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Family Is What You Make It

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“Hullo?” Adam said answering his cell phone while trying to figure out the pile of paperwork in the overnight package he had just signed for.

“Mr. Scherr?” a soft, clipped tone asked on the other end of the line.

“Yes?” he answered.   Shit , he thinks as all the papers slip through his hands and land on the floor.

“My name is Maggie Carrington.  I see that you received the contract and affiliated paperwork I forwarded to you,” she says encouragingly.

“Uh, yeah,” he mutters staring at the messy pile littering the floor around his feet.  “Um, I only just signed for that a few …”

“Yes, sir.  Approximately four minutes ago.  I just wanted to confirm that you received everything and to see if  you had any questions,” she continued.

“Well …,” he started.  “I was just going through them,” he winced as he bent down to try and pick them up.  

“Alrighty then.  Please feel free to have your lawyer review and return with any applicable notations.  If you do not have a lawyer, let me know and I can refer you to alternate counsel for your assistance,” she offered and continued, “Now, I have included one of my cards.  All of my numbers and email are listed on same, so feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any questions.”

Adam found the business card having worked itself loose from the paper clipped packet when it fell, “Uh yeah, ok,” he muttered trying to keep up with her conversation and tucked the card into his front shirt pocket so he did not lose it.  

“My suggestion is usually just to enter my info in your cell phone so you have it if you need it.  Your tickets are included as well and you are required to be in Orlando no later than Sunday morning.  When you check in, there will be another packet with all of your scheduling and temporary living arrangements info.  We can discuss that later when you are settled.  Do you have any questions?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure i will have a ton, but I just have to go through everything.  About the flying ma'am, I’d just a sooner drive myself.  I don't like flying unless I have to.   It’s kinda hard with my size,” he explained quietly.  He was a really big guy, there was no getting around it and those damn seats just keep getting get smaller and smaller.  

He can hear some papers shuffling, “Oh yes.  I’m sorry about that.  I completely understand.  Several of my other gentlemen wrestlers have similar issues.  I can make alternate arrangements for you if you prefer?” she asked.

“No, no that’s fine ma'am.  I can find my way there,” he said.  

“All right then Mr. Scherr.  After you check in and get to the venue, you can ask any of the staff where I’m at and they will direct you to my office,” Maggie stated.

“Thank you ma'am,” he replies politely before he hangs up.


Adam finally found the small sign on the makeshift office that read “Maggie Carrington” and knocked briskly on the door.  There was no response so he bent down and pushed through the narrow doorway to see a petite woman with a jet black pixie haircut bobbing along to a tune playing in an ear bud attached to one ear.  She wore plain blue jeans, an old baggy, black NWO T-shirt and Doc Martens that tapped to the mystery tune while she worked on her filing in the corner.  There was an old, heavy biker’s leather jacket hanging on the back of the chair behind the desk. There was a rustling sound and a small doberman came out of a pet carrier and stared at him.  “Obbie, get back in your kennel, you know mommy’s working,” the petite woman muttered to which the dog huffed at him and turned back around three times before laying back down in a huff.  “Oberon, you are strange little man,” she mumbled to herself as she kept humming.  Adam cleared his throat causing the woman to jump and spin around.  She pulled the earbud from her ear and it fell around the back of her neck, “Mr. Scherr?” she asked brightly walking over to shake his hand, “Maggie Carrington”.   

Adam carefully shook her smaller hand, wary of his imposing size.  He was struck dumb by brilliant blue eyes and cherub lips smiling brightly at him.  He could hear her talking about scripts and character developments but he was surrounded by the comforting scent of warm vanilla, like in his grandma’s kitchen on cold winter afternoon when she would bake him cookies.  He followed the scent and ended up hovering over Maggie breathing in the warm comforting scent precious, cherished, claim, protect, … mate, MINE

“... now,” Maggie began pulling another packet from a portable filing box before she turned back to face him.  This is when she noticed how closely Adam was to her, “uh, Mr. Scherr?” she asked leaning away from him and clutching her paperwork to her chest.  She delicately cleared her throat, effectively sidestepped and maneuvered herself under his elbow and closer to her desk.  

