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Jyushi sat at the dining table in the apartment, quietly observing his home in front of him. He was staying with Homura in the mean time at the request of Choromatsu. Although he was silent the entire time, Jyushi had a smile on his face as he looked back through some good memories on his mind. He did this every time he felt down or had nothing to do at all.


“Jyushi?” A voice came. Jyushi turned his attention to the woman beside him, crouching down to his level where he sat. “Are you hungry?” She grinned.


“I want food!” Jyushi bolted up and raised his hands in the air. Homura laughed as she watched the Sun child jump in excitement.


“All right. I’ll make something.” She began to get her apron and set her kitchen appliances onto the counter. Jyushi watched intently as she began mixing and chopping. All these different sounds from sizzling to liquid running reminded him of something when he was younger and as the pleasant sound began to echo the room, he began to gaze off into his own mind.



There is a certain sound of the moment when you’re born. The first thing you hear is many voices talking. There are so many voices. They all seem to come from left to right. One can sound frantic, the other can sound excited. Then there was one that would greet you with a gentle sound, a calming voice that soothes your ears. Your eyes would struggle to open, trying to understand the image above.


“Ah! They’re awake!”


“They’re so cute! Look at the little one’s hands!”


“Can I hold them? Please, Sol!”


There was a commotion going on back and forth, arguing about who holds the newborn star child first. The newborn couldn’t comprehend what was going on, only to stare at the sight of their siblings.


“Hey now!” A rather loud voice exclaimed. The newborn realized that the voice was coming from above and they were holding the child in the palm of their hand. The child felt a swift breeze fall over them and noticed the guardian laid a little fire-like blanket onto their body.


“Forgive me, little Jyushi. Your siblings are very excited to see you.” They were gentle, despite being bigger than the child. “I’m Sol. I’m the emissary of the Sun, which is your parent. I’ll be acting as your guardian throughout your life.”


Jyushi of course, could not understand the words coming out that much. They were just born! Jyushi simply smiled as if to agree to whatever Sol said.


“Sol, please… I want to hold them!” One of their sibling exclaimed.


“They were just born, Elio.” Sol simply laid their free hand onto his head. “Maybe after a few days or so, you can.”


“Do you think they’d stay that way? Do they want to be a boy or a girl or either?” Another spoke in wonder.


“That’s up to Jyushi, Helena. We are genderless after all. But it’s our personal decision to take the appearance of the gender we choose.” Sol chuckled, amused by the sibling’s antics.



“Jyushi, are you going to go all by yourself?” His sibling, Elio, caught him trying to leave his home and walk towards the light path.


“Huh? Does this go away from home?” He pointed towards the light that seemed like a bridge going along through space, each connecting to different ends.


“Yes little Jyushi.” Elio chuckled as he began to pat his younger sibling’s head. “Say, I’m sure Sol wouldn’t mind. I feel like going out too. Wanna go for a stroll?” Jyushi smiled at his sibling’s offer, his eyes shined and he felt his body heat up.


“I wanna go! I wanna go!” The little star began hopping around as he glowed brighter than usual.


“Okay, okay. Relax now Jyushi! You’ll cause a solar flare.” The elder sibling began to hold his hand and proceeded to walk towards their guardian to ask permission to exit. The two were allowed to go out of their home and explore space. Jyushi excitedly ran ahead towards the light path, Elio following behind.


“Follow the light path only. Never out, okay?”


“Okay!” Jyushi replied. He began skipping and watching in awe as the little stars under his feet shined with each step. Every time he made contact with it, there would be a little sound that would chime as each star glowed. He didn’t exactly know where to go but he decided to follow wherever he felt. He went right then left then he probably turned around, he didn't even notice his sibling laughing in amusement to his child-like curiosity.


He then noticed a giant rock, although smaller than the one it was next to, floating just above a blue and green planet. Jyushi blinked and pointed at it.


“What’s that place?”


“That’s the moon. Earth’s moon, that is.”


“Are there friends there?”


“Of course, Jyushi. I have a friend there.”


“Friend?! Over there?! Can we go? Please!”


“Ah—Jyushi? Jyushi, wait!” His sibling tried to call him but it seemed he already ran ahead towards the moon. Elio decided to follow him anyway. Besides, it was his younger sibling’s first time around space. He’s never gone this far. It almost sounded like a little song as the young star child began to run along the light path.




He tried to reach for him. He tried to reach for Kara as he slipped through; the sounds of the asteroids coming and its ring creating an alarming noise. He could hear a panicked voice in the distance, but Jyushi’s goal right now was to save his childhood friend. Mixed emotions appeared, as there was a hint of regret in his friend’s voice and panic from his own. It was too loud. The noise was chaotic. They were getting closer to the asteroids. He noticed another hand also reaching out but before he could even look at the one who tried to grab Kara’s hand as well, everything went silent. Jyushi could not hear anything. The distressed voices were gone. He wanted to cry. He wanted to scream, but how could he when the world suddenly went dark? He was scared and alone. He wanted to get out. He wanted to get out of the darkness.




The Sun child snapped from his daydream and noticed Homura’s face was near his. He felt his face heat up, almost to a boiling point. Homura realized how close they were and immediately backed away, feeling slightly uncomfortable.


“U-uh, anyway… Like I said, the food’s ready.” She stuttered as she placed the plate full of food on the dining table. “I hope today’s breakfast is good. It’s just some egg rolls and radish with leftover tempura we had yesterday.”


Jyushi looked at the food and smiled. Although his home was far away, it felt like home here too. He took the utensils beside his plate and thanked Homura for the meal.


“Ah, so good! Homura should be a chef!” He cheered as he munched down each and every bit on his plate. The young woman laughed as she watched the Sun child enjoy her meal.


“Haha! Homura is the best sound I’ve ever heard!” He chimed with a mouthful of food. She looked at Jyushi with curiosity.


“Best sound? What do you mean by that, Jyushi?” She asked.


“Hmm…” He gave it some thought, putting his utensils down and putting his hands on his mouth. “Homura sounds like a good memory!” He exclaimed, but this still left her confused.


“Good memory? That’s odd. How does my name sound like a memory?”


“Homura makes me recall the time you saved me!” A light blush dusted his cheeks, but he never looked away. “Homura is the best!” The woman was speechless with that. She’d never think she’d be someone amazing but Jyushi thought otherwise. After all, she was the one who got him out of the darkness. And even if Jyushi shined like the sun everyday, she will always be his light.