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I'll find you in Hell

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The wind sounded beautiful with the crashing waves of the ocean. The water splashed and created small ripples against the soft sand that covered the bench. Two children ran across the untouched surface, leaving their barefoot prints in the wet sand as they laughed together in the sun.

The children, looked happy, handsome and beautiful as the sun shone down on their hazel locks and honey glowing skin.

An older male sat on top of a checked blanket, watching his children run about, enjoying the summer breeze.
He could hear the waves, the seagulls, the pure innocence and happiness in his children's laughter.
He smiled softly, closing his eyes and he listened closer.

However, his peace was short lived as a male voice crept up behind him. It was his husband, his love of his life.
"Taehyung," The male whispered his partners' name into his ear as his hands moved gently up his back.

The first male, Taehyung, shivered slightly, "Kookie," he sung softly as he turned his head and opened his eyes to be greeted with a wide pair of dark brown orbs.

"I'm back." He kissed his husband and smiled enjoy the few seconds of intimacy before the children noticed his presence on the beach.

"Daddy's back!" The younger girl, Mi-Jung called out. Her little finger pointed at Jungkook as she grinned at her slightly older brother, Tae-Il. They both came running across the sand, crashing into the arms of the younger father.

"Ah! Careful, I might drop your ice-creams!" Jungkook laughed as he held up two cones in his left hand, the ice-cream had softened on the sun but hadn't quite started to drop just yet.
The children climbed off and apologized before taking a cone each and sitting down with them to eat the frozen treat.

Taehyung couldn't imagine a better life. The two of them, like the others from the group, broke apart as BTS but stayed close as friends. They each did their own thing and raised their little families. They all got together once or twice a month for a mini party and catch up on top of the lunch and play dates they did from time to time.

Their children all got along, and even ARMY continued to support them, even after breaking them apart when they announced the end of BTS.


Years later, here they sat, their lives filled with love, light and happiness. Taehyung sat with a small canvas against his legs, his left hand holding it up while his right held a paintbrush. To his right a small board of different colours and tubes filled with even more colours. On the canvas was the bench, painted in bright colours with two small figures playing in the water.

“Taehyung, that’s beautiful.” Jungkook moved closer to him, his body almost curled around him from behind as rested his chin on his husband's shoulder. The children nodded in agreement as they stuffed their faces with the ice-cream Kookies had brought them.

Taehyung smiled widely, “Thank you, but I feel like something is missing…” Jungkook peered over the canvas, watching the waves crash against the shoreline, “Maybe some shells? Yeontan?”

“Yeontan!” Taehyung grinned as his own dog came bounding along, his fur wet and covered in sand, but his eyes filled with enjoyment and happiness. He wasn’t as young anymore, and he was edging closer and closer to the end sooner than they all wanted to come to terms with. The little pup collapsed down beside Taehyung, panting softly.
Tae ran his fingers through the wet sandy fur and chuckled, “I’ll paint you in too.” They stayed until the sun was nearly finished setting over the watery horizon.

As they all got up to leave, Jungkook packed away everything, into the car and helped the children buckle up. Taehyung pulled his camera out of his bag and took one last photo of the sunset. The sun had almost gone, the last of the rays sparkled across the edge of the water.

“Come on Yeontan, shall we go home?” Taehyung asked the sleeping pup as he put his camera away. Yeontan didn’t move.

“Yeontan?” Taehyung repeated. The dog was old, he probably didn’t hear him. He lent down and reached out to touch him, not wanted to frighten him.

“Yeontan, come on.” Taehyung smiled as he touched his fur.

“Y-Yeontan…?” He muttered. Taehyung couldn’t feel anything, nothing but his damp fur. Yeontan looked as if he was fast asleep but, he couldn’t feel him breathing. Taehyung gently rolled the old boy over and felt for a heartbeat.

“Yeontan!” Taehyung panicked, still unable to feel anything. His puppy, his love and friend.



The voices of his husband and children made him turn his head away from Yeontan.

Tears filled Taehyung’s eyes, before falling down his face. His vision blurred as Jungkook ran over to see what had happened. They found an emergency clinic that was about to close for the night, but they couldn’t do anything.

Only confirm what Taehyung feared. They did tell him however that Yeontan died peacefully, no pains or suffering. Just happiness and peace in his old age.Taehyung found a little bit of peace in there, even if he was still heartbroken for the loss of his long-loved Yeontan.

The children didn’t learn the truth until the next morning, Jungkook was the one who told them. He said that their pet had gone to live with the angels for a while. Every day the children asked when he would come back, and every day, Taehyung heart broke a little more as he missed his old friend.