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6. “He’s here.”

“He’s here.”

Taehyung’s holding out a glass of wine towards him when he approaches him. “I know,” Jimin replies, gaze travelling across the wedding venue to look at Namjoon and his new wife. “I know he’s here, Tae. And you know I know.”

Taehyung takes a sip of his own wine and surveys Jimin over his glass. “I’m just telling you,” he says, nonchalant. “Just letting you know—“

“I know already.”

“Then I’m surprised you’re still here and not getting fucked in the bathroom.”

Jimin almost chokes on his drink. “For fucks sake, Taehyung. Shut the fuck up.”

His friend merely bursts out laughing at his words, definitely enjoying the way Jimin’s cheeks have reddened and how exasperated he’s made him. Jimin glares at him.

“You’re the worst friend I have.”

Taehyung snorts. “I’m your best friend, that’s why I get to say stuff like this.”

“If you still want to be my best friend then you’ll shut up.”

“Whatever, Jiminie.” Taehyung says rolling his eyes. “Jeonggukie’s here. The bathroom’s there. You know what to do.”

“It’s Namjoon hyung’s wedding.”

“So what? That didn’t stop you at Jaebum hyung’s wedding, or Yugyeom’s, or Jihyo’s, or—“

“Okay,” Jimin says and Taehyung grins at him with that adorable boxy smile that Jimin wants to punch off his face in that very moment. “I get it, Jeongguk and I—“

“Are gonna leave now.” A new voice says behind him, familiar and pleasant and damn right annoying at the same time.

Jimin turns a little bit in Jeongguk’s direction and raises an eyebrow. He’s wearing a new suit today, probably a perk of his new and successful job. “I was wondering when you’d cut in, you brat.”

“Why?” Jeongguk replies instantly, smirk in place, eyes shining with mirth. “Did you miss me?” He moves his gaze from Jimin’s face and greets Taehyung, who is looking a little too pleased with himself. “Hello Taehyungie hyung, do you mind if I steal this one for a bit?”

“This one has a name.”

“You can take him, Guk.” Taehyung replies waving a hand around, completely ignoring Jimin. “And don’t bring him back.”

Jimin doesn’t even have the time to glare at his best friend before Jeongguk has an arm secured around his waist and is leading him to the bathroom with quick steps. They walk through the corridors, looking around just in case someone had wandered away from the party and once they’re next to the bathroom door, Jeongguk let’s him go.

Only to have Jimin jump him as soon as the door’s closed behind them.

He presses their lips together and holds tightly onto Jeongguk’s blazer’s lapels to bring him closer. Jeongguk’s tongue pokes at Jimin’s lower lip, asking, begging for entrance and Jimin allows him immediately. He can feel Jeongguk’s satisfied smile against his mouth, giddy and challenging, so Jimin bites his top lip until it disappears and Jeongguk’s pushing him against the wall.

He separates from Jimin with a wet sound, and pants against Jimin’s cheek, nose stroking the soft skin. “Did you miss me?”

“Do you want me to lie?”


“I did.”

Jeongguk hums and Jimin gives in and starts kissing down Jeongguk’s neck, enjoying the clean scent that he always has, fresh and citrusy. “I missed you too.”

“Are you lying?”

Jeongguk chuckles, “Who knows.”

They don’t talk much after that, it’s been a long time since they hooked up like this and Jimin wants to feel him again, wants to remember what it’s like to have Jeongguk in his arms, all pliant and needy. Jeongguk has been busy with work and Jimin has been preoccupied with his little brother’s wedding and the dance studio, with Taehyung and his other friends, with trying to forget about Jeongguk.

It’s been a rough couple of months where they’d seen each other only two times, and one of them had been in passing, just a wave in the university corridor as they each headed to their own class. The other time had been at Seokjin’s house, when they’d all gotten together for a very anticipated movie night and they’d barely interacted at all.

Something had changed the last time they’d done this, and Jimin doesn’t think they can go back.

Jeongguk’s thrusting inside him, making Jimin moan, hugging him against him with all his might, like he wants to keep him there forever, like he doesn’t want let go. What a silly thought.

And when they come, they’re looking at each other, and their breaths are mingling between them, sweet and bitter with the unsaid things.

In here they’re JiminandJeongguk, one entity, one secret, one problem. It’s like they’re in their own universe where nothing matters, certainly not their hyungs, certainly not Taehyung who knows too much, certainly not the fact that Jimin’s scared of this thing inside his chest that’s calling out.

Jimin doesn’t know what to do about Jimin and Jeongguk in the real world.




1. “I’m still gonna limp anyways.”

Jaebum says, “Wheein is pregnant,” and then continues, “We’re getting married.”

Jimin replies, “I’m not planning your wedding.”

And then he plans the wedding.

There’s a tiny moment when he tries to get out of it, when he tries giving his roommate every excuse he can think of, but then he just gives up. The look of distress and shock on Jaebum’s face proves to be too difficult to refuse, specially when he offers to pay Jimin for his help. He knows very well how much Jimin needs the money for university.

Jimin says he’s going to plan the wedding as quickly and as simple as possible and spends the next month shut in at Seokjin’s house, staying up late and going crazy over every detail for the ceremony and even the honeymoon.

“You do know you’re not the one getting married, right?” Seokjin asks one night when he gets home from work. He sits next to Jimin on the floor and picks up one of the dozens of papers with Wheein’s specifications and requirements. She’d drawn hearts all over them and written encouragements in her tiny, neat writing. “You’re not suddenly delusional and thinking you’re marrying Wheein, right?”

Jimin glares at him until his hyung puts the paper back in its previous position. He’s usually not this irritable, but the stress is murdering him slowly and painfully. “I’d never marry her.”

“Woah,” Seokjin replies, eyebrows raised and mouth open in surprise. “I thought you liked Wheein.”

“I liked her fine before this wedding business happened.”

“Well, it’s your own damn fault for agreeing.”

“He’s paying me!” Jimin says putting down his pen and throwing his hands up in exasperation. Seokjin sighs and then rolls his eyes, as if Jimin’s almost-breakdown is nothing out of the ordinary. “I’m not just doing this from the goodness of my heart.”

“God knows you need some of that.” Seokjin snorts. “I know you, Jiminie. I know you’re freaking out. Just say you need help with it, I’m sure,” He points to the papers on the table. “Wheein and her friends will gladly help.”

“No thanks,” Jimin replies trying to ignore the wise voice in the back of his mind—a voice that very curiously sounds like Namjoon—that’s telling him to give up the façade he’s been putting on. “I can do this on my own. I’ll plan the best damn wedding there ever was.”

And it is a good wedding, the guests arrive in time, the food’s good and nobody kills each other, so Jimin considers it a success. Despite planning the wedding Jimin isn’t given the title of best man, which doesn’t bother him one bit if he’s honest. All that matters to him is that a few thousand won are now sitting comfortably in his bank account and that Jaebum seems happy now that he’s married to his pregnant girlfriend.

Jaebum’s best man is a guy named Jinyoung that Jimin has seen around campus a few times with his boyfriend Yugyeom, and it seems he’s brought a whole entourage of people with him, including that one guy that Jimin has been avoiding like the plague for the past year.