He tracked her closely and sniffed along her neck, reaching and pulling the collar of her loose T-shirt down to reveal the smooth curved slope of her neck into her shoulder, “You’re not mated,” he stated, “but you stink of an alpha.”

“Mr. Scherr!” Maggie screeched, arms and hands flailing and swatting him away, “That is an entirely personal and private matter, which quite frankly is none of your business,” she yelled.  Adam stiffened scenting the air, turning in a protective stance in front of Maggie, canines extended as he growled and hissed a warning.

“Baby girl?” Maggie hears followed by equally protective growls of the Shield mates.  Maggie peaks around Adam’s wide girth to see Joseph Anoa'i, Jon Good and Colby Martinez filling her doorway.

“Jiminey Crickets,” she hisses, “Alphas and their pompous egos,” she mumbles as she pushes her way around Adam and sharply tugged his long, bushy beard, “Bad Puppy!” she scolds before she turns and glares at Joseph and his teammates who promptly cringe in response.  Maggie turns her scowl back onto Adam sticking her chin up to glare up at him with her fists balled up on the narrow curve of her hips as she angrily taps her foot.  “Now, Mr. Scherr.  You will control your Alpha or I will, do we understand each other?”  He swallowed and slowly nodded as his canines retract.  She fondly looks upon the three standing in her doorway.  “I thank you for your concern gentlemen, but I’m sure this is simply just a misunderstanding and it will not happen again, will it Mr. Scherr,” she stressed strongly through gritted teeth to Adam.  He shook his head more vigorously.  “If you will excuse us boys, I do need to bring Mr Scherr down to meet his teammates,” she stated, escorting Adam down to the Wyatt family.  

Colby shivered as he watched Maggie lead Adam down the long hallway, “I’d be fine watchin’ her reign in an alpha,” he leered.

“I heard that,” Maggie yells back from farther up the corridor without turning around causing Colby to jump and squeak.

“Dude! Gross,” Joe snapped, slapping him in the back of the head, “Don’t … just don’t … she’s like practically a big sister or something … Jesus.  All I know is, D always said, ‘Don’t make her angry’ … and if she kept him in line … she would devour you, man.”

They turned to walk towards catering when Jon said, “I heard she threw Steve Austin in a pool one time to sober him up and she also reamed out Mark too, backing him into a corner.”

Joe smirked in response, “D was there for that.  He said it was to funniest thing seeing this little woman shaking her finger and screaming bloody murder at The Undertaker, completely ripping him a new one.  D said he just kept backing away until he was boxed in.  I think D said he had made some sort of remark to one of the women wrestlers and she had heard it. All I know is don't make her mad.  She is highly aggressive for a beta like a vicious little rabid wolverine.”


“Greetings and salutations my little lamb and you bring a guest with you, I see,” Windham Rotunda greeted Maggie as she brought Adam to meet his teammates.  

“Mr. Rotunda, this is Mr. Scherr, the new teammate we discussed with the creative team,” smiling good-naturedly at Windham’s odd mannerisms, Maggie introduced Adam around.  “Well, I’ll let you boys get acquainted.  Mr. Scherr, if you need anything else, you have all my information,” she smiled and retreated to her office.  

Adam scented the air, drinking in her lovely scent as she retreated.  “Oh, so it is like that then,” Windham grinned lasciviously.  Adam growled low and deep in his chest, canines extending as he snapped in Windham’s direction, “Now, now my dear brother.  Not many would venture to closely to our little lamb’s stinging barbs.  The only company she keeps is with the alpha Paul Wight, but he has been out for some time due to injury.”

“She’s not mated, but she keeps with an alpha?” Adam hisses, “Omega’s shouldn't be out without a chaperone.”

“Omega?” Windham asked in confusion, “No, no my dear brother, our little lamb is a beta,” he confirmed.

“Mate,” Adam purred softly as he scented the air again.