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Cliche Is the Flavor Of the Day!

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High school. No one ever said high school was the best time of their lives, no one ever said it was a particularly fun time, and no one ever said it was when children were at their smartest. No, children 15 -18 were certainly far from wise, and would arguably get stupider up until their days in college and beyond.

So it should go without saying that a 15 year old might make some stupid decisions, such as ask her sworn enemy for help getting a boyfriend.

“...Pardon?” Kanra blinks slowly at the (fake) blonde girl in front of her. Shizuka was red faced and glaring like she wanted to start a fight, like Kanra was the one to approach her with a completely ridiculous and unexpected request.

“H-help me get one, okay?” She whispered harshly, leaning further into Kanra’s space with big, brown eyes pleading and mouth pulled on a desperate pout. Kanra wouldn’t admit this, but she thought it a nice improvement over the glare.

She sighed, resting her chin on her hand and trying to look as disinterested as possible. “Why should I?” She inquired, eyeing the blonde suspiciously. “Why me?”

“C-cause you know all the boys...” She mutters back, glancing around nervously even though it’s clear no one cares about their conversation. It’s a rather stupid excuse, and Kanra just knows there’s more to it than that.

“Hmm.” She hums, letting the following quiet hang in the air. It grows thicker and thicker with tension, and she knows it won’t be long before Shizuka breaks and tells her the real reason. The blonde is starting to fidget, tucking a stay lock of hair behind her ear. The current trend is twin pigtails, and Shizuka can’t seem to figure out how to make them tight enough, hair coming loose all over the place in an (endearingly) messy way.

“Cause you’re perfect!” She finally blurts. Kanra isn't sure how to react, until she notices Shizuka scowling at herself. “I mean you’re not, obviously, but you act like you are in front of everyone and they all buy it. They don’t know how shitty you really are," she finishes. 'Okay, rude.'

“So you want me to teach you?” Kanra laughs, just loud enough to draw the attention of a nearby boy. He turns to look at them curiously. Shizuka practically jumps out of her skin, nervous energy making things worse and amplifying her self consciousness. She wonders if Shizuka’s head will pop like a balloon. She’s so red and embarrassed, Kanra almost feels bad for her.

Mostly she’s just amazed by her insecurity and self consciousness, treating every little thing like she’ll die if she doesn’t look normal. 'Just accept that you're a monster already.'

“Yeah.” Shizuka mutters, throwing quick little glances at the boy who has already stopped caring about them.

“In return for what?” Kanra purrs, switching to rest upon her other hand so her heads turned back to her book and away from her enemy. Well, by book she really means her phone, as she’s scrolling through popular memes with mild amusement. “I doubt there’s anything you can offer me, so why don’t you run along and pretend to play human some more, beast.” Being ignored so obviously, she wonders what face the other girl is making right now?

“In return, I won’t beat the shit out of you.” Shizuka growls, coming around to her other side to properly threaten her.

“Ooh, such violent, much scared.” She deadpans, smiling at a picture of doge over Shizuka’s hiss of frustration.

“F-fine then!” She crosses her arms, Kanra sees this from the corner of her eye, and takes a moment to consider what someone like Kanra could possibly want in exchange. “...Homemade bentos for a month,” She offers.


“You can have my rare gudetama figurine.”

“Not interested.”

“I’ll be your bodyguard.”


“I’ll let you dye my hair any color.”

“No way- wait!” Her head snaps up from her phone, startling Shizuka a tad. “What was that last one?”

“...I-I’ll let you dye my hair,” Shizuka mumbles, gripping her blonde locks with a look of immediate regret, but Kanra shakes her head.

“Not that. You said you’d be my bodyguard?” Shizuka nods hesitantly, and Kanra smiles slowly. She glances at the clock, 5 minutes till class, and finds her pencil sharpener. Today they should be having a substitute teacher, one who wouldn’t know of Kanra and Shizuka’s mutual hatred and violent antics.

“What are you- Auugh!?” She gasps as Kanra discreetly removes the blade, don't ask her where she learned to do this, and slashes across her right hand before shoving the bloody little blade deep into her desk. The cut isn’t deep enough to scar but enough to bleed prettily and make a small mess on the linoleum. She leans in close to Shizuka’s ear as the teacher walks in, shoving her down on her knees.

“Try to look like you’re going to cry and follow my lead.” She whispers, drawing back to look at the teacher with concern.

“Shizuka-chan is bleeding!” She calls, lacing her tone with the normal worry and concern that is expected of a young girl seeing a classmate hurt instead of the manic glee that’s actually welling up inside.