Jeon fucking Jeongguk. Why isn’t he surprised.

The thing about Jeon Jeongguk is that he is one of those annoying but incredibly attractive people that like to hit on everything that breathes, and Jimin has been his target for the past year. It doesn’t matter what Jimin says, he always comes back with another stupid compliment that definitely and absolutely doesn’t make Jimin blush.

“Hello, Park.” Jeongguk says as they stand by the buffet. He looks so good in his expensive designer suit that Jimin wants to scream. How can such an obnoxious guy like Jeon be so handsome? Jimin’s always dancing on the edge of giving in and pushing him away. “Looking gorgeous today.”

“Thanks,” Jimin deadpans, serving himself a large portion of vegetables. He quickly looks behind himself and finds Taehyung looking curiously between him and Jeongguk. Jimin grimaces at him and goes back to his food.

“That’s it?” Jeongguk asks. “No ‘you look good too’? No ‘holy shit, you’re so handsome today’?”

Jimin’s so close to throwing his plateful of carrots and spinach at him. “How about ‘holy shit, get out of my face, asshole’?”

“Not very creative,” Jeongguk replies with a tiny smile. “I expected more from you, Jimin.”

“Yeah, well,” Jimin says leaning down to serve himself some filet mignon. He notices how Jeongguk’s eyes travel down his body until they settle on his ass and rolls his eyes. “You’ve caught me at my worst. I’m really not up for any of our usual banter today. And my eyes are up here.”

“You can’t blame me for staring at you, I’m hungry.” When Jimin’s only reply is to grunt, Jeongguk helps himself to a portion of the meat himself and then plops a huge spoonful of mashed potatoes next to it. For some reason Jimin finds this cute. “You stressed?”

There’s that irritating little smirk again, tugging at Jeongguk’s rosy lips and making Jimin want to both kiss him and punch him. “Well no shit, guess who planned this wedding.”

“Ah, of course,” Jeongguk and him move sideways along the table, bypass the pasta, and stop in front of the kimchi. “Jaebum hyung told me. Well done, you really did a fantastic job.”

The genuine praise comes out of nowhere and it catches Jimin unaware. He can’t help but feel his cheeks warming up, giving away how giddy it’s making him feel. This is the first time Jeongguk has given him a compliment that isn’t related to his appearance and Jimin’s both shocked and strangely pleased.

“Uh…” His brain seems to have short-circuited. “Thanks.”

“Sure,” Jeongguk replies, and he seems slightly flustered too. He’s avoiding Jimin’s eyes. “No problem, um.”

They reach for the kimchi at the same time and their hands touch, just for a quick second. It’s like an electric current hits Jimin, like something has ignited a new spark inside him, replacing the lethargic tension that had been bothering him the past two months as he planned the goddamn wedding, day and night, without pause or rest.

They stare at each other for a second and then they go back to the kimchi, wordlessly alternating to use the big wooden spoon as they serve themselves some of the food. They each go back to their own table.

After the buffet, the real party starts. Jaebum had requested a DJ and so Jimin had gotten him the best he could get with the budget the main couple had provided him with. The venue turns into a typical, college frat party, complete with uninvited guests and illegal substances and Jaebum loves it. He gives Jimin the thumbs up as he loses himself in the crowd and Jimin remembers Jeongguk’s voice telling him he did a good job. He did, indeed.

Taehyung and Jimin relocate to the bar shortly after, where they’re engaging in Taehyung’s favourite hobby of people watching, as they wait for their drinks.

The bartender puts two glasses of vodka on the bar. Taehyung hands him one. “Jeonggukie’s looking at you.” He says gesturing at someone across the room and Jimin follows his gaze.

Jeongguk’s standing on the other side, looking directly at Jimin and waving at him, as if calling him over. He has a cigarette in his hand and is smiling so wide that Jimin doubts it’s just tobacco.

Jimin snorts and takes a long sip of his drink. “Look at him. As if I’d actually go.” He smirks at Jeongguk over his glass. “What an idiot."

Hours later, Jimin swears the bartender slipped something in his drink, because he doesn’t know how, but suddenly he’s naked in the bathroom and Jeon Jeongguk is looking up at him from the floor, mouth closed around Jimin’s cock and three fingers stretching him wide open.

“Fuck,” Jimin pants, fogging up the mirror with his hot breath as he leans back and lets Jeongguk fuck him. “Yes.”

Jeongguk starts thrusting his fingers up and down, up and down again, quickly, without mercy and lets go of Jimin’s cock with a wet pop. “Yeah?” He asks, and Jimin glances at him, looks into his glassy eyes. They’re both fucking drunk and possibly drugged, but it feels so good Jimin doesn’t care. “Yeah? Like that?”

He’s past the point of feeling embarrassed so Jimin just lets out a little whimper, and answers a breathy, “Yeah, it’s so good. Fuck.”

Jeongguk looks wrecked, his hair is mussed with sweat, he’d lost the tie ages ago somewhere in the venue, and his shirt’s completely open, exposing his chest for Jimin to admire. A few buttons are strewn around the room where they’d landed when Jimin had basically ripped his shirt open, and Jimin’s clothes are laying all around them, crumpled and sweaty.

Jeongguk touches the little bundle of nerves inside Jimin that has him seeing stars and he can’t take it anymore, he needs Jeongguk to fuck him. Now.

“Please, please,” He murmurs deliriously but Jeongguk seems to get it. When he takes out his fingers Jimin whines, missing the feeling of fullness already, but he quickly turns around, facing the mirror directly and waits for Jeongguk to get ready.

He watches Jeongguk on the reflection as he finally pulls his fly down and thrusts a hand into his boxers, gaze switching between Jimin’s ass and his eyes. “Fuck,” He walks forward and holds Jimin’s asscheeks with both his hands, massaging them while he kisses the back of his neck. “You’re so beautiful, you’re gonna kill me.”

Jimin doesn’t even know if Jeongguk puts a condom or not, all that matters to him is the stretch, the delicious feel of Jeongguk’s thick cock entering him, finally. He’s never had mirror sex before and he’s a bit delirious, but his mind tells him this is the best sex he’s ever had.

Jeongguk starts moving his hips back and forth slowly, giving Jimin time to properly adjust to him, and a few minutes later their skin is slapping against each other with the force of his thrusts.

Jimin has one hand on the mirror and one hand covering his mouth, trying to keep quiet and failing when Jeongguk sucks a love bite on the side of his neck and holds him by the waist, fucking him steadily.

There are soft murmurs in his ear but Jimin’s too far gone to comprehend what Jeongguk’s saying, everything around him sounds like static.

Jeongguk’s does a particularly hard thrust that has the two of them coming undone at the same time. Jimin feels himself clench around Jeongguk and he notices he’d just come untouched, he’d come before Jeongguk had even touched his dick; that’s never happened before. Jeongguk’s loud moan echoes around the bathroom before he’s turning Jimin around and is kissing him for the first time.

It’s neither rough nor passionate, surprisingly, just a soft, post-coital kiss that takes Jimin’s breath away with how deep and full of something it is. Jeongguk holds his cheeks between his hands and caresses them as he kisses him, so tender and soft in fact, that it finally breaks Jimin out of whatever sex-induced trance he’d been put under.

