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 He’s stunning. That man.

The foreign warrior whose fierce blue eyes are like that of a proud wolf’s, his arms cut through the air with unparalleled grace and skill and his face so… Well, Simon was going to say determined, but at this moment in time he’s holding a more risqué expression. It’s all because of the hot springs that they are staying in, after a long day of slaying demons and sending the survivors running back to their master to cry for help. It just felt good to be able to relax in this secluded area, two warriors from different times and areas of the world… but one destiny. For justice, for vengeance, and for peace.

The samurai really does look at peace at this moment. Very.

The vampire hunter’s eyes wander all around Fūma’s naked body, covered partially by the soothing green water around them both. Admiring every aspect of him - no scars, mostly because of his supernatural ability to recover at a fast pace, toned body with a slight tan that almost matched Simon’s own… and no sign of tan lines at all too. He’s a little jealous of that, and wonders how good it’d feel under his fingers? It’d be worth it if he could make Fūma keep that delicious expression upon his face, one of pure bliss and pleasure as he reclines back against the edge of the pool.

Simon nibbles lightly on his lip, still staring over at the unsuspecting samurai, the urge to swim over and massage those muscles, finger through that wet, fiery hair, and maybe give Fūma some lip service as well. Fūma really deserved that and so much more. Simon would give so much to him and-

And then he realizes that those eyes he’s been admiring earlier are now staring back at him.

“Find something you like, Shimon?” Ah, that name. Fūma can pronounce his name correctly, unlike at the beginning of their relationship and the strong language barrier. But that pronunciation had become an endearing nickname for him, one that he doesn’t mind at all. But he’s now under heat and not just from the hot spring water. The pool isn’t so deep and dark that Simon’s hardening length couldn’t be seen, which he is doing his best to ignore. He hopes that Fūma does as well, even as he’s helping it get harder just by being so damn beautiful and irresistible . He just wants to put his hands on the warrior and pull him closer, right onto his lap and…

“Nothing, really. Just admiring.” Simon speaks quickly, his amber eyes quickly finding something less interesting to look at. Fūma is right beside him now, sitting on that underwater step with Simon and he’s just too damn close . He can feel that hot breath on his ear now.

“You can’t admire me if your eyes have left me, you know.” Ah, here it begins. One reason why he loves Fūma so much. The samurai is indeed fierce and determined, taking his demon slaying job seriously, but outside of battle he lightens up considerably, becoming a kind, generous and even downright flirty kind of guy. He can be both fun and serious at times, and Simon finds this absolutely wonderful, as his firsts impression of Fūma was one of doubt. How could this super-human guy (they called themselves what… the chōjin?) with the world’s most intimidating resting bitch face be a kind guy? Well, he is.

And now that very same chōjin is resting his hand upon the hunter’s submerged thigh, squeezing lightly. Oooh boy. Simon just had to turn his gaze back to Fūma again, dragging his teeth over his lower lip again.

“You have my attention.” Simon responds slowly, their noses nearly touching now and he just wants to dive in and give those pretty pink lips a passionate kiss. Fūma makes a small chuckle, which he believes is always pretty cute, and realizes that he may have been caught staring there.

“As you have mine! What part of me do you admire the most? Do you have a favorite?” Now Fūma’s asking the hard questions, as Simon isn’t sure if he can pick just one thing that he loves about this man. He’s just so impossibly perfect, as if he was personally handcrafted by some crazy god-like artist and released Fūma out to the world. The warrior even said he had two older brothers, and Simon could just imagine what they were like too…

“Everything. I admire and adore everything about you, Fūma.” So he decides to be honest, reaching up to actually stroke his partner’s wet hair now, pinching a soaked lock between his fingers and gentle pulling it over the taller man’s shoulder. It was long enough to reach the bottom of his ribcage, and the way it fell made it stick right over one wet and very pink nipple. Simon doesn’t realize that he really wants to touch those, maybe Fūma could let him kiss one, suck on one and leave some teeth marks from a bite he would totally place there. Naturally, his staring doesn’t go unnoticed once again, watching as the chōjin lifts his other hand to that same breast and thumb over that nipple, pushing his blazen hair from it.

“I think I know a part that’s your favorite.” He whispers, his fingers lingering around it, almost framing it so that Simon finds it difficult to stay focused. But he does, and the distracted hunter forces himself to lift his head up, watching Fūma’s expression change from slightly flirty to full on seduction mode. Simon swallows hard, he’s in trouble, and he’s loving it already.

“Do you?” Simon asks softly, parting his knees slightly, and slides his raised hand over that side’s bicep, giving the samurai’s muscle a squeeze.

“But what if I like this part better? Or-” His hand goes lower, to lightly pinch at Fūma’s hip. “This part?”

“Shimon, sweet Shimon… we both know that it’s much lower than that, if we’re going there.”

Soon his partner breaks away, making Simon reluctantly let go of him and sink that arm back under water, next to his rising arousal. Fūma’s up to something, as he actually stands up deeper into the pool, where it only covers up to his thighs and stopping just cupping his testicles, which hang below a lovely erection that is forming on Fūma now, too.

