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Changing Your Fate: a Kamen Rider fanfic

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The Devil.


The Destroyer of Worlds.


That’s what everyone used to gossip about him. But now, the gossips have become the truth. Tsukasa was just wondering now, in the mainstream world. He never imagined that he’d become what he never wanted to be. Yeah, he might’ve been a former Great Leader of Dai-Shocker, but his amnesia helped him fix his life and redeem him. Or it should’ve, at least.


Now, after a conflict with the Showa riders, here he was again. In the middle of another war. Only this time all his predecessors were now after him. The photographer just finished fighting against SkyRider, Super-1, and Tendou Souji. It was quite simple really. He easily took out SkyRider and overpowered Super-1. Tendou used Clock Up, but Tsukasa was able to counterattack with Invisible and took Tendou and Super-1 out with a Final Attack Ride.


Tsukasa looked at his hand, now holding the horn that broke off from Kabuto’s helmet. Cheerful and painful memories came up as he tossed the horn away. He still couldn’t believe he was fighting and destroying those he cared about. His friends and comrades. He wished he was back at the Hikari Photo Studio; back with Natsumi, Daiki Kaito, Sayo, his sister, and...Onodera Yuusuke.


He missed Onodera the most. He hadn't seen him since the start of the war, where Kiva-la infused him with the Demon Imperial Powers in order to revive him. A tear ran down his cheek as the image of the A.R Kuuga showed up in his memory. The magenta-clad rider collapsed to his knees and punched the ground beneath him in anger and frustration.



Sayo opened her eyes and sat up in her bed in shock. She could’ve sworn she heard Tsukasa screaming in agony. She gripped her shirt as she looked around, only to notice that only Natsumi was in the room, sleeping beside her. The younger Kadoya sighed and rubbed her forehead. It seemed like it was only a dream. So why did it feel so real?


After what happened in their world, the girl had decided to join her brother on his travels with the people he cared about. In that time, Tsukasa and her decided to catch up on what each other missed on and Tsukasa’s travels. Sayo also decided to have her hair cut short (A/N: (Please be careful in case there are any viruses (There shouldn’t be, but please be cautious).), which Tsukasa was more than happy to do so. Originally, she was hesitant on joining due what happened with Dai-Shocker in the Kadoyas’ native world, but much to her surprise, Onodera immediately welcomed her; forgiving her completely. Daiki was pretty neutral to the whole welcome, but they knew it wasn’t personal, so she was fine with it.


Natsumi… If there was such thing as love at first sight, it was right there and then for both girls. Sayo felt herself heat up immensely as she struggled to get a hello out. Needless to say, the young Hikari was much the same. Tsukasa had tried helping them to get together, but the best they got to was holding hands and sharing a bed. They hadn’t actually confessed to each other….yet.


She looked at the clock and saw it was early morning. Sighing, she got stretched and got out of bed, but not before brushing Natsumi’s hair gently away from her eyes. She walked downstairs, only to find Daiki already awake and dressed. Daiki looked up from his breakfast and gave a small wave. Sayo replied with a small salute, similar to her brother’s, as she went to the fridge, getting a bottle of water before sitting next to the thief. “Going to look for him again?” she asked. She didn’t need to specify who “him” was. Daiki nodded. “Yep.”


Sayo looked at him with sad eyes. “Do you think he’ll come back?” She asked, almost whispering. It was silent for a few seconds before Daiki responded, “I hope so. I’m sure Tsukasa wants to come home as much we want him to.” Sayo, reluctantly, nodded in agreement. He was right, but...he didn’t sound confident or sure.


“I wish Dad was still around.” She said, “Maybe he would’ve been able to convince the other riders that Tsukasa isn’t a threat. Maybe he would’ve been able to help convince Tsukasa to stay home. Maybe…” She immediately shut her mouth when she realized she was starting to ramble. “Sorry.” she said, quietly, causing the cyan-clad rider to chuckle. “Nah, it’s okay. I understand.” A moment of silence hung between them until Kaito came up with an idea. “Wanna come with?” He asked.


Sayo gave a sad glance. “You and Natsumi tried to talk him out of going through with the war before with no success.” She said. Daiki sighed at the memory. Yes, he and Natsumi tried talking Tsukasa and Onodera out of trying to kill each other, but unfortunately, Onodera was influenced by the Demon Imperial Powers and Tsukasa was forced into becoming the Destroyer of Worlds.