He wiggles out of Jeongguk’s arms and without even looking at him, starts picking up his clothes and putting them on. He can see from the corner of his eye that Jeongguk’s just standing there where he’d left him, he can hear the rugged pants that are coming out of his mouth but Jimin needs to leave. He winces a little bit when he puts on his boxers and then his pants, and almost falls down when he’s tugging on his socks, but a strong, solid hand grabs his arm and pulls him upright again.

Jeongguk’s hair is sticking to his face, and his lips are red, bitten raw by the person that is trying to escape from confronting the situation at hand.

“Be careful,” He says and his voice is raspy. “Don’t want you injuring yourself.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jimin says through slurred words. “I’m still gonna limp anyways.”

This banter of theirs is safe, it’s normal, it’s comfortable… so they burst out laughing. Jeongguk has one of those full body laughs and so does Jimin, they both lean back and forth guffawing at Jimin’s joke as if it were the best thing they’ve heard in their life. Jimin has to accept that the nervousness mixed with the alcohol is definitely helping the laughter.

Jeongguk’s blazer is somehow still intact, he puts it on and closes it over his exposed chest while Jimin ties his shoes. When they’re done there’s a tense, awkward moment where they don’t know what to do and what to say before Jimin breaks the silence.

“So,” He says and ignores how Jeongguk’s cheeks flush at the sound of his voice. “I’ll, ah, I’ll see you, I guess?”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk replies, albeit a bit too enthusiastically. He seems to realize how he’d sounded and swallows anxiously. “Um, of course. See you later.”

“I’ll go first.” Jimin takes a last long look at Jeongguk and the bathroom around him. It’s a complete mess.

“Yeah, go on. I’ll… clean.” Jeongguk finishes, sheepish.

Taehyung’s by the bar talking to some girls Jimin remembers from one of their classes when he gets there. The girls are all over him, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to notice them until Jimin’s in his line of sight. His eyes light up when he sees him and promptly untangles himself from them and walks to his best friend.

“Hey, Chim,” He says, breath smelling strongly like vodka. He’s wearing one of his many Gucci sunglasses. “You disappeared for a while! But then again, I don’t blame you, this is like one of our crappy college parties and you hate those.”

“Uh, yeah.” Jimin replies and tries to not look directly at Taehyung.

“Jeonggukie disappeared too,” Taehyung continues and there’s something in his voice that Jimin doesn’t want to acknowledge. “But there he is again.”

Jimin doesn’t turn to look back at Jeongguk, just stays there in the middle of the dance floor and swallows.

“What a coincidence,” Taehyung is saying. “Right?”




7. “I’m not in love with him.”

“Accept that you like him.”

“I like him.”

Taehyung blanches and Jimin bursts out laughing so loud that a few guests in the row in front of him turn around to give him a glare. This is the first time one of their friends is getting married in an actual church, so he’s not used to keeping his voice down.

“Are you actually surprised that I’m admitting this? Come on, Tae,” Jimin shakes his head, enjoying the shock in Taehyung’s face. “I’ve been fucking him for what, almost two years? Of course I like him, he’s my friend.”

Taehyung’s wide eyes, open even wider. “Do you hear yourself? Also we’re in a church, watch your potty mouth.”

“Yes, I hear myself.” Jimin says rolling his eyes. “Yes, I just said that he’s my friend and I’ve slept with him. It’s not that difficult of a concept. Friends with benefits is a thing.”

“Uh, yeah, but for that you’re supposed to be friends first and then hook up. You did this the other way around.”

“Well, excuse me for not knowing the rules of fuck buddies-ism then,” Jimin replies under his breath. “I don’t see why that’s important, but okay.”

“It’s important because you caught the feelings after the sex!” Taehyung murmurs back, a look of determination on his face. “That’s not how it works, that’s how you end up falling in love.”

Jimin’s been patient with Taehyung so far, he’s been trying to wait for his friend to build his point up, but this is too much. “I’m not in love with him.” He says, and somehow there’s a bad taste that comes with telling such a lie. “I’m not.”

Later, when Jeongguk has him pressed against the door, telling Jimin how beautiful he is, how he loves the softness of his skin and the plushness of his lips, Jimin cries.




2. “Is this gonna become a thing?”

Jeongguk passes him a cigarette.

“Thanks,” Jimin replies quietly, leaning back against the expensive, mahogany headboard in the main bedroom and trying not to wince from the soreness in his ass. He kicks the maroon silk sheets away and clears his throat. “Light?”

There’s a rustle and then Jeongguk’s holding out a lighter, flame illuminating his features and casting an alluring glow on his eyes. “There,” He says, and his voice sounds clear, as if he hadn’t just sucked Jimin’s cock for almost ten minutes.

Jimin pops the cigarette in his mouth and leans forward, looks into Jeongguk’s eyes and lights it. He holds Jeongguk’s gaze while he inhales and then lets out a long trail of smoke, the smell of tobacco filling his senses and almost making him gag. He hates smoking.

“This is disgusting.” Jimin says and he watches Jeongguk light his own. Jeongguk holds his cigarette between his index finger and his thumb, like one of those rebels you see in eighties movies; it almost makes Jimin burst out laughing. He’s so fucking pretentious. “How do you enjoy this shit?”

“I never said I enjoyed it.” Jeongguk replies and flops down on the bed. He’s gloriously naked, every muscle on his chest accentuated by the faint glow coming from their cigarettes and Jimin stares unashamedly. “I’ve just been doing it for a long time. It’s a routine.”

“A fucking bad routine. You should stop.”

Jeongguk rolls on his side and looks up at Jimin with a smirk. “Give me a reason.”

“I don’t have to give you anything.” Jimin rolls his eyes, “You can kill yourself for all I care.”

The sound of Jeongguk’s hand landing on Jimin’s thigh echoes so loud around the room that Jimin feels the vibration shake him all over. He feels the blood rush to the exact spot where Jeongguk had hit him and his face flushes.

“Ow! Jeongguk, what the fuck?” He says through gritted teeth, trying really hard to not start screaming. They’ve been doing really well so far, being as quiet as possible so that the others don’t find out they’re in the main bedroom while the party is full on going downstairs. It wouldn’t be a pleasant surprise for the bride and groom to find two naked men in their ruined, cum stained, honeymoon suite.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.” Jeongguk says as he scoots closer to Jimin. He soothes the reddened skin with a caress of his hand and then kisses it open mouthed, tongue tracing over the warm spot. “I remember very well how you moaned when I did it earlier.”

Jimin swallows. He can’t deny it, not when his cock is filling out again as he remembers Jeongguk behind him, how he’d slapped his ass as he fucked him, how Jimin had basically begged and almost cried for it…

Instead, he just glares and takes another drag of his cigarette. Jeongguk’s contained laughter is making Jimin want to push him onto his back and sit on him, so he does just that. He maneuvers Jeongguk until he’s lying in the middle of the bed, staring up at Jimin and letting him arrange him however he desires. When he’s positioned exactly how Jimin wants, Jimin straddles him and then stretches to the side, leaving his almost burned out cigarette on the ashtray on the bedside table.