“Let me guess, maybe it’s lower, but -” Fūma then smirks as he makes an emphasis on that last word. He then stretches his arms over his head, folding them behind his skull to slowly pull his soaked red hair over one shoulder. While he does this, he turns to show off more of his body, knowing that Simon is still sitting there in awe, watching the samurai show off that shapely ass now and sliding his hands back down over his body then into the water.

“Maybe this?” He doesn’t just gesture to it, but glide his wet hands over those plump cheeks, squeezing and gazing over his shoulder to Simon. Of course the hunter isn’t looking away, how could he when the object of his affections - and maybe a perfectly healthy dose of obsession - is right in front of him? Teasing him and seemingly trying to get him to get closer to him, to join him out in the deeper water and touch him.

Simon just might do that. He watches that lovely man before him, swaying and twisting, causing small ripples of water spreading around him, around those long, lean thighs… that hairless tanned skin stretched nicely over just the right amount of muscle, following every curve and angle that the samurai shows off. Simon can’t help himself now, he needs to feel Fūma, to hold him close to his own body and just worship him. So the vampire hunter slowly slips from his seat at the edge of the pool and wades over to his companion, who doesn’t move at all, even when he’s now captured in Simon’s arms. They both find out just how aroused they both are, and Fūma himself leans further back into Simon, sighing softly as strong arms wrap lovingly around him.

“Didn’t want to just sit and watch, huh~?” Fūma speaks in a hushed tone, rocking his hips back gently. Simon doesn’t care if they’re in a public area, despite being alone in this very pool, he’s going to indulge himself and accept this obvious invitation. His fingers trail all around the chōjin’s abs and around to get a feel of that firm ass for himself, watching how the smaller man looks so proud of himself. Like he successfully got away with a dirty trick, leading Simon into a sweet, sticky trap. Both of them staying together out of pure will and feelings of desire, on top of the appreciation from earlier.

“I’ve been a good boy for a long while, Fūma. But you send out signals like this, how can I refuse this time?” Simon squeezes those cheeks, kneading his thumbs into the cleft and spreads them as Fūma leans forward. There’s nowhere for him to lean against at all, being in the middle of the pool and in too deep to sit down. Besides, as pretty as that little button could be, as much as it would feel so nice and taut around his cock, Simon is creative and can think of other ways to have fun with his companion.

“Good boys deserve rewards, you know. You’ve been so well-behaved lately, I think it’s past due that I give you something nice for your hard work.” The hunter hears Fūma’s soft chuckle, a tiny playful sound that is followed by hands upon his own. Those hands then guide his away from the samurai’s rear and towards his quite stiff erection, barely concealed by the hot water around them.

“You can touch me here, too.”

“Now who is really the one being rewarded here? You’re the one getting all the attention!”

“Ah, but you’ve always wanted to touch me like this, yes?”

Another small laugh from the samurai, and another rolling of his hips right against his partner, who greatly appreciates it. It’s true that Simon really wanted to touch him, but for some reason he just didn’t feel he should try it or even ask. Not when the fiery chōjin had crushed many demon fingers for even trying to mess with him, and pulled off limbs of others trying the same. Besides, even with Simon being openly comfortable with flirting and sex, he knows that there’s a time and a place. So asking for a moment in the middle of a damp, humid swamp with many slimy and persistently sticky (and sentient ) things around… may not have been the best time to get closer.

Fūma now wordlessly invites his partner to his neck and shoulder, pulling wet crimson locks aside so that Simon may kiss him. The vampire hunter does so immediately, almost feeling the younger man’s pulse under heated skin and wondered if he could get his heart pumping further. He wraps eager fingers around Fūma’s cock soon after, not wanting to leave the guy hanging for too long and gives him slow, steady strokes. Soft sounds escape him and the vibrations are felt under Simon’s lips as he leaves a trail of kisses up Fūma’s neck. The hunter finds it’s high time he tries out a way to get off with his wanton companion, and whispers directly against the younger man’s ear.

“Part your legs a little.” Simon requested, his unoccupied hand grasping lightly onto his partner’s hip to guide him. The chōjin tilts forward very slightly, pushing his rear back as if presenting himself and slides his heels apart further, making a gap between his thighs. Simon tells him exactly when to stop, and when to close those strong legs again, which is just after the older man slides his aching erection between them. Fūma says absolutely nothing at this moment, enjoying himself even when this position was very alien to him, he never had thought of doing this with any of the previous partners he had been with. Then again, most of his partners were the ones who were on the receiving end of things. Simon’s glad to have the samurai understand just what he wants, and it feels great, almost as if he were plunging inside someone, only it doesn’t feel as enclosed yet it’s much more soaked because of the hot spring water. Only then, once they both got ahold of how they’d like to be, and Fūma’s legs slowly close back together with Simon’s cock sandwiched between them, does the guy even say anything.

