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There's an island unlike all the others. It's crafted not by nature, but by the love and will of two researchers - a husband and wife. They called it Aether Paradise and made it their foundation's goal to help and protect the Pokemon of the region.

And in this mission they were successful for many years. Their members grew, the island grew, even their family grew with the addition of a son and a daughter. But the husband grew restless.

He remembered old projects and notes of years prior. Tales of other worlds, untameable beasts, and portals through space lingered at the back of his mind, until the need to understand became all encompassing. His research turned from Pokemon to wormholes.

As he toiled away in his lab, hardly ever emerging, the wife worried, but she did not stop him. She had her own plans to see through. If he would not join her, then she would do it alone. She would be the leader Aether needed and the parent her children deserved in his absence.

But the children had inherited the curiosity of their parents. They wanted to know why their father grew increasingly distant while their mother became evermore bitter. One day they decided to sneak into the lab their father so cherished.

It was the same day the husband reached a breakthrough. He made a connection to another world and a wormhole opened. When it closed again, the wife was left with no husband and no children, but a teenage girl and a strange Pokemon in their place.

The wife, grieving and desperate, bullied the girl, demanding information, but there was none to give. The girl had no memory of who she is or where she came from.

Years pass, and the wife attempted to pick up the research her husband left behind, wanting nothing more than her family back.

She hid the girl and her Pokemon away, knowing they were crucial to her goals. The girl stayed concealed to all but those who need know within the foundation. Though she secluded her, the wife grew to care for the girl, often treating her as the family she no longer had.

But a poison still remained within her. For as often as she was kind, she was cruel, questioning what part the girl had in her family's disappearance. She told the girl she may never leave. That the outside world was far worse than the room she resided in. That she was all the girl has. That the girl cannot leave her as well, especially since she may be the reason she's alone. She told her nothing can change until the day her family is returned.

And what could the girl do but give in? The wife was all she had, after all, and the only "mother" she could remember. If the outside world was so terrible, maybe she should be grateful to live on paradise.

But if it's paradise, then why could it be so awful? As the years go on, her mother's demands became worse. She grew more dangerously obsessed with wormholes, ultra beasts, and her lost family. The foundation experimented on the Pokemon sent through the wormhole with her, causing it great pain and stress. The girl had nightmares that felt like fragments of memories she can’t piece together. Her isolated life became unbearable.

Her greatest dream is to find out who she truly is and where she comes from, but will the ivory walls of Aether Paradise hide her away forever?