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Eos: Mirror of Truth

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It's funny to say I woke up in Insomnia. The city never seemed to sleep and I spend most of my recovery in personal silence. The sounds of cars and people being my only comfort for the past six days I've been here. I'm still recovering from shock, my body still not adjusting to the reality I've found myself in. My memory still had not returned. The nurse assigned to me said I was found in an alleyway, unconscious and amnesiac. I had no ID and nobody had claimed me. I was alone in the purest sense of the word.

By day 10 I was well enough to walk and eventually work. I was confirmed healthy and sane, albeit with no memory of myself or how I got here. I wagered that any past I had was worthless and didn't matter anyway. At the citizenship office I decided I had exhausted my resources, I had to start life anew. From the Database I looked at the lists of unclaimed last names. I was told these were names that were from family lines that had ended and names that were simply uncommon.

"Your identity is yours to forge. You'll be the first of your line." The man at the desk told me this. That sounded way more hopeful than he probably meant it to be. But that somehow gave me the courage to pick out my new name: Nisha Borielis. My picture was taken and my ID was printed. This was the first time I had seen my face in a long while. My rich brown skin had paled and I had lost a lot of muscle mass. I was sure some exercise and sunlight would bring me back to normal. I hardly recognized myself in this body, I'm sure I was different before but I didn't know how.

One quite interesting detail about my appearance stood out was my hair. It was nearly down to my waist, incredibly long. My dark curls had grown and framed my face in a lovely fashion. At least I had that going for me, my wan frame was another issue entirely. My aptitude tests told me I was suitable for several positions that ranged from housewife---there were lots of marriage minded people in this world---, to soldier, to factory worker in Lestallum. The factory seemed like a good place at first, but a library position in a nearby city would be a helpful place to start. I could read up on my history and lore of this surrounding area before moving on.

I arrived in that city a week later after my paperwork was finished. My first day was...interesting to say the least. My uniform was a surprisingly elegant short dress with a cleavage window. It needed some adjustments because "You're a but wide in the hips dear,"the lady commented while taking my measurements. "You'll be popping out babies in no time." I couldn't help but laugh at that statement. Who knew what my life would have in store for me? I stood in front of the mirror in my completed uniform and observed my reflection. My appearance improved with even just a week of exercise and regular meals. I no longer needed an IV drip, which I was grateful for. The sunlight helped a bunch too. I was kind of pretty, kind of.

The library system was fairly easy to understand. It was neither too simple or too complex and the bookstore was easy to navigate. Customers had the option of buying books if the one they wanted wasn't in the library. In my spare time I had gathered a small stack of books to read on the history and geography of Eos. It was all...extensive to say the least. I had so much to learn, how was I going to accomplish this? 

Every night I lay in bed with an Atlas, a history book, and a lite novel for entertainment. Sometimes I picked up a magazine at the local convenience store to get an idea of the culture I found myself in. My ID told me I was about 22 years old, still young enough to adapt to this world. Maybe I could carve out my own meager existence here without too many regrets.