“This is new to me.” He breathes out, leaning back into Simon now that he knows that his beloved companion isn’t doing what he thought he would. He’s not disappointed in the least though, from what Simon could tell, as he’s already making the motions as if he would have any other way. Simon holds his partner close, making some keening noises as having the fiery samurai’s wet thighs squeeze and grind against him felt so good . Fūma is making sure that he’s gentle, if not a little distracted especially when his eager companion slides a hand up to his jaw and cants it up for a deep kiss, followed by praise.

“You’re doing very well for your first time, with me at least!”

“And next you’re going to say that I do this with just anyone that crosses my path.”

“No way. I want to believe that I’m special!”

Crystal blue eyes close as the owner makes some soft chuckles after their exchange. Simon couldn’t help but want to praise him more, for all the things that he has done, for things he has yet to do, and for things that were done in response to this beautiful, strong warrior’s presence alone. It might be excessive, but the hunter feels that his friend deserves every bit of it, especially since he rarely witnesses any gratitude from anyone else on these hellish islands.

“Mm, Shimon. You are very special, and very dear to me.” Simon hears from the samurai once more, witnessing those eyes open one more as he strokes him further. He encourages Fūma to move more again, as he’s been slacking after Simon’s kiss and their banter. The chōjin’s words are close enough to an “I love you” that Simon might ever get, and that’s perfectly fine by him. Simon had hoped that it wouldn’t come to either of them getting too attached to the other, as he knows once Fūma’s journey comes to and end, the hunter isn’t really sure where he’ll end up after that. Certainly not staying within the Ryukyu Islands, as it’s already hell trying to understand his partner at times, let alone trying to adapt to an entirely new way of life. Plus, as the last of the Getsu clan, who were leaders and protectors from what he’s heard, Fūma most likely would go back home and rise into the role of head of the clan. He’d most likely be very busy assisting the people who were affected than spending much time with some vampire hunter from another time and another place.

“Are you getting distracted as well? I’m turning blue...” But that’s neither here nor there, at least not yet. Simon snaps out of his momentary gawking and getting completely lost in Fūma’s eyes, holding him so close that he’s certain this is just a spur of the moment thing, they are companions, platonic partners, friends-with-benefits even? The spicy hunter resumes pleasuring the younger man, thinking that even with the kissing, the deep levels of admiration, and the sweet words spun by Fūma’s affectionate tongue, that this is all just going to happen once and never again.

So he better make this good for Fūma.

“You’re so good at a great deal of things, Fūma, but you’re terrible at begging.” Simon only teases, worrying a small spot upon the samurai’s neck that has begun to get pink because of his sudden nibbling and sucking on that flawless skin. This all nets him many mewls and wiggling from his wanton companion, and he’s already getting so close as Fūma’s picked up his pace.

“Mm, then… Shimon, ah. Please let me come.” Ah, that’s much better. The request is spoken in a hushed tone and dripping with desire, maybe a little bit of desperation as Simon can just feel how much he has left. The thick fingers around Fūma’s cock tighten slightly, thumb rubbing along the tip of it. He can’t stop praising him in soft, affectionate murmurs, trailing kisses down his wet neck and allowing his other hand to be moved to where the chōjin wants it to be. Soon he’s back to squeezing that shapely rear once more, playing with the water around it and dares to press a digit past that pink ring of flesh he had left untouched for the longest time. Fūma pushes his hips back further against that hand, rolling his ankles as he alternates squeezing Simon’s cock and keeping it between his thighs while he slides back and forth.

It’s not long until both of them reach the end goal, to get each other off and become satisfied, even without any penetration or relocating elsewhere. Anyone who would have dared to interrupt them might have just witnessed a little show, as Simon knows he wouldn’t have stopped, and he’s sure that the fiery chōjin might not as well. The vampire hunter sucks in a sharp breath as his partner damn near crushes his cock between his legs, feeling his seed paint the space between and on top of those legs white. Fūma had gotten his own all over his companion’s hand, which slows down with the jerking until he milks every last drop Fūma has to give at the moment. The two melt in each others’ arms now in afterglow, with Simon not even bothering to clean himself or his partner just yet. They’re surrounded by water, so they’ll do that at any time after.

“I’m so proud of you.” It might not have been the best post-coital whispers he’s come up with, but it’ll do. The younger man makes a soft sound, utters some kind sounding words in his native tongue, which Simon still doesn’t have the foggiest on how to interpret, and lifts his arms up and behind his and Simon’s head. In response to this affection, the vampire hunter caresses Fūma’s sides and gives him one last kiss as they cool off - well, as much as one even can at an onsen. But they both are satisfied, Fūma appearing as if he’s been idolized and appreciative of every bit of it, and Simon just glad that he was able to make this move.

It’s a shame that, as they sank into the green, steaming waters of the pool, that they might not have another chance. The two disappear almost completely as they dunk themselves in the water to wash off, Simon hoping that there’s a place for him alongside his great companion when the land is purified. He’d love to let Fūma know, again and again, just how much he appreciates and needs him.