He steals Jeongguk’s and inhales. “I’m not gonna tell you what to do.” He says and then bends down until their noses are gracing each other. Jeongguk doesn’t even question it, he immediately opens his mouth and lets Jimin gives him a smoky kiss. It tastes horrible, but Jeongguk’s tongue makes up for it.

When Jimin sits back, Jeongguk’s looking up at him in wonder and Jimin bites his lip.

“I will tell you though, I’m not gonna fuck you again if you keep this up.”

Jeongguk’s hands settle just under Jimin’s waist and his thumbs stroke his hipbones. It’s so intimate and sexy Jimin just wants to sit on Jeongguk’s cock and ride him for hours if this is the kind of touches he’ll get.

“So, does that mean…” Jeongguk says, voice deep and tentative. “Is this gonna become a thing?”


“Us fucking at weddings?”

“Well,” Jimin gives him a coy smile. He accommodates himself on Jeongguk’s lap and then does a tiny thrust that has Jeongguk moaning immediately. “You tell me.”




2.5. “We don’t tell anyone. Nobody finds out.”

“I have two rules.”


“Yes. Number one, we don’t tell anyone. Nobody finds out. If someone even suspects something this is over.”

“Hmm, fair enough.”

“Number two, no more drunk fucking. If I’m drunk, sex is off the table.”


“You promise?”

“I promise.”




8. “Baby.”

Hoseok and Yoongi look so radiant as they say yes and kiss each other that Jimin cries. Out of all the weddings Jimin has been to so far, he’s never seen a couple as happy as them, maybe it’s because this is the first couple that is getting married after a very long engagement. Or maybe it’s just that they’re soulmates. Whatever the case, his hyungs’ blinding smiles and teary eyes have him and Taehyung almost sobbing at the altar.

Jeongguk stares at him while they’re saying their vows but Jimin ignores him. They’d both promised by text that they wouldn’t have sex today, as these are two of their favourite people in the world’s wedding and Jimin and Jeongguk can’t risk ruining such an occasion.

Still, the heated looks Jeongguk’s sending his way now that they’re all chatting at the after party are making Jimin want to disappear. His pants feel tight, his throat’s dry and his palms are sweaty, completely betraying how not composed he is at the moment.

Taehyung had side glanced him a couple of times, and had even jabbed his elbow into Jimin’s side when he’d shown signs of almost giving in to talking… privately with Jeongguk.

“Congrats, hyung.” Jimin says with a wide smile when Hoseok finally lets go of Yoongi and turns to his guests. “I know how long you guys waited for this, I’m so happy for you both.”

“Ah, Jiminie.” Hoseok’s eyes are so full of emotion that Jimin just jumps into his arms and hugs him as hard as he can. “Thank you so much, I’m so glad you were here to see us finally get married.”

“Where else would I be, silly.” Jimin replies into Hoseok’s neck. He knows very well how much Hoseok and Yoongi love each other, he knows how they’d fought against their families, against time, against everything that threatened to keep them apart. The two of them being married is a win for the universe, really.

Yoongi comes back and they all move to the main table. The now husbands sit at one end and since Jimin is Hoseok’s best man, he sits to Hoseok’s left and to his side is Taehyung as always. What surprises the two is Jeongguk taking a seat next to Taehyung, seemingly by coincidence.

“I’m pretty sure Seokjin hyung was supposed to sit here.” Taehyung murmurs to Jimin who merely nods as he glances at Seokjin, who has chosen instead to sit next to Namjoon across the table.

“Yeah,” Jimin says pretending like he and Taehyung are examining the menus on their hands. “I helped Namjoon hyung plan the seating arrangements and Jeongguk was supposed to sit next to Yugyeom by the other end.”

“Interesting,” Taehyung says with an annoying knowing smile. “I wonder why the change.”

“Yeah, I wonder.” Jimin says drily, refusing to give in to Taehyung’s game. He’s going to ignore Jeongguk like he’d done all day and everything will go wonderfully, just as planned. Jeongguk’s beautiful, and handsome and his eyes are so brown but Jimin’s strong; he can keep himself in check. He will do it.

One of the many waiters comes around and takes their orders. Jimin notices Jeongguk asks for the same filet mignon with no sauce and a side of mashed potatoes that he always gets and smiles fondly to himself. It’s one of those cute things about him that Jimin has noticed, how he’s picky with his meat, how he likes it a certain way and won’t eat it unless he has his perfect mashed potatoes to go with it. Jimin’s a good cook, he wonders if Jeongguk would enjoy a meal prepared by him…

Taehyung catches him smiling and gives him an unimpressed look. Jimin knows Taehyung can’t read minds, but sometimes he feels like his friend is psychic and can see right through him. Although it’s probably just the many years of friendship that makes it easy for Taehyung to get Jimin the way he does.

Their food arrives and they start eating and chatting animatedly, the atmosphere is so nice, warm and welcoming that everyone is enjoying themselves. Yoongi is telling the story of how they met for the thousandth time and Hoseok is trying to stop him halfheartedly, laughing at the voices his husband does as he explains how Hoseok had collided with him at the studio.

“This idiot said, ‘Oh my god, I almost killed a middle schooler! I’m so sorry!’” Yoongi says shaking his head while Seokjin’s windshield laughter accompanies his story. Hoseok’s covering his face with his hands, but he’s as red as his hair. “I’m older than him for almost two years but he thought I was in middle school.”

“Well, to his defence, you looked like one.” Taehyung declares and the whole table bursts out laughing. “Those tiny chicken legs of yours—“

“Baby, can you pass me the salt?”

For a split of a second Jimin thinks he’s heard wrong, for a teeny tiny moment he thinks that his brain somehow replaced someone else’s voice with Jeongguk’s, but then he sees the look of horrified shock on Taehyung’s face and he knows. He knows.

He gazes past his best friend and finds the equally shocked eyes of Jeongguk who is pointing at the salt shaker by Jimin’s wine glass and is looking directly at him.

Baby. He just—

“Oh,” Hoseok says looking between Jimin and Jeongguk, like he’s just realized something obvious. Jimin prays to every god he knows of for the earth to swallow him right there and then. “Oh!”

Yoongi’s always been the most perceptive in the couple. He notices Jimin’s discomfort and quickly jumps in.

“For fucks sake, Guk.” He says, picking up another salt shaker that was resting by his elbow and offers it to Jeongguk. “I’m a married man now, only Hoseok gets to call me that, you brat. Here you go.”

Jeongguk’s pale and looks like he wants to disappear but takes the lifeline he’s being given and rolls with it. He laughs nervously and leans forward until he takes the salt shaker from Yoongi’s hand. “Sorry, hyung. Old habits die hard.”

Yoongi shakes his head and snorts.

Crises averted. Except no one in the table seems to believe it, and Jimin can see it. Hoseok keeps alternating between them, staring at Jimin for a moment to examine his flushed face and then moving to Jeongguk.

Jimin’s going to kill Jeongguk. This arrangement of theirs is ending tonight. Jeongguk’s broken the only rule they put: not telling anyone about their weird, fucked up, sexual affair. Obviously Taehyung’s an exception as he’d actually caught them at it, but none of the others knew until now.

It’s over. The end.