“So you’re wondering if it’ll matter or not if you talk with him.” Daiki stated. Sayo looked down at the table, gaining a smile from Daiki. “Relax. I get how you feel. However, I still think you coming would help significantly.” He said, reassuringly. Sayo stayed silent for a minute or two before sighing, “Alright. Let me get dressed first.” She walked back upstairs to get her clothes on. The younger Kadoya opened the door to the bedroom she shared with Natsumi, finding the other girl waking up.


Sayo smiled as she walked over to give her roommate a hug. “Good morning.” she said, gaining a grunt from the young Hikari. Sayo chuckled as she went over to her dresser, getting out a long-sleeved shirt and sweatpants. “Why are you...getting dressed?” Natsumi asked through a yawn. “Daiki and I are going to find Tsukasa.” Sayo responded, causing Natsumi to nod. “Alright. You want to come?” She asked. Her roommate nodded, “Only if you want to.”


The younger girl nodded and got out of bed, heading to her dresser. “Alright. Let me get dressed and have something to eat first.” She said. Sayo nodded and hugged her from behind, before heading downstairs. Daiki, who was waiting at the bottom, perked up when he heard footsteps. “Hey. Is Natsumelon joining us?” He asked. Sayo nodded, “Yeah. Just let her get dressed and eat something before we go.” Daiki nodded and leaned against the wall as the two waited.



It didn’t take that much time before the trio were out the door and in the thief’s cyan Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2, nicknamed the Machine Diender. Tsukasa found savings and many other pieces of inheritance left behind by his parents when the group was in his native world, which he used to buy Daiki a thank you gift. The thief tried to tell him that a gift wasn’t necessary, but he couldn’t really argue, especially when the older Kadoya was being THAT thankful.


Daiki immediately started the engine and sped off into Tokyo. “What are we going to do if Yuusuke-kun gets to Tsukasa-kun first?” Natsumi asked. Daiki gripped the steering wheel, determined. “Then we’ll stop them from fighting. One way or another.” He said. He could sense that Sayo was getting nervous about his words and immediately said, “I’m not saying we’re going to kill them. I want to avoid that at all possible if I can. But we might need to use force in order to stop them.”


Sayo, in the back seat with Natsumi and still somewhat hesitant, nodded and held Natsumi’s hand. She was worried, Natsumi could tell just by feeling her hold on her hand. Natsumi hugged the younger Kadoya, trying to calm her fears. Daiki smiled as he looked at the two in rear-view mirror and continued focus on the road. Natsumi was truly good for Sayo, though the two couldn’t seem to brave up and confess to the other about their feelings. Daiki mentally sighed. He’d worry about that later. Currently, Tsukasa’s wellbeing came first.



Onodera became aware of many things since the defeat of the A.R. Apollo Geist. Firstly, he was revived by Kiva-ra with her Demon Imperial Powers, which would take control of his body at random, causing him to black out. Secondly, he was in the middle of the Rider War; the very thing Tsukasa feared about. He could count with all his fingers on how many times Tsukasa had nightmares about it and wouldn’t even be half way through. Thirdly, Kadoya Tsukasa, his friend and lover had, unwillingly, become the Destroyer of Worlds. And now...Onodera was FORCED to fight and possibly even KILL him.


Ever since he realized what was happening, Onodera had cried and prayed every night that this whole thing was just a dream. A nightmare. And hoped that when he woke up, he’d be in the bed he shared with Tsukasa and watching his lover sleep peacefully. Unfortunately, whenever he fell asleep, the Demon Imperial Powers, in the shape of an out-of-control Ultimate Kuuga, would taunt him. Fight and tell him that Tsukasa was the Destroy, that he always had been and will be.


Fortunately, Onodera was never a quitter and always a fighter. He never gave in to the thoughts and lies that he was being told. He always fought back, saying that Tsukasa would never intentionally harm anyone. That his amnesia had redeemed and SAVED him from what he was in the past. However, he couldn’t keep this up for long. Each time he gained a victory, the rampaging Kuuga would come back, getting louder and stronger, to the point where Onodera had now started to head towards a loss.


Onodera, now wandering in a parking garage, kicked a nearby pillar in frustration. He needed to remind himself to never give in. To always fight back against the voices in his head, even if it killed him. However, his thoughts were cut short when he spotted Tsukasa. The two shared a look, clearly telling the other how much they missed them, just from eye contact alone. The riders shared a small sad smile, before the Demon Imperial Powers took control once more, as expected by both of them.


Soon, Riotroopers showed up and Tsukasa could tell this was going to be another long battle. With a heavy heart, the older Kadoya took out his Decadriver. Tsukasa then activated his henshin, transforming into the now very powerful and incredibly violent Decade.Tsukasa could already tell that this wasn’t even CLOSE to the end of the war. No matter how much he wished it was.

-To Be Continued-