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Seven Parties Illyana Should Not Have Attended, And The One She Didn’t

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Woke up on the bathroom floor. On my face. Somewhere my phone buzzed like a million flies fleeing an ancient tomb of horrors. Found it and many texts from Kitty that I was late for a staff meeting and where was I and was I okay?

Felt like someone had taken all my teeth out and put them in the wrong sockets.

Made it in time to teach class. Then walked gracefully down the hall to the bathroom and puked up whatever the hell was in my gut. Some of it might have been alive. I hate alien cuisine.

I should’ve gone to medical but passed out again for a while or maybe just slept because the bathroom tile was so perfectly cooling.

Woke up because Kitty and Storm came in, talking loudly. I tried to teleport home.

Ended up in the 1950s.

I hate the 1950s.