Once they’ve eaten everyone leaves for the dance floor and Jimin makes his escape. He runs to the bathroom, feeling sick, like he’s seconds away from throwing up, and waits.

Of course Jeongguk follows him.

“Jimin,” He says once he’s locked the door, his voice trembling. “Baby—“

“Shut the fuck up!” Jimin explodes. He advances towards Jeongguk, pushes him back towards the wall and plants a furious kiss on his lips. They fuck with their mouths, tongues meeting and gliding against each other deliciously, sensual but fierce.

Jimin’s hand makes it’s way between their bodies and he quickly undoes Jeongguk’s fly as he starts kissing down his neck.


He needs to shut up, he needs to shut up right in that moment. Jimin’s about to give him the last blowjob of his life, so he captures Jeongguk’s lips again and doesn’t let him speak. When he feels Jeongguk melting into him again, he pushes down his pants and boxers in one go and proceeds to drop to his knees.

It’s fast and dirty like they haven’t done it in a long time. Jimin doesn’t play with Jeongguk’s cock, he just closes his mouth around him and sucks. He feels Jeongguk’s hand settle in his hair, caressing and petting his head so softly that Jimin almost sobs. It’s a hard contrast with how rough Jimin’s being with him and it’s making him sentimental; it’s bringing back all the memories, all the times they’ve had sex, all the times they just messed around while watching movies with their friends or just teased each other when they had company.

“Fuck, Jimin,” Jeongguk grunts. “You’re always so good, baby.”

That word. Jimin closes his eyes and moans. He’s never gonna hear it again, so it’s better if he just enjoys it for the last time.

“You always take my cock so good,” Jeongguk saying and he sounds delirious, like he’s consumed by lust and just Jimin. “You’re so beautiful, you’re—Jimin, I lo—“

He doesn’t let him continue. Jimin licks around the head, gives it a hard suck and then Jeongguk’s coming in his mouth with a groan and a last stroke on Jimin’s hair.

Jimin wipes his mouth and jumps to his feet. The quicker he gets this over with, the better.

“It’s over.” He says and Jeongguk blinks owlishly at him, looking disoriented and confused. “This never happened. If someone asks about it, you just say they must be imagining things. We never had sex, we never had anything.”

Now that he’s recovered slightly, Jeongguk looks faint. He quickly tucks himself into his pants and stares at Jimin with those wide, brown eyes Jimin adores. “No, Jimin, please—“

“We talked about this.” Jimin continues. He can feel his whole body shaking; he’s going to cry. “We both promised—“

Jeongguk rushes forward and takes Jimin’s hands, holding them between his cold ones. “Baby, please. I need to talk to you, okay? I need to tell you something that I’ve been wanting to say for a while now.”

“No!” Jimin says and rips his hands out of Jeongguk’s gentle hold. “This is over. This sex thing between us ends right now.”

“Jimin, please—“

“Goodbye, Jeongguk.”

He doesn’t even wait for a response, he just leaves the bathroom and goes back to the party. Taehyung doesn’t say much when he sees him, just hands him his coat and offers him an encouraging smile. Jimin’s so grateful that he gives him a quick hug before he disappears into the night. He feels terrible for leaving his hyungs’ wedding, but they’re enjoying themselves and are probably drunk by now, so he trusts they’re having a good time and won’t notice his early absence.

Once he’s back home, alone in his dark apartment, trying to ignore every time his phone lights up and Jeongguk’s name flashes on the screen, he breaks down. He doesn’t even know why this hurts so much when he’d always known this thing between him and Jeongguk would never go further than their fuck buddies status.

He loves Jeongguk, he won’t deny it, but he’s afraid. He’s never felt like this before, he’s the guy that goes to weddings, never the one that has one. It’s just how he works, it’s how he copes.

But Jeongguk had ignited a tiny hope in his chest, even if Jimin had tried extremely hard to trample it and forget it.

Jimin’s scared because he knows Jeongguk was going to say he loves him too.




3. “There’s lube on the floor!”

Jimin’s giggling when Jeongguk pushes him against the washing machine and sucks a hickey into his collarbone. “Out of all the fucking places in this expensive hotel you choose the laundry room?”

He feels Jeongguk chuckle against his skin and Jimin just shakes his head in exasperation. “It was the first place I found when I got here, okay? I had to hide the lube somewhere.”

Jimin slaps his ass, incredulity written all over his face. “You did what?” He asks and Jeongguk at least has the decency to look embarrassed.

“They didn’t have any small packets at the store so I had to buy a bottle.” He retorts, eyebrows furrowed as if ready to fight Jimin if he makes fun of him. “I can’t just walk into the room where Yugyeom’s getting married with a fucking bottle of lube.”

“So you hid it here.” Jimin says and watches with delight as Jeongguk’s face goes all pink, bashful. This is getting ridiculous, they’ve gotten to the point where Jeongguk had to hide lube in a laundry room so they can fuck comfortably while their friends enjoy themselves in the main salon. “Good thinking,” He laces his arms around Jeongguk’s neck and kisses him, making sure to show him that he appreciates the gesture, after all, Jimin’s not getting fucked raw like the first time ever again.

Jeongguk’s hands roam over his body, taking his time, not rushing through anything even though time isn’t on their side. Still tangled around each other, Jeongguk guides them to the left, towards the huge cabinet where he’d hid the lube earlier that evening.

“Cherry,” Jimin snorts once the cabinet’s open and he reaches for the bottle. “How predictable.”

“It tastes just like your chapstick,” Jeongguk replies with a shrug and goes back to biting at Jimin’s ear, near his earring.

“So you want my ass to taste like my lips? How romantic of you.”

Jimin had said it just to tease him, but he watches with surprise as Jeongguk’s gentle flush deepens at his words.

“Wait, seriously?” Jimin doesn’t know how to feel about this. Is it weird, or is it a nice thing? “Oh.”

“N-No,” Jeongguk stutters, looking down into Jimin’s eyes. Jimin has always thought this, but Jeongguk’s eyes are really gorgeous, the doe eyed shape, the deep brown colour and how expressive they are has always fascinated him. They’re so different from his own, and they’re Jimin’s favourite thing about Jeongguk. Well, that and his dick. “I just—That’s the only one they had.”

He doesn’t believe that one bit. “Uh huh,” He says and decides to stop torturing him for once. Jimin’s been waiting for this all day, the teasing can wait. He opens the bottle and gives it a sniff, eyes widening slightly when he notices that it indeed smells like his favourite lip balm.

Jimin bites his lip. “Okay, let’s just—“

There’s a squeak, a turn of the handle and then the door opens. Panic takes over Jimin, gripping him tightly and making his heart skip a beat. If someone sees them here, alone with rumpled clothes and red lips, they’ll assume the worst, which ironically happens to be the truth. He doesn’t want this to end when it just started, he needs to do something before this person walks further into the room and finds them.

In his haste to hide from view, Jimin lets go of the open bottle of lube and it tumbles down, spilling the red liquid all over the white tiles on the floor and inundating the room with the artificial cherry scent.

He gasps and Jeongguk looks at him anxiously, the same dread that’s settling in Jimin’s stomach mirrored in his expression. The two of them crouch down mutely, pushed together against a washer as they wait for whoever has interrupted them to leave.

