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the best time to wear a striped sweater (is all the time)

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Seokjin comes home after a long day at the restaurant to a dimly lit house and nothing but the hum of various appliances to greet him.

"Baby?" he calls, mostly unconcerned as he toes off his shoes and removes his coat. His boyfriend is probably just immersed in his work in their home studio like usual. It is only half-past eight, so it's unlikely he has gone anywhere without notifying Seokjin beforehand.

Jin is in the kitchen heating up some leftovers, too lazy to cook and knowing all too well that his boyfriend often forgets to eat when he's home alone, when he hears soft footsteps behind him. He turns to peer at the figure in the doorway, and his breath catches in his throat.

Yoongi appears to be half-asleep, waking from a nap most likely, his hand lazily rubbing at his half-lidded eyes and his shoulders slumped. He wears nothing but a pair of boxer briefs and Jin's sweater, the soft striped one that makes Yoongi seem even smaller as it engulfs him, gives him adorable sweater paws, and causes him to look twice as huggable as usual. Seokjin is so fucking in love with the beautiful creature standing mere feet away from him it's almost painful.

Instead of letting out a rare string of curses in response to the pressure in his chest at the sight of his boyfriend wearing his clothes, he breathes deep and smiles wide.

"Jin? Hyung?"

Yoongi's voice is deep and groggy with sleep. Seokjin opens his arms as an invitation as Yoongi steps closer and snuggles into his chest.

Seokjin rests his head on top of Yoongi's after placing a quick, delicate kiss to his boyfriend's hair. Yoongi wraps his arms tight around Jin's middle and sighs pleasantly. "Hey baby," Seokjin murmurs. "Were you sleeping?"

Yoongi nods a little, then does a cute yawn that makes Jin's heart flip. "How was work?"

Jin sighs too, half in exhaustion and half in content. "It was fine. Busy."

After a moment, Seokjin finally pulls away, drawing a quiet noise of protest. Yoongi keeps his hands on Jin still, one moving to grip his bicep loosely and the other resting on Jin's chest.

"Wanna come cuddle?" Yoongi says it so cutely, almost in a pout, that Seokjin immediately knows he'll give his baby anything he wants. "I'm sleepy."

"I can see that," Jin remarks, his hand moving up to card lightly through Yoongi's white-blond hair. "Have you eaten?"

Yoongi takes a second to think, yawn again, and then shake his head no. Seokjin taps at Yoongi's collarbone wear the sweater slips down enough to show a peek and says, "I got some leftovers for us. We'll eat and then cuddle."

Yoongi seems too tired to protest that he's too tired, so he just squeezes Jin's arm. Jin turns back around to get the food in the microwave, breaking contact with Yoongi, who immediately rectifies that by sliding his hands over the back of Jin's shoulders. As the food spins and the microwave whirs quietly, Yoongi slides his arms back around Jin's waist and presses against him in a back hug.

Jin lets out a small, fond chuckle and teases, "Is my baby feeling needy today?"

Yoongi huffs a little, his mind reflexively backing away in shyness from being too cute or intimate or affectionate, but he snuggles even more into Jin's back, head resting between his shoulder blades. "I missed you," he grumbles, only a tad hesitantly. Jin and Yoongi have been working on overcoming Yoongi's shyness and fear of communication, and he's gotten much better at expressing his feelings. "You were gone all day, hyung. I got bored."

"I missed you, too," Jin says. The microwave beeps and Yoongi, extremely slowly and with much reluctance, pulls away again to let Seokjin get out the meal and set it on the counter. "Is that why you're wearing my sweater?"

Seokjin turns around just in time to see the red tips of his boyfriend's ears as he awkwardly scratches at his neck. He smiles again at Yoongi, who just ducks his head down and says something too quiet to hear.

"Hm? What was that, honey?"

"It smells like you," Yoongi looks up, "and it's soft. Also, stop calling me names."

"What? You don't like it when I give you pet names, sweetheart?" Seokjin takes a step closer, a little predatory, grinning wickedly at the way Yoongi's blush starts to spread. "Honeybun? Sweetcheeks? Darling?"

