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Marriage proposal

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The little detective walked away from the traps carefully not to activate some wild trap hidden somewhere else, he was really tired, it was pure luck stolen from KID that did not activate any or fell unconscious, or both together, the boy yawned trying to keep the eyes open, the little rest obtained before was not enough.

Shinichi is tired, he was not going to lie at that point in his life where he rejuvenates ten years just for a small chance of surviving an experimental poison; he felt tired of lying to Ran, friends, family and those close to the false identity created to stay alive.

He suppressed a yawn, keeping his eyes and ears focused on anything strange, receiving all the necessary information, decided to ambush Kaitou KID on the roof, he need took a break, he was the only being that kept corpses at a distance, for strange and unusual that could be heard.

As in most of the robberies, Kaitou KID had planned to impress his audience with his great performance, maybe play a little with the task force's dignity, expand the vocabulary record of Nakamori-keibu by the thief presence, steal a beautiful gem and escape before many people's incredulity.

It did not take long for KID to appear with a smile before the moon, spreading his arms to feel the cool nocturne air, for then move to look at the gem stolen in front moon light, Shinichi always wondered what was he wanted find and if him could help; Kaitou KID was too good as a person, returning the stolen things, avoiding physical damage and causing the psychological injuries with strange jokes, breaking the minds of the spectators, even helping to discover other crimes.

He could not be a bad person if the good actions performed sometimes, went hand in hand with the bad ones, neutralizing each other, although those good actions were not almost perceived.

It almost seemed forced, something beyond the need or pleasure to do so, yes, it seems to enjoy his act, but there, where apparently the thief was alone, that arrogant expression accompanied by his false smile disappeared turning into a serious face, something so real, which confirms its existence as one more human.

The boy approached the thief in silence, taking him by surprise, almost causing him to drop the jewel in his hand, Kaitou turned to watch the little tantei grab his pant.

"Oi, tantei-kun ..." Kaitou kept her eyes on the boy, "Could you let me go?" Conan let go of the grasp bit by bit, unsure of letting go of the 'captured' wizard.

"I need to leave"

Those words condemned him, because instead, the grip was strong again and much more than before, he tried to escape, the little detective has a good grip even if he almost fell asleep.

"I want a break," the detective murmured as his eyesight remained on the floor.

That baffled KID, lowering the eyes of the boy, but could not stay, would reach the roof soon to 'say goodbye'...

"Please" that sounded like a plea.

That's what it was; the thief shuddered, tantei-kun would never beg, that knowing and intelligent look was replaced, he looked so innocent and adorable, squeezing the magician's noble heart, making him unable to leave, with a sigh of surrender, him sat on the floor next to the child.

"Arigatou" he whisper calmly.

"No reason" his rival is manipulative, now noticed, "But if they arrest me it will be your responsibility and you should visit me"

They would arrest him forever, never again will he see the sun, or worse, he will not see the bright moon again, internally he hated himself when he gave in to the request, so weak to deny the detective his presence.

"It's okay," Conan murmured, wanting to get closer to try to steal that blessed exaggerated good luck belonging to KID.

"What is happening to tantei-kun today?" Kaitou thought, keeping her eyes and part of attention on the door in case anyone showed up.

There was a yawn unable to contain itself, clarifying the question, well, I would not deny that in a state of fatigue, the detective would act more pleasantly.

"Because you left?" Kaito asked showing his disappointment at the lack of his favorite rival, "You missed the fun!"

"I think I differ with your crazy idea of fun," the boy said.

"Fortunately for you, I have some good pictures"

Okay, even if it was his mother's rival to create chaos and commotion in the places where it appeared, it was an elaborate work, the costumes were ridiculous and funny, among those photos were several Task Force's members trying not to laugh at the partners or themselves, almost inevitable.

The detective was able to contain himself well, although a smile still remained on his face.

"And with the beautiful costume I had prepared for you" he said with disappointment at not being able to complete his evil plan.

The smile on Conan-kun's face disappeared completely.

"I will not let you disguise me," the boy murmured, causing fear in the thief.

The magician snorted, had so many good ideas, some embarrassing and other ideas would surely like his favorite critic, even those intended for the others present in the robbery; he resigned himself to continue embracing the child who did not refuse to be held.

Everything had been quiet until Conan-kun spoke again.

"At least until you marry me" murmured the boy without paying much attention to the thief, when he had arrived there, it was to rest and get a break from the strange deaths that haunt him; the thief it was luck in the good and pure mode, he was not going to deny that he noticed that change in the atmosphere.

And KID was luckier than tantei-kun, at least, he does not want to reveal his identity or minimum turn to see him, because he would notice that his "poker face" was shattered in pieces and turning his face completely red, he did not need it, not in that moment.

"What?" he asked trying to hide his voice about to break.

"You're not going to put on a ridiculous costume, unless you marry me, KID-san"

Kaito remained silent, the rational part shouted that he was not deceived, ignoring what his beloved rival said, the crazy part of his existence and most of it, literally shouting: 'I accept tantei-kun! I will marry you immediately if possible! '; because if he listened to that side, he would grab the child and jumped out of the building to never come back.

"And I thought you did not know how to make jokes ..." he said, containing happiness in his being, neutralizing his facial expression.

Because another part of him said about the possibility of being a joke, a trap or a lie, no matter how painful he feels about that possibility, yes that would be hurtful.

"When did I say it was?"

The magician was blushing, again breaking his mental doubts along with his poker face when he felt his critic embrace him, refusing to let him go, well, the madness began and he saw no reason not to continue with it, it did not sound unpleasant.

"Okay, I guess I'll marry you"

The little tantei just listened, detecting the mockery in his voice, the boy did not see the red color occupying the face of Kaito and his mocking expression disappeared while accepting that idea; maybe, that's why I do not take those words seriously.

The magician noticed how Conan sounded something delirious sure caused by his fatigue, he finish hugging him, feeling his accelerated heart beating strongly in his chest, making him unconscious of the proximity of the officers.