“I’ve been waiting to get you alone all night,” A voice says. It’s high and melodic, and Jimin instantly recognizes the owner as Namjoon’s girlfriend, Mina. There’s a soft, girlish giggle and then the wet, passionate sounds of kissing. Jimin and Jeongguk look at each other in disgust, they both love and respect Namjoon a lot, so they definitely don’t want to be here to listen to him fuck his girlfriend.

They’re staring at each other, silently trying to decide what to do when Mina lets out a shriek and a loud thud follows right after. A second later, Namjoon’s deep, concerned voice is asking her, “Mina! Oh my god, are you okay? Let me help you up.”

“I—I’m fine,” She replies and Jimin can hear her standing up. “There’s just something on the floor and it smells—oh my god, there’s lube on the floor!”

“What? Lube?” Namjoon asks, confused. Jimin and Jeongguk have to press their lips tightly together in order to not burst out howling in laughter. They listen to Namjoon and Mina discussing the mystery lube for a couple of minutes before Mina deadpans, “Some disgusting idiot had sex here and left their lube, how rude.”


“Let’s just go, Joon. There’s a bathroom around the corner.”

There’s hurried footsteps and then the door opens and closes with a bang.

Now that the moment’s lost and Jimin’s erection has completely died down, the two of them raise to their feet, awkwardly helping each other up and being mindful of not stepping on the mess of red on the floor. The smell of cherry is overpowering Jimin’s senses and not in a good way for the first time.

“So that lube’s gone to waste,” Jimin sighs as he bends to pick up the almost empty bottle. “That’s too bad.”

“No problem,” Jeongguk replies and Jimin raises his head to look at his twitching lips. “I have another one in my room, upstairs. Not much to do about spilled lube, right?”

And they fall against each other, trying to muffle their laughter with their lips.




9. “No.”

“Pick up the damn phone.”

Jimin picks up the remote control and ups the volume to the max.

“Stop being such a pussy and call him.”

This documentary on lions is very interesting, Jimin thinks. The two lions that grew up together are now fighting over the only female in the pride. It definitely shows nature winning over nurture.


And the tiny lion cub they’d rescued from the other pride is growing stronger by the day, according to the specialist in the show. Despite being abandoned by his mother, he still continues forward, how interesting…

“For fucks sake!”

A furry Gucci slider flies through the air, knocking the tv off the table and Jimin yelps in shock. He jumps out of his chair and stares astonished at the blank screen of his now dead thirty two inches.

“What the actual fuck, Taehyung?” He yells and turns around furiously, ready to run to his friend and demand whatever dumbass explanation Taehyung is gonna give him. Instead Taehyung’s already there, standing a mere feet away, looking like he wants to grab Jimin by the shoulders and shake him until he snaps.

“Stop this, stop being so stubborn and stupid!” Taehyung screams at him. Jimin has been his best friend for so long and yet he’s never seen Taehyung this mad. He’s completely red in the face, his lips are set into a thin, tight line and his rich eyebrows are furrowed so deeply on his forehead that it looks like a unibrow. It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that Jimin is scared out of his mind.

He looks away from Taehyung and stares at the floor. “I don’t know what you mean—“

“Look at me!” He reluctantly looks up and regrets it. The look of fury has disappeared and instead a total calm and blank expression has taken over Taehyung. “You need to talk to him.”


“You’re calling him. Right now.”


Taehyung takes a deep breath that has Jimin shifting nervously where he stands, and takes out his phone from his pocket.

“Fine,” He says. “I’m calling him. But you’re talking to him and fixing this asap.”

“I said no.” Jimin crosses his arms over his chest and refuses to give in. He’s not letting Taehyung bully him into speaking to Jeongguk, they’ve already been over this countless times during the past month.

“Park Jimin.”

“Listen, Tae,” Jimin says, mustering up as much courage as he can. He hasn’t spoken about the situation in close to four weeks and he’s not up for a fight right now. “You owe me a fucking tv.” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “You know I don’t have enough to buy another one.”

“Are you really talking about the tv right now?” Taehyung demands, incredulous. “Call Jeongguk and tell him you love him back. This stupid, illogical fight of yours is driving me and him insane. He’s cried so much this month, I didn’t think his feelings were this deep until he completely soaked my shirt with snot the other night.”

The fact that Jeongguk’s been crying cuts through Jimin like a cold knife. He’s only seen him cry once during a movie, and everyone had teased him relentlessly until he’d laughed along with all of them. Jimin had felt so helpless, just sitting there across from him, watching all his other friends comforting Jeongguk while he kept his gaze on the movie ignoring how Jeongguk’s eyes didn’t leave him the entire time.

He can’t call Jeongguk because he’s ashamed of himself. He’s loved Jeongguk for a year now and yet he’d said nothing, he’d hid behind the stupid excuse that this is all about sex when in reality Jimin wants to be with him. But he can’t do that to Jeongguk, he’s been playing with his feelings for way too long, first refusing to accept he loves him, then pretending he doesn’t know Jeongguk loves him back and finally not being there when he needed him.

Taehyung probably knows why Jimin’s reluctant to pick up the phone when Jeongguk calls, yet he pushes forward because he knows Jimin needs it. Otherwise Jimin would just wallow in self-pity and guilt, even if he believes he doesn’t even deserve that luxury.

“Call him.”


“Call him, Jimin.”

“I can’t.”

“Please,” Taehyung sounds tired, Jimin notices, like he hasn’t slept well for a while and the feeling of failure appears again, heavy in Jimin’s heart. He really is a terrible friend. “Please, call him. You know I’m your best friend but Jeonggukie’s my friend too. I love the two of you so much and this is killing you both. Just call him and talk it out. Please.”

“I—“ What can he say? ‘I’m a coward and I’m scared’? Taehyung already knows that, just like Jimin knows that this has to stop. He needs to have closure with Jeongguk, he can’t just let him continue suffering. Jeongguk deserves an explanation, he deserves to move on.

“Give me the damn phone.”

Taehyung doesn’t say anything, just hands him his iPhone and leaves the room. Jimin hesitates for a few minutes as he holds the phone, tries very hard to organize in his mind what he needs to say and pushes down what he actually wants.

He pulls up Taehyung’s contact list, clicks on Jeongguk’s name and takes a seat on the couch while the call goes through. He’s trembling.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk’s sleepy voice answers after the first ring, and Jimin’s heart starts beating hard on his chest. He hasn’t heard his voice in a month. “Are you okay, it’s three a.m.”

Jimin takes a deep breath. “Jeonggukie,” He says slowly. “Can we meet up? I want to apologise.”




4. “Exhibitionists.”

“Oh my god.”

Jimin squeaks and pushes Jeongguk away from him at the sound of Taehyung’s voice. He doesn’t want to turn around, he knows Taehyung’s right there, probably smirking at him and a second away from yelling ‘I knew it!’, but he has to. He needs to make up an excuse that explains why he’s humping Jeongguk in the middle of the beach at five in the morning.

“T-Tae,” He says when he meets his friend’s eyes. Taehyung’s leaning against his surfing board, the rays of early sunshine making his tanned skin glow. “You’re up early.”