Yoongi slaps his chest, no force behind it, and whines at him to stop. Seokjin only moves closer, placing a hand on a delicate hip and thumbing at the waistband of Yoongi's boxers. He keeps leaning in until their lips are a hair's breadth apart, watching smugly at the way Yoongi's breath catches and his eyes stare at Jin's mouth. "Baby," he whispers, his lips just barely brushing Yoongi's with the movement as Yoongi's eyes slip closed. It's Yoongi's favorite thing, to be called baby by Seokjin, his favorite after sleep and cuddles (and blowjobs, but that's a whole other category of favorite things).

Neither of them close the distance for a moment, just breathing each other in. Yoongi smells like minty toothpaste and a hint of cinnamon, while Yoongi always says Jin smells like warm spices and strawberry, for some reason. Seokjin loves moments like this, when Yoongi is soft and affectionate for him, when he sheds the weight he bears on his shoulders, sheds the mask he puts on when he raps about pain and life and finding meaning, sheds the insecurity that sometimes wraps around him like a vice, restricting and painful and unwanted. He loves it when Yoongi lets go of all that, trusting Seokjin to love him and care for him in return.

Seokjin finally breaks the calm tension building between them, pressing his lips to Yoongi's. One little peck turns to two, then five, until Yoongi whines and pulls Seokjin in by the neck to kiss him properly.

It's a calm, languid, soothing kiss; no desperation, no force behind it, no desire to lead to anything further than kissing. Just love and comfort and gentle passion. Yoongi's lips are soft, having picked up the habit of applying chapstick from Seokjin, who uses it religiously. His movements are all slow, still sleepy and a little hazy from his nap, but he never half-asses kissing Jin. His lips still move in a familiar rhythm, the push-and-pull, give-and-take that characterizes all of their kisses. His teeth dig gently into Seokjin's bottom lip, his tongue darting out for only a second to soothe the bite. Seokjin gives back as good as he gets, nipping similarly at Yoongi's lips in an effort to draw those low, breathy sounds he loves so much.

The first moan Seokjin is blessed with comes when Seokjin's hand slips under his sweater to smooth over the skin of Yoongi's back just as he dips his tongue shallowly into Yoongi's mouth before pulling away. The sound is low, a lovely sound that Seokjin wants to hear more of. He can taste, just barely, Yoongi's mint toothpaste and suddenly remembers the dinner he was meant to give to Yoongi.

Yoongi only protests a little when Seokjin gets the food and starts feeding him, only accepting the offering when Jin gives him a short kiss. He continues to feed himself and Yoongi, interspersed with random kisses that now taste like noodles, and starts to feel the exhaustion settling deep in his bones. It may only be nine, but he's definitely ready to crawl into bed with his cute soft boyfriend and cuddle him to sleep.

When the meal is done, Seokjin takes a moment to wash the container so dishes don't pile up, Yoongi helping out by taking a rag and drying it when he's done. Then they turn, look at each other, and share a smile.

"Let's go to bed, hyung," Yoongi says, and Seokjin wholeheartedly agrees. He lets Yoongi tug him from the kitchen by the hand, navigating dimly lit corridors until reaching their shared bedroom. Yoongi flops down on the mattress with a light bounce and waits for Seokjin expectantly. "I call little spoon."

Seokjin laughs and starts pulling at the sheets so he can crawl in and properly tuck them both in a cocoon of warmth. When they're settled, Seokjin's arms are wrapped around his boyfriend, a hand is resting firmly on his skin under his sweater, and he places a goodnight kiss to the hair on Yoongi's head, then another to the nape of his neck before nuzzling his face into the warm skin.

Yoongi, unable to kiss anything of Seokjin's without moving and being too tired to do so, just squeezes Jin's arm and mumbles, "Goodnight, hyung."

Seokjin's lips quirk in a second smile as his eyes close, murmuring back a quiet, "Goodnight, baby," before slowly feeling himself drift. Dreams of soft color and a familiar gummy smile greet him as he falls asleep with his boyfriend curled in his arms.