“Oh, dear.” He frowns, taking a few steps closer inspect the damage. Shizuka stays kneeled, biting her lip and holding her bloodied hand out for him to see. Thankfully, he doesn’t ask what happened, although she’s sure she could find some excuse.

“I can take her to the nurse,” Kanra offers. He nods his permission, going to say something else, but that’s all she needs. She tugs Shizuka up and out the door without looking back, practically skipping down the hallway.

“What did you do that for?” Shizuka hisses at her. She tugs her wrist, the right one, out of Kanra’s loose grasp and holds it to her chest. Kanra ignores her, smiling and humming to herself as they head towards the nurses office.

“Sensei,” She calls happily, skipping into the room with a bright grin. Her bangs are falling in her face some, so she brushes them back as he turns to look at her. Shizuka follows behind, still scowling.

“Hello, Himoto-san,” the nurse greets kindly. He spins around in his office chair, the same old one he’s always had. Kanra never understands why he hangs onto it, it’s so old it makes awful noises and hardly looks safe. Which is why it’s so fun to spin it, as it could give any second.

“I’ve told you to call me Kanra!” She smiles and bends down before him, hands clasped behind her back in a cutesy way. He mock sighs, holding back a fond grin, and gets out of his chair so she can spin around in it.

“Ah, Shimoto-san. Hello,” He greets Shizuka as well, finally noticing her by the door. “I didn’t see you there.”

“You’re getting old,” Kanra teases, putting her foot out to stop her spinning. “Should they really keep a nurse who is half blind? One mistake and you could be sued!” She feins shock, eyebrows raised and feet kicking out to spin herself again. The chair creaks and groans under her in a familiar, comforting way.

“It’s not like I’m performing surgery,” He says exasperatedly. “I tend to cuts and bruises, most of the time. And I’m only 53!”

“And yet,” She smiles. “You’re letting a precious student bleed out right in front of you.”

“Oh!” He moves forward, guiding Shizuka to his examination chair. She sits down, shoulders tensed and-oh, that’s new. Is she...afraid of him?

“I’m sorry Shimoto-san!” He laughs, running a hand through messy, greying brown hair. He grabs his supplies; bandages, medical tape, things like that, and starts cleaning Shizuka’s hand. The blonde keeps her eyes trained on him, wary.

‘It seems Shizu-chan doesn’t like doctors,’ Kanra observes with a small grin. ‘How interesting.’

“Himoto-san,” The nurse starts to say. He’s cut off when she pointedly clears her throat, raising an eyebrow at him even though he’s still focused on wrapping Shizuka’s hand and can’t see. He chuckles like he knows, and corrects himself. “Kanra-chan, where do you need tending to?”

“Oh, I’m actually fine,” She chirps brightly. “Shizu-chan’s hand is the only thing that needs attention. Well, and her brain, but there’s not much you can do for stupidity, no?”

“Shut up, ant.” Shizuka hisses angrily, ripping her eyes away from the nurse for only a second. Not that it matters, he’s done anyway, putting up his supplies and standing to look at Kanra with a frown of disapproval.

“We’re not blackmailing Shimoto-san into not fighting back, are we?” He asks, and Kanra thinks the roll of her eyes is answer enough.

“Of course not, we just needed an excuse out of class,” she clarifies anyway.

“You never told me why, though,” Shizuka snaps angrily, examining her bandages with little interest. “Couldn’t I have just faked a stomach ache?” Yes.

“No, of course not! It had to be real, Shizu-chan, real~ Our substitute was clearly a smart man, he would have seen right through the act.” He wasn’t, in fact, a smart man. Kanra knew that the second he walked in. “And we had that THING to do at the library, remember?” She winks, and Shizuka seems to understand. Somewhat.

“Sneaking out of class together?” The nurse grins, pleased. “Are you two finally friends, after all these years?” He’d only known them for two years, but Kanra ignored this. He was an odd human, after all.

“As if!” Shizuka stands up with a huff, ready to leave so they can work out their plan.

“Nope, still hate each other.” Kanra spins a final time in the chair before standing up, grinning at the nurse. She holds out her hand expectantly, and despite being highschool student and uninjured, and the one responsible for another students injury, he still hands her a sucker. He slips one into Shizuka’s hand, the uninjured one, as well, and she gives him a nervous twitch of a smile. The sweet tooth that girl had was amazing.

“You two never change…” He smiles at her, eyes sad for a reason beyond even her. He gets a far off look sometimes, like he’s thinking about someone else when he’s looking at her.

“And we never will.” She promises, grabbing Shizuka’s wrist yet again and tugging her back out into the hall and towards the direction of the Library. “Bye, Kishitani-sensei!” She calls happily, and he waves at them as they head off towards the Library.

“Good-bye, Kanra-chan.”