“You’re up early too,” Taehyung responds and his eyes turn to Jeongguk, who is panting against the solid rock under the pier looking aghast. “The two of you.”

Well, then.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Jimin ignores the fact that he just uttered the worst possible phrase he could’ve ever said, and takes a step towards Taehyung. “We were just—“

“You were just hanging out under the pier.” Taehyung’s definitely enjoying this. “The two of you. Alone. At almost six a.m.”

Jeongguk chooses that moment to break out of his shocked state. “Hyung, we were just talking.”

“I didn’t know Jimin had to practically sit on you while you have a conversation.” Taehyung gives him a sweet smile that has Jeongguk looking away nervously. “But oh well, this isn’t the worst thing I could’ve seen. If I’d arrived maybe five minutes later maybe I would’ve seen a bit of ass or something. Disappointing.” And then to Jimin and Jeongguk’s amazement he turns away from them and says, “We’ll talk about this later, just make sure you’re back at the house at twelve for the ceremony. Exhibitionists.”

And just like that, he walks away, retracing the same path Jeongguk and Jimin had taken almost an hour earlier to get to the pier from Jihyo’s summer house.

“Jesus,” Jeongguk says, covering his face. He sighs into his hands and then looks at Jimin, who’s still as a statue a few feet away from him. “What now?”

What now, indeed. Jimin knows they promised this would end if someone found out, he put the rule there himself, but he’s… reluctant. Taehyung’s always a special case when it comes to Jimin’s friends, the ‘someone’ label doesn’t apply to him, ever. He can maybe… let this one tiny occasion go. All he needs to do is talk to Taehyung and convince him to keep his mouth shut.

“Um,” Jeongguk closes the short distance between them and links their hands together. His shorts are still open and there’s sand in his hair, but the sun hits his features so beautifully that Jimin doesn’t even notice the contact at first. “It’s okay. I can talk to him if you want.”

When Jimin doesn’t say anything he shuffles closer and tries to get him to meet his eyes. “Hey,” He squeezes Jimin’s hand. “It’s okay, baby. Don’t worry.”

No one has ever called him that before, it’s surprising but not unwelcome. The endearment sounds so natural, so tender and soft that Jimin feels his whole body get warm, like a bubble of affection has suddenly enveloped him and Jeongguk.

He squeezes back, suddenly shy. “I…I can talk to Taehyung.” He says so quietly, it’s almost a whisper. “It’s fine. This doesn’t count.”

Jeongguk gives him one of his blinding smiles, complete with crinkles around his eyes and that adorable nose scrunch that makes Jimin melt. He leans into Jimin’s space and gives him a peck on the cheek.

“Okay, it’s all fine.”




4.5. “Yes.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Taehyung says. “Just answer. Do you love him?”

Jeongguk doesn’t even try. “Yes.”

“Then I never saw you at the beach.”




10. “It has a diamond?”

Jimin lays back against Jeongguk’s chest and admires his ring.

“What do I tell Taehyung?” He asks softly, and Jeongguk entwines his slightly larger hand with his. “‘Yeah, so. Jeongguk and I got married, sorry we couldn’t call you at five a.m. so you could be our witness.’”

Jeongguk kisses the back of his head. “He’ll understand.”

“He will, but that’s not the point.” Jimin pouts and turns slightly to get a good look at his husband’s face. Jeongguk looks exhausted, there’s dark bags under his eyes and there’s a tiny cut on his cheek that must’ve happened when he was shaving. “I feel like he’s suffered along with us all this time. He deserved to be there.”

“We can do the ceremony again,” Jeongguk places a kiss on his hair and pulls him closer. “We can call up everyone tomorrow and tell them we’re having a party or something. It’ll be fine, baby, stop worrying.”

The arm around him caresses his side trying to calm him down and Jimin deflates. He hasn’t seen or spoken to Jeongguk in weeks and here he is worrying about Taehyung. If there’s something that Jimin’s absolutely sure about it’s that Taehyung would most likely slap him if he knew he isn’t focusing on his husband right now.

So he goes back to marvelling at his ring.

“It’s so pretty,” He says and Jeongguk hums in response. “I feel like I don’t deserve it.”

“Don’t say that,” Jeongguk soothes him. “You deserve it because I love you and you make me happy. Tonight, you’ve made me the happiest person alive.”

Jimin wonders if Jeongguk will laugh at him if he starts crying again. “Don’t say sappy things like that if you don’t want me to jump you.”

“Maybe I do,” His husband replies, cheekily. “Maybe that’s why I married you.”

“Sex? You had that before… this happened.”

“It’s a perk,” Jeongguk says brushing a hand through Jimin’s hair. “I bought you the expensive ring with diamonds because I knew you’d put out.”

Jimin almost bangs his head against Jeongguk’s chin when he untangles himself from his husband’s arms and turns to look at him in shock.

“It has a diamond?” He shrieks, almost hysterical. “An actual diamond?”

“Diamonds, emphasis on the s, please. I did not pay way too much money for you to dismiss the other ones like this.”


Jeongguk leans in Jimin’s direction, giggling to himself, and guides Jimin forward until he’s straddling him and they’re facing each other. He holds Jimin’s hand up and takes off the ring slowly, making sure that he’s not bothering Jimin. “There they are,” He says holding the ring to Jimin’s eye level so he can see the three tiny diamonds encrusted in the gold band. “I thought you’d seen them.”

“I did see them! I just thought they were pretty crystals or something.” Jimin answers, exasperated. Not only had Jeongguk bought him the ring ages ago, but he’d also remembered Jimin’s stupid, drunk rant about diamonds. He fucking loves this man.

“Oh please,” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “You deserve more than just fake diamonds and I wanted to go all out for you.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Unbelievably handsome? Yes I am.”

“Yes,” Jimin says. “And I love you.”

Jeongguk looks away for a moment, overcome by emotion, and Jimin presses a kiss to his forehead. “I love you,” He repeats. “I love you.” He says again.

It took him this long to finally say it, but he can’t stop now. He just wants to say it over and over again for all the times during all these years when he thought that phrase but never let it past his lips.

Jeongguk’s eyes are wet when they lock eyes once more, and with a trembling hand, he slides the ring back into Jimin’s fourth finger, where it’ll stay forever.

“Jimin,” Jeongguk mumbles against Jimin’s lips. “Make love to me.”




5. “You stole the champagne?”

“This is honestly the poshest hotel we’ve been to so far!”

“Shh,” Jeongguk murmurs to his side. Jimin’s head shifts to his left and finds Jeongguk’s face mere inches from his own. He’s frowning at him, holding up a finger close to his mouth. “Not so loud.”

“But this is so expensive!” Jimin screams again, his words slurring. “We’re drunk and for some reason they put us in the same room! Let’s fuck!”

“Oh god.”

“Why are you not inside me yet?” Jimin says, confused. Jeongguk goes beet red at his explicit words. “I’ve been waiting for this all day, Guk. Just do it.”


“No? Why the fuck not?”

“Because you’re drunk.” Jeongguk replies, “And we agreed I’d never fuck you when you’re drunk.”

What a stupid idea, who came up with that? Oh yeah, Jimin did.

