands on his chest and her legs straddling his hips as she lowered herself on his cock, making them both moan and groan in pleasure at the same time.

The black-haired male shivered when he felt her nails slightly scratching the side of his face and turning it to face her again once he felt her lips brushing his once again but before he could kiss her she gave a small laugh and made some distance between their faces again, putting her finger against his lips as if it was a sign to stop there "There, There. Let's make it this way... Eiji, baby... This time, I'm the one in charge. Got it?"

He growled, both annoyed and turned on by her, but as she bucked her hips, thrusting him deep inside her, he couldn't help but bite his lip and swallow his pride as he gave a small nod; which didn't seem to be enough for his tigress, who lifted herself from his cock "Say it loudly Eiji. Say you want me to fuck you"

"Fucking god Kanae! Just do it."

She faked a sigh and shook her head "Eiji, Eiji. Baby, I want to hear you saying it. Be a good boy and repeat after me: Fuck me. Two words, not hard... Unlike you right now."

He moved his hands but before he could reach her, she had taken his hands to block him to take charge. Not tonight. With a force that Eiji had forgotten such petite figure like Kanae carried, she moved his hands up his head and with some effort, she took the handcuffs that were in her closet and linked his wrists to the bed, leaving no other choice to him but to surrender to her.

The two stared at each other, having a staring battle to see who would lose first while their parts each begged for each other.

"Eiji." She growled and he couldn't help but smirk at how pissed she actually was but quickly lost his smirk when she teased him again, sliding up and down his member once again and feeling her wet folds tighten around him. It was so slow... so slow and torturing. He loved and hated her so much in that moment. He tried to move but every time he did so she completely stopped moving, giving him a glare.

"Fuck me. " It had taken a while but there were the two words she wanted to hear, which caused her smirk to return.

"What did you said, my love?"

"Kanae. Don't test me... You'll regret it very soon." He threated but she didn't listen or just choose to ignore, either way, her pace had gone faster but it was still not enough "Kanae. Fucking fuck me already"

He should be embarrassed, both for himself and for those that had taught him how to restrain himself but this woman was too much for him, she simply drove him crazy and he loved every single thing about it.

Finally, she didn't hold back as she moved on him hard and fast, he tightened his grip on the handcuffs that enabled him to move but still tried to remove them, with no avail, when looking how Kanae's body sensually moved when she was riding him. Due to all the previous teasing and the fact that Eiji was hitting exactly Kanae's G spot it didn't take too long for both to cum, Kanae first as Eiji had still his manners of ´Ladies first´ but shortly after he couldn't last much longer and reached his peak too.

She fell on his chest and happily nuzzled his chest, purring like a cat "This was so fun~" She laughed and looked up at him to find him with a small smile.

"I'm glad you thought so. Now, if you don't mind, could you release me from this...? That I'm not even going to ask where you got it" He mentioned his tied wrists and Kanae chuckled, placing a peck on his lips as she got his hands free like requested, completely unaware of his next intentions.

The peck turned to a kiss, which got deepened, which resulted in a make-out session. Their sweaty bodies didn't seem to remember the time as they were completely engulfed on each other, it would still be impossible for them to go sleep when they were still too turned on. Eiji turned them around, placing Kanae's head on the pillow as he was over her and whispered in her ear "Was that similar to your dream...? I didn't know my tigress would have this desires... I'm not against them but I warned you before Kanae, are you ready for your punishment?"
"P-Punishment? Baby, maybe it's time for us to go sleep...? I'm tired you know?" she let out a nervous laugh, watching how his gaze on her was something similar to a hunter and his prey.

"Worry not, my love. You won't have to do much, just leave it to me this time"

She looked at him, silently asking for questions, but he simply turned her to face the pillow, giving her back at him and as she heard his warm breath skipping a beat again, all her "tired" talk vanished.

"Kanae" He growled her name while her face was buried in a pillow, just tilting it enough to watch him and he could see the still lustful eyes that begged for more. His hands were on her hips and after lining himself with her entrance he didn't waste any time in pushing himself inside, hard and deep, which made her bite the pillow to not shout in pleasure. Eiji leaned down, his body meeting Kanae's back while keeping the pace of his thrusts, kissing her neck tenderly as he hears her soft moans buried on the pillow "Kanae. I want to hear you"

His soft kisses turned into love bites and his thrusts got even deeper when she denied his order, which made it impossible to contain her loud moans, even with a pillow "Eiji, it's 3 Am. The neighbors will complain"

With his hand, he managed to remove the pillow from under her and threw it to the floor to make it impossible to Kanae to grab it again " I don't care. I want to hear you. Remember that you started this. You need to face the consequences of what you created."

Kanae panted when his hands started rubbing her chest, giving more extra pleasure than she was already feeling and turned her head to meet his face, crashing her lips against his in a messy kiss due to their position, either way, none seemed to matter about it.

It didn't take her too long to reach her limit, still aroused from the previous turns but it surprised her when Eiji removed himself from inside her without cumming.

They were once again laying on the bed, with him on top of her and inside her once more; her legs around his waist as he used that to be able to thrust deeper. Unlike all the previous turns, they took their time, all their moans and sounds of pleasure were covered by the kisses they were constantly sharing, either deep, open-mouthed, kisses along the body and faces, even short and sweet kisses on the forehead.

Leaving a straw of saliva connecting the two from the kiss they had just shared, they looked into the other's eyes to see their own reflexion in a mix of love and lust, even if the first emotion now ruled over the second. Eiji gently moved the ginger hair that covered Kanae's emerald eyes and smiled while moving in her "I love you."

She smiled and cupped his face in her hands "I know. I love you too" She returned his feelings. She was his as he was hers. It should be wrong to be so dependant on someone, and both of them never needed anybody else until they had gotten together. Since then, they simply couldn't see themselves with anybody else or alone. They belonged to each other and only to each other.

The clock signalized a little before 4 Am when they both finished, at the same time and totally exhausted from the long night.


"I love you so much Eiji." Kanae said while burying her face in his chest, taking in his after sex scent.
"I love you too. " He kissed the top of her head as she cuddled up with up "Now it's time to rest my little tigress. When we wake up there's more energy to play."