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all the places you might call home

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Title Pairing Summary Universe Rating
———————— —————— —————————————————————————— ——————— ———
02 | the apartment daniel & jisung daniel is sunshine. pre-p101 G  
03 | the base jihoon jihoon is grumpy. zero base G
04 | the pier ongniel a night out. x!verse T
05 | the affair kahi x sanggyun she likes them young. x!verse M
06 | the boeing 2hyun long-haul flights don't have to be boring. post-w1 T
07 | the shadow hyunbin & yongguk yongguk doesn't think he deserves this. jbj era G
08 | the blankets panpinksausages jihoon is cold. zero base G
09 | the break of day 2hyun minhyun wakes up thinking of this. w1 era G
———————— —————— —————————————————————————— ——————— ———
10 | the infirmary donghwi daehwi gets a visitor. w1 era G
11 | the mattress ongniel mornings are for fooling around. w1 era M
12 | the bookcase 2hyun minhyun cleans. or not. nu’est era G
13 | the thing ong x cheetah ong likes to take it. p101 era E
14 | the TV 2hyun jonghyun lies to himself.  nu’est era T
15 | the scar 2hyun minhyun listens. nu’est era G
16 | the cling-film dongho & minki minki has a bright, squeaky idea. nu’est era G
17 | the hypnotic 2hyun minhyun hypnotizes the willing. nu’est era G
18 | the invalid ongniel ong wants daniel all to himself. w1 T
19 | the bathhouse 2hyun jonghyun visits an unfamiliar place. velvet!AU M
———————— —————— —————————————————————————— ——————— ———
20 | the dinner donghwi daehwi and dongho get impatient. x!verse M
21 | the unwilling ongniel ong begs. w1 era M
22 | the snacks baejin & 2hyun jinyoung is a surly kitty. hybrid!AU G
23 | the church donghwi dongho is an undercover cop. mafia!AU T
24 | the confession nu’est OT5 minhyun comes clean. nu’est era G
25 | the high fantasy ongniel ong invites daniel over. x!verse T
26 | the window ongniel daniel flies first class. w1 era G
27 | the half truth donghwi dongho says what he’s thinking. mafia!AU T
28 | the boardwalk donghwi they get their happy ending. velvet!AU G
29 | the wait jonghyun jonghyun does what he does best. nu’est w era G
———————— —————— —————————————————————————— ——————— ———
30 | the eighth day donghwi daehwi waits for the jerk to call him back. mafia!AU G
31 | the lobby ongniel daniel lets his mind wander. x!verse T
32 | neverland 2hyun jonghyun goes on the run. neverland!AU T
33 | the shotgun gen, woojin the zombie apocalypse hits. zombie!AU T
34 | the family gen, woojin woojin takes a step up. zombie!AU T
35 | the phone call gen jonghyun’s sisters have something to tell him. p101, sm!verse G
36 | the interview 2hyun minhyun the chaebol scion, jonghyun the student. 50shades!AU T
37 | the sixth time 2hyun sujin discovers the truth. sm!+x!verse G
38 | the rumor mill ong x cheetah the news covers a hot topic. x!verse G
39 | the gift 2hyun minhyun listens all too well. sm!+x!verse T
———————— —————— —————————————————————————— ——————— ———
40 | the icebreaker ong & daehwi ong tackles the elephant in the room. sm!verse G
41 | deep honesty ongniel ong gets dosed. daniel is a jerk about it. truthserum!AU x sm!verse E
42 | the peep jisung & ongniel this is one of the downsides of roomsharing. W1GS1 M
43 | the video donghwi & ong daehwi’s been avoiding dongho’s latest v live. sm!+x!verse T
44 | the interlude jonghyun & seonho two guys who like Hwang Minhyun have a heart-to-heart. sm!verse G
45 | the hurt ongniel & daehwi it's daniel's fault he's like this. sm!+x!verse T
46 | the third wheel donghwi & co. what happened the last day of the cruise. velvet!AU T