“So what, we’re just gonna sleep?” He asks the quiet room. He feels like he’s spinning even though he’s laying on the floor, arms and legs extended and spread over as much space as he can. “Fuck that.”

He stands up with difficulty and saunters unsteadily to the fancy wardrobe in front of the bathroom. He opens the door, rummages inside for dramatic effect and then, “Ta-da!”

He holds up a bottle of Moët & Chandon and Jeongguk chokes on air where he’s lying on the carpet.

“You stole the champagne? Are you insane?”

“No,” Jimin answers with a giggle. “I’m drunk.”

“Oh god,” Jeongguk throws his head back. “We left just when they were about to open the champagne, they must be going crazy looking for it.”

“They must have other bottles, Gukie. It’s fine.”

“You stole the champagne!”

“So what?” Jimin whines and stumbles until his knees hit his bed and he sits down, expensive bottle of champagne clasped in his small hand. “It’s not like I stole a fucking diamond. It’s just champagne, Jeongguk. Get over it.”

Jeongguk looks puzzled. “Diamonds? What do diamonds have to do with this?”

“They’re pretty and expensive and bad people like to steal them.” Jimin nods wisely, like he’s giving a lecture on the history of diamonds. “I’ve always wanted one on a ring or a necklace but they’re too expensive, y’know? And I’m not exactly making millions right now, not that you’d understand, of course. I used to think I’d wear one when I got married but since that isn’t ever gonna happen…”

He trails off with a tiny smile on his face. He notices after a few seconds that Jeongguk’s gone completely quiet, so he takes a glance and finds him staring at Jimin with determination in his eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Jimin demands. “You’re kind of freaking me out.”

Jeongguk doesn’t respond, just continues looking at Jimin intensely for a while, like he’s plotting something in his head. Jimin lies back on the bed and breathes, he closes his eyes and tries to relieve the headache he’s starting to feel at the back of his head. He shouldn’t have accepted the vodka Hoseok had offered, it always leads to him being in an awkward situation with Jeongguk.

He’s starting to fall asleep when he feels the bed dip slightly and he opens his eyes to see Jeongguk sitting next to him, still holding that same fierceness in his expression as before. Jimin raises an eyebrow lazily.


“I’d marry you,” Jeongguk says bluntly and quickly, like it pains him to say it but he just wants to get it over with. “I’d marry the fuck out of you, Jimin, and I’d make you happy.”

“O…kay,” Jimin replies slowly. His brain is having trouble catching up with Jeongguk’s words. “Sure, of course you would.”

“I’m serious.”

“Yes, Guk.”


“Really, really.”

“Hyung,” There’s a sadness in Jeongguk’s voice that makes Jimin do a double take. He whispers the word like it’s a prayer. “I really mean it. Marry me.”

“Are you demanding or asking?” Jimin chuckles. Jeongguk’s drunk off his ass as well, there’s no way he’s taking his own words seriously, but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect Jimin. His heart’s thudding fast against his ribcage and there’s a tiny something inside him that is purring in happiness.

Jeongguk leans down slowly, takes his time examining every feature on Jimin’s face, and gives him a chaste kiss. It starts innocent enough, very superficial, their lips barely touch. But then Jimin reaches up with both hands and frames Jeongguk’s face with them, holding his cheeks and deepening the kiss.

Soon enough they’re under the sheets. Their clothes are thrown away haphazardly and the bottle of champagne is forgotten, lying somewhere on the floor, unopened. Jimin knows they shouldn’t be doing this, there’s a reason why he made Jeongguk promise he’d never fuck Jimin while drunk. Jimin doesn’t want to give himself away, Jeongguk makes him feel so much so quickly that he might start confessing some things that he’d rather keep unsaid.

Once they’re down to their boxers, Jeongguk pulls Jimin on top of him and just hugs him for a bit, hiding his face in Jimin’s neck and stroking his back muscles. It feels strange but Jimin loves it. Loves how Jeongguk’s warm hand glides through his skin, is enamoured with the beat of Jeongguk’s heart against his own…

It’s peaceful and it’s very intimate, and Jimin realizes they’re actually cuddling. Drunk cuddles, Jimin’s new favourite concept.

But then the touching picks up, and the little pecks Jimin leaves on Jeongguk’s chest turn to wet kisses on his neck and Jeongguk’s hands are on Jimin’s ass.

Jimin’s ready to say fuck it, let’s have sex, forget about the stupid promise we made and let’s just do it because I need you, I want you closer, please. And then Jeongguk does something that shocks Jimin: he gives him the lube bottle and says, “Make love to me.”

For a second there, he thinks Jeongguk wants Jimin to open himself up while he watches. Jeongguk loves looking at him, and Jimin doesn’t mind one bit indulging him in his voyeuristic tendencies. Jeongguk however, is taking off his own boxers, spreading his legs wide enough for Jimin to settle comfortably between them and is giving him a heated look as he props himself against the pillows.

“Oh,” Jimin says when it hits him. “You want me to…”

Jeongguk just nods. “Please.”

Jimin takes his time. He hasn’t topped much in his life, but looking at Jeongguk on the bed, all pliant and gorgeous, looking like he wants it so much, he vows to make it perfect. He’s never wanted anyone in his life as much as he wants Jeongguk in that moment.

He uses an absurd amount of lube to open up Jeongguk and thrusts his fingers inside slowly, scanning Jeongguk’s face for signs of discomfort or pleasure. Every time Jeongguk moans or sighs, Jimin counts it as a win. For the first time, Jimin wants to admire him, Jimin wants to love him like he deserves.

Jimin puts on a condom and strokes himself lazily as he kisses between Jeongguk’s collarbones. He licks his way into Jeongguk’s mouth and just enjoys how his lips curve up while he lines his cock with Jeongguk’s entrance and pushes in.

That night is different and not just because Jimin’s the one doing the fucking. It just doesn’t feel like fucking at all. The moans, the rhythm of their breaths and thrusts, the loving touches, everything feels more genuine and warm than it ever has before. Jeongguk’s hair is spread over the pillows and he’s sweating, looking so stunning that Jimin can’t help but tell him so, murmuring the words against his skin and peppering him with tiny kisses all over.

“Jimin,” Jeongguk murmurs into his ear, just his name and that’s enough. “Jimin.”

Jimin’s surprisingly quiet throughout, he seems to have lost himself in the tightness of Jeongguk’s ass and their mingled breaths somewhere along the way.

It feels like an eternity, but Jimin does a hard thrust, gives Jeongguk’s dick a couple of tugs and then they’re coming, tongues meeting in a frenzied kiss as they let their bodies be consumed by the bliss.

After he pulls out, Jimin ties the condom clumsily and attempts to throw it into the trash can across the room, unsuccessfully. It lands just beside it and Jeongguk giggles and kisses the disappointed pout off Jimin’s face.

“Just come here,” He says and turns Jimin around until he can spoon him, wrapping him inside the cocoon of his arms.

They lay together on the bed, just enjoying each others’ company for a while before Jimin feels his lids grow heavier and heavier until he can’t open his eyes anymore.

He swears Jeongguk says, “I love you,” but then again, Jimin’s voice of reason tells him it was just part of his dream.





Jimin lifts his hand and shows him the ring.

Taehyung starts crying. “I hate you both.”